The Twilight Saga

Sometimes love just can't be denied - no matter how untimely it hits us. Sparks fly between Edward and Bella the very first time they meet; problem is that Bella is already committed to another. See how the two of them deal with their unspoken attraction and how a tragedy could bring them closer together or push them further apart.


This story is being worked on by both myself and AnahyR whose ideas are the basis for all chapters. We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your opinions through your comments. AnahyR will also be doing this story in Spanish so for those of you who are Spanish speaking you will also have access to this at some stage. I will put the link here once it is done.



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Chapter 3 - Denying Attractions                                 Chapter 4 - A Friend in Need

Chapter 5 - Realizations                                            Chapter 6 - Truths

Chapter 7 - Peter                                                      Chapter 8 - Collision

Chapter 9 - Aftermath                                                Chapter 10 - Saying Goodbye

Chapter 11- Drowning Sorrows                                   Chapter 12 - Waking Up

Chapter 13 - Baby Steps                                           Chapter 14 - Friendship?

Chapter 15 - Flight                                                    Chapter 16 - Acceptance

Chapter 17 - Getting Closer                                       Chapter 18 - The Good and the Bad          

Chapter 19 - In These Arms                                      Chapter 20 - Accusations

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Chapter 23 - Broken Silences                                   Chapter 24 - At the Heart of it

Chapter 25 - Uncertainties

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Chapter 13


EPOV – Baby Steps


Opening up the door to Bella Swan was….unexpected. Silly really, considering I was currently residing in her sister’s apartment and she probably had more right to be here than me. It was just that I had thought she would continue to choose silence when it came to me and now here she was instead standing in front of me looking as appealing and beautiful as ever.


“Um hi Bella. I….ahh….Rosalie and Emmett aren’t here I am afraid. I’m not sure when they’re due back.”


I hoped that my smile did not appear as forced as it felt to me. Seeing Bella in the flesh, after the events of the night before last, was definitely causing some anxiety on my part. Would she resent the things I had done to make sure she was safe? Did she remember the harsh words I used to halt her invasion of my senses as she attempted to kiss me? Did she understand that I had stayed for as long as I could after her request for me to stay; that by running at the last moment I had made sure I didn’t slip? Rosalie answering my call had been torture and relief all rolled into one. Torture because it meant I was no longer needed at Bella’s side and it was hard to walk away from her. Relief because Bella’s persistent sleep talking had made me aware that I was very much on her mind and it was getting more and more difficult to ignore that. All I had wanted to do was crawl into that bed with her and hold her to relieve the conflict that was warring inside her head. I hated that I was a part of that and that there was nothing I could do about it. I kept my vigil by the bed instead.


Bella’s words, as she waited outside the door, indicated that it was me she wanted to see and  that surprised me too but I still managed to get my body to perform and moved away from the door so that she could come in. I nervously ran my fingers through my hair as I watched her step gracefully past me with a timid smile. For a split second the scent of her overwhelmed me and I was powerless to follow her lead. When she paused and looked over her shoulder at me asking if I was coming, my body responded by starting to move again. I was beginning to realize that anything Bella requested of me she would get in an instant. Nervousness coiled in the pit of my stomach.  What could she possibly have to say to me? Was I about to get my heart broken yet again by the person who wasn’t even aware that she did it on a consistent basis?


“I’m sorry for disturbing your day Edward,” Bella’s soft voice brought me out of my concerned thoughts, making me all too aware of our surroundings and my lack of manners towards her.


“You’re not disturbing me at all Bella. Can I get you anything? Maybe a drink or something?”


She answered by requesting a drink of water and I noticed that her voice had a shaky edge to it. So Bella was nervous about speaking to me too. My thoughts became an incoherent mess. I had a feeling that this discussion was not going to end well and knew that I more than deserved it.  I escaped to the kitchen to try and get myself under control but Bella followed me and sat on a stool to watch as I poured her drink for her. There was nothing I could do but pretend that I was calm and collected, even though I was dreading the idea of having to let go of her completely when she told me that my attraction to her was causing grief and that I needed to stay away.


“It seems that you’ve had to take care of me a lot lately,” Bella quipped as I handed her the glass. They weren’t words I was expecting and I looked at her curiously before answering.


“I don’t mind,” That was the honest truth and I said it without thinking.


