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ok so i have this idea of making a fanfic cuz suddenly i am bored and i want to write something so today i am starting one but just giving it a preview lol here it is. Its about the vampire diaries and the twilight saga put together hope you guys like it.Banners are accepted if you guys want o help me with that by all means send them to me and i will put them here tnx. Dont get too hard on me its my first fanfic it might have so errors lol here it is!!!!!

Main characters:

Edward Cullen-vampire

Bella Salvador- vampire(soon to be cullen but not spoilign the story :D)

The Cullens-vampires

Jacob Black- werewolf/human

Damon Salvatore-vampire

Stefan Salvatore-vampire

Elena Gilbert

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I knew it was a matter of time that he would know i would be hiding here. When he did i would be dead all because of the truest of love. Even though edward always thought that because of him i was a danger magnet because he was a vampire. But like i told him it doesnt matter i was irrevocably in love with him. All of a sudden i heard footsteps behind the table this was it i wasnt going to see my anngle again.

"There you are," he said.

I gasped. "NO NO NO LEAVE ME ALONE I DONT WANT YOU GET AWAY FROM ME I WILL NEVER NEVER BE IN LOVE WITH YOU-," I was cut off he grabed my neck and threw me to the wall all i could see was the blackness winning over me i cloudn't see any thing. I love you edward, I thought i wasnt going to see him ever again.

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Sorry i wasnt ready yet but here it is hope u like it my teacher says i am a good writer so i just want to try it out hope u like it and spread the word lol sorry i got that from my friend. tell me if i should write more i really dont know what i should do.
keep me updated
Ok guys i will post tomorrow promise i already have and idea tnx for reading i will post tomorrow and update u guys! :D
who is it come on
lol i am writing chapter 1 and i wont tell who that person is but all i am going to say is that Bella will......oopss u almost got me there but no not telling ha ha sorry :D i will post today if i can but defenatley tomorrow sorry
u u u u u u u SUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chap 1. Exsistence


This was going to be abother boring day in my long exsistence. since the day my father Carlisle created me was full of misundersatement. I thought because all of a sudden i had vampire abilities, read peoples minds,and new bortn strength i could do whatever i wanted kill people to get the blood i needed but defenatley wanted. Yes definetley wanted. But then realized after 1 year that i was killing innocent people that didn't diserver to die because of my foolishness. Thats when i went back to Carlisle and Esme my new mother.

"Edward. Hello!!! Anyone in there," alice nocked on my head she was so annoying.

Geez this guy truly needs a girl well it wil be a matter of time- she thought but suddenly cut off knowing i would hear her mind smart of her if she didn't want me to hear.

"What DO you want alice?"

"ugh!" she rolled her eyes at me " get the car started we're gonna be late if you dont hurry up."

I sighed. Another day in Forks and i would explode. Too bad i really couldn't. I went to the garage to start the car before Alice would yell at me. Oh well, she was my sister. Sheput me to wonder about her earlyer thought. What did she mean i needed a girl and it would only be a matter of time?

Comments plz tell me if that was good the next chapter is in bella's point of view hope u like it. sorry it was short but the next is gonna be good and better i will post chapter 2 & 3 today
real good keep me updated
it sounds good to me. have you read the vampire diaries books or just seen the show?
no i have seen the show only i want to read them but when i have the time i am pretty pack for new years so maybe sometime later i will read them.
i just finished the first two books. i'm waiting for the next two and then the author has another series with it that's called "the vampire diaries: the return". i got that too, but amazon is a bit slow sometimes, especially when you chose free shipping, lol.

out of curiosity, who is elena with on the show?


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