The Twilight Saga

Prologue- News reporter- There have been sightings of wolves in Harrisburg along the banks of the Susquehanna River, but now there's dead bodies, and officials are taking action.


The Wolves-

There is new wolves, there is new smells, new girl. Must get her, bring her back, kill her, make her squirm. Then take her back to them, let them have her lifeless body. We laugh as they try to avenge her but fail. This is the plan, make. it. happen.


Authors Note-  This is a story of my imagination, the characters are mine and the story line is also. The Point Of View changes often and I'll let you know when it does so no one gets confused.   Also please comment if you want more and add me as a friend if youd like updates!

                               <3 Celeste Colt 


Chapter One (Rory's POV) - Page 2

Chapter Two (Greg's POV) - Page 4

Chapter Three (Rory's POV) - Page 5

Important Things-

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Thanks So Much Guys!!

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I want more!!

You're such an amazing writer, girl!!

thanks but there's supposed to be a hurrican here and i may not be on that much but ill see what i can doo!!!


                <3 Celeste


Did I get first comment?

I think I did!!!


Sorry about the hurricane issue though... :(



Yes you did!!

and the hurricane can kiss my booty !!

     <3 Celeste!

i love it cant wait for your update




Not a bad story -Cool Kats

It's actually really interesting, I don't understand the plot, but I know that I'll get it in future chapters :)

Great job again, and again please update me :)

I don't look fo plot and such, haha...

But that's because I'm very interested in stories, and if I think the Content is good...

I continue reading and giving feedback!

So, Celeste...

You're story is very good and interesting!! :D

Congratz, tee hees!


Thanks both of you!!

And i'm trying to hide most of th plot for a while so that when you see it its like




and in your face about it!

And once again thanks and ill have another chapter up soon!

I Love It More Please!

Wow new reader I enjoyed this very much I wish you were still on to write more.


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