The Twilight Saga

Hi everyone this is my 9th fanfic and its co-written by Mareesa Cullen i hope you like it.

 The Cullens and Jacob are on a family Vacation on an island.Near by there is a plane crash what happens when rose finds a little girl no older that 10 about to die? What will she do?

Hi my name is Natasha  and im 10 years old i live with my mom today we're going to visit my aunt i've never been on a plane before but my mom said it would be fun.
"Mommy i cant wait to see aunt Jenny." i said the plane was about to take off
"I know baby i cant wait either." she said
"Mom are you sure its going to be safe on here?" i asked
"Of course." she said
"Ok." i said
 I think its been like 1 hour since the plane took of and i just know somethings not right and right on time there was a loud BOOM!!
"Everyone this is not a drill one of the engines has blown out and we are going to crash!"
"Mommy im scared." i screamed
"I am to baby im sorry i love you." she said
'I love you to mom please dont leave me." i begged crying
"I wont i promise i am always with you." she said and after that every thing went black.

Yeah another pointless vacation and this time they brought the dog.
"Why does the mutt get to come?" i asked
"First hes not a mutt and second he came because Nessie wants him to." Bella said
"Whatever iim going for a walk." i said storming of into the woods.
I was walking by the ocean now when i saw a plane crash and i raced to it.Everyone was dead except for this little girl that was barley breathing.
"Little girl are you ok." i asked
"Help." she whispered before falling asleep.
Ok what do i do i dont want her to die i guess i have to bite her.
"Im sorry." i said then i bite her neck.

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looooooooooooved it cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!BD
P.S. i totally checked out emmetts singer-and everyone else should too- and it was totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!
new reader i love it please update me soon
love it!!update soon!!
Loved it :)
Keep going!
i loved it keep writing its really good
lol omg i love it!!! post more soon!!!

OMG I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!! I missed this story :'( I wish I knew what happened to Maressa and the rest of you...I could just cry right now


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