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This story is about Bella when she is 6 years old. Reneé and Charlie never got divorced. But Reneé died when Bella was 4, and Charlie never got over it. He started drinking and Bella must do everything on her own. What happens when Bella gets enough? Will she meet the Cullens? Will they take her in? Or let her be?

I ran. All I could think about was to get out of that nasty place, the place that once was my home. The place where I once was happy where there were no worries in the world. I didn’t know where I could go if I went to Billy he would probably just call my dad. And I didn’t want to go back there. Ever again. I didn’t bother to push the branches aside, I just ran through them. I didn’t have much time. I hurt to leave him behind, but he had hurt me first. In the end, I couldn’t keep endure it. It had just became too much. As I ran I thought about the good old days. I wanted to remember him as the smiling person he used to be. Not the one I was afraid of, the one I couldn’t trust. He had broken my heart, and I couldn’t keep up the parade anymore. I single tear ran down my cheek and ended on Mr. Chocolate Chip.

Chapter 1

“What is wrong Isabella?,, my teacher Ms. Kim asked me. I briefly looked her in the eyes, and then concentrated on my drawing again.
“I miss my mommy!,, I lied. But it wasn’t entirely a lie I missed her. But that wasn’t why I was so sad.
She sighed.
“I know sweetie I know.,, she said and brushed my hair away from my eyes. I looked into hers again and mine spilled over with tears, because of the sympathy in them. She reminded me so much of my mother, who I would never see again. I quickly dried my eyes before the others came, or I would get teased. Ms. Kim’s big blue eyes stared at me for a little while longer before she sighed again and walked back to her table.
I sat in the class waiting for the school day to begin and drew little butterflies and flowers on a piece of paper. I imagined that my mom would sit in the white clouds I drew and be happy. I hoped she was happy wherever she was.

I rode with the early morning bus and arrived 20 minutes earlier than everybody else. But I didn’t want to go any later than that. Anything to get out from that place.
The bus driver was the same every morning and he always got a little sympathy in his expression when he saw me standing there in my little coat that wasn’t warm enough. No matter the wetter, I would stand there early in the morning waiting for the bus. With my little schoolbag on, and my worn out sneakers and mittens I looked poor. (Bella’s outfit:
But the truth is I wasn’t. I wasn’t rich either, but the money we had was just used on something else. The bus driver never let me pay for my ticket; every morning he would say:
“Hey there Isabella, ready for school?,, and he would smile. I would nod and send a shy smile back. Then he would open the little door that lead in to his seat and take my hand, and let me drive the bus with him. He was a kind man, Kenney, the bus driver. He was one of my greatest friends.
The other kids in the school wore pretty cloths, and some of them made fun of me.
The ones who were meanest, Jessica and Lauren were their names, kept pulling in my shirt and say: “Ew, where did you find that? In the trash in the backyard?,, and other mean things like that.
I was shy and only had two real friends in school. Angela and Mike. I played with Ben and Eric too now and then, but in general I was too shy to talk to other kids at my age.
I never let them come with me home, afraid of what they would say. I haven’t even told them about my problem at home. I’m 6 years old and I have to make most things myself.
I can’t ask my dad for help, all he can do is cook some food, eat it, and then I can have the rest. Then he stump around and mutter to himself. I did my homework without help, picked out my cloths went in bath when I could and cleaned.
I did the dishwashing and cleaned the floor. But there weren’t clean at home, it had that smell, the smell some people say is from bad cleaning. But it wasn’t.
For a 6 year old, I am very mature. Growing up without help to most things did that to you. You had to take care of yourself and help yourself through the hard times in life.
Me and my dad never got visitors, and we never visited anyone. Our house was darkened and dusty, and the lights were greasy and shone badly. My dad worked as a garbage collector and worked in the night with a colleague of his.
He always got home around 4 am and sat on the couch and watched TV and drank a beer when I woke up. He looked so miserable that I never said anything just ate my breakfast in silence, washed up and yelled a small goodbye when I left. He never asked me anything he just yelled at me now and then when he wanted something done. I was an only child and my best friend, the only one who I trusted with anything and loved more than anything else was my rabbit teddy, Mr. Chocolate Chip. (Mr. C for short!)
(Mr. Chocolate Chip:
I couldn’t live without him, and he had to come with me everywhere. The other girls in my class didn’t understand me, they thought I was very babyish when I brought my Mr. C with me to school- but they didn’t understand how much he meant to me. My mom had given it to me when she became sick. She told me to be a big girl and be strong. She died 2 years ago. I was four.

