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Summary: Bella is just and ordanary girl. She lived in Phenox with her mother and Phil , but out of nowhere Phil says he has a daughter.Bella and Sofia became best of friends, sisters even but when Bella moves to Forks and her life is changed by Edward cullen but what happened to Sofia. Because Phil and Renee moved the Florida alone. What really happen to this charcater, never mention. This is a new story...




Chapter 1 Renee POV


"Phil explain" I said to him.


"Renee. I love you.  But it was a mistake i  high school. I never thought she was pregnat until...she died." He looked away I hugged him.I understood.


"And the girl?" I asked I wasn;t goign to let a child be on the streets when she had her father.


"Her name is Sofia. She knows who I am. Sara talked about me, thankfully nothing bad. She's scared but grateful that she coming to live with us." He smiled the smiled i love. I kissed him for a while.


"we have to tell Bella. She's going to be so excited!" i ran to Bellas room she was reading, like always


"Bella" I smiled at her and told her everything




Bella POV


Wow. I have a step sister. That's new.

Sofia came a few days later. She was very pretty. Black hair, copper skind but was starngely pale, like she was sick. She the starngest brown eyes, a mixure of all the cobinaton of brown and black. But she just lost her mother in some accident. Her eyes looked darker  than I have seen in the pictures.

Phil and Renee were buying something and both of us were alone. she liked to read, we hadn't talked much.


"Um, hey are you okay?" i asked. She looked up, and smiled a twisted smiled. but then frowned.


"I don't know."she told me honestly. i smiled at her she smiled back.


"Welll, I think we can start has friends, we don't know each other" she said.


"Sure"- I smiled and raised my hand," I'm Bella" i said. She laughed. It sounded musicaly and happy


"I'm Sofia, and I think we are going to be sister" we shook hands. I somehow knew, somethign was going to changed. I liked it.



Need more than 10 commenmts to update!!! this is my 3rth  fanfic :) (still on the page LOL)

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Hey , Interesting story!!
Be patience hun.. maybe ppl was enjoying their weekend time!!
However, I like this story!! :))
sounds gud...........plz keep me posted.......
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awwwwww thanks every one!! Im at school now *evil smile* yeah Im breaking the rules .. I'm beaoming the character first chapter coming soon :) THANKS

LPT, Sofia!!!

Hey everyone just got home and NO HOMEWORK!!! whuju!! yeah, well anyways her in chapter 2,enjoy!!

Chapter 2

Sofia POV

"But mom" I whispered yelled at her. What on hell was she doing

"This is the last time, I promise" she said while she shee moved her pipe closer to her mouth.

"I can't believe you haven't stopped doing drugs mom! You said that last time. I can't watch my mom die" I said almost in tears. She looked at me thern at her pipe. she set it down and hugged me.

"It's he last time I promise. You don't understand sweeetier- " I cut her off while I pushed her away

"Thats the problem mom! I don't understand. Please explain" I said sarcasticly .she took a breath.She opened her moputh but nothing came.She looked back at her pipe. Didn't look back at me

"I can't believe this" I walked away from her.Before I clsed the door. I saw my mom breath in, and smiled the most heartbreaking smile. She was lost. Not even me her own daughter can bring her back.... I think it was time to call him, my dad..Phil.


Mom was reading an old magazine. We lived in small apartment. We weren't poor but we weren't rich. We just lived.not many clthes,a few nights and mornigns without eating. Nothing just a bed, a few shirts and pant,a pair of shoes. What I needed. Good thing I was a good student, I have a scholarship, but I have to wor, and obviously I'm laugh at. But I'm okay.. we're okay,for now.

"Mom" I said sitting next to her

"Yeah,sweetie" Not looking up from her magazine.she was still embarras from last time

"I'm calling dad" she froze

"No.. no! You can't...- wow, she never screamed at me.This is bad-come on mom, he doesn't know about me. But I think he might help"

"Sofia. You don't understand. I'm stil alive for one reason.And I can't tell you but after I'm dead you will know"

"Mom don't talk like that"I tried to smile.

"You have to go to your father. And stay with him,and when they contact you, obey them but don't never smell,touch,drink or smoke what they give you. There's no going back after ther first time- she looked away,m then she hugged me- I love you" she kissed my cheek. She took her car keys and left. Just like that.... she left. For good

**** back in the reral world****

I cried in my new room.Bella and Renne are the sweetes. And Phil. Well I can see why Renne and mom liked him. It doesn't matter to me that he's a liuttle young for Renee but when they looked at each other, they look..undiscrabable. I heard something go to my window. it was a rock with a note tape to it. Tomorrow come at 5pm to the park. behind the swings. DON'T BE LATE. I sighed . This is what mom warned me about. Nothing to do buyt obey.
cant wait to read more
ohhhh wow this is really good great job i love it! please continue! its awesome btw first 2 comment the chapter yay
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