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This is the sequel to Losing the Forever, if you haven't read it yet go here to read it.

Alright now that that's out of the way...
Disclaimer: I do not claim any of these characters as my own except the ones I have added to Stephenie Meyers original idea. I do not intend to publish this story even if I would gain from it. Thank you.


I told her that I would be leaving but now she was. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I knew I was being selfish, I knew it was wrong.

She moved on, she was living. But it wasn’t with the one she should be with… I was always the one she should be with. We were meant to be. But I never could be satisfied with the one I have, the one that was supposed to be with me, she wasn’t everything I dreamed of.

I wasn’t living the right forever.

One: Seth
“I want all of you everyday, forever.” -The Notebook

That day I saw her, standing in her wedding dress, I knew. I knew what I had let go on wasn’t right. It wasn’t real. I was real. But I never stopped her. I knew she wouldn’t stop.

I had to have her back with me. She belonged there beside me. Edward was a vampire and not that him being a vampire wasn’t enough, he also agree to turn her to a vampire when she was completely ready.

And that day is when I, too would die. She wouldn’t be mine anymore. She wouldn’t be my imprint anymore. She wouldn’t be… my Bella.

“Seth!” Leah called. I didn’t answer which I knew would irritate her but she can get over it. “Seth! Get the hell out of bed. Your girlfriend is downstairs and she doesn’t know what she did to make you this way! It’s two in the afternoon and you’ve been in bed for days! So get up!” She said when she burst through my door.

“Go away.” I said and rolled to the other side so I was looking at my wall.

“Seth! Now!” Leah said and pulled my arm so I made a thud on the floor when I fell off.

“Knock it off!” I said rubbing my head that hit the floor.

“Seth, the world doesn’t revolve around you, ya know! Now go downstairs.” Leah tried to pull me again but this time I was ready so she couldn’t.

“Leah, it’s okay. I understand.” A small voice said from the doorway. It was Kaeydan and she was crying. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just didn’t want to leave the bed, I wanted to sulk in loneliness.

“Kaeydan…” I sighed and stood to walk to her. I went to embrace her but she stepped away. “Don’t be like that Kaey..” I stepped toward her again to hold her but again she stepped back.

“Leah, can I say something to Seth…” Kaeydan looked around me, Leah nodded and crossed her arms in my room. “I meant alone.” Something click in Leah’s head and she pushed past me. After Leah was down the stairs Kaeydan took a deep breath. “Seth.” She sighed.

“Please don’t be like this.” I said softly and pulled her into my room and shut the door for more privacy. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands.

“How am I supposed to be Seth? I would really like to know that.” She started, I knew there was no right answer or explanation to give her so I just kept quiet. “I am losing the love of my life. I am watching him kill himself every morning when I wake up and you are saying her name in your sleep. You look at me and see her… You won’t ever love me the way you love her. And she won’t love you the way I love you. I’m telling you Seth, I love you. I’ve loved you ever since the day we met, you were so nervous… But it was just… breathtaking….”

“It was only the imprint..” I said sadly.

“Yes Seth but don’t you see… So is yours. But yours is easier to break. She won’t be yours, she is Edwards. And you, well you, are mine. We were meant to be.” Kaeydan said sitting beside me and laid her head on my chest. I inhaled her scent, it was perfect but I couldn’t accept it.

“I do love you.” I said into her ear. “But I…”

“Love her too.” She finished almost like she understood.

“Will you wait for me?” I asked.

“Forever and ever.” Kaeydan smiled and kissed my forehead then walked out of my room, leaving me to my thoughts.

For hours and hours I sat there thinking of the two loves of my life. Bella’s love was because of my imprint on her and was heavy on my shoulders. She was made for me, but she didn’t feel that way. Bella thought she was made for Edward which I do believe was also true. But Jake also thought he was meant for her. Now she was married and she made her choice, so why couldn’t the imprint just fade?

Kaeydan’s love was so natural like I was made for her. Which with her imprint, I was. If we were meant to be, then why fight it? Kaeydan loved me and she was there and wanted to wait. But I really didn’t want her to have to wait… Why couldn’t I accept the right choice?

