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Keveral is a girl that went missing in 1912, She has finally made her way back to Forks.But she has a very strange reason for being here. Her 'father' Aro has asked her to go seek help from his friend Doctor Carlisle Cullen with her strange ailment. Keveral is neither Vampire nor Werewolf. She is a mix. Aro bit her while she was on a tour through Volterra with her Uncle. Aro sends her because of Carlisle's relationship with the Wolves of La Push. When she arrives she gets a big surprise. Her sister and her mate.

Chapter One- Father Knows Best

Keveral POV

I sighed softly hanging my head in defeat "As you wish Father." I murmured. He was sending me away from him. He was sending me to his friend to see why I have this ailment. I stood infront of Father and my Uncles my cloak pushed down where my black spiked out to the sides hair was visible as well as my golden eyes. You see I had adopted the Cullens "Vegetarian" way of life after my Father told me about it.Alec was to escort me to the air port and then to the Cullen house but not stay. I bowed to them then left Alec right behind me. "Alec it's unfair! I'm perfectly fine!" He nodded "Except that your talent is being able to turn into a wolf and see the future. You and the Pixie Cullen will get along fine." I sighed "You are so not helping Alec." He shrugged "Call me when you're ready to leave Kev." I sighed and began packing. I decided to take my brighter colored clothes rather than the dull black I wore around here. I packed my iPod and cell as well then grabbed a series of books. When I was done it was night so I took off my cloak and changed out of my black boring tank top into a band shirt a hoodie and grabbed my bags. "Alec!" I called slipping on my back pack he came in and grabbed my suit case. I froze as a vision flashed in my mind.

"Alice are you sure?" Some one asked her she nodded and blinked "Yes I'm sure. The Volturi is only sending one to stay. A girl....she looks a bit like me.....She's coming soon." She looked around at the faces peering at her. Her love, Her almost mother and father, her brothers and sisters and her neice, the La Push wolves were there as well. She didn't looked worried at all "The rest is a surprise."

As I came to Alec was looking at me "What did you see?" I smiled "Alice seeing that I'm being sent to them." He nodded and continued to escort me to the surface and to a rental car he put my suitcase in the trunk motioning for me to place my back pack in as well. I put my back pack down in the trunk then got into the car. The ride to the air port was near silence finally Alec spoke "The Cullens don't like me at all Kev." I nodded "I know Father told me. So....will you at least walk me up the driveway Alec?" He sighed but nodded "Sure Princess." I slugged him in the arm "Don't call me that." Alec was my best and only friend in Volterra. Jane hated me and the rest of the guard didn't really care what I did. I had been there during the questioning about the hybrid. I heard Alec sigh softly "What?' He looked at me his orange gold eyes staring at me "Contacts Finally dissolved." I laughed "They might hate you less if you got out of Volturi garb more often. He chuckled "If I could leave I would but I have no reason to." I nodded. He and I talked often about this subject. The rest of the ride was silent as was our plane ride to the U.S. We landed in Seattle and got our rental loading my luggage into the trunk and drove off. I gazed out the window watching the countless tree go by as we neared Forks Alec took a turn and drove half way up the long drive then parked getting out he grabbed my suitcase and handed me my back pack. As we walked up we were watched by the wolves. "Alec how long will you stay?" He shrugged "Long enough to make sure you're settled." I nodded and stopped as we reached the group of waiting Cullens they were all tense. Alec set down my bag and looked at me "And I believe that's my cue to leave Kev." He messed up my hair which made me punch him in the arm "Worst escort ever Alec." All I heard was his laugh as he drove away. "Jerk." I muttered then faced the Cullens. Suddenly I was engulfed in a hug which was so familiar. "Keveral!" I blinked and hugged her back "Ali!" our exchange confused even the mind reader...Edward. She held me at arms length "Wow you grew up Kev." I laughed past the choking feeling in my throat "I had to Ali. Mum and Dad made you go away." There was a few gasps as everyone finally got it. Alice Cullen was my older sister.