A single tear escaped my eyes once again when I thought of the dark times of my mom’s disease.

“Momma?,, I asked. I walked into the shiny kitchen, my mother had just cleaned up and I had hurried out there when I had heard a big crash.
“Momma?,, I asked again when she didn’t answer.
I walked around a counter and there she was. Lying on the floor with closed eyes looking like she was dead.
“Momma! Momma wake up!,, I yelled at her in a little baby voice. I didn’t know what to do, I just ran to her with tear running down my cheeks.
“Momma! Momma! Don’t be dead Momma!,, I yelled and yelled, but she didn’t move.
I remembered her and dad saying: “If anything happens call…!,, with serious faces. I couldn’t remember the number.
Call what? 648? No that wasn’t the right number. 112? No, but close.
They had shown me something. Something on our phone. I ran with my brown hair bouncing up and down to the phone and looked at it.
What was I supposed to do?
I closed my eyes and thought about what they had said back then. The last number once, and the first number twice. I looked at the phone again. 9-1-1? Yes! That’s it!
I dialed the number with my little fingers not knowing what to do next.
“PSAP, what can I do for you?,, an unknown male voice said.
“Hello I’m Bella!,, I said.
“Excuse me how old are you?,, the man said. What an odd question to ask! I thought.
“Uhm… 4!,, I said after counting on my fingers.
“I don’t have time for this!,, the man said, very rudely I thought.
“But my momma fell in the kitchen! She looks like she is dead!,, I cried tears clear in my voice.
“We don’t have time for pranks!,, the man said.
“But I’m not making pranks! My momma lay in the kitchen! She was cleaning and then CRASH and then she lay on the floor!,, I cried and cried.
“Look little girl. We don’t have time for this!,, and then he hung up.
What was I supposed to do now? Crying I ran back to the kitchen and tripped over a bucket of water. It spilled all over the place and my momma got it in the face. She blinked and tried to sit.
“Momma! You’re not dead!,, I screeched and hugged her.
“Of course I’m not dead honey!,, she said a little surprised. She rose, but had to support herself on the kitchen counter.
“Momma the mean man in the phone wouldn’t listen to me!,, I cried.
“What mean man?,, she said with a little edge in her voice. NO one was mean to her little girl.
“The mean man from ASAP!,, I said.
“ASAP?? Oh you mean PSAP??,, she smiled. I looked at her confused.
“I don’t know!,, I said puzzled.
“He didn’t believe that you looked like you were dead! He hang up!,, I cried harder.
“Bella!,, My mom exclaimed.
“What?,, I asked in a tiny voice.
“Don’t cry baby, don’t cry. I just fell!.,, she soothed hugging me and singing lowly to calm me down.
“But you looked so dead!,, I said. She shook her head.
“Bella, Bella, Bella.,, and hugged me even tighter.

---Two months later---

“Momma!,, I cried. She was lying in a hospital bed in a white dress that scared the hell out of me. She looked like a ghost as pale as she was. I was with my dad visiting my momma in the hospital after she was hospitalized a month after she fell in the kitchen. On her work, she had suddenly fainted and they had called an ambulance. We practically lived at the hospital me and my dad.
My mom had been diagnosed cancer and she was in pain.
“Daddy is momma going to be okay?,, I asked with big brown poppy dog eyes.
“I don’t know Bells, I don’t know.,, My worried eyes spilled over and I cried on my daddy’s shoulder.
“You may see Renée now,, Dr. Cullen said.
“Thanks Carlisle.,, Daddy said. Dr. Cullen smiled at me and I hid myself behind daddy.
With Mr. Chocolate Chip under my arm, I took daddy’s hand and walked over to momma’s room.
I started to cry when we entered the room.
“Momma!,, I cried and ran over to her.
“Sweetie! My little Bella.,, she said with tears in her eyes.
“Charlie, how are you?,, she asked and gave him a kiss.
“I’m good, but that’s not important. How are you honey?,, He asked her.
“I’m okay thanks to Carlisle.,, She said and winced a little when she moved wrong.
“Lay still Renée!,, Daddy ordered and asked if she wanted anything.
“Just a glass of water.,, and with that daddy left the room.
“Bellsie come here!,, Momma said and I crawled up in the bed where she was.
“Bella. You need to be a big girl now. Okay? Be momma’s strong girl now. You have to promise me that you will take good care of yourself right?,, she looked me seriously in the eyes. I nodded and tried to stop the tears from flowing but they only increased.
She wiped them away and said: “Be strong!,, and then she leaned back and closed her eyes. She looked like she was asleep now so I got down from the bed to find daddy and say that mommy was sleeping.
I got out in the hallway and looked around. Nobody was there so I turned right and walked slowly towards a hallway on the left. I peeked around the corner and saw Dr. Cullen and daddy talking.
“Her condition is worse. She might not have a long time again.,, a sad Dr. Cullen said.
“What?,, I barely heard daddy say.
“I’m so sorry Charlie, there is nothing I can do. The cell is simply too big and has infected most of her organs and it’s spreading too fast. It has gone into her blood Charlie. There is no more I can do. I’m so very sorry Charlie, but I have done everything in my power.,, He said.
I stopped looking at them. I spurted back to my mother, climbed the bed and curled up against her. My daddy came in 5 minutes later with a defeated look on his face.
“Renée I brought you your water.,, he said in a voice that sounded like he was about to cry.
She woke up and looked at him. She gave a week smile, and you could see she was worse than 10 minutes ago.
“Thank you Charlie.,, she said in a whisper.
He gave it to her and sat beside her, holding her hand. She took a sip and then dropped the glass.
She gasped and held daddy’s hand tighter and took heavy breaths.
“Charlie. I. Love. You. Bella. Momma’s. Girl!,, she said and went silent.
“NO Renée!,, daddy cried and I understood that momma was dead. I didn’t say anything I just cried.

