The Twilight Saga

So Bella never jumps off the cliff. And ends up with Jake, and starts her future with him. Then Jake imprints on someone else and is forced to leave her because of his imprint. So now Bella has lost both loves.. What will happen?

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine, well except the ones I may make up. The rights to them are Stephenie Meyer and I would never steal them from her because that is WRONG. I just am expanding to a paticular part if it went a different way. Thank you.


That’s when I saw him, in all of his glory just as I remembered him. I should have waited for him. He is all I ever wanted, all I want forever. How could I ever think I could get over him?
I wouldn’t settle anymore. I couldn’t settle anymore.

Chapter One: Past
Bella’s Point of View

Remembering back to that day when I knew that Jake could be the one was a happy memory, it may have only been a year ago but I still remembered it as if it were yesterday.

I walked to the cliff by myself knowing that Jake wouldn’t be back for a little while, so then I could hear his voice another time. Keeping him fresh in my mind would keep me from falling apart. I couldn’t fall apart anymore, it was too hard on Charlie. But when I got up to the cliff I looked down. The waves crashed on the shore.


His voice it was back. I wanted to answer aloud but I simply said “Yes?” in my mind.

“Don’t do this.”

I laughed slightly then regained myself. “You wanted me to be human, well watch me”

“Please. For me.” His velvet voice sang.

I looked around at the shore, then the water. It was a long ways down to the water below. “But you won’t stay with me any other way.” I said in my mind.

“Please.” He whispered. [[New Moon, page 358]] Could I do it? Could I launch myself over this cliff and disobey what he told me? To be safe?

“BELLA!” I heard someone screech from behind me. “BELLA SWAN DO NOT JUMP FROM THAT CLIFF!” I was still trying to return from my daze when I turned and saw him. It wasn’t him. It was Jacob, he was coming to stop me. He was being my Prince Charming, and I was going to let him.

I was now nineteen years old and in love again. Not the same way I loved him, but still I was in love with Jacob. I was also expecting his child. Which was not in the plans. We had planned to wait till I was at least twenty to get married then start the whole motherhood stuff. But it happened and now I was three months pregnant. I only had to tell Renee, unfortunately.

Charlie’s death was unexpected and had never left my mind. He didn’t have anyone at home with him when he had the heart attack, I was in La Push. I will never forgive myself for not being there, not being able to say goodbye. It hurts everyday, never letting up. Losing him was almost as bad as losing him.

Jake helped Billy and I even though he never seemed to grieve himself.

That’s when I moved into the house with the Blacks. And in turn Jake and my relationship got more intense.

I was not happy nor was I too sad about having a baby. Yes, it would give others way more to mock me about but it would also being something that me and Jake created. We would have something to call all ours.

Being pregnant with a half-shape shifter was a bit different. I got way more hungry then I thought was humanly possible and that meant the morning sickness was unbearable. I didn’t seem to gain any weight, anywhere. It was helpful so that people couldn’t stare as much. But since Billy knew most people already knew, he was such a gossip.

The day that I knew everyone knew was the day Jessica’s mother came to me and immediately starting petting my stomach. I didn’t understand why she thought she could just do that but Jake just held my hand tighter as she touched my stomach like it was a toy. When we got home I had a few words to say to Billy and Jake about people and who they thought they were. Of course just sat watching my face and laughing which I found annoying and so I went to our room and locked him out. Needless to say he wasn’t happy and sat outside till I couldn’t hold my bladder and longer and had to come out.

When I ran to the bathroom, he snickered to himself and soon was out of sight. When I returned he was standing and reaching for a hug. I smiled and hugged back.

“I’m sorry, but I love you.” Jacob smiled.

“I love you too.” I mumbled.

“When’s your next doctor appointment?” He asked brushing back a strand of hair from the front of my face.

“Umm. Tomorrow.” I said with little confidence. I thought a little back to making the next appointment. “Yup, tomorrow.”

“Okay I will be there.” He smirked and kissed my forehead.

“You better. It’s yours.” I said sarcastic.

“That’s what I’m told.” He winked and took my hand, leading me to our bedroom and when we reached the bed he let go and flopped back onto the bed. I looked back to the front of the room and dug out a pajama outfit and put it on quickly. When I returned to the bed I snuggled close to Jacob’s chest, and slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

When I woke the next morning I was surprised by the absent sour feeling in my stomach, maybe my morning sickness was subsiding. I stood up from the bed looking back to see Jake still sleeping soundly with his obnoxious snores filling the entire house. I giggled and got dressed then went to the bathroom to get ready to go to the appointment.

Within fifteen minutes the snores from Jake stopped so I knew he was up. I laughed knowing he would walk in any minute to give me my morning greeting that I got every morning whether I wanted to or not.

Right on cue, Jake entered the bathroom. “Good morning.” He smiled and kissed my lips.

“Morning. We have two minutes before we should leave.” I said quietly. I knew Billy wouldn’t be up yet.

“Oh. Okay.” He said in a rush and walked quickly to the bedroom and in less then a minute was back. “Ready.” He smiled. I just rolled my eyes at him and finished brushing my hair.