Bella sighed and placed her drink down on the counter. “I know Edward and I am really sorry for putting you in that position.”


I went to argue with her; to tell her that there was no need for an apology but she chose that moment to shake her head and reach out to me to put her hand on my arm and all the words were lost in that one touch.  She frowned slightly and drew her hand back, folding her arms into a protective stance across her chest.


“No please Edward. I need to say this to you. That girl you saw the other night, that’s not me and I am beyond mortified that you saw me like that. I need to thank you for what you did to make sure I was safe. I need to let you know how much I appreciate that you stopped me from doing something that I would forever regret with James.”


An image of James touching her sprang to mind and I almost growled aloud at the disgust that coursed through me. Emmett and I had discussed going over to see him and making sure that something like that never happened again but Rosalie had convinced us that, for the moment, doing that would only bring about more drama for Bella and she didn’t need it. It was a hard pill to swallow considering I had not had the opportunity to break him the other night but as usual Bella’s welfare came first and there was no reason for me to risk that.


Bella flinched slightly and I became conscious that although I hadn’t growled aloud, my demeanor must have changed and my anger was coming through in a different way. I composed my face back into a less ferocious look and saw Bella visibly relax.


“I feel really ashamed,” Bella could no longer look at me and I longed to lift her face up so that I could see her soulful eyes again. I couldn’t do it so I spoke instead.


“You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of Bella. You’ve been dealt a rough hand and you approached  that in a way you normally wouldn’t do; by drinking. We’ve all done that at some point. Going out to a bar and drinking your sorrows away is probably not the best but it’s definitely not something for you to feel ashamed of.  You didn’t do anything wrong.”


Bella’s red rimmed eyes found mine  and it hurt me to know that she had been crying before she got here and that now it looked like she could break into tears again.


Please don’t cry Bella. Please don’t expect me to watch you do that and not hold you. Please don’t think I can possibly keep any distance between us when I can see that you need me.


She answered my unvoiced ramblings by taking in a deep breath and exhaling softly. The tears stayed away.


“I’m ashamed of the way I have been treating you,”


What? Where did that come from?  What was she talking about?


“I don’t understand Bella. You haven’t done anything to me at all.”


“Edward, you’ve done nothing but be kind and respectful towards me. You’ve taken me out of harm’s way, returned me to my home safely, looked after me while I was sick and then cleaned the mess away, listened to my ramblings and then spent the night on my floor because I asked you to not leave me.” Bella’s face was brightly flushed and I wanted to stop her embarrassment. She was on a roll now and was trying to get it all out so I let her be.


“I, in return, have made you uncomfortable by saying inappropriate things just because I am so entirely confused. I have tried pushing you away because you remind me of things that I would rather forget, then I’ve forced you to stay because I can’t stand the thought of you not being around. I am seriously mucked up in the head Edward but that is not your fault and I want to apologize to you if I ever made you feel like it was.  It’s not your fault that Peter died and it’s not your fault that I was attracted to you before that even happened. You can’t help it if I have stupid thoughts about you even though I am grieving the loss of my fiancé and you certainly can’t be held accountable for the sparks I feel whenever you’re anywhere near me. I am so very, very sorry for everything I did and said the other night and even before then, Edward.”


“Bella, you don’t need to do this.”


‘I do need to do this.” Her voice hardened with resolve  and I watched fascinated as her face reflected all the pain and confusion and need that were currently driving her. “I am trying to be honest with you because I think you deserve it. I know it will probably make you think less of me, because let’s face it what kind of girl even does this, but the fact remains that we can never be friends  if I don’t tell you the truth and ………………Edward I really want to be your friend. I want to get to know you beyond this undercurrent of tension that is always between us. I need time to grieve what I had with Peter but I found something today that made me realize that all he wanted for me was my happiness and I am going to make sure he gets to see it.  That has to start by me telling you that I want us to be friends. I don’t even really know you at all except that you are a good person who cares about those around you and that I have to admit I am drawn to you for some reason beyond my control. I am not even sure if you feel that same pull but the thing is …….I am not ready for what that could possibly entail. Friendship is all I have in me.”


The tension between us was staggering. She had inadvertently stepped towards me as she pleaded her case and basically told me that she felt something for me but couldn’t face what that meant. Nothing about this conversation had gone the way I had envisioned but I did feel the stirring of hope as I listened to her impassioned words and thanked whoever it was I needed to, to know that it wasn’t a goodbye she was preparing for but rather a kind of truce.