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Omg plz update!!!!! I like that its kinda out of the box thinking a bit :)

Hi there,

this is a really good twist on the plots.

I am looking forward to more. I'd like to know what her aliment is other than to turn into a wolf - maybe there is more?

Did Aro turn her as he had heard of Alice and wanted a guard with future sight and her sister was the best option?

Looking forward to the next chapter.

Best wishes



A connection with Alice and the wolves?  How did that happen?  This could be interesting!  Especially with Aro's interest in her!

You will have to wait a bit.While my chapters write themselves I'm back at school but I promise you I will update soon.

Chapter Two - Staring Contest

Keveral POV

 I sat in Alice's room letting her go through my stuff. "So you're into the band scene these days huh?" She asked holding up my Metallica shirt "Just the good ones." I smiled taking it from her and folding it once again. "Who turned you?" She asked " know who turned me. I'm pretty sure Alec being here made it obvious. Aro did." She let her smile fade a bit "And Uncle Kal?" I sighed "He...he unfortunately became their dinner.I don't know why I didn't. Aro won't tell me." I shrugged off my hoodie "So where am I staying?" Alice perked up and grabbed my hand leading me....more like dragging me through their immense home. I passed a wall of graduation caps and sighed I hadn't even gotten through Senior year before being turned and since then I hadn't even stepped foot in a human building. Don't get me wrong my control is awesome to say the least but...I never had the experience of receiving my diploma. Alice nabbed my attention again by smiling widely and yanking on my arm like an excited five year old. "This is your room. I told Carlisle that we should have guest rooms and this is the best one ever. Wanna know why?' I laughed softly "Because you designed it." For that I received a good sock in the arm "Ow! you're lucky that I don't bruise anymore Alice that hurt." I faked a hurt expression which set her into laughter and Alice's laughter is contagious I tell you because soon i was joining in our bell like peals of laughter rang through the house.

Chapter Two - Staring Contest

Seth POV

I walked into the Cullen house because Jake was there with Nessie and had forgotten...well left his phone at Billy's. I looked at everyone who was gathered at the steps and heard Alice and another girl talking and laughing quietly. Suddenly their joined laughter made Jasper chuckle then join in,after Jasper came Carlisle then Nessie then somehow everyone was laughing. Suddenly Alice came flying down the stairs "Ahh! She's gonna eat me!" She screamed still laughing, wait did Alice just quote The Lion King? another black haired golden eyed vampire came running after her and tackled her "HAH! Pinned ya!" The girl managed still laughing. As she stood and offered Alice her hand I noticed a slow faint almost inaudible heart beat "Hey who's dieing?' I asked the girl whipped her head towards me and caught my eyes with her own. They weren't the pure gold of the Cullen's but seemed softer and less inhuman. They had brown and amber specks in them making her seem warm and almost alive except for the longer I stared the more i couldn't make my self pull away. I felt my heart squeeze in my chest and soon nothing else mattered to me. Just her, this younger more alive version of Alice was all that mattered. Her safety, her well being, her heart. That's all I cared about. She gave me a small smile and said very quietly "That'd be me I suppose. I'm Keveral...and you are?" I simply smiled and said "I'm Seth."

Awww so cute!!! Plz write more soon!!! And keep me updated!!!!! Message me or something when you put a new chapter up plz!!!!!!!!!!!


