The Twilight Saga


Chapter 1:

I finished un-packing the last of my boxes. My new room was nice considering the conditons. My old one was much better though. Living with my aunt isn't too bad but it's not the life for me. She lives this high class life style with the fancy this and shiny that. It just wasn't me. I was more of a simple kind of girl. But ever since my parents passed, life hasn't been all the same. My brother and I were passed around from one relative to another. Until finally my aunt decided it woud be best if we lived with her permanently. My brother and I had gotten to the point where we didn't care anymore. Just as long as we were together.

"Rosalie I ordered pizza. Are you hungry?" My aunt Esmeralda popped her head in.

"Pizza sounds good. I'll be down in a minute."

I finshed hanging the last of my clothes then went down for dinner. My brother was glued to the couch watching a football game. Being that my brother was always a football kind of guy, I learned to love the game.

"Who's playing?" I asked

"New York and Philidelphia." 

We watched t.v for the rest of the night until it was time for bed. We had school in the morning...


My alarm sounded nice and early. It was all coming back. I took a shower and got ready for school. Then went down stairs for breakfast. My aunt was dressed and ready for work. She was this big shot lawyer at some firm.

"Well I'm off to work. The cereal is in the pantry and the bowls are in the cabinets next to the fridge. Have a good day at school. I'll see you both tonight."

"Wait how are we supposed to get to school?" Emmett asked

"You're both old enough to drive. Head over to the garage and pick out a car. The keys are in a dish by the entrance. I love you guys." She said heading out.

My brother forgot about breakfast and went to check out the set of cars. 

"Rose come check it out!" I grabbed my cereal and walked over.

There were about 7 cars lined up. I spotted a mustang in the back and decided that would be my car. My brother had something a little more flashy in mind. He chose the ferrari next to my car.

"Em don't you think that's a little too much for school?"

"Not at all.."

I grabbed the keys to the car and headed off to school. I wasn't one who liked a lot of attention. Too bad because pulling into the parking lot all eyes were on us. Great way to start off the first day of school.

"This should be fun..." I said


Chapter 2:
My brother and I got our scheduals and headed off into our own directions. That ended badly for me because I ended up lost. 

"Could this school be any bigger." I said aloud.

"You call this is big?" A stranger said.

Across the hall stood one of the students. He was tall had dirty blonde hair and gray eyes. He was very cute. There weren't guys like this in my old school. So I was to busy looking at him that I forgot to speak.

"I'm Jasper. You must be new here." He offered his hand

"Rosalie.." I smiled.

Jasper walked me to my class and when the bell rang he was there waiting for me. It felt good having a friend. And aside from being so nice he was really cute. He walked me around throught the day then ironically we had lunch together. 

"I'm glad we have lunch together. I get to introduce you to my brother and sister."

When we walked into the lunchroom he guided me to the table where they were sitting. To my surprise my brother was sitting with them. Jasper gave my brother a pound and sat down next to me. I was beyond confused.

"Rose? How do you know Jasper?"

"He helped me get around today. How do you know him?"


My brother had been in school for less then 5 hours and he already got in with the football team.

"So this is your sister Em? She's beautiful."Said the boy sitting next to him. 

I blushed, this boy was cuter then Jasper. He had honey brown hair and gray eyes. This had to be his brother. His smile was so attractive. 

"Rose this is my brother Edward. And that's my sister Alex."

 A girl on the phone was approaching our table. She was very pretty. She had long brown hair and dark brown eyes. She smiled at me and then turned her attention to my brother.

"I'm gonna have to call you back.." 

She hung up and took a seat next to someone who I was yet to be introduced too.

"You must be Rosalie. I'm Alexandra or Alex for short."

She smiled warmly. If she was Jasper's sister then who was the girl sitting next to Edward?

"Lex I was wondering if you wanted to hang out after school today?" She said

"Rose do you want to come?" Alex asked.

The girl looked at me and rolled her eyes. Did I do something wrong?

"Sure as long as it's ok with..." I tried getting a name from her.

"Emma. I'm Edward's girlfriend."She smirked.

She was jealous that her boyfriend had complimented me. Already someone doesn't like me. 

"She doesn't mind. So is that a yes?" Alex asked


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Thanks for reading!
I thought it was interesting rosalie and emmett being siblings and rosalie not wanting attention but emmett who seems to love it. I think its really off to a great start love to see what happens next.
Added chapter two!
Oooh!! I love it. Took me a second to get the new relationship situation down, But I go it!:D I've missed reading your writing. it's really good.
<3 <3 <3 Can't wait to catch up on Russet Love! Thank you for reading!!

Chapter 3:
After school my brother had football practice with Edward and Jasper. I decided to go with Alex and Emma. I thought maybe I could get her to warm up to me. 

"Do you think this would be good for the party?"

"What party?" I asked

"Oh! I forgot to tell you. Saturday night I'm throwing a party at my house. Will you come?" 

"Alex you've only known this girl for a day and already you're inviting her everywhere."

"Get over yourself Emma."So much for getting on Emma's good side..

Emmett was so excited for this party. He was looking foward to seeing Alex. I have a feeling they'll be going out sooner or later. Jasper had called me early in the day to make sure we were still coming. I think he likes me. Don't get me wrong he's really cute and all but there's something about his brother that I can't get over. But he has a girlfriend and I don't think they'll be breaking up anytime soon. I just have to get over it. We drove around for a little looking for there house. I thought my aunt's house was big well Alex's house was fifteen times bigger!

"Rose!" Alex ran towards us.

When Emmett saw her his eyes widend. She was wearing the dress we picked out that day. She grabbed both our hands and led us inside. She let go of mine leaving me at the door and took Emmett around. There house was amazing. I went upstairs away from the crowd and looked around. I passed a room who's door was creaked open a little. I glanced in as I walked by. Inside was Edward putting his shirt on. He has an amazing body! I walked away quickly before he could hear me. 


I turned around slowly pretending I was looking for the bathroom or something. He was smiling with his shirt undone. I was proably blushing because he looked down and laughed. He started buttoning his shirt up.

"Hi Edward.." 

"I didn't know you were coming tonight.." 

"Alex invited me..." 

I crossed my legs and grabbed the middle of my arm. I always did this when I felt awkward.

"I'm glad. You look stunning." He smiled.


I decided to go back down stairs. I didn't want his girlfriend to see this. As I passed him he grabbed my arm.



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