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*Squeeee* How happy are you right now?! I know, I know, I was mean for making you wait, but guess what?! The day is upon us! A new Chappy of SBG! I think you are going to like it! *winks*
WARNING: This is a shorty, im sorry, but the way the story changed, I have to do alot of explaining and so...I need a fresh chappy to get itno all the det' understand right? :)

Music/lyrics: I was having a Jordan Sparks kind of day. “Colors”

Love in the Fast Lane - The Saga Lives On.
Sophisticated Bad Girl
Chapter six: “Rebirth of Boo”
Fan Fic By: danieller123


So the seasons go brightly so we prepare for changes
A certain change in tint
There were hints
while the bright ones faded
Appear a perfect sky shattered by the remains of pain
Once so beautiful a perfect blue
Now is all in grey….

The weeks seemed to go by slowly. Dragging on and on like the surface of the ocean that never seemed to end.

Lilly stayed clear of Ana and I. Her boyfriend Jacob had returned and she seemed perfectly content with him. I however, was not. I wanted to grab her, shake her and just have all her secrets come shaking from her pockets. She remembered for God’s sake and she just sat there day after day wiggling the bait in front of my face and knowing perfectly well that I couldn’t bite.

So to speak.

Wasn’t it burning a hole in her?!

Maybe she was lying? There was no way that if she was telling the truth she could sit there and be so calm and collected. If Bella was in there hiding, even just half of her, she would want to find me. I know it. I felt it.

“Edward?” Ana called snapping me out of my death stare on Lilly.
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“What’s wrong?”
“Um, nothing. Everything is fine.” I smiled at her.
“You’ve seemed a little distracted lately.” She narrowed her eyes at me.
“I’m fine. Sorry. There’s just an assignment for English I’m a little worried about.” I lied.
“Oh. Well, I could help.” She smiled sweetly at me.

You’re a jerk Cullen. A coward and a Jerk.

“Thank you sweetheart. That would be lovely.” I lifted her hand to my lips and kissed softly.
“What’s up losers?” Lilly sat down next to me at the table, grinning wickedly.
“Hi Lilly.” Ana said looking back down to her food.
“So, Cullen, tell me something- You still have that Martin of yours?” She grinned wider and winked at me.

Thorny little devil. She did remember.

“Yes, I do. Both of them. Why?” I clenched my teeth.
“Well, you see there was this loser I used to know and he lost one to me in this race, so I was just thinking that maybe I could have a rematch. With you.” she winked again.
“Lilly, you never raced…”
“Shut up Ana and eat your damn rabbit food.” She pushed her bowl of lettuce towards her.
“I’m not in the mood for games Lilly.” I narrowed my eyes at her.
“I’ll put up the Impala.”
“You’re crappy Impala against a quarter of a million dollar car? I’m sorry Lilly, what planet are you from?” I raised an eyebrow to her.
“A very loyal one.” She countered, leaning in closer to my face.
“Lilly!” Ana scolded.
“Didn’t I say something about salad?” Lilly knocked her hand into Ana’s bowl, making one of cherry tomatoes fly out into her lap.
“Great, now you ruined my damn dress!” Ana huffed as she cleaned herself off.
“Come on Cullen, you know it’s been a long time since you’ve put your engine to any good use. Why don’t you let me help you break it back in.” She winked again.

Damn this girl was going to be the death of me.

“Edward doesn’t even race.” Ana said, tossing the napkin back on the tray.
“Yes, he does. He likes fast cars, big engines and women who know how to drive a stick. Don’t you Edward?”

Death. Of. Me.

“You want to race that badly Lilly, fine. There is no way your hunk of junk is going to beat the Martin, so why don’t we make it just slightly fairer and I’ll drive the Shelby. Tonight. Eleven. Route…”
“Forty seven” She finished, grinning wide.
“Yeah.” I said softly, looking back to Ana, who looked highly confused.
“What’s this I hear about racing?” Crook asked sitting down with his enormous tray of food.
“Cullen and I are racing for pinks tonight.”
“You are?” He looked over to me worried.
“I guess so.” I leaned forward, crossing my arms on the table.
“Lilly!” Jacob yelled, standing at the bottom of our table.
“This is not your table.” He said sternly.

What was with this punk?

