The Twilight Saga

Living is a problem because everything dies
Edward gives in to Bella so they do you know what. Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th birthday. So Edward leaves Bella. What will happen know he's gone?

Chapter one- that pain  I don’t think its just heart break

“Bella. I just don’t feel the same way for you as I did last week. I don’t love you anymore.” Edwards words echoed in my head as I stared at him.

“what did last week mean to you? nothing?” i whispered.

“No. you where just anther girl Bella. I thought you where the one for me but you where the same as the many other girls I've had.” One of many girls so he lied about it being his first time. “promise me Bella... don't come looking for me.” All i could do was shake my head he kissed the top of my head and ran off into the forest. i stud there, staring at the place where he  had dispeared. after about ten minuets of just standing there; i stepped toward the place i had last seen him. i walked for what seemed like days when it was actually was only a few hours three maybe four at the most.

It had been dark for about a hour and was raining, when i felt a sudden wave of strong dizziness and norsea. i had to sit down or i would fall. I had my head between my legs and vomited violently. When I was sure there was nothing left in me and took out a peace of gum. i started to walk aging not really caring where i walked. i carried on walking till i fell. i lay there not wanting to get up, but also my stomach felt like if I did stand up it would explode. i must have fell asleep as the next thing i know a pair of hot arms around.

“what has those bloodsuckers done to you.” a husky voice spoke. “We should get her into  the warm.”

“yer. back to mien mutt.” a male voice  joked.

“We live in the same house leech. are you sure Matt wouldn't mind?”

“yer. i could just make him if he objects.”

“hey. i reconise her from when i lived on the rez”

“She didn't go after you with a pitch fork for telling? Did she?”

“No. She didn't live on the Rez.”

“Good. Cause Jake we care about you. Gee I care about a dog. We wouldn't want anythin hurt you mate.”

“Your not beein gay for me are you Nat?”

“Sorry bro I don't swing that way. Even if I did i would have taste.” they both laughed.

“Hey. I'm quite a catch”

“Whatever.” Suddenly it had got warm. “Honey Where home”

A voice came from a distance “Nathan I can smell you.” a door opened and closed. “Well who's  this?”


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thank you Carla I'll update soon

love it and can't wait for your next update!

i'll update tomorrow maybe i've worte most of it

Chapter 23

Carlie POV


   I had music after gym. I walked in to the classroom and took a seat at the back. I was sat there for a matter of thirty seconds, when someone sat next to me. “You’re one of the Cullen kids aren’t you” the boy next to me asked. This thoughts creeped me out, they were so inappropriate.

“Urmm. Yes, I suppose I am.” I answered warily.

“I’m Max. Which one are you?”

“Which What?”

“Which Cullen or are you a Masen or Hale?” He was trying to flirt with me but he was failing.

“I’m Carlie Masen.” I raised one eyebrow humouring him.

“Well. Carlie, you’re hot” He was making me feel uncomfortable so I moved a desk forward. “Were are you going.”

“Over there”

“Why?” I just rolled my eyes. “Will you go out with me?”

“I’m so sorry I have to say no.” He sat on my desk. He thought ‘who does she think who she is turning me down, me, I’m hot.’ He thought a lot of himself.

“Come on. Me and you are made for each other. A perfect couple.” he tried to persuade me.

“Ur. No” I bluntly told him. He was seriously annoying me now.

“Come on. Babe”

“Firstly. I’m not your babe so don’t call me babe.” Then I raised my voice so the few students that arrived in the room could hear. “I said no so back off.” I stud up and walked up to a desk with a boy with curly blonde hair and an empty space. “Is this seat free?”

“Yep.” He just looked at me with his big brown eyes and a goofy smile on his face.

“May I sit?”

“Sure” he said, while his ears went red. I sat. “I’m Liam and you’re Carlie Masen. Doctor Cullen’s wife’s little sister.”

“Yes that’s me. How did you know?”

“My Dad works at the hospital too and you’re in my history class first period.”

“Oh. That explains things” He laughed. His laugh was infectious and soon I was laughing too.