*End of Flashback*

As I thought of it now 2 years later it still brought tears. I had watched my mother take her last breaths and watched her pain. I had watched my mother die and I wish I had stayed home that day. But not really because I was glad I got the chance to see her one last time.

As the other kids began to fill the classroom I discretely wiped away my tears and hit my face from the others behind my hair. Angela came to me, and asked if I wanted to play when we had a break. I nodded and when Ms. Kim started class I carefully listened to her. I wasn’t the top-student for no reason. I worked hard- harder than most people. When we got a break from the classes me and Angela found some dolls to play with. As always I had Mr. C with me, I couldn’t bear to leave him alone. Jessica and Lauren came over; here we go the daily doses of cruelty.
“Where did you find that blouse? In the trash?,, Jessica started and I sighed and said nothing as they teased me and Angela. Of course they knew my mom was dead, but I guess they didn’t care. I started to cry as they mentioned her.
“Why so sad little Bella? Has momma failed to teach you how to dress? Oh, when momma is dead I guess she has a hard time teaching you! Is that why you dress in trash?,, and they kept going on and on. Tears were streaming down my face so I got Mr. Chocolate Chip and ran out of the room. I was sick and tired of being teased. And they would only make it worse for me. As I ran for the bathroom with Angela yelling for me to stop, I fell over my own legs and fell into somebody.
“Ow!,, I said as I reached the floor, and hit my butt. I got up looked up and saw the principal standing there with a startled look on his face.
“Sorry sir. I fell.,, I said as I got up. I only got to hear him say it was no problem when I heard their voices. I ran again, tripping over my own feet now and then, and reached the girls lavatory. I slammed the door after me and hit in a boot. I couldn’t hear them coming so I just sat there crying until Angela came in and asked if I was okay.
“Yes.,, I cried and I could hear Angela sigh. Jessica and Lauren did this every day, and I still couldn’t just ignore them, they got to me. Because of my mom’s death, my dad seemed to fail on his parent duty. He wasn’t the same happy dad he once was. He was fat and creepy. I didn’t like this dad, he frightened me. I was heartbroken when my mom died, and I was only a reminder to him. I tried to hide the bruises I got sometimes, but not always so well.
I only got food because he always made too much. Normally I would only come out of my room to see if there was any food left, and then I would sneak back into my room. He scared the hell out of me sometimes.
As I sat there I heard the bell ring, and I didn’t get out from there. I could hear Angela silently apologize and walk out of there, but I didn’t want to go back in there. Then Jessica and Lauren would know that I had cried and they would laugh at me. I really hated those two.
But I guess Angela had said to the teacher where I was because about 15 minutes later, Ms. Kim came.
“Isabella?,, she called out. I sniffed and opened the door. She saw my tear stricken face and went to hug me. I was great friends with her she was always there for me.
“What happened?,, she asked.
“Jessica and Lauren teased me miss. They said my momma had failed teaching me how to dress.,, and with that I cried again. I missed my momma.
“Shh Bella, it’s going to be okay, shh.,, she soothed while stroking my hair.