“I’m talking with Ana.” She said looking to her narrowing her eyes.
“No your not, your trying to get my boyfriend to race you!” She said angrily.
“Excuse me?” Jacob was seething now, clenching hard to the table.
“Me and this loser are racing for pinks.”
“Stop calling Edward names!” Ana yelled.
“Shut. Up. Ana!” Lilly yelled back.

Was it possible for vampires to get headaches, because I was sure my head was about to explode.

“You’re not doing anything of the sort Lilly!” Jacob yelled, slamming his fists down on the table.
“Easy.” Crook said, standing up in front of Jacob.
“Trust me, I don’t want to race your girlfriend.” I said to Jacob.
“Good, because you are not going to.”
“Oh, shut up Jacob! You don’t own me and besides, Edward said that if you ever touched me again, he would break your face, didn’t you Edward?” she looked back smiling widely at me.

What had I ever done to deserve such torture?

“Is that right?” Jacob cocked an eye brow and then….

It all happened really….really…fast.

He lunged. Crook didn’t grab him in time to stop him and then we collided. Lilly and Ana vanished.

I climbed to my feet and looked to Crook.

“What. The. Hell. Was. That?” I asked.
“You’re guess is as good as mine Edward.” He said back.

Damage control!! Alice yelled at me through her thoughts as her and the rest of my family made ther way out of the lunch room. What did she want me to do? Pretend like the two girls sitting in front of me had just not vanished into thin air? I sat back down in my chair and Crook followed suit. Jacob sat next to Crook, looking just as bewildered as the rest of us. Once the lunch room saw that we calmed down, they started going back normal. Apparently humans were even less perceptive then I thought.

“Owe!” I looked to my left and a girl was pulling herself up off the floor.
I looked again.
And again.
And again.
And once more, just to be sure.
Not lilly. Not ana. Bella.
My. Bella.

“What the hell?” She whined, holding her forehead.
“I thought I said to warn me Cullen before you go tossing me like a football.” She giggled and once her eyes met mine, she ran up to me hugged me with all her hot electric force I remembered.
“Bella?” I asked, hugging her back.
“I told you I would find you.” She whispered.
“Bella? is it really….oh, Bella!” I hugged her tighter, lifting her off the ground.
“Can’t breathe Cullen.” She whispered back.
“Sorry.” I loosened my arms slightly.
“How is this possible?” I shook my head against her.
“Does it matter?” She asked back.

Did it?

“No. Hell no.” I loosed my hold, letting her feet touch the floor and moved my hands from around her to cup her face. I looked into her sweet bronzed little face, rememorizing her all over again. She was just as shiny and new as the first day I saw her. The ocean was back, full of blue brilliancy and life.


“I missed you so much.” I whispered and as she began to speak I cut her off with my lips. Lips that had been longing for seventeen long years to be reunited with hers. I heard all the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ of the cafeteria and really didn’t give a rat’s ass that they were all staring.

I had Bella back. Full and complete.

“Get your hands off my girlfriend Leech!” I felt a heated hand on my shoulder and I broke away from Bella, fully prepared to murder whom ever was making me do so.
“Bella is not yours, Jacob.” I knocked his hand away and pulled Bella into me.
“She is my mate. Get-away-from-her!” He snarled.

Oh. Crap.

“We need to talk about this outside.” Crook said, coming in between us.
“Fine.” Jacob huffed and began to stalk his way out of the lunchroom.
“I don’t understand. What is going on?’ Bella looked up to me.
“Long story. I don’t even know that I could explain it all.” I leaned in and kissed her forehead, trying to breathe her in again.

Cherries. Sunshine. Flowers. Heaven.

“Well, I think we have plenty of time.” She smiled up to me and I swear the pull to her was even greater than it had been before. She laced her fingers into mine and we followed crook out of the lunch room.


Jacob was pacing back and forth in the forest when we approached and went to lunge for me, but Bella paused him with her gift.

