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summary- what if edward was captured during his newborn year form Carslie. Later he is found by the volituri and is given back to his father. Oh yeah, Edward's blind.


In quick form when edward was created these vampire started stealing newborns and doing exparments on them. Edward was one of them sadly.Jasper was there when Carslie lost him, and will betold better later. Years later Carslie is still sad, but has his family;Emse, Rose, Emment, Alice and Jasper. And just when the "childeren" learn they should of had another brother Aro calls. They Found him and they go to get thier "baby" brother. the rest you will have to read and wait for sorry.


Thank you Blondie!


Need To Know-

please read upto chapter-3 first


First The Volituri are good. And are knid of more like a goverment the usal.


Secound Carlise is Part of the Volituri,but dosen't live with them. And Aro,Marcus,and Caculse are the "brother's" like in the book.


Third Vampire don't usally create a child and when they do they a cheerused and not turned a way after their first year like the book. More family then creation if that helps.


Forth's I hint for later, In the summary there will be a part I lied about and will be told later. (another hint- He is blind. I didn't lie about this part.) If wish To Gusse I will only tell you if you get it right. 



Thanks to the readers for commenting , induering long waits, and bad spelling.

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New reader
That sounds really good :)
But hurry and write more plesease :)
Ok I know I didn't come though for everyone so Here's a teser to keep you intill I can get the next chapter finshed (It will be extra long for the waiting)

teaser of chapter-3 (or part 1)- Found

When we finally arrived Emmet acquired us a jeep and took off into the mountains of Cliff, Montana. Jasper drove and I was having the itch to say “Are we there yet?” like a child, but thank fully Emmet beat me to it.
“No. The jeep would be parked if we were stupid.”
Only 2 secounds went by when- “Are we there now?” It was sweet and innocent.
“No EM.” He was a little forcefull, telling Emmet to stop.
It was quite again for about 3 minutes, but during the next minute emmet was acting like he had ants in his drawers. And 5 secounds later- “ Are there yet?”
“No.” “How about now?” “Emmet!”
After one minute more and quietly came “Are we almost there?”

( know it's short but the rest of the chapter will be long!)
i love it! :) update soon :))
Part2 of chapter-3 - Found

Everyone froze. There was a scent of new vampires approaching. Emmet made his way to the door, I assumed to beat them up and be on our merry way. I put a hand on his arm sitting him back in his seat and asked jasper to pull over, saying that I knew them and they were no danger.
As I climbed out they bowed.
“Sir, we were told to lead you from here to the research site. Aro sends his Regrets, but the brothers are tracking down the last “researcher”. He wanted you to know the leaders were killed. They suffered…His Daughter was there also.” I nodded, knowing they paid for making our children suffer made me feel there was some justice.
“My condolences. Please, lead the way.”
We followed the though the dense foliage; sticking close to each other. It was a good 20 minutes before we before the forest began to give away into a vast clearing.
When we entered the clearing I saw how statically the forest was cleared along with the falsities it housed. Spotlights, electric fences and spear guns at the towers placed every 15; maybe 20; feet apart. Made me sick to think my child was kept here.
“Sir? If you could Dimiti would like to talk to you about his condition. He’s the head of the operation while the brothers are gone. He’s in the main tent.”
I wanted to go straight too my baby. To make sure he was okay. But I knew If Dimiti, and if he wanted to talk then it must be important. My family and I started walking, but Felix stopped us.
“Umm..sir,” He leaned forward toward my ear, “ there is some information that might disturb the women and children. I mean no disrespect, sir.”
I looked at him in the eye and desisted he was right. I put my hand and motioned for them to stay behind while I walked alone toward the main tent.
When I walked in I saw Dimiti sitting at a foldable table with a gigantic mound of dusty files. He did a double take as I walked in. He stood offering his hand ; which I took; and asked me to sit.
“Cullen, I assume you haven’t seen Edward yet?” He shuffled though paper trying to find apparently, well hidden file.
“That’s correct. It looks like you set this up in only 2 days!” I noticed every piece of furnisher was foldable, and the halfway put in stakes, with their just tied ropes.
“Less than that, Carlisle” He smiled and then was followed a small sigh. “All of these,” he slapped the stacks of paper, “Children. Barely a year old when they were captured. Many younger than that. I just …I can’t believe what they went though.”
He needed to vent. I could tell He hated this job, but he would do it because they need him to do it. So I let him rant, occasionally nodding when I agreed.
When He was in control again and done ranting, I asked him what part of Edward’s condition did we need to talk about. He grew very quiet for a moment.
“All of it. Edward was used specifically for experiments. Carlisle, they-“
The end of chapter 3 - Found

(Please read the Need To Know at the top. We have reached a part in the story that I need to explain some things.)
wow! :))
wow what?
I don't understand the third -need to know. It might sound stupid but are children created by bitting or actually conceived by them? Explain plz!!! Keep me udated.
*raises hand to ask question* so the experiments were to turn him into a human again??? Cool, so was he sucessfully turn into human or remains vampire??
You won't know untill you read!
new reader
love it
STOP THE CLIFF HANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cool I can't wait to read the rest!


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