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How about soon??! ;)
Please, update very soon!!!!
Will do :P
Hi y'all :D
Soooo sorry about this late (again) update, but school's been hectic and everything has just been baah.. -.-
Anyway, here's the next chapter, I hope you'll like it (=
It's Angela's visit to the Cullens :D

I was going to have so much fun with Angela, I just knew it. Angela was sweet, and caring, but I knew that once you got her alone, she had a wicked humor, and there was no stopping her. Em was going to love her.

I had to actually do something in P.E which I wasn’t too keen on. Really, I sucked, P.E sucks, and the only thing that did brighten my day even though I had P.E was Angela, and the fact that she would meet my family. I looked so much forward to it.
When I tripped on my way out of the gym because I was thinking of everything Ang and I could do together, Jessica and Lauren just had to be obnoxious. They laughed, snapped a photo of me, and waltzed right out of there, making sure to step on my fingers, with their high heels and miniskirt flaring around. I scowled, picked myself up and examined my fingers for any damage. I would have to have Dad look at it.
Sighing, I changed. It really sucked being human. Everything could go wrong; I could catch some stupid disease, die if I fell down the stairs, and that was a possibility, knowing my luck and lack of co-ordination. It sucked being human.

“Angela!” I exclaimed when I saw her standing nervously in front of the office. She was looking like she thought I had ditched her. A look of relief showed on her face when she saw me smiling at her.
“Hey Bella, I thought you had forgotten” She smiled with a small frown on her face.
“You don’t have to worry about that Angela. I would never do anything like that. It was just Mallory and Stanley that held me back; I tripped and they stepped on my fingers.” I glared at the earth as a light blush crept along my cheeks. I hated being humiliated. Angela frowned deeper, a look of dissatisfaction moving into her eyes.
“Don’t mind them Bella, they don’t know anything.” She told me. I smiled gratefully at her. Just then I heard a collective gasp when Alice zoomed into the parking lot in her bright yellow Porsche 911 Turbo. I rolled my eyes.
“She just had to show it off.” I stated with a snicker. Angela’s eyes were nearly bugging out.
“Seriously Bells, how much money do you have?” Her voice was getting a tad bit higher. Maybe she was scared she was going to break it. I laughed.
“I’m not quite sure. But I think it would be more than enough to pay Forks’ employees for some time.” Her wide eyes turned to me.
“Goodness” was all she could get out. Grinning, I linked my arm with hers and dragged her toward Alice and Rose.
“Ali, Rose, I want you to meet Angela. Angela, these are my sisters as well as they can get, Rosalie and Alice.” I introduced. Rosalie smiled big at her, just as Alice rushed forward and grabbed Angela in a hug.
“HiAngelaI’mAliceit’ssonicetomeetyouwe’regoingtobesogoodfriends.” (Hi Angela, I’m Alice, it’s so nice to meet you, we’re going to be so good friends.) She blabbed, going a mile a minute. It was a wonder if Angela even caught that. Her stunned look had me laughing so hard I had to lean against Rose because of the convulsions that went through my body. Angels wrapped her arms around Alice in a timid embrace. She was always very shy.
“Rose, did you feed her caffeine or what?” I choked out between my laughter fits. Rosalie was looking like she could barely contain her own laughter.
“Oh Bella, shut up, I was just excited to meet Angela.” Alice said with a grin, bouncing on her feet. I whispered into Ang’s ear, knowing Rose and Ali could hear, “don’t worry, she’s always that hyper. Just, whatever you do, do not go shopping with her. She’s even more hyper when that happens” I grinned.
Alice playfully glared at me, without Angela seeing of course, and I followed Ang into the backseat.
Angela was sitting like she was afraid of breaking the expensive car, but I just leaned back and relaxed.
“Angela, the only thing you have to worry about, is the fact that Alice drives like a maniac. Don’t look out the window and you will be fine.” I winked at her. She relaxed into the seat, but made the mistake of looking out the window. Her worried little squeal had me glaring at Alice, silently telling her to slow down. With a barely audible sigh, she slowed down to a pace that was a little more bearable for the first time of the other human, in this car. I was hoping Angela would be coming to my place more often than not. Or me going to her place. I didn’t care, as long as I could have my best friend back.
“So Angela, are you hungry?” She raised an eyebrow at me.
“Seeing as you told me not to eat too much, I’m starving!” She said with a grin.
“Bella! You told your friend not to eat?!” Alice was a good actress. She actually had me believing she hadn’t seen it, but when she gave me a quick wink, I knew she had. I think I even looked a bit sheepish.
“You haven’t seen the food. Sorry Ang, if you like it, but it’s disgusting! And I told her not to eat too much, so that there would be room for Mom’s food!” I said with a pout.
“Jeez Bella, I know it’s gross, I saw you yesterday, didn’t I?” She teased and I blushed slightly. Rose and Angela laughed at our bickering, and soon Alice joined in. The laughter was contagious, and soon I ended up laughing too.
And I just knew that bringing Angela home was not a mistake; she would fit right in with us.