Then the teacher, who name was Mr. Higgins, walked in and started the lesson. He said that we would join the schools show choir, as an extra-curricular. It sounded like fun. The bell signalling the end of third period went and I left the room heading towards my locker. I got to my locker and opened it. When I heard Max’s voice. “Why?”

“Why What?”

“Why reject me like you did? And why choice Liam to sit with? ” he put both hands either side of me. Trapping me.

“Sorry I need to get to science.” I tried to duck under his arm. The hall was empty.

“We have a break. So you have time to talk to me. Sooo…”

“You’re not my type and Liam seams nice.” I panicked. Trying to push him away but I hadn’t hunted in a few weeks as I hate blood. I was week. “Stay away from me.”

“Come on, just kiss me you know you want me.”  He leaned in puckering his lips. He was trying to kiss me. I clenched my fist and punched up at his nose. My fist made contact with his face. Then he let out a wine. And turned and slapped me.

“Masen! Johnson!” I heard Mr Higgins Scottish shout. “My Office now!”

“What? Why?” Max sounded confused.

“You know why Johnson,” Mr Higgins led us in to an office. He took a seat on one side of the desk and told us to take a seat on the other side. “Well. What Happened there then?” We both started telling him our sides of the story. “One at a time. Johnson.”

“Well. Sir I was just asking Carlie if she would like to see a movie with me and she went crazy and punched me. So I defend myself.” Max shrugged.

“Carlie is this true.” I shook my head. “Well what happened.”

“In the start of music. Max asked me to go out with him, but I said no. He didn’t get the picture, so I moved, and then he just followed me and asked again. So I moved again. Then when the lesson was over was getting books out of my locker and I turned round and he was there. I tried to get away and he trapped me. Then he tried to kiss me and I had already made it clear that I was not interested. So when he tried to kiss me I panicked so I did punch him. Then he slapped me.”

Mr Higgins nodded, “Johnson is you version the whole truth?”

“Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Carlie’s version is the full truth.”Max said.

“Right, I’ll make a deal. You two try out for my Glee club or a month detentions including Saturdays and it will go on record. What will it be?” Mr Higgins looked at me.

“Auditions are tonight?” I asked.

“Yes,” He scribbled a note and handed it to me. “You may go.” I left and went to science. When I got in to the lab; I handed the note to the teacher. He told me to take the only free space left at least it was next to Nessie.

She thought to me, “Where have you been?” In a whispered the whole thing to her. “Oh urg. So you’re joining the Glee club?” by this time it was lunch.

“Yep” I answered. “If I am good enough”

“You will be. Anyways I’m thinking of trying out for cheer or volleyball. What do you think which one?”

“I don’t know. You would look cute in the pleated skirts.”

“Cheer it is then. Carlisle did say we had to make more of an effort to fit. I know for a fact that will be the first thing he meant.” I just nodded. I got a cheese burger. “Dad… I mean Edward’s not going to be happy with you eating that burger.” My dad likes to fuss over everything I ate. He made us, me especially, eat all healthy food. He was overly protective of me, my sister and my bother. My mum says it’s because there was no need for him to be overly protective of her and that’s how he naturally was. Of course she was right.

“Balance. Ness, that’s what’s needed in a diet and I need some protein.”

“At least have this.” She handed me an orange juice. We paid for our items and headed over to a table where everyone in our family sat apart from my mum and dad. I sat next to Nathan and Nessie sat next to Jacob. Then after two and a half minutes my mum and dad took a seat. Then after a few seconds Emmett boomed,

“So Eddies got a stalker,” I had to hold in a laugh.

 “It’s not that bad,” my dad explained while jokingly punching Emmett in the arm.

 “Not now. But, of what I can see she will be.” Alice said. I nodded I could hear it in the girls thourghts.

 “Thank you, Alice.” My dad glared. “Anyways, what’s this about being asked out Carlie?” What! Why would he bring this up? No he can’t do that, but he had. I noticed that Nathan had clenched his fist; why had he done that. It’s not like we were dating we were just friends. I took a bite in to the cheese burger and chewed it slowly, not wanting to say anything and just ignore the situation.

