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This is a oneshot on Jacob losing his father.
Jacob’s POV
It’s been 3 years since Reneesme and I have been married. We have a wonderful daughter named Marie Elizabeth. We named her after both our mothers. Marie has grown fast but not as fast as Nessie did, Marie looks like she’s 5, she is three years old.
Today was the day we were heading back to Forks to visit my dad, Charlie and The Cullen’s. Nessie, Marie and I have moved to Toronto, so we could have more privacy. I still phased, I will always need my shape shifting abilities, as I am married to Nessie, a half-human, half-vampire. It was a long drive to Forks, but it was worth it.
My dad called a few weeks ago to find out when our next visit will be I told him very soon. He didn’t sound very good when I talked to him, it sounded like he was dying. I really hope that's not true. I'm 25 but I can’t stand to lose my father. It wouldn’t be the same. He has done so much for me. A tear escaped my eyes.
“Daddy, why are you crying?” Marie asked me.
“No reason, M (my nick name for her) I was thinking of Grandpa Billy. We will be seeing him tomorrow.”
She was jumping up and down, she always loved visiting our family in Forks, she’s not one for big cities, well neither am I but, I got transferred here.
Nessie and I took turns driving and sitting in the back with M, so we got there pretty quick, plus we drive at least 50Km over the speed limit. When we reached Forks, Bella called.
“Hey Jake, how are you?”
“I'm great, how are you Bells, and how’s Edward?”
“Were great, but I need you guys to come here first before you see Billy.”
“Why, we never do Bells.”
“Well, I want to spend some time with my daughter and my granddaughter, you big mutt.” She said jokingly.
“Okay. We’ll be there in 2 minutes, wait outside for us, you won’t believe how big M is getting.”
“Sure see you in a few.”
Two minutes later we got to the house, as they said they were waiting outside. But when I looked at them, some had a solemn look on their face, especially Esme. She looked like she could cry at any second, this was not what usually occurred, and they always had huge smiles on their faces.
“Hey, guys. Jake can you come with me to the cottage?” Edward asked.
“Sure Edward, just me or is Nessie coming too?”
“Just you for now. Boys come with me please. The girls will hang out together.”
What’s going on, why they need to speak to me alone. Is my pack okay? How’s Seth? Are my sister’s okay? Billy, oh my god is Billy okay?
“Jake, stop guessing, you will find out soon enough.”
Okay. I thought. We made it to the cottage and we all sat down on the couches. This is odd, whenever there is a ‘family meeting’ we sit at a table. I guess it’s ‘guy time’, well I hope it is.
“Jake, can you sit down please?” Carlisle asked. I was so nervous; I guess Jasper noticed because I felt a clam wash over me. I nodded my head in response to both things. “We have some news that I don’t think you will like.”
“Its okay Carlisle, I can handle it, so what’s up?”
“Well, about a month ago I was called down to La Push, for a case. It was Sam who called me and let me pass. I went down and saw a patient. He had just suffered a massive heart attack and I when I got there I noticed who had suffered. Jake your father had a heart attack. He is-“
I cut him off. I didn’t want to know what the next word would be. I can’t stand it. I'm freaking 25, he can’t be, and I won’t let it. Can they change him? Would he be okay, like I mean he is Quilluette after all, so does he have the shape-shifting gene?
“Jake, I know what you’re thinking, I have already asked him if wanted to be changed, he said no. All he wants is to see his son and his family before he dies.” Edward said.
“Can I be alone for a few minutes please? I need time to think. And can you let Nessie know what has happened. We will go over there later tonight. Thank-you for telling me.”
They left without a word, it felt a little better now that I didn’t have Jasper there to protect me emotions, so finally sunk in. My dad is dying. First my mother, now my father. I have no idea what to do. I broke down crying, it felt like eternity. I thought of one thing that I could do right now, I phased and ran. I wasn’t going anywhere in piticular, I just needed to think. Without having anyone with me. I lived without anyone in my head for a while so it was easy to block out my pack. Only if they needed me I would listen. But it’s been quiet. After 2 hours of running, I found a tree and let the pain of losing someone I loved take over. After a little bit I felt someone by me, l looked around and saw my beautiful wife lying down beside me, stroking me fur telling me everything is alright. I got up and phased.