“I promise there will not be a repeat of the other night Edward. I don’t want to be a burden. I just want to know if you are willing to be my friend?”


Friendship would never be enough. My mind balked at the idea.


It was better than not having her in your life at all. The voice of reason answered back.


Was I strong enough to not act on my impulses if she would be so readily accessible? Self doubt gripped me.


I would do anything for her…anything. The answer was clear.


“I’ve regarded you as friend from the moment I met you Bella. Nothing that happened the other night has changed that.”


Bella let out her breath with a loud whoosh and then seemed to comprehend how close she was now standing to me. She stepped back a little and gave me an embarrassed, little smile that did crazy things to my heart. “Thank you Edward. I’m not sure I deserve it but thanks for agreeing.”


Her words brought about a shot of annoyance that I couldn’t let go without some kind of retort.


“I agree on the condition that you stop putting yourself down. You deserve a lot Bella. You mean a lot to the people around you because you are you and you have been amazingly strong throughout this whole ordeal. I don’t believe I would have handled this with the strength and conviction you have managed so no more apologies. I don’t want or need them.”


Another surge of color reddened her cheeks at my words but she simply smiled at me and nodded.


“On that note I think I will leave you to whatever you were doing before I disturbed you on this lovely Saturday afternoon. We agree to no longer feel the need to evade one another? We’re going to try and be friends. That’s right isn’t it?”


“Yep agreed,” My hands clenched at my sides in an attempt to ensure they didn’t ruin what had just been decided by reaching out for her and touching. This whole thing was definitely going to be a test of my self control. “But Bella, you didn’t disturb me and if you would like you’re more than welcome to stay longer. I’m not doing anything in particular.”


Bella placed her glass in the sink and turned to face me again. “Thanks for the offer Edward but if you don’t mind I will take a rain check on that. Today has kind of been a really emotionally draining day for me and I think I would like to just go home and regroup. I hope you understand.”


She smiled when I answered that it wasn’t a problem and to look after herself when she got home. Admittedly I felt bad that I had been part of her emotional day but when I looked at her closely I noticed that she seemed tired but somewhat brighter in her face. Whatever she had done today had helped her and I was grateful for that and hoped it would continue.


I followed her through the hallway to the door and as she opened it I felt inclined to add one more thing. I hoped it didn’t cause her to rethink what we had agreed to but she had been honest with me so now it was my turn.


“And Bella…….just so you know, I do feel it too…….I feel the pull and the tug and the electricity. You’re not alone in that.”


 Her eyes widened and sadness washed over her face before being replaced with determination.


“Some people wait their whole life for that, don’t they?” Bella’s whispered words and intent stare  caused a tightness in my chest and I could barely force out an answer.




“I’m sorry for ruining that for you Edward.”


“You haven’t ruined anything Bella. It will work itself out in the end.”


“Do you wish it didn’t happen?”


I felt guilt for it happening with someone else’s girl.


I felt resentment at the bad timing.


But I could never wish that it never happened because it was those moments when I felt most alive.


I shook my head and watched her take her lower lip in between her teeth as she waited for my answer.


“Only when it hurts you, Bella.”


The intensity of her gaze never wavered as she looked me straight in the eye and said the last words before she would walk out the door.


“I’m working on it not hurting, Edward. I promise I am at least doing that.”




The following weeks showed a marked improvement in Bella’s approach to life. She no longer hid in the security of her own apartment and she interacted with her friends and family on a daily basis, trying extremely hard to let go of her grief and move on with her life. Everyone commented on the change with relief; they felt they were getting their old Bella back even though there were instances of sadness that claimed her at different periods.


I, on the other hand, had never truly known the old Bella so I got to experience her in a completely different way. Sure the attraction was still completely present but I got to see the extra layers of the girl that made her who she was; the parts she had always closed off from me in order to counteract her guilt. Now we had become friends and it only served to make me aware that the feelings I had for her weren’t some flash in the pan reaction. I got to see the warmth of her humor and her capacity to care about causes and the people around her. She shared with me the things she enjoyed doing and the things that annoyed her. I learnt to relish the moments when her face lit up with happiness or when she would get a scowl of disapproval if she felt someone was being wronged. She proved to be an amazing package of courage, strength, love, warmth and support….and I was most definitely in love with her. There was no way of stopping it.