 “Aww. My little niece has got a boyfriend.” Emmett teased me. It was hard not to growl at him.

 “I do not!” I threw the gherkin I had taken out my burger at him and it landed on his forehead. “I politely rejected his offer. Then when he didn’t pay any attention I punched him. Not hard but hard enough.” Everyone was laughing apart from my dad and Nathan.

“Did you get caught?” Rose asked me. All I could do was nod. “What was the punishment?” My Dad spoke up for me as I had a mouth full of food.

“She got a month’s detention or joining the Glee club.” He said. “She’s joined Glee club. Also I am taking her hunting tonight.” Oh no not hunting. He nodded.  

“I’m trying out for cheer tonight.” Nessie said. Everyone turned to look at her. “What I’ll look good in the outfit.”

“I think it is a good idea. We need to blend in more.” Jasper said. Then everyone split in separate conversations about what extra-curricular they were going to try out for. Alice saw everyone getting in to the group or club they were joining. Nathan was joining the Glee Club with me, so we talked about what song we were going to sing for Auditions. Nathan had chosen Bruno Mars’ song ‘Somewhere in Brooklyn’ just because he loved the song. I had chosen Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House.’ He’s a British singer that not many people have heard of, but his music is beautiful.

  The rest of the day went without a hitch. I sang at the audition and so had Nathan we had both got in. So had my dad, he sang a song that I had never heard. I could tell my thoughts that he only joined, to keep an eye on me. Oh, great. Jasper and my mum had joined the AV club. So we dove home with them as no one else had finished yet. As soon as Jasper had parked the car in the garage; my dad dragged me to find a deer or two.  




The songs nathan and Carlie sang

I enjoyed. It gave me a nice little break from doing a form to be with a publisher. It will be so nice to know i will be getting a royalty check instead of having to wait for anything. I wanted to let you know i have thought about you but havn't had the chance to do anything in a while.

aww thank you i've thought about you too. I'm glad it gives you a well disvered break writeing this gives me a break too

Writing on here is so different then doing to get published. It is crazy. It was exciting to see my book in print and available for people to read. I am glad to know you are doing good and that doing this is your break. I was going to do the same, but then I wanted to write a story about my character instead. Ha Ha!! That's a whoot. I tried to do with Edward and Bella but couldn't get it out. I kept putting my characters names instead.

ha ha lol

Hope you update soon!! I really like this story!


Chapter 24

Carlie POV


  It had been three days since the first day. In glee club we had been put in partners to sing a duet for the following Monday. I had been put with Liam. I liked Liam he was funny, kind and his thoughts were the same. He considered me as a friend already, as did I. For the first time ever (apparently) the Cullen clan were sitting separately in the dining hall: my mum and dad, as well as Jasper and Alice were sitting with the AV club. Emmett and Jacob were both footballers and Rosalie and Nessie were cheerleaders so all four of them were at the ‘popular’ table. Anthony and Matt were with the band. That left me and Nathan on our tod. There was no glee table so it was just us and after we saw Liam by himself, it was three of us.


  It was funny though that it was like a ‘typical’ American high school with the clicks like you see on TV and films. Even Rosalie and Nessie went to school in there cheerleader’s uniform and high ponies.


  On the first Friday I was in music when Liam came in. “Hey, Liam.” I greeted him.


“Hi Carlie.” He smiled back. He sat down. “Have you got any plans for the weekend?”


“No not really, Alice will probably drag me shopping. Why?” I grinned.


“I was wondering if you and Nathan will come to a party tonight. My sisters dragging me and if you two came it would be better. It’s open to anyone so you wouldn’t be crashing.”


“I ask Nathan but I’m up for it, most of my family are going anyways.” He nodded.



