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I know what some of you guys are thinking. Here we go again! Twibarbie is writing another story and then she gonna stop posting her other stories and everything like that. Well thats NOT gonna happen! I promise!! I'm sorry but I had to write this story! I'v been thinking about this idea for a while now and I never read something like this so I thought I better write it.


It's about Bella and Edward of course. Their normal people. (What i mean is their normal human people living and going through normal people stuff.) That's basicly it. Oh yeah and there's an ending that'll make you say OMG!!


I'll know you'll like it.


The thing that make's this story different from my others, is that it's a short story. It's a short story with probably a max of 20 chapters and a min of 15?. And i'll get stright to the point in the first chapter! Oh and i my warn you. There well be spelling errors! I try my best to correct them but sometimes i over love them. So know you been warned.


So i present to you the first chapter in Life Is A Nightmare! By me, Twibarbie! Please Enjoy!


Chapter 1. Bella's P.O.V


"So any luck finding a job today?" I asked Edward climbing into bed cuddling up next to him. He sighed and rolled over. I guess not in the mood.




"Where'd you all look today?"


"I said i didn't find anything! So it doesn't matter.!"


"I was just asking, didn't have to yell." I said and rolled over.


Ever since Edward had lost his job for a big company we had to cut down on everything. We now only took 1 vacattion instead of 3. We had to down grade to a smaller house because we couldn't afford the mortage. We didn't use all the extra space anyway. We had to get smaller cars because we were no longer able to pay for the gas amounts. And my job as a writer wasn't cutting it. Everything was ruining our realationship. We haven't did anything in months. Everytime i tried to do something to get Edward to noice me he ingorned me even more. I wasn't sure if he was in love with me anymore. If we were ever to get a divore i don't know if i could go on living anymore. As usual. I cried myself to sleep quitely.



Edwards P.O.V


Last night Bella had asked where'd i looked for jobs and i yelled at her! I hate myself! It's all my fault i can't give her things like i once did. I just had to go out and gamble all that money away. 2 million it was. Money we didn't have but i loaded and now have to payback putting myself in debt. How foolish i was. I would be happy if she just asked for a divorce so she could be free and find someone who could give her stuff.

Trying to make-up for yelling at her last night i order tickets to her favorite movie; twilight. I Yeah i know cheesy. But i'm doing this for her not me.


"Hey." Bella walked in with a few shopping bags.


"What are those?" I asked.


"I had some extra money so i bought some few things." She said putting the bags on the table and turning around looking at me."


"We could have used that money on something we needed!!" I took a deep breath. "Look Bella, I got tickets for us to see twilight the play, So go get ready." I said calmly.


"Oh my god, Edward thats awesome!" She came over and gave me and hug. "I'll go get ready now!" She rushed off in the room not forgetting to grab her bags. How could she do this! She knows we need every little money we can get!. I decided to let it go. I went to get ready myself.


"You look nice." I said looking at Bella.


"You look nice too." She avoided eye contact not blashing.


"Thank's." I said.


Bella's P.O.V


The play was amazing but going out with Edward was a little awkward. I mean we did stuff like this all the time but not for a long time. And after Edward snapped at me i felt bad for buying that stuff. On our way home Edward held my hand the whole time just like old times. When we got home i didn't wait i got stright out and went to change. All this awkwardness was driving me insane!. I had probably made Edward mad but it was his fault.




Comment and tell me if you like my new story so far. I'll update this more and as for my other stories Forced, Revenge Is Sweet, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F). I'm gonna Update Revenge is sweet and Forced twice a month now and for (T.G.I.F) that's postponed till farther notice, So yeahh!.... COMMENT! Thank's!



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