Regardless I kept my end of the bargain and never did a single thing that would make her regret  choosing the path of friendship with me. I knew she was nowhere near ready to deal with a man who adored her beyond mere platonic feelings so I pulled back from what would come to me so easily if things were different. She was concentrating on living a life that was totally different to what she had known before Peter died. There were moments though,  when little cracks appeared in her armour and it was usually me she turned to without even realizing it. I saw the instances when she struggled with the need to be close to someone, to be held or even have that small touch but she would close the need off before it  morphed into her physically reaching out for me. I didn’t push even though I so desperately wanted to give her what she needed. I let her set the pace because she was the only one who would truly know when she was ready. I would wait for her forever if I had to.


So it was as my friend, and as a particularly giving sister for a younger brother who had pleaded for her to do this one thing for him, that found Bella in my family home celebrating Camille’s seventeenth birthday.  Seven of us had travelled out from New York to spend a week in Forks. Ben and Angela were the only ones who were not able to get time off work so Camille got her wish for all of us to be at her party, including Jake who she had formed a close friendship with.  Charlie and Renee had only agreed that Jake could travel across the country without them if all three of his sister’s were there to keep an eye on him. Rosalie and Alice had already been intending on coming because of Jasper and Emmett but Bella had declined on the basis that she was trying to find a job. I had my suspicions that Charlie and Renee manipulated the situation so that Bella had to leave town for a short while in the hopes that it would help her continue her recovery but I was happy that there had been a reason for her to come at all so I never brought it up.


“So did everyone survive the party last night,” I questioned as I took my place at the breakfast table and saw the varying degrees of consciousness everyone seemed to be in.


“Aha, although I don’t quite remember having any kind of party like that when I was seventeen,” Emmett countered and smiled at Camille who looked like she was glowing with all the attention.


“I’m pretty sure that the seventeen year olds didn’t quite party in the same way you did Emmett,” Rosalie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend and he appeared slightly abashed at the suggestion in her voice.


“Well I had a great time,” Camille stated with conviction. “Thanks so much for coming everyone. It wouldn’t have been the same without you all here and I certainly got brownie points for having the wicked older brothers and their friends willing to entertain a bunch of school kids. Everyone is going to think I am so cool now.”


“Or desperate for friends,” Jasper teased, as he maneuvered himself out of reach of her slap to his arm.


“Whatever, old man.” Camille laughed and then gave her attention to Jacob. “So, are you happy enough if we meet some of my friends in Port Angeles for lunch today? I know it is not New York but I am sure we can find something fun to do there.”


Jacob looked at Bella for confirmation as she was the only one who wasn’t busily placing food into her mouth. When she nodded he grinned at her widely and both Camille and Jacob leapt up, in a hurry to get out of the house. I didn’t take my eyes of Bella however and it was apparent that she wasn’t at her best this morning.  It had nothing to do with drinking too much though because she had been conscious of not allowing alcohol to overwhelm her again. Her tired eyes and dark shadows under them had me worried. I wondered if anyone else noticed them.


Emmett was rubbing his hands together in pretend glee. “So what have  we got planned for this week since I’m actually off work for something other than illness and I can get out and enjoy myself.”


A discussion was being held around all the things that Forks or its surroundings could offer us. Bella remained quiet and didn’t really include herself in any sort of interaction. Alarm bells were going off in my head and I was trying to figure out what was wrong when Alice addressed me and I was torn back to the discussion.


“So it must be almost time for you to head back to Paris, Edward. How much longer do we get to keep you?”


Bella’s stunned eyes darted towards me and I was surprised to see something akin to fear there. She looked down at her plate and tensed. I saw from the corner of my eye, as I addressed Alice, that Bella was clutching at the sides of her chair. I couldn’t help myself and I allowed my hand to reach down and linked her pinky with my own. It was only a small touch but I hoped it conveyed my support with whatever was worrying her. She didn’t withdraw but I did feel her relax slightly so that her hands were not clutching so tightly to the chair. I kept my hand there, feeling the gamut of emotions that came about the knowledge that she was allowing me to touch her at all.


“Actually I got a phone call last night from my boss and she has allowed me to extend my time here for a while longer. The woman who took on my role in Paris is enjoying the experience and is happy to continue with it up until our next campaign if I so choose. Seems you’re stuck with me for a while more.”


