The Twilight Saga

Living is a problem because everything dies
Edward gives in to Bella so they do you know what. Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th birthday. So Edward leaves Bella. What will happen know he's gone?

Chapter one- that pain  I don’t think its just heart break

“Bella. I just don’t feel the same way for you as I did last week. I don’t love you anymore.” Edwards words echoed in my head as I stared at him.

“what did last week mean to you? nothing?” i whispered.

“No. you where just anther girl Bella. I thought you where the one for me but you where the same as the many other girls I've had.” One of many girls so he lied about it being his first time. “promise me Bella... don't come looking for me.” All i could do was shake my head he kissed the top of my head and ran off into the forest. i stud there, staring at the place where he  had dispeared. after about ten minuets of just standing there; i stepped toward the place i had last seen him. i walked for what seemed like days when it was actually was only a few hours three maybe four at the most.

It had been dark for about a hour and was raining, when i felt a sudden wave of strong dizziness and norsea. i had to sit down or i would fall. I had my head between my legs and vomited violently. When I was sure there was nothing left in me and took out a peace of gum. i started to walk aging not really caring where i walked. i carried on walking till i fell. i lay there not wanting to get up, but also my stomach felt like if I did stand up it would explode. i must have fell asleep as the next thing i know a pair of hot arms around.

“what has those bloodsuckers done to you.” a husky voice spoke. “We should get her into  the warm.”

“yer. back to mien mutt.” a male voice  joked.

“We live in the same house leech. are you sure Matt wouldn't mind?”

“yer. i could just make him if he objects.”

“hey. i reconise her from when i lived on the rez”

“She didn't go after you with a pitch fork for telling? Did she?”

“No. She didn't live on the Rez.”

“Good. Cause Jake we care about you. Gee I care about a dog. We wouldn't want anythin hurt you mate.”

“Your not beein gay for me are you Nat?”

“Sorry bro I don't swing that way. Even if I did i would have taste.” they both laughed.

“Hey. I'm quite a catch”

“Whatever.” Suddenly it had got warm. “Honey Where home”

A voice came from a distance “Nathan I can smell you.” a door opened and closed. “Well who's  this?”


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oww....poor nathan...

Poor nathan, he go hijinked and another mad at him. Looking forward to reading more.

I'll be wrighting more soon now that I have had all my exams. I'm doing NCS so it may take awhile.


Carlie's POV

I didn't want to speak to him. I knew it was childish but I am still a child. I sat looking out at the blackness. My phone buzzed and it was Liam.

"Hey I just got home. How about tomorrow after we worked on our song  for Glee at my house.- Liam XXX"

"Sure I'll ask Emmett. He's in charge as my mum and dad are away for the weekend. -Carlie XXX XD"

"Your mum and dad I thought your parents had passed away.-L"

Oh pants I had forgotten that bit.

"they are practically my parents. Have got any ideas of songs we've only got till Monday?- C"

"no not a sausage. I was just gonna shuffle my iPod if you asked.- L"

"Umm I was thinking about -Owl City's Good time Ft. Carly Rae Jepsen - C"

"You know best I'm off to you tube it and try and learn it. C u tomorrow at about 12:30.- L"

"night better learn it. All of it.- C"

When I looked up we had got home. Nathan was staring at me. It was creeping me out why was he looking at me like that as he kissed that Marcie at the party. "Stop looking at me it's creepy." I snapped. I saw the look in his eyes it was like I had stabbed him with a thousand tiny daggers in his heart. But I don't see why he would feel like that he obviously doesn't care. I heard everyone's thoughts and they were all shocked. "Well I'm going to bed." I got out of the car and felt warm arms pick me up. "Jake put me down."

"No little one. You'll fall it's slippy out the garage." he laughed.

"Why does everyone treat me like a baby?"

"Cause your the most human of us all. Also at the minute you look like you are going to burst in to tears." even though Jacob is Nessie's imprint he's still a good brother to me. He knows me well and cares, but like a brother he teases me and terrors me. Can't have one without the other I suppose.

"Jacob I don't wanna talk about it. Okay."

"That's fine. If you wanna talk you can to me and we can go in a tree so no one can hear us. So I'm driving you to Liam's tomorrow after hunting." I nodded. He sat me down on my bed. "Night." and he left.

If it was up to me I would have fell asleep in my clothes right there but Alice would have killed me or giving myself spots and creasing the clothes etc... So I had a shower and put on a pair of flannel shorts and vest top as the heating is so high in his house. I fell asleep as soon as I got in. To say it was a peaceful sleep would be a lie. My dreams were flashes of red eyed vampires and mien and my siblings birth those images are constant at night, but tonight the was flashes of Nathan snogging that Marcie and her turning to look at me and her evil witchy laugh rang in my ears. In the end she came and pushed me down a large hill were I rolled and rolled and then in a hole and then hit the ground.

Then I woke up and I was on the floor crying drenched in sweat. I had fell out off bed and banged my head on the bedside table which held the book I was reading at the moment and alam clock. I checked the time. It was  half six no point going back to sleep as Alice was dragging me hunting at  7:30. I got another shower and washed my hair. I put on a pair of jeans, t-shirt and American Apparel hoddie. I went down stairs and got myself some porridge. Nothing worse then blood on an empty stomach I say.

