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Bella and Edward have been best friends since infancy. When they were eighteen years old, Bella falls for Edward, and has her heart broken. Running away from home, she trys to get rid of the memories that were haunting her. When she returns home at last, she finds that Edward is engaged. Will she try to win his heart back? Or will she let him go?


Please be kind. This is my first attempt writing an all human story (I have several others, but they have the Cullens as vampires).





                Everyone always told me that love hurts. I’d even seen it in action, seen the brokenness of my friends when their boyfriends dumped them, seen their parents’ marriages crumble. But I had never experienced it myself, probably because I had never truly loved before him.

                It felt as if he had ripped my heart out. I stood there, gaping, willing him to take back the words that were tearing me apart from the inside out.

                But he didn’t.

                He just stood there, staring at me coldly, as my heart died in my chest.

                I couldn’t breathe without him, but I had to.

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loved it!
So sad it ended
This was another great fan fiction from you,Julie.All of the fan fics that I have read from you,were amazing.This is just another amazing fan fic that you have brought to us.Thank you for letting us exprience your talent in writing.I really appreaciate it.You deserve this praise.Nobody can deny you this praise,remember this.

this was marvelous!!!


That was a really good ff Im glad he choose Bella
this was sooo awsome!
I just read your whole story and I really liked it.  Great work.  :)

If you ever decide to write a sequel to this about their married life you should let me know.  I would love to read it!!
OMG!! I just came across this ff...AMAZING!!! =)
Love it


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