Nathan had agreed to go to the party. So I was in my bathroom with Alice playing Barbie with me as her doll. She made my hair into lose curls and did my eye shadow that Smokey way that matches any clothing. She took my glasses of me and made me put my contacts in. Yes I have to wear glasses; Carlisle found it out two years ago. Alice gave me a dress to put on and left the room. The dress was not suitable for the Alaskan climate. It had spaghetti straps and stopped just above my knee. I remembered this dress was one of the items I chose that Alice approved of, when she dragged me around rainy London on our holiday there in the summer. It was a pale pink and had a faded poppy pattern over it.


“Are you done yet?” Alice’s voice called.


“Yes Alice.” I answered she had changed herself. She was wearing a puplely pink dress that was tight on the chest area then flowed out. It was short. She handed me my pair of dark brown flat brogues. I put on the shoes and took my iPhone out and put it in a small brown leather bag Alice handed to me. Then she smiled and pulled me down the stairs.


  Most of my family had gone on a big hunt, so it was just Alice, Nathan, Renessmee, Emmett, Jacob and I who were going to the party. As Alice pulled me down the stairs, my phone rang. I got my phone and checked who was calling before answering. It was my dad.


“Hello.” I answered, now being yanked across the living room.


 “Carlie, remember my rules. One alcoholic drink, nothing stupid dangerous or illegal or against the law.” My dad’s voice came out of the phone. He was being protective, over protective fool.


“Yes, dad I remember. Don’t you trust me?”


“I do trust you sweetie. It’s everyone else I don’t trust.” As I said over protective fool.


“Is there anything else?”


“Yes, don’t forget a coat. Bye.” He hung up. I felt Alice’s hand leave my wrist and I stumbled forward. As I stumbled Alice reappeared and caught me she was holding my navy blue parker and Nessie’s dark grey duffle coat.


“I can’t leave you for a second, without you nearly hurting yourself. Your too much like your mother when she was human.” Her high voice scolded me. “Any ways that is not your fault, put this on.” She handed my parker to me and I put it on. “Come on” she pulled me out the door and into Esme’s people carrier (the type that has seats in the boot.) Alice got in the middle and I got in next to her. I looked the in back and Nathan sat there like a loner. He grinned at me. I looked at Nessie on the other side of Alice. She was wearing a blue and white dress it had one full length sleeve was strapless on the other side. She pulled on her coat.


We sped down the high way in to town and to a large house. Emmett parked the car and we all got out. We walked up to the door and it was already open. We went in and dumped our coats with the others. We parted to socialise. Nathan and I got a drink of cherry coke in a red cup (Nathan got one to blend in) and stud leaning against a wall in a room were people were dancing.


We had been standing there when an annoying high pitched voice interrupted us. “Excuse me I’m not interrupting am I?” she said. I knew it was my dad’s stalker, that Marcie girl. I checked her thoughts and straight away I wish I hadn’t. She was going to use Nathan to get close to my dad.


“You were actually.” I said sourly. I gave her my most scary vampire face. If looks could kill came to mind; I wish they could or at least seriously injure. I don’t know why I took a serious dislike to her but I did.


“No need to be rude.” she smirked at me. “You are Carlie and Nathan. Aren’t you?” she battered her eyelashes at Nathan. He nodded. “Nathan, will you dance with me for a bit?”


“Urmm, sure.” He looked at me with a sorry look on his face. She dragged him off. I stud there for three minutes till my phone bussed. It was a text off Liam.


Hey, I’m here were about are you? Liam XX :))

I quickly texted back:

I’m by the patio doors. Hurry up. I’m all alone there’s no one here beside me, but you gotta have friends. That’s you. :P


I waited for him to text back up I did get a text, instead I got him.


“I liked the Shrek reference.” He said.


 “I thought you would.” I grinned.


We chatted like this for about an hour; until Liam got excited when The Vaccines’ song ‘Norgaard’ he pulled me over to the people that were dancing. “Dance with me. Please?” I could feel me face turn red. I nodded. We danced and laughed, we were so bad. We danced until a slow song came on (Birdy’s Skinny Love). I moved back towards the wall, but Liam put his hands on my shoulders. He spun me around and put his hand right hand on my waste and the left on my shoulder.