The time in the car flew by, and soon we arrived at the house. Angela’s mouth stood open as she saw the house – or I guess, mansion – that I lived in.
“Wow” she whispered.
“You like it?” I asked her. I really wanted her to like it; I wanted her to be here often. Yeah, I know it was selfish, but I just wanted there to be one I could share everything with, one who wouldn’t be afraid of coming home with me, just because my family were vampires.
“Yes very much. It’s beautiful.” She was still in a state of disbelief mixed in with awe. I could practically hear Esme beam from inside.
“Come on in then, my parents and siblings are all excited to meet you.” She smiled nervously at me, but I just gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

Angela’s head were looking around in the front garden that was carefully made by Esme. Exotic flowers danced with the wind in a beautiful circle around the meadow, in which our house lied. Every 6 feet or so, there was a slight gab, so they wouldn’t have to step through them, when they went hunting.
We reached the porch, and the door flew open. Esme stood in it, and my heart swelled with love as I saw her. Man, I was feeling sentimental today.
She beamed at us, and pulled Angela into a careful hug, just like she always did.
“Hello Angela. Welcome to our home. I’m Esme, Bella’s mother in all ways but blood.” She told her. I could see Angela relax into Esme’s embrace.
“Hello Mrs. Cullen. You have a beautiful home.” She said when Esme released her.
“Angela, call me Esme. All that ‘Mrs.’ makes me feel old.” She joked and I could barely contain my laughter. If Angela only knew how old she was, she would see the joke too.
“Will do, Esme” Angela smiled shyly, which Esme beamed at. Yeah, Esme already loved Angela, you could see it.
I tugged Angela inside, eager for her to meet the rest.
“Jazz! Em! Dad? Edward! Come meet my friend!” I sang as I walked into the living room.
They came out from wherever they were before, to meet Angela.
I knew Angela must be feeling a little overwhelmed when they all came in and looked like supermodels, only better, but she kept it in nicely. I sprung over and hugged Carlisle.
“Hey Dad. Had a good day?” I asked him. He nodded at me, and smiled.
“Come, I want you to meet Angela.” I had placed Angela in the couch, and dragged Carlisle along.
“Dad, this is Angela, Angela this is my father Carlisle.” I introduced. Angela shyly stuck out her hand, but Carlisle hugged her, just like Esme had.
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I don’t think Bella has talked about anything but you, since she came home yesterday!” Angela chuckled slightly.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Dr. Cullen.” She said shyly, once she was seated again.
“Please, call me Carlisle.” Carlisle smiled at Angela as she nodded.
“Bells, don’t I get to meet your friend?” Emmett asked, almost as excited to meet Angela as I was to have her with me home. Angela took in his enormous frame and blinked once. I just rolled my eyes at him.
“Sure Em. Angela, this is the rest of the family. Edward, Jasper and Emmett. You already know Alice and Rosalie.” I told her as I pointed them out.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Angela was suddenly blushing slightly. Emmett’s booming laughter filled the room.
“That wasn’t even a proper greeting Bells.” He told me as he stood up, and swept Angela into his signature bear-hug. He swung her around and even though Angela was surprised, she couldn’t help the laugh that followed with being swung around by Em.
As he put her down, she swayed slightly on her feet and sat down.
I could see Rosalie roll her eyes at Emmett, and Alice just smiling hugely.
“Who’s hungry?” It came from the kitchen. Esme walked out with plates in her hands, both filled with food that smelled divine. It made my mouth water.
As if on cue, my stomach started growling, and we all laughed.
“We ate in school, so we’re good.” Alice said as Angela and I dug in. I ate everything and a portion more and I could see Angela looking at me weirdly.
“Wha? I’m hungry!” I got out with my mouth full of food.
“Nothing, but I think I now understand what you meant with not having to worry about you.” I grinned and ate some more food.
When we were done, Angela was about to take out her plate.
“No no, I’ll have that dear, don’t worry about it.” Esme said.
“Uh thanks. And thank you for food, it was really delicious.” Angela told her. Esme smiled, and disappeared into the kitchen.
“So, I’ll give you the grand tour?” I asked her. She nodded and I went around the house telling her stories and showing her where my room was and so on.

