The Twilight Saga

This is a continuation of Breaking Dawn tell me what you think.


It was here.It was now.Everything in my life had been leading up to this moment.Both my lives.

But this time as i prepared myself for the inevitable battle,i wasn't going to runaway and live.No,this time i wasn't fighting for just myself or my daughter.The life of every vampire rested on my shoulders but in my mind all that i could think of was that my family's lives were now in my hands.This time everything i cared about could vanish forever.Along with me.This time i wouldn't give up without an fight.And this time i wasn't prey,i was the hunter.

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sounds very interesting!  please continue!

Hi there,

a nice start, I'm looking forward to reading more.

Who is she about to fight this time?

Best wishes


This time its gonna have real fighting in it.

This time the voltori pushed it too far so, she up against them again.

Glad you liked it

Chapter 1

The phone rang.I groaned why?Why now?Edward grabbed it.

"Alice?What is it?Ahhh.Were on our way"He put the cell down.

"Bella ,love they need us"

"OK ill go get Nessie........"I broke off with laugh as Nessie had jumped on my back.

"im already dressed!"Nessie chirped happily.

"We can tell ,now we need to get dressed"

Quickly i hurried in, Nessie helped me find jeans and a t shirt.

Edward,me, and Nessie ran the short distance from our cottage to the family house.Nessie climbed on my back after a few seconds she didn't like running that much.After a minute we were at the house.

Edward yelled."Alice what's the matter."


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