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Summary: Bella is just and ordanary girl. She lived in Phenox with her mother and Phil , but out of nowhere Phil says he has a daughter.Bella and Sofia became best of friends, sisters even but when Bella moves to Forks and her life is changed by Edward cullen but what happened to Sofia. Because Phil and Renee moved the Florida alone. What really happen to this charcater, never mention. This is a new story...




Chapter 1 Renee POV


"Phil explain" I said to him.


"Renee. I love you.  But it was a mistake i  high school. I never thought she was pregnat until...she died." He looked away I hugged him.I understood.


"And the girl?" I asked I wasn;t goign to let a child be on the streets when she had her father.


"Her name is Sofia. She knows who I am. Sara talked about me, thankfully nothing bad. She's scared but grateful that she coming to live with us." He smiled the smiled i love. I kissed him for a while.


"we have to tell Bella. She's going to be so excited!" i ran to Bellas room she was reading, like always


"Bella" I smiled at her and told her everything




Bella POV


Wow. I have a step sister. That's new.

Sofia came a few days later. She was very pretty. Black hair, copper skind but was starngely pale, like she was sick. She the starngest brown eyes, a mixure of all the cobinaton of brown and black. But she just lost her mother in some accident. Her eyes looked darker  than I have seen in the pictures.

Phil and Renee were buying something and both of us were alone. she liked to read, we hadn't talked much.


"Um, hey are you okay?" i asked. She looked up, and smiled a twisted smiled. but then frowned.


"I don't know."she told me honestly. i smiled at her she smiled back.


"Welll, I think we can start has friends, we don't know each other" she said.


"Sure"- I smiled and raised my hand," I'm Bella" i said. She laughed. It sounded musicaly and happy


"I'm Sofia, and I think we are going to be sister" we shook hands. I somehow knew, somethign was going to changed. I liked it.



Need more than 10 commenmts to update!!! this is my 3rth  fanfic :) (still on the page LOL)

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loved it cant wait for more

awesum as always sofia!

update me soon and can u write me an e-mail..u said sumitng was wrong with u and u hid in ur room to rite this?...wats up?....smting wroung?..pls talk to yah..Always here for u u know...ok bye  tkae care...Ashmeena.

hey there sofia!!

update girl!!!!!!!!!!...soon..always...Ashmeena.

okay If someone reads this well I'm going to stop writing but I feel bad that I just leave it there hanging so here its a summarry of what happens:


Drew doesnt have a place to stay so he secretlys stays in Sofias room, they go to school toghther and actually fall in love. But they never get it to far. One day Bella finds out about the drug dealing and the guys that are in charge know this so sofia drugs Bella,Rennee and Phil so they wont rememeber anything.. ever and she leaves. She and Drew are both still partners and are told to go to Italy to their high cuality biussnes partners. The go to volterra. but then Aro want to experiment and changes them. Sofia has the power to stop other powers and Drew the power to protect the one he is touching or just wants to by any power mental or physical. They both try to escape. Aro lets them leave with the condition to help them in the watching of the cullens. When Bella goes to forks she reunites with Bella. But when Bella remembers she dmenads and explanation and when everything is explained even the volturi part Nessie is happy about her new Aunt but Jacob isnt


After a while they live happily ever after and sofia and Drew go to Volterra every few 50 years and confirm to Aro the cullens are good


The END!!


WOW IS SOOOO GOOD LOL......................
ah to bad I couldnt make it a real fanfiction.. :( really dissapointed actually so yeah

OH K LOL............

hey sofia!

aww..that was so sweet...u always know just how to write nad ens these stories...just hope u know!!!


it waws a great ending!1..they r together and they r living in peace and love..forever!!

gud luk with the buk ....always love you...ur friend..LPT..Ashmeena!



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