“Okay me too.” I said and started walking out the door.

At the doctors office it was very bland, besides a few posters here and there and a check in counter. It was a bit eerie and not very comforting in any sense. But when I saw the women behind the counter who had a bigger smile then anyone I had ever seen, I felt a little better.

“Bella Swan.” I said quietly.

“Oh, yes. The doctor will see you right away.” She smiled brightly.

“Thank you.” I said and walked away with Jake by my side.

“She’s a little creepy, huh?” Jake said looking back at the lady.

“She’s just nice Jake.” I laughed and followed the nurse to a room. I laid on the table and waited as patiently as possible for the doctor.

After five or ten minutes she entered.

Jacob sighed in relief. “About time.” He said under his breath but loud enough that everyone could hear it. I glared at him.

“Well hello Bella. I’m Dr. Rose and I’m here to listen to your baby’s heart beat.” Dr. Rose smiled at me, I tried to smile back but I was very nervous. “Just relax.” She smiled again taking out a small device and lifted my shirt so then my stomach was exposed. She rubbed around for a little, all I could hear was static noises.

“Um. I can’t hear it.” Jake said reading my mind.

“Well, um, I’ll be right back.” She said not smiling anymore. That’s when I knew there was something wrong.

Table Of Contents:
Prologue: Above
Chapter 1: Past: Above
Chapter 2: Island: 1
Chapter 3: Killian: 3
Chapter 4: Reliving: 5
Chapter 5: Return: 7
Chapter 6: Seeing: 8
Chapter 7: Apology: 11
Chapter 8: Imprint: 13
Chapter 9: Knowing: 16
Chapter 10: Sun: 19
Chapter 11: Snapped: 22
Chapter 12: Control: 25
Chapter 13: Dreaming Part 1: 30
Chapter 13: Dreaming Part 2: 30
Chapter 14: Inevitable Part 1: 31
Chapter 14: Inevitable Part 2: 31
Chapter 15: Black: 33
Chapter 16: News: 35
Chapter 17: Leave: 37
Chapter 18: One: 39
Chapter 19: Right: 40
Chapter 20: End: 42
Chapter 21: Wedding: 42

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Sorry I'm taking so long, I will be posting today. I'm writing right now!
awww that was soo sweet! keep me updated!
Yep. :]]

Chapter Eleven: Snapped
Seth’s Point Of View

I didn’t want to leave the Cullen’s house but I needed to see my Mom, it had been a day or two since I talked to her. And I’m sure Jake was very happy to tell my Mom I imprinted. Just because he was a jerk and couldn’t let me tell her myself. Sometimes I wished Jacob would mind his own business, never mind, make that ALL the time I wish he would.

Running through the woods in wolf form was so nice, I hadn’t been in contact with anyone since my argument with Jake. But surprisingly no one was in my mind. That was a bit of a relief so I couldn’t tell anyone my secret. I laughed inside my mind, I was getting good at keeping things from the pack.

When I neared my house, familiar scents filled my nose. The pack was at my house and if my nose was right my Mom was making some dinner. Great time to come home! I changed back into human form and put on my pants. I walked into the house and everyone immediately turned to me.

“Seth!” My Mom just about screeched. She pulled me in for a hug and pulled back looking at my face. “I missed you so much! And so much has happened as I understand it!” She looked at Jake and smirked. He had a smug smile on his face, I glared.

“What happened?” I asked innocently.

“Well Jake imprinted on Killian. And you! You finally imprinted!” She glowed with happiness.

“Yes.” I said simply acting as if it were no big deal.

“Who is it?! Jake wouldn’t tell me!” My Mom smiled, she looked as if she were going to burst.

“Um.. Mom, I don’t want you to get too excited…” I said softly.

“Why…” She said slowly.

“I imprinted on someone but as friends… We care about each other in like a brother-sister way… Not romantically.” I said shrugging.

“Oh, well, still who is it?” Mom asked, her smile was toned down now.

“It’s Bella Swan.” I didn’t want her to get the wrong idea, I did love Bella, with all my heart just not in that way.

The pack didn’t seem to surprised, I’m sure everyone knew. Jake and his big mouth would tell them anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t working on a plan to stop Bella from staying with Edward.

“Well why can’t you be romantic with Bella? She doesn’t have Jake anymore and as long as Jacob is okay with it… I don’t see why not…” My Mom tried to reason with me, I guess Jake couldn’t tell her about the Cullens being back in town, all of them. She probably thought I was only staying with some of them.

“Well… Edward’s back, Mom.” I said slowly. Someone’s fist hit the table making it shift a lot.

“How could she go back with the bloodsucker!” Sam yelled. Emily stood and stroked his face saying something that I wasn’t able to hear over his noise.

“You didn’t tell Sam that, did you Jacob?” I paused waiting for an answer I already knew. “Of course you didn’t you self-pitying low life!” I yelled.

“Don’t get me into this! It’s your fault!” Jake smirked, he felt accomplished and that made my anger flare more.

