The Twilight Saga

It's about a possessed doll.


Book Cover by Juliee 


Chapter 1


     Katherine Bradey loved her dolls, her porcelain ones anyway. She was an eight year old who never cared for Barbies and such, she loved her fancy porcelain dolls. Every time her parents would leave her with the house keeper, DeDe, for a "buisness trip" they would get her a new doll. All together, Katherine had 57 porcelain dolls perched on shelves in her walk in closet.


     It was December 1st when Katherine had gotten her newest doll. Her name was Little Lucy and she was the perfect doll. Her hair was like a golden waterfall flowing past her shoulders, Lucy wore a pink frilly dress and a matching hat. Her eyes were emerald green and her lips a soft pink. Her skin wa pale, but had a touch of pink.


     Even if Little Lucy seemed like an average doll, she wasn't. Underneath all the frills lace, was something that no one could trace. Inside the the doll a creature so powerful so sinister, that it could tear you apart with just one glance. This doll, Little Lucy, was pure evil, and sadly, no one knew until it was too late.


     It was December 22nd when things started to change around the household. It was an average snowy day in Vermont, the Bradey's and their housekeeper were all doing their own thing. Katherine wa playing with her dolls, Elly, Amanda, Eliza, Keelane and Calista. Mr. Bradey was writing his latest novel in his study, DeDe was cleaning the kitchen and Mrs. Bradey was sleeping soundly in her room.


     Mrs. Bradey was snoring softly, until she heard a soft thump. She mumbled some jibberish and went back ot her slumber. It was quiet again, but then once again, there was a thump, but louder. That thump woke Mrs. Bradey up. She looked around the room, on her floor was Little Lucy. She sighed and went to pick up the doll.


     "Katherine you have to stop leaving your dolls everywhere around the house." Mrs. Bradey mumbled. She shook her head and placed Little Lucy back in Katherine's room, her daughter didn't even bother to look up from her dolls.


      Mrs. Bradey stumbled back to her room and went to the small drinking bar in the corner of the large room. She pulled out some Jack Daniels and a small crystal glass. She poured the whiskey into the glass and took a long sip, leaving almost nothing after she was done. Mrs. Bradey continued to pour herself glasses of Jack Daniels until the bottle was almost gone. After her daily drinks of the day, she went back to her bed to sleep.


     Mrs. Bradey was about to fall asleep when she heard the same thud she heard earlier. She ignored it completely and cleared her head of all thoughts. She soon fell asleep and dreamt of her and Mr. Bradey alone on an island, with no child to take care of, no one to worry about.


     Little Lucy climbed onto Mrs. Bradey's bed and glared at her. Lucy revealed the pocket knife she had bhind her back and started to cut Mrs. Bradey's arms and legs. She smiled at the blood that flowed from the mother's body, Lucy licked Mrs. Bradey's arm, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she savoured the taste of the mother's blood.




     Mr. Bradey, DeDe and Katherine were startled by Mrs. Bradey's screams of terror. They all dropped what they were doing and ran to the bedroom. There on the bed, bleeding and crying, was Mrs. Bradey.


     "Help me!" she cried. Tears were running down her face, burning the few cuts on her face. "Help me!" she screamed again.


      "Mommy!" Katherine ran to her mother's side and held her hand. "Mommy what did you do?" she started to cry.


      DeDe grabbed her cellphone from her apron and dialled 911. "Doctor! We need doctor." she tried her best to speak in english, but she could only say a few words, her main language was Spanish. "Please! Doctor!"


     While everyone was frantically trying to help Mrs. Bradey, Little Lucy stood in the doorway with a smug smile on her face. Step 1, complete. Her plan was to have Katherine and her family to herself, with Mrs. Karen Bradey out of the way!





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So what do you guys think?

I really like it! I can't wait to read more! So glad you went with the possessed doll one! Great first chapter! :-))

I'm soooo glad you like it! :) Thanks so much! <3

Dude this is sooo good. When are you writing more? I hope soon!

By the way, have you checked out the Fan Fiction Awards hosted by Molly Greeves? I would be willing to nominate you if you like. It's really fun! :)

I'm glad you like it! Thanks! I'm writing more soon, and by soon I mean later today or tomorrow.

I thought the fan fiction/story had to be popular.

Come on girly! So looking forward to chapter 2! **giggles**

as long as you have a story, but you gotta be quick. Voting starts tomorrow, but I'm sure Molly would let you in anyway if you wanted. :) she's really nice

Sorry I haven't written the second chapter guys! I've been working on my school projects, getting ready for exams, etc. I'll try to post this weekend!

can't wait!


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