“What is your problem?" She asked angrily.
“You are mine.” He said through clenched teeth.
“On what Planet?” She laughed.
Ours.” He growled.
“Well last time I checked, I wasn’t permitted there.” She moved back against me, taking my hand once again.
“But I am allowed here.” He said a little softer.
“That’s great, really, but you’re a little late.” She raise our joined hands.
“He is not your mate.” He shook his head ferociously.
“I say he is.”
“Jacob, I’m sorry but were you not just in love with Lilly less than five minutes ago?” I asked, pushing Bella a little further behind me.
“She’s the same.” He said keeping his eyes on Bella.
“Edward.” Crook called. “He is only on a path. He doesn’t know the difference.”
“Don’t talk about me like I’m not here!” Jacob growled.
“Calm down, dude.” Crook said taking a seat on a fallen tree.
“Okay, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on!?” Bella yelled.
“Boo, what do you remember?” Crook asked.
“Um, I don’t know. Not much. Edward. I remember Edward.” She looked up and smiled at me.
“Seriously Boo.”
“I am being serious.” She put her hand on her hip facing him.

We all started at each other for a long while and I knew I had to say it.

“Bella, love, you died.” I said softly.
“Yeah, no kidding Edward.” She chuckled.
“I….” I swallowed hard. “I killed you.”
“Funny.” She nodded.
“I’m serious.”
“Maybe that isn’t the best way to describe it bro.” I looked over to see Crook’s face looking horrified.
“Bella….here sit down.” I walked us over to the log.
“It’s a very long story and I promise to explain it in full later on, but we were trapped and…”
She placed her hand to my face I felt all the energy being pulled from my being as she looked into my mind. I held still, trying to remember how to control the intensity of what happened between us when she used her power on me this way.
“Holy….” She pulled her hand back, cupping it to her mouth.
“Oh, Edward. I am so sorry.” She wrapped her arms around me and started to cry.
“Shh, it’s alright. Look…” I leaned back and placed her hand back to my face, showing her herself in her second form, the butterfly.
“Freaking awesome.” She giggled, seeing herself flutter around with me chasing behind her that first day.
“You broke my damn ring?!” She smacked me.


“I fixed it. I promise.” I leaned over and kissed her, but I could tell she was still pissed.
“Boo?” Crook called.
“What?” she looked over to him.
“Where’s my hug?” he held out his large arms and Bella sprang to her feet, running to into his bear hug.
“Okay, someone want to explain to me what is going on…since I don’t have any freak ability to be able to see into minds?!”
“Bella is not your mate Jacob.” I said glaring him.
“Actually, she is.” Crook said.


“What the hell Crook?”
“Sorry, vamp, but she is. I’m not saying she has to go with the dude, but truth is truth man.” He shrugged.
“I think I liked you a lot better the first time around.” I huffed.
“First time?” Bella asked.
“I died too.” He chuckled.
“Yeah. We pretty much kick ass boo, coming back from the dead and all that.” He held up his meaty hand for a high five.
“And you still want to tell me that Edward is not my soul mate?” She chuckled.
“Alright, well, you got me there.” He chuckled and looked over to me grinning.
“I believe you have to have a soul first.” Jacob said, still glaring at me.
“Look, I’m sorry for your luck, truly, but who Bella chooses to be with is her business. Why don’t you let her decide.” I said waving towards Bella.
“Well obviously…” She smiled at me.
“That isn’t how this works!” Jacob seethed.
“What do you plan to do, club her over the head and drag her back to your cave?” I asked angrily.
“I’ll do whatever it takes.” He declared.
“Okay….why don’t you too testosterone freaks cut it out for a sec.” Crook stood up from the log. “I think the real issue here is how the hell Bella managed to get here, not who she is dating. So why don’t we all put whatever little dust particles for brains we have together and try to come up with an answer.” Crook rested his hands on his hips and the took his seat again.
“It happened after Jacob and I collided in the lunch room.” I stated.
“Yeah, I know that part Edward.” Crook glared.
“Sorry, just trying to retrace my steps.”
“Wait…” Bella put her hand back to my face. “You took my blood.” Her face scrunched.
“So…I didn’t really die then. Not the way I should have. You have a piece of my energy, well actually, you have a piece of my physically being, but ….damn this is confusing.” She shook her head.
“When you collided with Jacob….” Crook leaned forward. “…You must have transferred her energy somehow.”
“But what about Lilly and Ana, there physical beings?” I asked.
“Who?” Bella’s asked in return.

I picked up her hand and put it back to my face showing her the last fee weeks.