“Really?! Are you sure it’s my fault?! What did you say to Bella that night that you imprinted on the stupid red head over there?! I believe you said it wasn’t your fault… Am I right?” I paused waiting for another answer I wouldn’t get. “Of course I am.” I snapped.

“Seth…” My Mother cautioned.

“Well I’m not taking all this bull from him! He said it wasn’t his fault so obviously it wasn’t mine.” I snapped.

“Seth I know. But I still don’t understand..” My Mom lingered in my head. I couldn’t let my anger take control of me.

“What don’t you understand?” I asked as calm as possible.

“Why can’t you be together, she obviously feels the draw of the imprint, so why can’t she leave Edward…” My Mom just didn’t want one of her children to be alone I know.

“He imprinted as friends, so he says. So they are only drawn to each other as friends.” Jake snickered. Killian was sitting next to him glaring at me, probably because I did call her stupid.

“Well, you don’t want to be with her in anyway.” My Mom asked quietly.

“Well… that’s complicated.” I said slowly. I couldn’t spill everything, then there would be a bunch of screaming.

“How so, Seth?” Mom asked.

“Mom, what does it matter?” I asked her sadly.

“Because Seth, I want one of my children to be at least happy! Leah won’t ever be happy because she’s always in the presence of Sam and now you imprint and you can’t even be with her! For no reason as I see it!” My Mom rarely yelled but you could tell the tears were coming.

“Do not bring me into this Mom!” Leah came in.

“Shut up Leah!” I growled. I’d like to tell my Mom why I won’t ever be with Bella but I can’t! And none of you can know how I feel not even Leah!”

“So you want to be with Bella..?” Jake said sounding hurt.

“If she ever wanted to be with me..” I paused this wasn’t how I wanted to tell my Mom… “I would be happy..” I paused again, she wouldn’t want to be with me though. “She won’t though. So I will find love the natural way.” I said looking at my feet.

“Seth! Why can’t you be with her? And just be happy!?” My Mom was in tears now, she was losing it. I walked forward and put my arms around her. Her body was shaking with her sobs.

“I’m sorry…” I whispered.

“No! I want… to know… Seth.” Mom said in between sobs.

“I can’t tell you!” I snapped more then I thought.

“Come on Seth, you can’t tell your own pack or your mother? You’d rather be loyal to those bloodsuckers?!” Jake stood now and was coming toward me.

“I am more loyal to them because they treat me with respect unlike my pack!” I growled. My anger was boiling, I couldn’t transform in here. I raced out the door just in case.

Everyone must have followed me because before I knew it I was looking at Sam and Jake right in front of me.

“Seth..” Mom blubbered.

“I’m sorry Mom…” I said moving to sit on the ground. I sat there and looked up at Sam and Jacob.

“No your not, you would tell your mother why!” Jake snapped.

“Why are you doing this Jacob? Aren’t you supposed to be my friend..” I narrowed my eyes. He was nothing more then a scared puppy attacking someone smaller then him.

“Seth, Jacob. Knock it off.” Sam commanded.

Jake muttered something to himself. Sam glared his way, he immediately stopped. “I’m sorry I just can’t…” I said quickly.

“You can’t, or you won’t.” Sam asked softly.

“Both.” I said with defiance.

“Just because Bella is your ‘imprint’ there is no reason you should hide things from your pack! She is just a girl who likes mythical creatures! She was with a vampire, got pregnant by a werewolf and now was imprinted by a werewolf. She is only a girl!” Leah screeched out of no where. That sent me over the edge.

Shut up Leah! Go find someone else to cry to because I won’t listen to your bull anymore! I can’t be with Bella because she is getting married and she is the only friend I have! I don’t fit in with any of you and I don’t like what any of you have become! You have changed for the worst and I wish I would just be able to leave!” I yelled. But I knew it was too late they weren't going to care what I had said after Bella is getting married and that's why I can't be with her. I knew I had snapped but I shouldn't have let it happen. How could I? It wasn't my secret to tell.

“Married…” Jacob snarled and exploded into a wolf.
hahahaha. but he can't imprint twice. he just has to fall in love...
WOW!! didn't expect that! anywayz i loved the chapter! poor seth! he obviously wants to be with bella!
aaawww seth =( stupid jacob wants bella and killian!!! he camnt have them all >=( lol
OMG!!! Best chapter yet! I loved it. Poor Seth though, I feel so sad for him, botth b/c he really wants to be with Bella, in that way, but wont b/c he loves the Cullens too much; and b/c of how he feels in the pack. Awwww I wanna give him a hug. ***hugs Seth**. There. Ok. LOL Post the next soon =D
haha thanks Maddy!
And yeah I know I felt so bad I wanted to cry...
aww poor seth no wonder he spends so much rime with th cullens =(..and he wants bella!!!!! thats so sad!?!!!
hope he finds some 1.......write more!!!!!!!!!!!
ohhhh poor Seth!!!!! damn or not he's still acting like an idiot!!!!! this is soooo good Steph!!!! keep 'em coming!!!!


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