I looked at the ceiling wishing there was just a sign or someone to tell me which I should choose. Everyone was so biased one way or the other. Why can’t it be easy?

That’s when I thought of what I should do. “Dad? I know you’ve been gone but I’m sure your watching this and seeing what I’m going through, but Dad. I need a sign. Help me.” I said quiet and sad. He would look at it from every angle and tell me what was right even if he was gone.

I waited for a few minutes and decided that the sign wouldn’t be right away…

I stood up and tripped onto my side table that held my alarm clock. When I did I knocked on the floor my notebook that I had scribbled in about Bella and Kaeydan and the page was opened to my sign.

My sign told me the right choice.

Table of Contents:
Prologue: Above
Chapter One: Above
Chapter Two: Page Two
Chapter Three: Page Three
Chapter Four: Page Four
Cahtper Five: Page Seven
Chapter Six: Page Eight
Chapter Seven: Page Nine

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Five: Kaeydan
“If only, the two saddest words in the world.” --Mercedes Lackey

Regret washed over me the second Seth’s heart shattered. I could see it in his beautiful, loving eyes that I crushed him. I sat down at the table listening to his footsteps till they wouldn’t make themselves heard. I sat still waiting to see if he might come back..

The ring haunted me. I looked at it as it taunted my desire to be with Seth forever. I can’t believe that I would’ve said something like that. How could I deny him? I picked up the ring, inspecting it. It was Sue’s… He was going to give me his mother’s ring…

“Kaeydan..” I heard a small voice say from the other side of the kitchen. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude… But I heard what happened…”

“It went the wrong way..” I said sadly, not looking away from the room. “I thought he would be happy and calm… I didn’t think he really wanted to marry me, I thought he was pressured..” I whispered, trying to hold on to the tears.

“Why would he be pressured?” Sue asked sitting across the table from me.

I didn’t know if we should tell her yet. I looked at my stomach and looked back at her wondering what I should do.

“Ohh.. I see. Hmm, well Seth would want to make that right but he loves you and he wouldn’t just play with you..” Sue said smiling. “So are you for sure pregnant?” She asked quietly, I was shocked she could figure it out and was so calm about it. My cousin Sam was going to be so mad..

“No, Seth and I were supposed to go to the doctors in about five minutes but I don’t think he will come. He doesn’t love me anymore. I hurt him..” I said, my tears finally spilling over.

“He still loves you Kaey, he is just hurt. Give him time. But he will be at your appointment. Go ahead and go. I’ll get him.” She smiled lightly. I got up and slipped the ring in my pocket for safe keeping. I grabbed my coat and started out to the doctors. “Oh! Kaeydan! You’re going to the regular doctors right? Then the elders if you are?” Sue spoke quickly.

“Yes mam.” I said nodding and then walked outside and down the street to get Emily to drive me to the Cullens, Carlise had agreed to take my test and such so then it was secret from most of the pack.

While I walked I thought. I thought about Seth’s face and reaction mostly, guilt overwhelming my mind. It wasn’t till I reached Emily’s house when I realized I was crying again. She hugged me tightly and my chest stopped heaving enough for me to tell her that I just was emotional. I didn’t tell Emily why I insisted on going to Dr. Cullen’s home to get a check up but she reluctantly agreed and drove me in silence. That was a good thing about my cousin’s fiance.. She knew when to be quiet.

Emily waved good -bye when I got out of the car and said that I should call her sometime so then we could go shopping or something. I nodded and turned to the house and up the steps.

“Hello.” A delicate voice greeted me. I turned to see Bella smiling and examining me.

“Hi.” I said, my voice was still shaky.

“So protective…” She said most likely to herself. Who was protective? I didn’t understand.

“Kaeydan! Ah there you are!” Carlise greeted and I forced a smile back. “Are you ready?” He asked happily. I followed him up the stairs and down the hall to a room filled with medical things. He nodded for me to sit on the table and I did so to wait. I braced myself.