“Here’s my room.” I told her and stepped aside. She took in the wardrobe and her eyes bugged out.
“Wow Bells, how much clothes do you have?” I smiled.
“I live with Alice” was my only reply. She seemed to get it though, because she just nodded and chuckled.

We proceeded to sit down on my bed and talk about how everything went down after I “got lost in the woods”. She told me how Ms. Kim had gotten worried and how they had gone out to search for me. She told me that my biological father had been in a state of shock, and had not been able to participate in the search. She told me how the Chief had told my dad, and as words spread fast in the small town; everybody knew that he had cried. I didn’t believe that, one bit. If they only knew what had really been going down, nobody would have taken him seriously.
I was close to telling her, but I didn’t want to upset her. I would tell her when I was ready, and not because she had it wrong.

“Let’s play some videogames.” I told her, and we went to the living room.
We played many different games: dance games, Wii, Mario Kart, and I even tried to teach her Guitar Hero.
Emmett came in and watched us, and eventually he wanted to join.
“Can I join? Please? Please? Please?” He begged. I laughed at him, and told Angela to watch me kick his butt in Guitar Hero.
“Ha! I told you, you couldn’t win!” I taunted Emmett. He pouted and I could hear Ang snickering behind me.
“Ooooh Beeeeelllaaaaa!” Alice sang. I knew that voice. It meant trouble.
“Quick Angela, hide!!” I rushed out and frantically searched for a place to hide. Emmett was laughing at me, but I couldn’t it in e to be mad at him at the moment. I had to get away from the she-devil.
“Why?” She was looked at me like she was about to laugh.
“The Evil Pixie wants to give us make-overs and do our hair and stuff. It’s torture!” She laughed as I dove down under a bed. She crawled in next to me, and we lay there silently. I knew Ali would find us, but I still liked the illusion it gave me.

It was pointless. She found us. I sighed as I with slumped shoulders followed her into her room. Rose was in there, reading a magazine.
“Mom took the boys out shopping, and Dad went back to the hospital. He got paged. We got the house all to ourselves.” She said and looked up. Putting away the magazine, she told us it was girl-bonding time, and we what we would be doing.
I had to admit it was fun. We did each other’s hair and nails, and we talked about, well, everything.
“Ooh, Bella, tell Angela who you like” I glared at Rose. A light blush spread across my cheeks.
“Yeah Bells, do tell” Ali was quick to join in. I glared at her as well. Angela just looked at me curiously. Sighing I looked down.
“Fine. I kinda like Edward.” I mumbled. Angela didn’t look disgusted as I thought she would.
“Cool. He is a good-looking guy.” She told me. I blinked at her.
“What? He is!” And with that we all laughed and continued our day.
The guys got home, and I hoped to God that Angela wasn’t thinking about my little secret. We were watching The Notebook, and we were crying. The film is so sad, yet it’s so great. I love it.
When Angela had to go home, I asked Jasper if he could drive us.
“Sure” he said and we drove back into town. Jasper, being an Empath and all, didn’t drive as fast as the rest of the family would have done. He could feel whatever fear there might have been in Angela, and drove at the speed limit. I knew he was irritated, but I was grateful that he did. Reading my emotions, he just smiled at me.
The car ride home was filled with mindless chitter-chatter but when we reached Angela’s home, I was sad. I didn’t want the day to end; I had just gotten back my best friend.
“I’ll see ya tomorrow Angela. I have to go home and make that stupid essay.” She grinned at me, and we hugged one last time.
“Thanks for today Bella; it was the best girl-time I’ve had in a long, long time.” I beamed at her, and she made her way into her house.

The car ride home was interesting, to say the least. It all started out with Jasper just talking about random stuff, and then, out of nowhere he said: “You know; he likes you too” which had me staring at him in disbelief the rest of the way home. When the car finally came to a stop, I had come to the conclusion, that he must have read Edwards emotions wrong. There was no way Edward liked me. Not like I loved him. Yeah, I loved him. It was stupid and silly but I did. Typically me, to fall in love with a vampire, and a vampire, that posed to be my sibling none the less.


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Next chapter's undergoing some work right now, it'll be up soon though :D
LOVED it update ASAP
Thanks!! :D Will do =)
loved the chapter post more asap
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Great chapter!
plz post more.
Thanks!! =D


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