The Twilight Saga

Losing it

This is taking place after breaking dawn and after going through a real hard time with Jacob, Renesmee is sent away to have time with herself, but on this trip she discovers things she never would have. She makes new friends, new lovers and finds her true love. The only problem is it to late to get back on track with her true love or has it faded. Will she ever find her way back home.

Chapter 1
I sat on my bed disappointed of what took place this morning. My parents never really liked our relationship, so it made them happy. There was a light knock on the door, that slowly opened. My dads face was neutral not giving anything away and my mom looked sad. She sat beside me and hugged me.
“I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I was never in love with him, I only believed that because he was in love with me.” It was true I was never in love.
“What did he say?” I shrugged and got off my bed looking out my window.
“He said I was lying, that were supposed to be in love. I returned his necklace and quickly left.” I knew my parents were silently talking.
“Would you like to show us honey?” My mom said. This was a personal memory that I prefer not sharing.
“I would prefer not to because its my memory to keep.” They nodded and got up.
“Were going to go and give you time to yourself okay.” I nodded and they closed the door softly. Minutes later Jacob was at our door knocking. They opened it slowly.
“Where is she? I need to talk to her.” I locked my door knowing that wouldn’t stop him. There was whispering going on down there a lot of it. There it was shouting.
“Don’t ever touch me again Edward because I’ll rip your damn head off next time.”
“I won’t as long as you stay away from my daughter, I don’t want to see you again.” There was whispering among them once again. He left shortly after, but I knew he wasn’t far. The truth about that was nothing like it seemed I lied to my parents, but they would kill me and Jacob if they ever found out what truly happened today.

To be continued…

Hey if you like the idea or the first chapter i will continue and if you dont like a part in the story then plzz feel free to give me another idea if you like thank you so much everyone

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I love it! More please!
wow.... that was interesting i want to know what really happened so please continue,,,,,
i love it.. u shld continue coz i really wana knw wat happen nxt.
i loved it

OOOOH!!!  What really happened?  Can't wait for more.  :)

WHOA!!! what happened!!!??? Please post soon!


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