The Twilight Saga

Hi everyone this is my 9th fanfic and its co-written by Mareesa Cullen i hope you like it.

 The Cullens and Jacob are on a family Vacation on an island.Near by there is a plane crash what happens when rose finds a little girl no older that 10 about to die? What will she do?

Hi my name is Natasha  and im 10 years old i live with my mom today we're going to visit my aunt i've never been on a plane before but my mom said it would be fun.
"Mommy i cant wait to see aunt Jenny." i said the plane was about to take off
"I know baby i cant wait either." she said
"Mom are you sure its going to be safe on here?" i asked
"Of course." she said
"Ok." i said
 I think its been like 1 hour since the plane took of and i just know somethings not right and right on time there was a loud BOOM!!
"Everyone this is not a drill one of the engines has blown out and we are going to crash!"
"Mommy im scared." i screamed
"I am to baby im sorry i love you." she said
'I love you to mom please dont leave me." i begged crying
"I wont i promise i am always with you." she said and after that every thing went black.

Yeah another pointless vacation and this time they brought the dog.
"Why does the mutt get to come?" i asked
"First hes not a mutt and second he came because Nessie wants him to." Bella said
"Whatever iim going for a walk." i said storming of into the woods.
I was walking by the ocean now when i saw a plane crash and i raced to it.Everyone was dead except for this little girl that was barley breathing.
"Little girl are you ok." i asked
"Help." she whispered before falling asleep.
Ok what do i do i dont want her to die i guess i have to bite her.
"Im sorry." i said then i bite her neck.

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Love it
Chapter6~Rpov ~the next day~
"Tasha come here." i yelled
"Yes mom." she answered
"Come on i want you to meet someone." i said
"Who.?" she asked
"Your new friend."i said
"Who." she asked
"Bella and Edwards daughter Nessie." i said
"Ok.'She said
"Daddy.' i yelled
'What?" he asked
"Make me something to eat.' i said
"No." he said
"Do you remember Jacobs punishment outfit." i said
"You wouldnt." he said
'I would." i said
"You make me so proud....what do you want to eat?" he asked fake crying
"Surprise me.' i said and to second later he gave me the ultimate ice cream sundae
"Wow." i said and then mom came downstairs
"Emmett you idiot why would you give her that?" she screamed
"I didnt know what else to make." he said
'Whatever Tasha hurry up." she said
"Ok." i said
~at the cottage~
"Ok Tasha this is Nessie." my mom said
"Hi.' i said
"Hello." she said
"Do you wanna go play?" i asked
"Yeah come on." she said grabbing my hand then we ran outside.
"Nessie how old are you?" i asked
"4." she said
"Wow you look like your 9." i said
"i know im part human." she said
"Cool..Nessie why does Jacob stink?" i asked
"Hes a .........."
y is there a cliffy im sad funny she made jacob dress up like a girl
♥ it
that is so funny but jacob plz make her love him
WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!!!! muhahaha lol, is a vampire gonna jump out and kindap them?
no but you gave me and idea
loved it as usual this story just keeps getting more and more awesome!
love it update soon!!!
love it, plz keep me updated


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