Everyone murmured their approval but it was only Bella’s reaction that I was fully engaged with. She seemed to slump forward a little and then squeezed my finger with hers before letting it go. She gave me a sad smile and then excused herself from the table. I had no idea what any of that meant and although I wanted to follow her and find out if she was alright, I chose to give her the space she obviously needed this morning.


Eventually I couldn’t help it anymore and I had to find her to ensure she wasn’t upset by something I had done or said. Maybe she didn’t want me to stay around any longer than necessary. I hadn’t thought of that when I had requested more time in New York. All I could think about was my inability to leave right now; in fact I was beginning to worry that I would never be able to leave her at all and that was probably not a luxury that I could have. I finished helping my mother with the dishes and then went in search of Bella and some answers.


I found her curled up in a seat in the music room. At first she appeared to be asleep but when I stepped in her eyes instantly came open and she gave me a half hearted smile. I wasn’t sure what to do so I sat down at the piano and ran my fingers across the wood that covered the keys under it. Without too much thought I lifted it up and began to quietly tinker with the sounds that the keys made.


‘I didn’t know that you played.” Bella spoke and the sound was melodious. It made me change direction with the way I was working with the piano.


‘I guess we’re still learning about one another,” I answered quietly.


“Hmmmm. Whatever you are playing now ….that is beautiful…..exquisite.” Bella closed her eyes and let the notes roll over her. This wasn’t a song I had ever played before but my hands crossed the keys with a familiarity that made me think I had always had the melody at my fingertips but didn’t know how to access it. When it finally came to its conclusion  I was pleased with the outcome. It had been a long time since I had composed a song of any worth and this was the first time ever with so little thought and effort put into it. Bella must be particularly inspiring.


When I looked over at her she had a look of sadness and confusion on her face. I stood up and went to sit by her side.


‘What’s wrong Bella? Has something happened to upset you?”


“No. Not really. I am just feeling a little melancholy. This house has so many memories for Peter; ones that I was never involved in but memories nonetheless. I see the photos of him everywhere and I see the close relationship he had with Jasper and your family and it makes me feel sad that he missed out on this celebration of Camille’s and that I am still here enjoying it.”


“That’s understandable Bella.”


Her sigh was one of acceptance. “I know but it is just hard you know. I can be feeling good about things, having a good time and then suddenly the sadness creeps up on me and I can’t get rid of the negative thoughts. It scares me to consider how long that will happen for and then it scares me even more to think that I will get to a stage where I just don’t care anymore.”


“You’ll always care Bella. He was an important part of your life. But I guess the sadness will be replaced eventually by thinking about only the good memories you have of him. I have no idea really how long before that will happen though.” I wished I had something more promising to tell her but grief was a complex thing and I was no specialist in that field. I needed to do something for her in the here and now.


She was nodding seriously at my words when I grabbed her hand and pulled her up. She was disconcerted by my sudden action because we had been so careful not to allow any kind of touch, before now, in the hope that we did not have to face that the current of longing was still very much there. I didn’t relinquish my hold though as I pulled her towards the door. I didn’t want to let go of the warmth of her; I was going to bask in it even if it only lasted a few minutes.


“What are you doing?” She gasped confused. She was looking at our clasped hands and I thought for a moment she was going to pull away from me to reestablish the never spoken no touching rule. My heart lifted a little when she left her hand enclosed within mine.


“Do you trust me Bella?”


“Completely,”  Another pump of adrenaline to my heart, knowing that she said it without any qualms at all.


“Good because I’m going to show you something special but it is a bit of a hike from here. I promise you though that it will be worth it.”


We set off after letting Alice know that we would be away for a few hours. She gave us a thoughtful glance but kept quiet which I was glad for. I didn’t want Bella spooked into not spending time with me alone.


Bella’s innate clumsiness came to the fore as we hiked the reasonable distance to the place I wanted to show her. Not once did she complain but she often sent me questioning looks that I did not answer verbally. By the time we arrived at our destination we were both panting from the exertion of walking and keeping Bella upright rather than splayed on the forest floor.


