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summary- what if edward was captured during his newborn year form Carslie. Later he is found by the volituri and is given back to his father. Oh yeah, Edward's blind.


In quick form when edward was created these vampire started stealing newborns and doing exparments on them. Edward was one of them sadly.Jasper was there when Carslie lost him, and will betold better later. Years later Carslie is still sad, but has his family;Emse, Rose, Emment, Alice and Jasper. And just when the "childeren" learn they should of had another brother Aro calls. They Found him and they go to get thier "baby" brother. the rest you will have to read and wait for sorry.


Thank you Blondie!


Need To Know-

please read upto chapter-3 first


First The Volituri are good. And are knid of more like a goverment the usal.


Secound Carlise is Part of the Volituri,but dosen't live with them. And Aro,Marcus,and Caculse are the "brother's" like in the book.


Third Vampire don't usally create a child and when they do they a cheerused and not turned a way after their first year like the book. More family then creation if that helps.


Forth's I hint for later, In the summary there will be a part I lied about and will be told later. (another hint- He is blind. I didn't lie about this part.) If wish To Gusse I will only tell you if you get it right. 



Thanks to the readers for commenting , induering long waits, and bad spelling.

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I will start writeing soon!
thanks! Ill start on the first chap with a better summary.

part of the first chap.

Chapter 1 - Who He is

It was a Thursday night and I was driving home after a long day.
As I drove into my driveway me lovely wife waited for me on the porch. I didn’t waste time grabbing my bag and just ran to embrace her. I kissed her gingerly as she lead ne into the house.
The children were playing some video game; Mario cars maybe? Emmet seemed to be in the lead. I sat down pulling Emse with me to watch.
I was determined not to depressed. I didn’t need to go and hide in my study every year. I didn’t need to cry over what happened. I could be strong. Even if I couldn’t get over when I lost him.
I remember his first hunt. He actual ran into a TREE! He was so scared. My little baby. I was filled instantly with joy when he called me dad. He had this thing about calling me not calling me father. When I had asked he said he still loved his birth father and me, but didn’t want to get the both of us mixed up. So, I would live with dad, and Father would keep his title. I couldn’t help, but think it was cute. I wonder if he were alive, would he call Emse mom?
I miss my baby
My body started start to shake. I nestle my face into Emse. As I worked on controlling my self, she ran her fingers though my hair soothingly. Soon I was able to control myself. I didn’t look up quite yet as I could feel the stares of my children.
They never asked about what happened, and I never told them. I would usually be locked up in my study right now. I remembered why now. I never wanted my children to see me weak; I didn’t want them to feel afraid because I couldn’t do everything. But I missed my baby too much. My beautiful baby.
When I finally gathered enough courage to look up I saw my eldest, jasper. He was there when it happened. He loved his brother.
“Do you think he would of like this? The family, I mean.” Jasper dropped his remote and sat on the floor next to me.
I thought about the question for a minute, and I was sure of my answer. “He would love Everyone, He would fight for their attention.” I smiled at the thought.
“Even-” He pointed to Rosaline while trying to sarcastically decrease. I nodded my head, “yes, Jasper everyone.”
“I don’t think so. They fight over the Piano. I could just see it. Both of them in the middle of the completely smashed room; only the piano intact.” He took to explaining with his hand. Indicating with his hands to where everything was demolished and telling us how they were destroyed.
We all laughed at the scene he had laid out. I knew It was more of a pity laugh, trying to cheer me up I could hear the halfhearted laugh and see the fake smiles. Then I was brought out of myself wallowing by Emmet.
“Who’s He?”
I will write more when 3 people comment. Or if I feel like it.
Its a really good story. Please continue.
Really good fan-fin write more soon plz...
I need one more person and I'll write the next chapter at 1400. thanks for your reviews!
wow i like this alot! :)) i wonder if Bella will be in this story! :))
Yeah she will, but it will take a while! thanks now I can write! It will be up By the end of the day!
yay! i love this! :)) and i can totally imagine them fighting for the piano! :))


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