The Twilight Saga

POV:Kaitlyn Morris

Chapter 1

Some say I went crazy. Others say I am mutant monster. But, What am I really?

My mother took me to a counselor when i was 4. The next year when I was 5, my mom said I would be going to a place where people like me get help. It was a Sane Asylum. A place where crazy people go. I went there when I was five and have been here for 12 years. I am now 16. I had long brown beautiful hair. Now its ratty and the color is faded. My eyes were beautiful and always open. They are hazel colored. Now i fear everyday that they won't stay open. I have lived a hard life. My only friends are the purple bear I brought and my cell mate. Rufus is my cell mate and he has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He has been here for 3 months. I tell him it will get harder but he won't believe me.

Today has been good so far, food today is alright and i don't have to take a shower until tomorrow. I was allowed to go out of my cell and into the court yard with the other people. But soon I had to go inside. I wish i could be on the outside of the walls but I can't. I will maybe someday, when I die.


I feel horrible. Rufus, my cell mate, went really crazy this morning. He said he just can't take it here. He almost went suicidal but the guards got to him in time, put him in a straight jacket and in a comfy room.

Its time for my shower. I dread going there. They put bags over your heads and ear plugs in your ears and put your hands and feet in shackles so you wont run away or attempt to.

They undress me and turn on the hose. The water hits me hard like a horde of needles. The pain is so hard I collapse to the ground. As i turn to my back, Another burst of water hits the top of my head. One other gaurd is spraying my head. When they stop, I think its over but then, they throw soap balls at me. It gets in my mouth and eyes. I can't breathe. I think they won't stop, like this is the end but suddenly i am in my cell just like that. How the? I think to myself.


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love it so much.
It seems really good,keep me updated please
Will do! ill update soon!
Odd story but very interesting
thanks??? lol :D imma update tonight!
lol! imma update once sum one adds another comment! one more and ill update! and ill explain more of her life!


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