Bella’s reaction as we entered my special place was all that I could have hoped for. Her eyes darted from place to place as she took in the perfectly round meadow filled with wildflowers of every description. It was a bit late in the season for the flowers to be quite as bright as they were but I had always thought of this place as somewhat magical so I accepted it as a gift. The area was an intense green that leant a lush feeling to the one place in this world that I regarded wholly as mine. This was the place I used to come when I needed to think or vent or just feel better about the world I lived in. I was hoping it would have the same effect for Bella as it had always done for me. I brought her here for some peace.


“It’s gorgeous Edward,” Bella whispered in an awed voice. She stepped forward to find herself more completely inside the circle and cocked her ear as if listening to something that only she could hear. I knew it was the small stream that ran through the forest about 50 metres away but we couldn’t see it from where we stood.  It was just background noise really. “There’s something perfect and pure about this place. I can feel it in my bones. It makes me want to rest and just pretend that this is all that exists; that there is no heartbreak or confusion to be dealt with, that I don’t have to be anything or anyone I’m not.”


Bella spread her arms out and lifted her head up to the sky to allow the slight breeze in the air to tickle her skin. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The smile that appeared on her face was entrancing and I couldn’t look away. Her ivory skin looked so soft and her hair was gently moving with the assistance of the wind. Everything about Bella in that moment screamed out happiness and peace and it would be forever ingrained in my head as a snapshot of her beauty.


I lowered myself to the ground to watch with amusement as she began twirling and laughing with very little restraint. She smirked at me and then began to move from flower to flower as if she didn’t want to miss anything. I waited patiently for her to take in what she needed from this place and when she finally collapsed next to me to lie down with a wide smile on her face I knew that I had made the right decision in bringing her here. I laid down beside her and even though we weren’t touching in any way at all it was the closest I had ever felt to her. She turned her head so that we were looking straight into each other’s eyes.


“There are some places that just make you see how lucky we are to be alive; that we get to experience them,” Bella’s voice was full of content and it made my day to know that she was no longer feeling the previous melancholy of the morning. “Thank you so much for sharing this with me Edward. I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I can’t even explain why but I just do. You are way too good to me”


I chuckled with good humor. “It was my pleasure Bella. This place has never let me down before and I thought you might get the same feelings from it that I do. I am glad that I was correct in that assumption.”


We settled into the grass to enjoy the rare sunshine that had graced our usually wet town. The silence was completely comfortable and only the sounds of nature invaded our individual thoughts. When I looked across at Bella to find that she had fallen asleep I took the opportunity to study her from such a close proximity. I wanted to trail my fingers, ever so lightly, over the features that made up her face so that I could memorize each part for when she was no longer near me. I wanted to wrap her hair around my fingers and feel if it was just as silky and soft as it appeared in the sunlight. I wanted to whisper words of love and worship to her so that she understood how completely I was dedicated to her happiness and well being. Her slightly opened lips were begging for mine to caress them in a demonstration of my admiration. Clearly none of that was going to happen but for those few minutes of visualizing it I could almost imagine that it wasn’t such an impossibility.


When Bella moaned softly I stopped my perusal and looked at the clouds above me instead. I didn’t want her to wake up to find me staring at her and possibly seeing the desire that would no doubt be in my eyes. This trip had been too perfect to ruin with such fruitless actions. I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable at all.


A soft touch to my elbow, accompanied by Bella’s soft “Edward” brought my head back down to face her, a smile already prepared just for her.


“You’ve been a good friend. I can’t thank you enough.”


I smiled even more widely at her but then faltered slightly as the electricity followed her movement from my elbow across my skin until her hand reached mine and her pinky was intertwined with mine. I looked down at the place where we were joined in such an innocent way and then back up to her face to try and work out what she was doing; what she was trying to tell me.


“This morning Alice scared me. I hadn’t thought about you having to go back to Paris,” Bella paused as if weighing up whether she should continue what she was saying and I silently encouraged her. I needed to know how she was feeling. “I’m glad you can stay longer Edward. I’m really glad.”


I wasn’t sure how to respond to her words even though I was elated to hear them. To anyone else her admission might have seemed like such a small thing but I knew better; Bella was taking baby steps towards me and I needed to acknowledge how difficult that was for her. I flipped my hand over so that my palm was up and Bella naturally placed her smaller hand within mine without it appearing to distress her. The feeling was indescribable.


“So am I, Bella. So am I.”


Nothing more was said but we didn’t break the connection. We stayed that way for a short while longer; quiet, content and basking in the knowledge that whilst we were in this meadow the outside world couldn’t touch us, we owed no one anything and we were purely ourselves. No guilt, no sadness and no pretense; just Bella and Edward, two people trying to do the best that they could.


