The Twilight Saga

When Edward parents die in car devastaing car crash he is left all alone with no family. While he is in the hospital recovering from his injury and feeling depressed and more alone than ever a little girl comes into to comfort him. Bella. She gets him though this rough patch and the become great friends or just a little bit more. But when Edward gets adopted, and Bella moves they are sepreated and both very sad, but Bella promises they will meet again. Then when they meet back agian in Forks 12 years later what will happen. Its starts as Edward 6 years old, Bella 5


Chapter 1 & 2

Chapter 3 & 4

Chapter 5 

Chapter 6

Chapter 7 & 8

Chapter 9

locket Edward and Bella have

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hey...i'm a new reader and this story is sooooo awesome!!!i love it!!could you please keep me updated???

I love it!!!!!!!!! Awwesome,

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Chapter 6- Going back

I was on the plane playing with my bracelet with Ashton next to me listening to his iPod. I kept thinking about Edward. He probably doesn’t even live in Forks anymore. And if he does he would have completely forgot about me.

But we will see what happens I guess either way I’m going back to Forks. I’m supper excited Ashton is a little less.

“Why couldn’t mom just stay with us?” Ashton whined

“Because, she wanted to be with Phil and we should respect her wishes” I said opening up my locket to look at Edward and I again “Anyways you should get to see the place where you were born. Who knows you might like it”

“Don’t get you hopes up” Ashton said under his breath

“The plane will be landing in 5 minutes please make sure you are properly seated” The flight attending said.

My smile grew bigger

“Joy” Ashton said sarcastically. I punched him in the arm.

We were soon off the plane and at baggage claim when I saw Charlie. WE walked towards him and when we reached him he embraced us in a hug.

“Hey Dad” Ashton and I said

“Hey kido’s. How was your flight?” he said releasing us

“As good as any flight could be” I said swinging my bag over my shoulder.

“Well that’s good now lets go get your luggage.” Charlie said and headed towards baggage claim.

But soon we were both back in Charlie wonderful police cruiser. Ashton called shot gun. No matter how smart he was he was still 12 at heart. So I got comfortable in the back set and took a nap.

I was on the roof of the Forks hospital. It was a clear sunny day. An awfully rare occurrence here in Forks.

I looked around to see a small boy with bronze colored hair sitting on the edge of the roof with his feet dangling over it.

Then I realized it. I was back twelve years back to the day before I was leaving. Edward had left the hospital but he came with Esme and Carlisle because he didn’t want to be all alone at home.

“Boy quite fooling around!” I said begging him to come down I couldn’t stop myself from saying. The words I said to him back then.

“I love the view from up here” he said not turning around “The warm sun and wind in my ears. I can watch the world from up here”

“Yeah it is pretty” I said getting right up behind him and putting my hand on his shoulder just like I did so long ago. But when I went to look at him he was taller, older, just like he would be now. But when I looked at his face it was blank.

“Ah” I said waking up startled.

“What’s wrong” Charlie and Ashton said at the same time

“Nothing” I said running my fingers through my hair “Just a weird dream”

Next Day

School, our first day at Forks high. Ashton was slightly excited because since no one here new his age he wouldn’t be picked on. I mean he was already 5’11 he would fit right in.

We drove my epic red truck that my dad got us for a homecoming present. I’m in love with it. We got there early so we could get a spot and walked to the front office.

“Um we’re here to pick up our schedules” Ashton said to the lady whose name tag said Mrs. Cope and her hair reminded me of a red mop.

“Um yes and you are?” she asked without even looking up

“Ashton and Isabella Swan” I said

“Oh my you two are finally here!” she said her head shooting straight up “As your father requested no one knows of your arrival he told us how you two hate the attention” she said handing us our schedules

“Thanks” Ashton and I said and walked out the door. As we opened I ran into a small pixy like little girl and all her papers and books went flying.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry!’ I said helping her get her stuff together

“Nice Bells” Ashton said cracking up

“Oh it’s ok” The girl said also picking up stuff. We soon got her stuff together and I finally handed it to her. “My names Alice” she said happily

“Bella” I said in a light chuckle

“Ok I haven’t seen you around before, you gotta be new” she said pointing at us

“Yeah” Ashton and I said

“OMG I have to show you around!” she said jumping up and down

“Um actually I can take care of my self but Ashton here is a freshman so if you want to help can you make sure he stays alive?” I asked her

“Bella!” Ashton said out of embarrassment

Alice laughed “ Ha Ha of course. I’m a sophomore so I know where all the freshman classes are” Then she grabbed Ashton’s arm “Off on our adventure! Bye Bella I’ll make sure he get’s back in one piece bye Bella” and then they were off in a blur.

I laughed for a good minute and then went off to find my next class. Forks High wasn’t nearly as crowded as Phoenix but some how someone still manage to bump into me. Making my bracelet fly off my wrist into the court yard that was now poring rain.

“Crap!” I said quite loudly


I was walking up to the school in the pouring rain. I saw my younger sister Alice pulling a boy who I have never seen before in my life across to the F building. I went back to Looking at the ground and pulled my hood over my head to avoid getting soaked.

As I continued to walk though into the court yard I heard a girl with a voice of bells yell “Crap”

Then I felt something hit against my shoe. I looked down to see a silver charm bracelet near the tip of my shoe. I got down on one knee and picked it up and held it up to my hand to examine it. It was just a heart locket. Then I examined it more closely, and it looked exactly like mine.

I was about to open it when it was snatched out of my hand. “Oh god thanks” a girls said and ran the opposite direction with her long brown hair swaying

“Could it be?” I thought
“Bella?” I whispered

“Hey Eddie bear!” my girlfriend Jessica said putting her hand into my front pocket

“Don’t call me that” I said pulling her hand out slightly disgusted

“Who was that girl you were on your knee’s for” Jessica asked with venom in her voice

“I have no idea” I said trying to find the girl again “No idea”
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Megan you got to write more soon please please pretty please


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