“I’ve never slow danced before.” I told him.


“Nether have I.” He laughed. I began to laugh as we swayed in no time to the music at all. “It’s been fun tonight.”


“Yep. It’s been a laugh.”


“So do you want to go out with me sometime or something?” I just stared at him then looked around and something caught my eye. It was Nathan he had his face attached to that Marcie girl’s face. I felt a surge of pain shot through my chest. “We could go to the cinema or bowling? Nothing fancie.”


“Bowling sounds good.” I answered, Liam grinned. “Is it like a date?”


“If you would like. Would you like to errm to be myy… ermm.”


“Be your girlfriend?” He nodded. “Yes I’ll go out with you.” He gave me a huge bear hug. If I was fully human it would have hurt. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. Before I could lean in the rest of the distance, I felt a large cold hand grab my arm.


“Carlie, we have to go. Like now.” Emmett said. His thoughts said ‘Alice saw that’s it’s going to kick off and I promised your mum that I would look after you and I do not want to face the wrath of protective mum.’


“I’ll text you.” Liam told me.


“You better.” I threatened him. “I’m sorry I have to go.”


“I’m going to go home now any ways.”


“Come on little sis.” Emmett pulled me away.


“See you. Bye.” I called as Emmett pulled me.


“Carlie and Liam kissing in a tree K, I, S, S, I, N, G. Frist comes love then comes marriage then comes… Ow. Why did you do that?” I had punched him in the arm.


“You know why” I said while grabbing my coat.



Nathan POV


That Marcie girl made me dance with her and wouldn’t let me leave. I did try to get away but it failed. When I had finally got away Carlie wasn’t were I left her. My first thought was that she was with Nessie and Jacob. I found them and they said they hadn’t seen her. Neither had Alice or Emmett. I looked around and found she was dancing with Liam. A shot of jalousy filled me; it should have been me dancing with my girl. My girl? She wasn’t my anything apart from friend/sister. Also what right did I have to be jealous?


A second later I heard that high pitched voice of Marcie. “Where did you go, babez?” a slow song was in the middle of a song. “To make up for leaving me like that, you have to kiss me.”


“No” I replied. She ignored me and grabbed my head and kissed me. That’s when I heard something that for some reason killed me inside. It was Liam’s voice. It wasn’t the voice it was the words.


“So do you want to go out with me sometime or something?” there was a few seconds pause I was hoping that Carlie said no, but she didn’t say anything. Then Liam added something. “We could go to the cinema or bowling? Nothing fancy.” He kind of knew what could persuade her.


“Bowling sounds good.” She answered her voice sounded off, like she was in pain. “Is it like a date?” I could hear the hope in her voice. She must acctully like him if she asked that.


“If you would like. Would you like to errm to be myy… ermm.” Liam was nervous asking my girl out.


“Be your girlfriend?” she finished her sentence and he nodded. “Yes I’ll go out with you.” With those words she made me feel the most broken I’ve ever felt and I’ve felt broken a lot.


I pushed Marcie off me and walked off to sit in the car and sulk. When I got to the car everyone, apart from Carlie and Emmett were sitting in it already. Jake from the front passenger seat, looked at me and spoke.


“What’s up with you, glum bum?”


“Nothing.” I said sitting the middle, next to Nessie, as we were obviously waiting for Carlie and Emmett.


“Is it because Liam asked Carlie out?” Nessie asked. Jake and Alice both glared at her.


“No” I could tell by the looks on their faces they knew I was lying. They let it lie.


After two minutes I heard Emmett’s booming voice. “Ow. Why did you do that?”


“You know why.” I heard Carlie say.


“Oh.” Carlie got in next to me and looked at me for a fraction of a second, then turned to look out the window quickly. I had to say something to her.


“Carlie,” I got no answer. “Carlie.” Still no answer. “Carlieeeee.”


“WHAT IS IT!!” she snapped at me. She was in a mood with me I had no clue why.


“Urmm nothing.”

Love it!!!

thank you


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