“Okay so you think you are pregnant. If you are you have three choices, abortion, adoption, and keeping the child. You and Seth would discuss that after the test has come back positive. Now some questions quickly..” He said scribbling on his clipboard. “One, how long do you think it has been since the baby may or may not have been conceived?”

“Umm.. Four… Five… At the most six weeks…” I said unsure.

“Do you know anything about your family’s length of pregnancy… I know that Seth’s tribe must be a bit more then six months full-term..” Carlise said looking through papers.

“The shortest was my mother’s… She used to say she had me in five months..” I said quietly. I never knew if it was the truth.

“Wow so we are looking at you being a month or a month and a half into a five month pregnancy..” He said scribbling again, it made me nervous. “Symptoms?”

“Umm.. Well I did get morning sickness but it’s passed since then.. Now I’m gaining weight.” I said insecurely.

“Ah. Okay, enough of my questions. Now do you want the fast test or the traditional?” Carlise smiled.

I thought for a second. “Fast.” I said laughing a little.

“Edward?” He asked and soon Edward was there. Edward concentrated quickly and then came back.

“You are.” Edward smiled.

“Well isn’t that grand.” Carlise smiled behind him. I looked to see who was there, it was Seth standing and smiling at me.

“Seth!” I yelled happily and ran into his arms, he wrapped me lightly with his arms. “I’m so, so, so, so, so sorry. I thought you were just proposing because you thought you had to…” I said into his chest.

“It’s okay.” He said and kissed my hair.

“Hmm..” Edward interupted.

I was confused and whipped around quickly. “What?” I asked Edward frantically.

“Before I could see one definite picture of the inside of the womb.. But it seems to know voices. Like Kaeydan’s and even Seth’s. It’s not really saying anything, just memories. I’m quite curious. Especially when they--”

“They?!” Seth questioned. I was in shock.

“Oh… yes. Them.” Edward smiled.

“Wow.” I said touching my stomach smiling. “They.”
Thanks! I figured it was a great line to end on :]
“Oh… yes. Them.” Edward smiled.
“Wow.” I said touching my stomach smiling. “They.”

GREAT way to end a chapter!!!!!
can't wait for more =D
how wonderful really
nice chapter i want to know what is going to happen...
Sorry! You'll just have to wait.
And thanks!!
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awww that was so sweet!!!!!!!!!!! please write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yayyyyy tis is awesome u have 2 rite more soon
Thanks! :D

Six: Seth
“You have to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was.” --Abraham Lincoln

Three months later…

I only had a little time till I was going to be a father and the thought of it both scared me and excited me. When Kaeydan, much to her dislike, started to show, well more like expose to anyone and everyone she was very stressed a lot and in turn that made me a bit miserable. Her wild mood swings confused me and sometimes I would be woken up to her screaming at me because I wasn’t up doing something to prepare the guest room for the two babies. I wasn’t allowed to paint according to the gender because Kaeydan wouldn’t let Edward tell anyone what the babies were so my mom and I just decided to go with a light green room.

The room had two cribs, a rocker, two swings, a changing table, something that Kaeydan thought was the best idea ever, was a photo album that was filling up with picture updates each month. I thought it was annoying that we had to retake a bunch of pictures each month but I suppose it’s a guy thing.

Guy things happened less and less frequently because Kaeydan needed my help and we were constantly over at the Cullen’s running tests and stuff for Carlise’s research. But finally Sam insisted I came to his house to hang with him and I happily accepted.

I arrived at the exact time I was invited for, knowing too early Kaeydan would have thought I wanted to leave her but too late I wouldn’t be able to go because she would find something for me to do. I knocked and the door swung open and Emily smiled.

“Welcome Seth. I am going out so Sam and you can have your talk, I was told I was to stay away.” She laughed happily. She grasped my shoulder lovingly. “Good luck.” Emily said and then walked to her car waving as she left.

I continued into the house and found Sam on the couch looking at me, his face not nearly as joyful as Emily’s had been. “Sit.” He said simply. I did as I was told by my Alpha and looked at my feet cautiously. “What? Can’t even look at me anymore?” He asked now obviously annoyed.

