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This is the sequel to Losing the Forever, if you haven't read it yet go here to read it.

Alright now that that's out of the way...
Disclaimer: I do not claim any of these characters as my own except the ones I have added to Stephenie Meyers original idea. I do not intend to publish this story even if I would gain from it. Thank you.


I told her that I would be leaving but now she was. I didn’t know what I was going to do, I knew I was being selfish, I knew it was wrong.

She moved on, she was living. But it wasn’t with the one she should be with… I was always the one she should be with. We were meant to be. But I never could be satisfied with the one I have, the one that was supposed to be with me, she wasn’t everything I dreamed of.

I wasn’t living the right forever.

One: Seth
“I want all of you everyday, forever.” -The Notebook

That day I saw her, standing in her wedding dress, I knew. I knew what I had let go on wasn’t right. It wasn’t real. I was real. But I never stopped her. I knew she wouldn’t stop.

I had to have her back with me. She belonged there beside me. Edward was a vampire and not that him being a vampire wasn’t enough, he also agree to turn her to a vampire when she was completely ready.

And that day is when I, too would die. She wouldn’t be mine anymore. She wouldn’t be my imprint anymore. She wouldn’t be… my Bella.

“Seth!” Leah called. I didn’t answer which I knew would irritate her but she can get over it. “Seth! Get the hell out of bed. Your girlfriend is downstairs and she doesn’t know what she did to make you this way! It’s two in the afternoon and you’ve been in bed for days! So get up!” She said when she burst through my door.

“Go away.” I said and rolled to the other side so I was looking at my wall.

“Seth! Now!” Leah said and pulled my arm so I made a thud on the floor when I fell off.

“Knock it off!” I said rubbing my head that hit the floor.

“Seth, the world doesn’t revolve around you, ya know! Now go downstairs.” Leah tried to pull me again but this time I was ready so she couldn’t.

“Leah, it’s okay. I understand.” A small voice said from the doorway. It was Kaeydan and she was crying. I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just didn’t want to leave the bed, I wanted to sulk in loneliness.

“Kaeydan…” I sighed and stood to walk to her. I went to embrace her but she stepped away. “Don’t be like that Kaey..” I stepped toward her again to hold her but again she stepped back.

“Leah, can I say something to Seth…” Kaeydan looked around me, Leah nodded and crossed her arms in my room. “I meant alone.” Something click in Leah’s head and she pushed past me. After Leah was down the stairs Kaeydan took a deep breath. “Seth.” She sighed.

“Please don’t be like this.” I said softly and pulled her into my room and shut the door for more privacy. I sat on the bed with my head in my hands.

“How am I supposed to be Seth? I would really like to know that.” She started, I knew there was no right answer or explanation to give her so I just kept quiet. “I am losing the love of my life. I am watching him kill himself every morning when I wake up and you are saying her name in your sleep. You look at me and see her… You won’t ever love me the way you love her. And she won’t love you the way I love you. I’m telling you Seth, I love you. I’ve loved you ever since the day we met, you were so nervous… But it was just… breathtaking….”

“It was only the imprint..” I said sadly.

“Yes Seth but don’t you see… So is yours. But yours is easier to break. She won’t be yours, she is Edwards. And you, well you, are mine. We were meant to be.” Kaeydan said sitting beside me and laid her head on my chest. I inhaled her scent, it was perfect but I couldn’t accept it.

“I do love you.” I said into her ear. “But I…”

“Love her too.” She finished almost like she understood.

“Will you wait for me?” I asked.

“Forever and ever.” Kaeydan smiled and kissed my forehead then walked out of my room, leaving me to my thoughts.

For hours and hours I sat there thinking of the two loves of my life. Bella’s love was because of my imprint on her and was heavy on my shoulders. She was made for me, but she didn’t feel that way. Bella thought she was made for Edward which I do believe was also true. But Jake also thought he was meant for her. Now she was married and she made her choice, so why couldn’t the imprint just fade?

Kaeydan’s love was so natural like I was made for her. Which with her imprint, I was. If we were meant to be, then why fight it? Kaeydan loved me and she was there and wanted to wait. But I really didn’t want her to have to wait… Why couldn’t I accept the right choice?

I looked at the ceiling wishing there was just a sign or someone to tell me which I should choose. Everyone was so biased one way or the other. Why can’t it be easy?

That’s when I thought of what I should do. “Dad? I know you’ve been gone but I’m sure your watching this and seeing what I’m going through, but Dad. I need a sign. Help me.” I said quiet and sad. He would look at it from every angle and tell me what was right even if he was gone.

I waited for a few minutes and decided that the sign wouldn’t be right away…

I stood up and tripped onto my side table that held my alarm clock. When I did I knocked on the floor my notebook that I had scribbled in about Bella and Kaeydan and the page was opened to my sign.

My sign told me the right choice.

Table of Contents:
Prologue: Above
Chapter One: Above
Chapter Two: Page Two
Chapter Three: Page Three
Chapter Four: Page Four
Cahtper Five: Page Seven
Chapter Six: Page Eight
Chapter Seven: Page Nine

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