Chapter Three - Don't Say a Word 

Keveral POV

"I'm Seth." I was sure that I was going to melt into a puddle of ooey goooey Keveral at that point. His eyes were stunning to say the least and his voice was smooth sweet and dare I say it? Perfect. Not to mention his body. But what confused me is how did he hear my heart beat when no one else did? Before I could ask the door burst open and a very angry looking male walked in followed by others. I stood beside Alice a bit surprised that Seth stood slightly in front of me. I expected the overly angry male to speak but he didn't the calm rational one spoke. "Carlisle when were we going to be informed that a new vampire was going to be here?Paul saw her from the woods and came to tell us." One of the pack members went over to Bella and Edwards small daughter and held her for a while. She seemed content and even happy. She pressed her hand to his cheek and he chuckled "Really Ness? Auntie Alice quoted the Lion King?" The Calm guy sighed "Jacob!" The guy holding Ness looked at him "Oh come on Sam. It's not like you wouldn't let Emily tell you about her day." Sam relented then turned his attention back to me. "Who are you?" He asked but before I could speak Seth spoke "Her name is Keveral. Sam she's my imprint." I expected all hell to break loose I even held my breath. Then my eye sight went blank but I saw myself and Seth. The only difference was his eyes were a golden brown color. I heard Alice gasp as she too had a vision. I blinked coming back to reality. I looked Edward dead in the eyes and sent him Don't say a word. He gave a slight nod. I then looked at the back to the pack "WHAT?!" A girl's voice yelled she stormed to the front "How could you she's a leech! She's just like the rest of them! Cold and dead!" I blinked back the tears that forced their way forward and turned my face away trying to wipe them away before they fell.Jasper touched my arm " cry?" I nodded "I cry." I looked at the pack then "I cry, I feel, I do have a heart beat although it sounds as though I'm dieing. I was sent here to find out why. Now I know." I hugged Seth "It's because he lives." The girl growled "You stupid little lying leech." She grabbed me by the throat before any one could stop her. Her face went from angry to confused. Now that she was close she could hear the slow beat. She dropped me, I fell onto my knees for a few seconds "H-her's almost as warm as a humans but cold too.If you listen her heart is beating." Carlisle spoke up "Perhaps her body rejected full transformation for a reason." Alice helped me up "Kev you okay?" I nodded "I'm fine Ali." She hugged me close to her then let me go as Seth came over. He wrapped his arms around me engulfing me in the warmth of his body. Sam spoke again "She has gold eyes. How long has she been here." Emmett spoke "Two hours." Sam seemed confused in his next question "How long have you been hunting animals?" I looked at Seth and then said "Sixty something years." Seth looked at me raising an eyebrow "How old are you." The girl asked "Um...115...I'll be 116 in..." Alice piped up "Three days. I'll be 118 in five days." The pack seemed to want more answers so Edward spoke up "Keveral is Alice's younger sister. the were turned in the same year. Alice was 17 while Keveral was 15. Keveral was in Italy and was turned by Aro of the Volturi. Looking back on it I have seen her before but never talked to her. No one knows Alice's maker. 35 years after Keveral was turned Carlisle went to visit Aro she saw his eye color and wanted a chance to see the human world again. she didn't get that chance until now. She played dumb to the entire situation of Alice because she knew it was her sister at stake. She as far as I now has no loyalties to the Volturi except that alec happens to be her one and only friend there.Enough Answers Sam?" Sam nodded and left the pack following them but Sam seemed to reach a decison "Seth....I don't want to see her on pack lands..... Or you." Jacob spoke up "Sam! Why are you kicking him off?" Sam looked at Jacob "Because he imprinted on a leech at least yours is half human." They all walked out Seth stayed silent. I touched his face slowly "I am so sorry this is all my fault." He shook his head "No it isn't Sam has issues.I don't care.I'm not usually on pack lands anyway." Edward laughed "He wanted a reason to get your leech loving butt out of La Push." Seth chuckled "Yeah...I'm here all the time anyways. Even Rose has come around to not putting my food in a dog bowl anymore." Rose shrugged "It just seems natural to have you two hanging around now you don't even stink." I shook my head "Okay I want a full explanation to what you guys are talking about."

Tense situation!  Now Keveral is confused!  And she is the greatest mystery of all!


I Like This Story!!..It's Different but i like the direction it's going in.


Love it!!!! Please write more soon!!!


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