I looked up a bit startled by his tone. “Sorry.” I mumbled.

“Now on to what I brought you here for..” Sam started. I braced myself for the worst. “Let’s listen to our situation right now. There is an Alpha who has this wolf who is one of the youngest in the pack. He imprinted on a girl who was initially pregnant with “beta”, if you will, and continued to turn his back on his pack for her, even when her vampire returned. Then when the Alpha’s family member came into town and the young wolf saw her, he began a new path of imprinting because the girl was also a wolf and imprinted on him. So now he loved his imprint but the wolf loved him. He went back and forth until he came to a decision and when he did he realized what a great girl the wolf was. Then he got the Alpha’s family member pregnant at the early age of sixteen not with one full wolf child but with two.. So now the young wolf and the Alpha must have a conversation about what is going to happen in the future since he has already been forgetting his pack.. Did I miss anything?” Sam asked sarcastically.

“The young wolf proposed to the Alpha’s family member?” I asked, realizing that I should have just said nothing.

“Oh! That’s right and it was only to have his heart broken once again.” Sam snapped. I was a bit nervous on whether I should stay quiet or not. It seemed either way he was upset.

“Sorry.” I murmured once again.

“Okay so let’s talk.” Sam smiled with a bit of wickedness behind it.

“About what?” I asked quietly.

“What you two are going to do…” Sam started.

“We are going to keep the babies. And one day hopefully get married.” I said softly, it seemed like a generic answer but that’s all we really have planned.

“And your pack? Your family? Money? School?” Sam shot out.

“Well I’m sure it will be easier when the kids get older and then I can commit more to the pack..” I said but was soon stopped.

“And until then?” Sam asked.

“You have plenty of wolves. That’s not the problem here. You have from what I last counted about thirty.. Plus Kaeydan’s tribe so you won’t miss me..” I said smugly. I knew what I was going to say if this question came up but the rest I wasn’t prepared for.

“Go on..” He said pushing the other questions.

“My family is welcoming my twins with open arms. I only have my mom and sister, plus the pack but it obvious you guys are too busy for us anymore because you are all just running around like chickens with your heads cut off because you don’t have anyone to fight.” I laughed inside my head knowing if I added a laugh I might be murdered. I laughed again in my head at my own humor. Wow, was I really going this crazy?

“Well.. What about money?” Sam said hesitantly, I obviously caught him off guard.

“Well I’ll answer this in one answer..” I started. “My mom has said that she will take care of all our money stuff until we finish school and if Kaeydan and I decide to go to college she will help the best she can. Leah has said since she is out of school she will be the babysitter while my mom is at work and we are at school. Leah will also be getting a job for her college fund during the night. So you will lose her too but that’s none of my business. Kaeydan and I have already had it concluded that our child will probably be like a semi-normal child as far as growth because as you know her tribe is different from ours, they grow at an extreme rate till they look about five in about two years. Then they continue to be normal. We also have learned from her tribe more about what that will entail. So yeah Sam, I have it all figured out. They will be in school when I’m twenty-one and that’s when I may be back more and more often.” I fired. I was surprised at my courage or maybe it was the lack of sleep, that’s debatable but what Sam did next was a lot different then what I thought it would be.

He nodded silently and then smiled. “You’re gonna be an amazing dad.” Sam said.

I nodded and smiled too. “What do you think will happen?” I asked like a child.

“That’s up to you to decide.” Sam said leaning back into the couch more.

“Do you think I can do it? Like for real.. You see it on T.V and you never think about it as much as I have in the past months….” I said.

“You’ve grown up, and that’s not something that takes time… It’s something that takes courage.” Sam said and watched the ceiling.

“Do you think you’ll ever be a dad?” I asked.

“I hope. And I really hope that I will be as prepared as you are even with a surprise.” Sam said smirking to himself.

“I’m sixteen and all growed up.” I joked and laughed.

“Yeah right. Sure you are…” Sam laughed and we sat there the rest of the night talking about what it was like to be all growed up.


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