Nathan's POV

She wouldn't even look at me she just sat there looking out the window then at her phone texting Liam. It was awkward between us two but everyone else seamed to be having a laugh.  It was because I wanted them to. I don't like using my gift but sometimes it was better to compel them then let them feel this. I won't use my gift to make Carlie speak to was I still wanted her to have her free will and I didn't want it to be fake.

When the car stopped I was still looking at her. She turned to look at me when she unclipped her seatbelt. She did that at Vampier speed.  "Stop looking at me it's creepy."  she shouted at me. This killed me. Hurt me like someone had stabbed me with a thousand tiny daggers or a Vampier had bit me. I quickly turned my head away. If I was human I'd be crying.

A second later she told us that she was off to bed. A minute 12 seconds and 2 milliseconds later Nessie pushed me out of the car. Everyone stud around me. Emmett had me pinned to floor.

"What was all that about?" Alice's voice rang out like a bell.

"I donno." I sobbed back I really wish I could cry.

"I think she saw you kissing that Marice. It upset her and she feels betrayed and hurt by you." Nessie suggested.

"Really?" both me and Emmett asked at the same time.

"Yes. If I know my sister, which I do, that is exactly what she's feeling."

"seams ligit. But wait she would of heard that I didn't want to kiss her. I was thinking it." I told her Emmett letme sit up of course I wasn't in any pain or hurt by him.

"She try's to block people's thoughts out weather it's to respect their privacy or it's too loud I don't know. So she didn't read your thoughts." Nessie explained. I nodded. Emmett helped me up of the floor.

"You look like you need to wrestle a bear bro." Emmett patted me on the back. It sounded like a good idea so I nodded so the next minute we were running. We both wrestled two bears each. We sat at the top of two strong trees and watched the northern lights. "Nath. Do you want to talk."

"Not really, Em."  we sat there for another ten minutes. "Em"


"Did you know you loved Roesalie stright away."

"No. I knew their was something there, but I wasn't sure. It was the same with Carlisle and Esme Carlisle had the need to save her. Edward just wanted to drink Bella's blood at frist."

"Emmett. I don't think I believe in love at frist sight. It's falling in love with someone because of their looks not their personality. Not even if you imprint. Then you only feel the need to protect at frist."

"wow thats deep coming from you. Where did it come from?"

"Em I think I'm in love with Carlie."

"Finally! One of you have realised it."

"What you knew?"

"Yes we all did. For a few months now."

"Why did you not say anything?"

"Its better that you found out for yourselves so it was natural. It's okay with Bella and Edward they see that you are right for each other. Anyways I'm still thirsty I'm gonna get a bear or two more.  You joining me?" he jumped back to the ground.

"No go on I'm gonna head back." I waited till he had left. Then I checked my watch it was 6:50 if I ran back to the house I could make it back to the house before Alice and Carlie left to go hunting. I sped towards the house. When I got to it, at 7:10, I heard the piano playing. Carlie was sat at the piano playing. She  was playing I'll be your strength.

"Carlie." I said as I walked into the room.

"Hmmm." all she said.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. Why wouldn't I be? Are you?"

"No reason. I'm good."

She carried on playing the piano and when I tried to join in she shot arrows with her eyes at me. This carried on until Alice came and made her go hunting.

Carlie's POV

After hunting Alice made me change then Emmett drove me to Liam's house. When I knocked on the door one of his sisters answered the door. She was the one that's a cheerleader. It was strange seeing her not in her uniform.

"Oh. Your one of doctor Cullen kids. So are your hear for Liam?" I nodded. "Come in. LIAM YOUR GIRL FRIEND IS HERE! He hasn't shut up about you in days. Personaly I don't see what you see in him anyways. You would make a good Cheerleader right bulid, but I bet that isn't your thing you like music thats cool. I won't do anything but some of the other girls are planning some glee type stuff."


"Thanks for the warning. I'll pass it along."


Liam ran down the stairs that second and we practiced the song and got good at it ready for monday. Liam's sister dove us bowling. It was fun a laugh, plus I won. Then we had hot dogs and fries. More fast food my dad's not gonna be happy about that. Accutlly he's gonna be fumeing about me going out on a date. He will go nuts.


That was good. I am looking forward to reading more. How are Bella and Edward dealing with everything now? Looking forward to reading more later.

I'm Gonna have another chapter uploaded by tommorrow night hopefully. All will be revealed.

my new email address is

aw Nate and Carlie so cute damn you Marcie!!!!!!!!!!

Please tell me you are about to put more up so that i can get some of my thoughts answered and questions. Looking forward to seeing the new chpt

The matter of fact is that  I don't have a cule I will try to update soon thou

I'm gonna wright it after I've done my Mechanics (Unit 2 of A-level Physics) homework

that's great...not rushing ya...cause i know physics is hard...much twi-love

I hope your test has gone well and you were able to pass your classes. I know what it is like to try doing to much at once sometimes. One thing has to stop until you have a little extra time. I looked forward to reading the chpt when you are able to do it. By the way, I have a person that is helping me get word out about my book and the revised edition.


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