She slapped me. Again.

“It was you!” I stopped her hand from hitting me again.
“You didn’t know that jerk!”
“Bella, I knew it was you…I can feel you, love!” I held her hand that was raised to hit me.
“You can?” she asked changing from angry tiger to lovable kitten again.
“Yes, love. I never stopped being able to. Remember?” I tapped my finger to my heart.

She threw herself at me, knocking us off the log with the force. Her mouth was on mine and it was urgent and greedy. I rolled us over and kissed her back, working my way down her jaw until-

“Do you mind! We have plenty of time for that crap later!” Crook yelled.

“Sorry.” I said, pulling us back up to our seat on the log.
“So, let me get this straight. You stole my mate, corrupted her, killed her, only to have her not be able to reform properly, thus locking her in some type of unkown vortex, yes?” Jacob said glaring at me.
“Pretty much.” I said nodding.
“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you where you stand.”
“I’ll give you one.” Crook said. “Me.” He pushed his hand to Jacob’s chest.
“Now, listen here bro. you might not like the fact that Edward and Boo are together, but you need to slow your role. Bella is mixed between to kinds and she does not have to obey our laws. You may have to just deal with the fact that she does not want you man. Got it?”
“But he is….”
“I said, got it?!” He pushed his chest harder.
“Now, why don’t you make like a good little prodigy and follow me back home so we can gather info.” He pointed up.
“Fine.” Jake huffed and beamed into thin air.
“I need to follow him. I’ll speak to the elders and return later.” Crook said.
“Can you leave the weirdo there when you come back please?” Bella asked.
“Sorry boo, he’s my duty.” He smiled and beamed away too.
“Well Bella, you always did make my life interesting.” I laughed, looking back to her.
“Sorry.” She shook her head sadly.
“Don’t be sorry. I missed you…and all your crazy alien friends.” I laughed, cupping her face. “So much.”
“Show me.” She whispered softly.
“I will, love… but not here.”


Bella and I spent the remainder of our school day in the Shelby. Making out like two teenaged fools.

When the Bell rang, ending the day of school, I groaned, knowing that my time with her alone had come to an end.

“Edward?” she asked, climbing back over into her seat.
“Yes love?”
“What happened to my dad?”
“Oh, he lives with us. Your mother too actually.”
“Really? Why?”
“She didn’t take you dying well.” I reminded her.
“Oh, yeah.” She looked down.
“Um, I guess I should probably tell you…she’s dating my father.”
“Yeah…I know.” I chuckled.
“That’s gross! If they hook up…we’ll be like..related!” Her face looked horrified.
“Relax Bella, I think the last thing either of have to worry about is what will happen if they get married, especially since they have no idea how that would mess up our love life…seeing as how you should be dead and all.” I chuckled, touching her cheeks with my fingers.
“Look who’s talking.” She giggled back.
“Alice is coming….want to scare her?” I asked laughing.
“Wouldn’t she know?”
“No, She missed it. Her vision has been off lately.”
“In that case, I am totally hiding in the back seat.” She tossed herself over the seat into the back and slid down before Alice opened the car door.
“Hey Edward.” She said climbing in casually.
“Alice.” I nodded, trying hard not to laugh.
“What’s up Bella?”
“Not much.” She shrugged.
“So Edward, I was….” She spun around so fast it made my head spin.
“What the ?!!!” Her mouth hung open and Bella fell back to the seat laughing clutching her belly. I couldn’t help but to crack up myself.
“Oh, Alice, I wish I had a Camera!” Bella giggled.
“How did….oh who cares! Jazz is coming….do it to him!” She laughed and turned around in her seat.

Gotta love Alice.

Bella slid over in her seat making room for Jasper and he got in just as casually as Alice.
“Hey fella…my lady.” He smiled at Alice.
“Oh, hello B-“
“Surprise!” Bella waved.
“Ah!” Jasper coward back into the door.
“That was even better than Alice!” Bella giggled.
“How…what…” he shook his head.
“Who needs an emotional massage now Jazzy?” I laughed.
“Not. Funny.” He said through clenched teeth.
“Seriously, what the heck is going on? Alice looked back and forth between Bella and I.
“Apparently Edward missed me.” Bella giggled.

Truer words had never been spoken.


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