The Twilight Saga

Living is a problem because everything dies
Edward gives in to Bella so they do you know what. Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th birthday. So Edward leaves Bella. What will happen know he's gone?

Chapter one- that pain  I don’t think its just heart break

“Bella. I just don’t feel the same way for you as I did last week. I don’t love you anymore.” Edwards words echoed in my head as I stared at him.

“what did last week mean to you? nothing?” i whispered.

“No. you where just anther girl Bella. I thought you where the one for me but you where the same as the many other girls I've had.” One of many girls so he lied about it being his first time. “promise me Bella... don't come looking for me.” All i could do was shake my head he kissed the top of my head and ran off into the forest. i stud there, staring at the place where he  had dispeared. after about ten minuets of just standing there; i stepped toward the place i had last seen him. i walked for what seemed like days when it was actually was only a few hours three maybe four at the most.

It had been dark for about a hour and was raining, when i felt a sudden wave of strong dizziness and norsea. i had to sit down or i would fall. I had my head between my legs and vomited violently. When I was sure there was nothing left in me and took out a peace of gum. i started to walk aging not really caring where i walked. i carried on walking till i fell. i lay there not wanting to get up, but also my stomach felt like if I did stand up it would explode. i must have fell asleep as the next thing i know a pair of hot arms around.

“what has those bloodsuckers done to you.” a husky voice spoke. “We should get her into  the warm.”

“yer. back to mien mutt.” a male voice  joked.

“We live in the same house leech. are you sure Matt wouldn't mind?”

“yer. i could just make him if he objects.”

“hey. i reconise her from when i lived on the rez”

“She didn't go after you with a pitch fork for telling? Did she?”

“No. She didn't live on the Rez.”

“Good. Cause Jake we care about you. Gee I care about a dog. We wouldn't want anythin hurt you mate.”

“Your not beein gay for me are you Nat?”

“Sorry bro I don't swing that way. Even if I did i would have taste.” they both laughed.

“Hey. I'm quite a catch”

“Whatever.” Suddenly it had got warm. “Honey Where home”

A voice came from a distance “Nathan I can smell you.” a door opened and closed. “Well who's  this?”


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love it!!!!
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HEY !!!! its your friend/ author of 4 stories Navi

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Chapter 17- Happy family hopefully- Bella


Edward looked at Nessie, with a look on this face that was utter love. He could tell every word I said was the truth. All I could do was hope that Anthony and Carlie would react in the same way that Nessie did. It was hard to see that Anthony would, as he was extremely moody at times and he was in one of his moods today. Carlie was less predictable then the both a them, so I don’t know. Edward was talking to Nessie about stuff. We decided to tell Carlie and Anthony about Edward being there dad. Reasons being that I was still angry at Anthony and Carlie was still knocked out from the morphine Carlisle gave her. We tucked Neisse in. I checked on Carlie; she was so still it was like she dead apart from the small movement of her chest when she breathed.


When we went out in the hall, a ringing noise came from Edward’s pocket. He tuck out an iPhone out of his pocket and moned. “Why can't that evil little pixie leve me alone?”


“What is it Alice?” he nodded and I started to bounce up and down like a hiperactive, over excited toddler. “Answer it Edward. Oh and put it on speakerphone.”


“Okay love just calm down a little.”  he answered the phone and put it on speaker. “What Alice?”


“Edward I saw you and Bella together and she's a vampier. She'll forgive you for leaving her and you're going to be happy. A happy family. Oh my a literal family. Holy mother of skittles, your with her now aren't you and the phone is on speaker. OMG Bella I'm so sorry I left with out saying good bye. I'm on my way to see you.” Alice's voice sang.


“Please Alice don't.” Edward muttered. Why was Edward being like that he knew I wanted to se my best friend.


“To late Edward I'm already on my way. In fact I'm only a miunte and a half away at the longest. You two can have your alone time,” you could hear the qoteation marks in her voice when she said 'alone time. It made sence know why Edward was annoded at Alice. In fact I was a little angry now my self as Edward and  I could be doing anything right no. But we're not because Alice had stopped us. “Anytime. you do have forever. See you in a minute.”


The phone cut of then and Edward shoved the phone into his back pocket. He looked into my eyes and traced my jaw bone with the tips of his fingers. He pulled me close to him in to a kiss. the kiss was a lot harder  then before. It was like we had never done this before. In fact we had never had kissed just like this before. We could have kissed forever like this. We would have if it wasn't for a light knock at the back door. I pulled away and ran down the stairs, throug the kichen and opened the back door open. Just to me met by a big hug of a small vampier.


“I've missed you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Bella.” Alice said to me.


“I've missed you too Alice.” I laughted and hugged her back.


“Can I come in?”she asked me.


“Oh of course. Come right on in then.” I jested for her to come in with my hand. She walked, no danced, in to the living room. She sat down on the large courner sofa. I sat with her then Edwardsat down next to me and put his arm around my sholders. It was nice to sit like this agin.


“Bella?” Alice said my name like it was a question.


“What is it Alice?” I asked,


“Well Bella I've been having strange visions of you.” I nodded. “They started about two days after we left. It was so unreal that I didn't belive it, so I didn't tell anyone about it. The vision was of a male vampier well more of a boy he couldn't have been any older than 15 when he was changed. He was handing you two babies and you where already holding one, then everything went black and the next thing I see is the vampier biteing you and the babies had gone. After a few seconds the vampier just collapsed on the floor.” She had just brifly discribed the birth of my chlidren. “what was even more werid was it was like i was looking at the scene through a window that was a bit mucky compered to my normal in the room experance. Afther that vision I've had tentwey or so visions of these three childern, but never quite caching there names or seeing there faces. It was like they where in black and white or something. The only thing I could tell about them was they grew very fast and they where always with you.”


My mouth fell open, she saw was correct. “Alice everything you saw was and is true. All of it.” i told her. She shoke her head.


“Don't be silly Bella. I saw that they where Edward's children and thats impossable,” the look on my face must have confinced her that I was telling her was nothing but the truth, “Oh my Bella you have to explane everthing to me. I knoew you haven't explaned everything to Edward and he wants to know.” I nodded and explaned every little dieatale to them. Of course they had questions and I anwsered them the best I could. They belived every word I said as they knew how rubbish a lier I was. I hope the rest of the Cullens took the news aswell as Alice and Edward did, but things couldn't be that simple. Could it? I still had to tell Carlie and Anthony about Edward bein there dad.


Alice left about midnight so Edward and I had some free time till the kids wake up, so we went to my bedroom. We heard Nathan, Matt and Jake come in about two, but we where to preocupied so we ignroed them. It felt so good to be back in his arms. It felt naturla and correct to be kissing his lips again.


Hey sorry it took so long, I've had a lot of homework resonly and i've been revising for exams i have this mounth and next mounth and there realy imporant so theres not going to be many updates for the mext few mounths any ways hope you liked the chapter


love it
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