The Twilight Saga

When Edward parents die in car devastaing car crash he is left all alone with no family. While he is in the hospital recovering from his injury and feeling depressed and more alone than ever a little girl comes into to comfort him. Bella. She gets him though this rough patch and the become great friends or just a little bit more. But when Edward gets adopted, and Bella moves they are sepreated and both very sad, but Bella promises they will meet again. Then when they meet back agian in Forks 12 years later what will happen. Its starts as Edward 6 years old, Bella 5


Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter 9

locket Edward and Bella have

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe this is sooooooooooooooooooo cute! i cantwait until the next chapter! please keep me updated!
ok i will
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he he almost done w/ chapter 3!
Chapter 3- Singing in the rain

7 weeks later

I looked at y window. It was another rainy day in Forks. I was really worried that Bella wasn’t going to come. Actually every day I was worried that she wasn’t going to come.

I got out of my bed and looked out my door until I found Mrs. Cullen.

“Mrs. Cullen have you seen Bella yet?” I asked her

She smiled at me “No not yet dear, but she’ll be here soon. Now go back to your room”

“Fine” I said as I slowly walked back.
I waited for about a half an hour until I heard the singing of a sweet voice coming through the halls

“I'm singing in the rain Just singing in the rain what a glorious feeling' I'm happy again I'm laughing at clouds so dark up above Just singing singing in the rain.” The voice sang “Hi Mrs. Cullen!” the voice said and then I immediately recognized.

“Hi dear” Mrs. Cullen said

“Is Edward up?” Bella asked

“Of course he is. He’s waiting for you” She said

“Cool beans. Bye Mrs. Cullen!” She said and I could hear skip towards my room. “Hey Eddie!” she said as she burst through my door.

“Hey Bellsy” I said smiling “I thought you weren’t going to come”

“Ha no way!” She said jumping on the bed “I would miss you too much. You know I will always come”

And she was right. She always came every day. Her parents wouldn’t drive her once. So she rode her bike in the pouring rain. She got in so much trouble but now they drive her everyday just to come and see me.

“So what do you want to talk about today?” I asked putting her arm around her and she nuzzled her self into me.

Over these past few weeks Bella slowly has gotten me to open up about my family. She said thinking about them shouldn’t be painful, but they should be happy moments because if I don’t I will forget them. So she knows all about them now. And I know all about hers.

“My parents are fighting even more now since Ashton was born” she said and I could feel moisture sinking into my shirt. I looked down to see Bella crying into my chest.

I lifted her chin out of my chest “Why are you crying? You say your parents always fight. What’s different now?”

The tears rolled town her face “I think there going to get divorced” she whispered and then started to cry back into my chest.

“Shh, shh let it out” I said rubbing her back. She cried for a few minutes but soon composed herself.

“I’m sorry” she said wiping her eyes

“Sorry for what?” I said

“For crying in front of you” she said before she sniffed “Pretty stupid right?”

“Ha what are you talking about?” I said smiling “You never have to be afraid to show your feelings in front of me. Especially of how big of a cry baby I was in front of you at my family’s funeral”

“Yeah” she said wiping he nose “but you had a good reason too”

“Yours is a good reason too” I said pulling her tightly toward me

“Ok” she said her face a little less red

“Just wondering why were you singing “Singing in the rain” if you weren’t happy at all?”

She smiled “It usually makes me happy when I sing it. But not this time, only you could”

“Awe” a voice said and we both looked up to see Mrs. Cullen in the door way “You two are sooo cute!” Me and Bella both blushed.

“Thanks” Bella said quietly

“Awe I have to get a picture of this!” she said and ran to get a camera. When she came back we saw to flashes and we were blinded for several seconds. When we could see again she handed us two pictures.

“I’ll take those” Bella said grabbing both of them

“Hey I want one” I whined

She smiled “Don’t worry you’ll get it back”

“Fine” I said pouting. But then she kissed me on the cheek and my pout turned into a smile.

“Have I ever told you, you have to coolest colored hair ever?” Bella asked messing up my hair

“Yes, yesterday” I said laughing

“Oh yeah!” Bella said and started laughing hysterically

“Excuse me Bella, I need to talk to Edward for a minute” Mrs. Cullen asked politely

“Yeah sure I need to potty anyway. Brb Eddie” she said as she skipped out of the room, and Dr. Carlisle entered.