“Oh, Jake! I love you, are you okay?”
“Yes, love I am. A little torn apart but who wouldn’t?”
“I understand, do you want to go see Billy now?”
“Yeah, I think we should. Then tomorrow will mill bring Marie then we can say a proper goodbye.”
We ran to my old house in La Push to see my dying father. I still couldn’t beige it. I walked in and I fell apart again. Seeing my strong dad laying down in a hospital bed in the living room was unbearable. I couldn’t believe it. I heard Nessie start to cry. I held her tight, as I walked up to see my ailing father possibly for the last time.
His once tanned skin was pale and starting to yellow, his brown eyes that held so much wisdom where frail. I didn’t see his wheelchair around so I assumed that he no longer needed it, because he was, was dying. I can’t bring myself to think that.
“Jacob, is that you?” I heard my farther say.
“Yes dad it is, and Reneesme is here too.”
“Oh, my beautiful daughter-in-law. How are you today?”
“Billy, I'm f-f-fine.” She shuddered holding in her crying.
“Nessie, why are you crying?”
“Because...because...” she couldn’t hold it in anymore, I wasn’t sure if I could either, but I had to.
“Dad, when I called you to let you know that we were coming down, did you know you were in this bad shape?” I said.
“Yes, Jake I did. But I didn’t want you to rush down here. I knew that you would find out and you would come to see me (cough) but I didn’t want you to rush your way to Forks to see your (cough) old man on his death bed.” I couldn’t believe it my dad trying to be funny at a time like this.
“Dad, I have a question for you, how long do you have left?”
“Son, possibly a few days. That's why you needed to come today.”
I started to cry. My dad, my only dad was dying right in front of me and I had no idea what to do. It hurt so much to see him like this. I was crying and my wife was on the couch rolled up in a ball crying. I have never seen her like this.
“Dad, I want to take Nessie home. Is there anything I can get for you?”
“No son, I just want you to be happy. But if you come back tonight, bring Marie with you, I want to see her one last time.”
“Okay dad. I will. Love you.” With that, I gave him a hug and a kiss, and I was off. I picked up Nessie and we left for the time being.
Later that night Carlisle got a call from Sam saying he needed to be there fast. I knew it was about Billy. So I followed, so did everyone else. Emmett carried Marie, and Edward carried Nessie. She was still a wreck. I phased and I heard the thoughts of my pack. I told them to come to my old house and see what was going on. I had the biggest fear that this would be the last time I would see my dad alive. I whimpered.
“Jake its okay, were here for you. “ Edward said.
All of us got to the house, my pack, Sam’s pack, my little family and the Cullen’s. The house never looked so small. I saw Carlisle standing over my dad’s bed checking his vital signs and things like that. He motioned over to me.
“Jake, he only has a few hours left. I would have the packs and us [the Cullen’s] go first so you can have the most time to say good bye.”
“Okay.” I slipped into the background holding my sleeping daughter in one arm and in the other my crying wife. This was one of the worst days of my life. Once everyone was finished it was my turn.
I walked over to my dad. He looked even worse than he did before. His eyes were almost shut and his breathing was laboured. His heart beat was slow, very slow.
“Nessie, come here and bring Marie Elizabeth with you.” I knew there wasn’t much time before he greeted our anstors. We all took our turns saying goodbye;
“Dad, you have done so much for me. I don’t know what to say. Even in my darkest days you loved me. I love you so much, thank you for all you’ve done for me.” I sounded like a Hallmark card but I didn’t care. I needed to tell him how I felt.
“Billy, thank you for being in my family’s life. First my mom’s and now mine. You have helped us through so much over the years. You have been a great father, to Jake, a great grandfather to Marie and a great father-in-law to me. You have taught me so much through the years, thank you, I love you. Say hello to the anstors for us.”
“Grandpa, you are the best. I love you and I will always remember you.”
After we said our little speeches, it was his time to go. The machines started to beep and a flat green line appeared. Carlisle showed up and pronounced him.
I ran outside and phased. I howled to let everyone know what happened. Nessie and Marie came out and hoped onto my back, they held on and we ran, for hours. I had no particular place; I just wanted to be with my family and to think about the good times with my dad. I did just that.

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