I am so glad to see that Bella is starting to heal.  I hope that they both end up happy.  And hopefully together.  LOL.  Awesome work!!!!  :)

She is slowly getting there Peace*Love*Twilight. Thnaks for enjoying and supporting the two of them.




That was truly astonishing! I just loved everything about it. The connection the have is so pure and adoring. I cant wait till they can fully break through it. I was scared when Alice brought up Edward leaving as was Bella. I am glad he can stay longer but I am also scared to think about the day he has to go back and what that will mean for Bella and their relationship. Please post more. I completely love this story!

Hi DaneiMarie. Thanks for the enjoyment of this chapter. I wanted there to be a really strong connection without forgetting about Peter. I hope that was conveyed. Paris will become an issue eventually I guess but it will be a little while away and the two of them should be closer by then.


Thnaks for reading and sorry for making you wait so long for an update - I am hoping to have the next chapter up tomorrow.




.......O.O Wow.......As you can see your story has fried my brain. xD

That was a wonderful chapter. I'm glad that they are finally together...well not the together I was hoping for but close enough. (:

I loved the meadow scene, she opened up to him a little more. It scared me too when Alice asked Edward when he was going back to Paris. I was like ahhhhhh! No, no, no, he cannot go back now. Haha, can't wait for more. (:

Hi Kendra,


Glad you liked the meadow scene and the closeness that is developing between the two of them. The next chapter will have even more closeness but probably not in the way people imagine.


Paris.......hmmmmm......only AnahyR and I know what will happen with that particular place.


Thanks for reading




very nice chapter...Michelle!

I really love it.

I am really excited for the next chapter to come.

Can't wait for what will happen next.

it is good that bella is healing, and edward is still there for her.

Hi Charmie,


Thanks! I will hopefully have the next chapter up tomorrow for you all. It is good to see Bella healing and not just disregarding her feelings.




Hello Michelle,


Thanks for always having time for answering my comments here. Don't worry we understand why you didn't immediately update your writings due to current events.Good thing you're in good condition, good health. Anyway, I'll be patiently waiting for the next chapter..



Take care always,


Michelle and AnahyR...

This chapter was amazing..I'm so glad that Bella and Edward had so much conversation for the first time.. I wasn't expecting Bella to be strong..She has actually taken a step ahead..Edward wouldn't have done that and Bella sure needed to give it a start...I wasn't expecting her to ask for Edward's friendship..I knew that she would apologize for her behavior but her actually admitting all her feelings for Edward and then still wanting to be friends with him was unexpected..

The way you described Edward's thoughts when Bella asked him for his friendship were so real..I mean i knew he wouldn't ever say a no..but all the insecurities he had within his head, were all beautifully pictured by you..

You really make sure to mention all of the minute details and thats what makes you a wonderful writer...


The second half of the chapter was a delight to read...

Initially Bella being upset got me confused..I couldn't think of anything in particular..But then later on you made it really clear..Peter's absence is already soo much to take and then looking at the pictures and thinking about his presence there would have really broken her again..But still m so glad that she is holding herself up..She's doing a great job..I love the way you have pictured Bella in the story..

Then Alice's reminder of Edward's stay and Bella's panicked look brought a smug smile on my face..Bella surely needs Edward in her life even more then she realizes..As you already mentioned that she kept turning towards him for support but backed out every time she thought they would touch, shows how much she is controlling herself..and as the chapter's title says it all, Bella has started with the baby steps..:)

Edward finally showed off his talent on the piano..I was waiting for that..and you brought it up in this chapter..Thanks for that..:)

His idea of taking Bella to the meadow was again unexpected..But well, they were in yeah, my mind was working slow...XD

I loved how Bella enjoyed her time there..I was happy that she was actually smiling after such a long time..

They've actually built a strong bond in this chapter..and Bella's admission to her wanting Edward to stay longer made it crystal clear.. Edward has been a saint again..Giving Bella all the privacy and space she needs..Not letting any physical contact between them...But the final hand in hand connection was beautiful!! 

I sooo loved it....


Love you guys..

P.S: Thanks for posting the chapter right in time..XD

Another superb chapter Michelle

Your writing is amazing, it was as if i was right there beside them

Absolutely adored it




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