“Hello Edward” Dr. Carlisle said

“Hi Dr. Cullen” I said as polity as I could

“Please Edward call me Carlisle” Carlisle said

“And Edward call me Esme” Esme said

“Ok” I responded

“Edward we just wanted to tell you that you will be released from the hospital in a few days” Esme said smiling, but my face fell.

Oh no, this meant I would be sent to a foster home or orphanage or something. Who knows where it could be, or who it could be with. It would be in Seattle or something. What about Bella I wouldn’t be able to see Bella.

I could feel tear coming to my eyes.

“Edward what’s wrong?” Carlisle asked

“Nothing” I said wiping my eyes “Continue”

“But as you know you have no relatives that can take you in so you would be going to a foster home” Carlisle said

“Yes” I choked out

“But your not” Esme said joyfully

“What?” I said confused

“Edward we are adopting you!” Esme said

“Are you serious?” I asked

‘Yes we are” Carlisle said we’ll be taking you come in 4 days

“Oh my god! Thank you, thank you!” I said

“And do you know where we live?” Esme asked. I shook my head no

“Just around the block from Bella!” Esme said

“Awesome!” I said smiling from ear to ear

“Can I come in now?” Bella’s voice asked through the door.

Esme and Carlisle chuckled “yes Bella, we are just leaving”

Bella rushed through the door as the Cullen’s went out and then she jumped up next to me.

“So what did you guys talk about Mr. Mason?” Bella asked getting into her spot nuzzled next to me

“Well I don’t think I’ll be Mr. Mason anymore” Is said smiling

Then Bella’s face shot up at me “What? Why?”

‘The Cullen’s are going to adopt me”

Then Bella face lit up “You know how close they live to me!” she practically yelled

“Yes” I said in the same tone

“This is amazing!” she yelled

“Ha ha I know” I said and I hugged her tightly

Chapter 4- Leaving

4days later

I was getting the few things I had out of my room to go to my new home. Soon me and Bella would get to play together all the time and be besties forever. I was sooo excited!

“Edward, did you get everything?” Esme asked

“I think so” I said picking up my suitcase

But all of a sudden I heard the quick tapping of feet and the hard sobbing of Bella. Before I could get to the door Bella was already in my room. She ran up to hug be and was sobbing in my chest. I held her tight against me.

“Bella what’s wrong?” I asked extremely worried

“Oh Edward! My parents are getting divorced!” She said quickly cracking every 2 words

“Bella I’m so sorry!” I said as I rubbed her back

“But that’s not the worst part! Edward my moms taking us to Arizona! I’m moving!” She said her head still buried into my chest.

“Then are you leaving” I said my voice cracking now

“Tomorrow!” she wailed

Then it felt like someone punched me in my stomach. She was leaving me

The next day

Esme and Carlisle let me go see Bella off at the air port. I was sitting with Bella waiting for the plane to board while her head was placed in my lap.

“Final call for boarding for like 9872 for Phoenix” The announcer called and at that moment I heard Bella whimper.

“Bella say goodbye to your friend we need to get on the plane right now.” Bella’s mom said holding baby Ashton.

Bella stood up and so did I “I made this for you” she said taking a heart shape locket out of her pocket. Her eyes full of tears. I opened it to see the picture that Esme took of us.

“I love it” I said as I put it around my neck

“Look I have one too” she said trying her best not to cry.

“Well I guess this is goodbye” I said tears rolling down my checks

“No!” Bella’s tears rolling freely now “This is not goodbye!”

“What?” I said confused

“We will see each other again Edward” she said embracing me into a hug “You can count on it!”

“Bella!” her mom called lets go now

Bella kissed me on the cheek and ran towards her mom

“I love you Eddie!” she said as she boarded

“I love you too Bellsy!” I said and that was the last thing I ever said to her
please tell me what you think, it was cute as before?
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awww why did she have to go when edward left the hospital aww that was so sad but the other chapter was very cute
ha thanx I appriate it! and yeah it was saaad!


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