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When everything in your world is falling apart what’s the point in living? When everything starts changing for the worse, do you keep moving ahead? What if someone came and filled that aching pain deep in your chest? Would that one person be enough?

Chapter 1
“Alexandria Mae!” I imagined my mother’s voice calling for me.
“You’re going to be late!” Hmm. Her voice was very clear now, almost real. But why would my mother be calling for me this early on a Sunday morning? What could she possibly want at – I rolled over to check the digital clock on my bedside table – 6:30 am on a Sunday for crying out loud?!
“Alex! Are you ready?” She called. Ready for what? I thought to myself.
Oh no! Of course she was asking if I was ready! It’s not Sunday, it’s Monday. I have school today!
I hurried out of bed, checking the clock once again. 6:35, okay, I have 10 minutes to get ready.
“ALEX!” My mother shouted from downstairs.
“Yeah, mom. I’m almost ready. Give me a minute.”
I quickly went to my oversized walk-in closet to pick out an outfit for school. I ended up with an old pair of comfy blue jeans and my “I ♥ NY” t-shirt that I bought while visiting my dad last New Years.
I rushed over to my floor length mirror on the opposite side of my closet deciding whether or not I was presentable enough. As I looked into the eyes of the reflection I saw a 17-year-old girl – no, woman – staring back at me. She had dirty blonde, almost light brown hair and beautiful almond shaped green eyes. Her thick, curly hair, down past her shoulders, almost 3 inches past now, was lightly laying on her chest and down her back.
Then, I near ran to my make-up station in my closet. I added my ‘Bad Gal’ mascara to my already think lashes. I chose dark brown eye shadow and applied it to my lids. Now I looked somewhat decent, not as much as I’d hoped but surely above average.
Practically running now, I snagged my black and white Coach shoes from the large shoe rack in the “west wing” of my closet. I started towards my bathroom, which was on the side of my room parallel to my closet.
I thoroughly brushed my teeth, making sure not to miss any, and headed downstairs and to the door.
I decided to skip breakfast this morning. First because I was in a rush and second because I really wasn’t that hungry.
“Late start?” My mom questioned as I was leaving.
“Yeah,” I replied with a hint of irritation slipping into my tone. I didn’t like to be mad at Steph, and I really had no reason, I was just frustrated this morning.
“Well have fun at school,” She continued. Her voice was so sweet; it was almost hard to stay mad at her.
“’Kay! See you after school,” I chimed as I headed out.
I knew she would be here when I got home, she always was. For the past two weeks she’s been waiting for a call back from the bank to see if she got the job she applied for. Stephanie isn’t a bank teller or at least she wasn’t at her old job, but she was more of a loan agent. Steph wasn’t one of the blue-haired ladies that talks like she could be your great grandma and has had the same job at the family bank for her whole life because they can’t find anyone to replace her, she was actually wanted at her old job. But because of their budget cuts at the old bank, she was one of the ones who got laid off.
I opened the front door and spotted my truck. It was an old yet somewhat-nice Chevy. The glossy paint on the exterior was a deep cherry red and leather seats for the interior.
Climbing into the driver’s seat of my truck, I felt relieved to be leaving a minute early. My school was about two miles up the road and I’d be sure to make it there in time.
I arrived at Beacon High School in time and had about five minutes to spare. But as I drove into the parking lot headed to my usual spot, I got confused. Was I in the right lot? I answered my own mental question. Yes, this is lot G. Well then why isn’t my spot open?
Parked in my usual spot was a flashy yellow Mercedes, the kind that you never saw unless you were in an extravagant city. And Knoxx, Kansas wasn’t necessarily what you might consider extravagant.
In all the years that I had gone to Beacon High, no one had ever changed where they parked. And I had never seen this car anywhere at the school before. This must be some kind of joke.
I decided to just let it go, at least until I got inside. Then I could ask around until someone knew who the bad prankster was.
Hopping out of my truck, I spotted Sara and Anna.
Sara, Anna and I have been best friends since kindergarten. Everyone considered us the three musketeers when we were little. But in 3rd grade I met a boy named Jason. At first I kind of liked him, but then we became friends. So we dropped the whole three musketeers’ thing and now there’s four of us. Since then, the four of us have been inseparable! I spend pretty much every waking minute with them, as do they.
As I was walking towards the girls’ I noticed Sara’s top. It wasn’t showy or anything, but it looked familiar. I must say, it looked very nice on her. Sara was very small but very beautiful. She had short brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Sara was also part Indian so she was naturally tan. Sometimes I got jealous of her skin. The familiar top she was wearing was a light blue short sleeve t-shirt. Not very smart of her to wear a short sleeve shirt in November but at least it looked good. She also had on familiar jeans. They looked like my True Religions’ but I couldn’t be sure.
Standing next to her was Anna. Anna was a little taller than Sara but not any taller than me. She had long golden-brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Anna didn’t look like all the other girls at our small school. She was beautiful of course, but she had a different kind of beauty about her that I could never quite pin-point. Anna was a fair skinned girl that had light freckles all over her nose and under her eyes. She was also wearing a familiar top. It was a pink long sleeve that fit her nicely.
I was walking closer and closer so I finally waved. The girls waved back in unison.
“Hey, Alex,” Sara greeted me.
“Hey,” I replied groggily.
“What happened to you?” Anna asked me with pure compassion. Anna was always a good friend that way.
“I got a late start. I forgot it was Monday.” I told them truthfully.
All of us laughed at my response. And then I remembered that one of our inseparable friends was missing.
“Where’s Jase?” I asked, not particularly asking either of them. Although I knew which one would be the one to answer my question.
“Wow, she really is out of it,” Anna said to Sara.
“I know. How could she forget her best friend got to go to California for the week?” Sara answered.
“Oh, that’s right! I totally forgot! What time is it?” I couldn’t believe I could forget.
Anna was the one to answer this time, “It is . . . 6:56.”
“Alright, thanks!” I said as I was already reaching for my phone.
I found my cell quickly and pressed only #2 and then send. Jason had been the first real person on my speed dial because he was truly my best friend. Although Sara and Anna were my best friends as well, they knew that Jason had a special place in my heart that no one could ever fill besides him. Which is why I couldn’t believe I had forgotten he was leaving!
“Hello?” His remarkably smooth voice answered.
“Hey, Jase! I’m so glad you haven’t left yet!”
“Yeah, our flight was delayed, but only an hour. So I’m just stuck in the airport for a little while. What’s up?”
“Not much, we’re just about to start school. I just wanted to tell you to have a good flight.” I said with a smile erupting on my face.
“Okay. Hey, thanks, Alex. So we still have the same vacation rule right?”
“Yep, still on.”
Jason and I had a thing with airplanes. Whenever either of us went anywhere on a plane we would have to call each other as soon as we landed. Some people thought it was stupid but we just needed to hear each other’s voices to know we were safe. So, no matter what time it was where we landed or at home, we would call each other as soon as possible.
“Alright, well I’m going to go find some food with my dad. I haven’t eaten all morning!” We both laughed because it wasn’t even 7 am yet.
“Okay, have a good flight, Jase.” I tried to speed up the conversation so I wouldn’t have to be late to class.
“’Kay. I love you, Alex” He replied.
“Love you, too.”
“Brotha, Sista love!” We said in unison. We’d been saying that to each other since the 5th grade when our friends all thought it was strange that we told each other ‘I love you’. It had kind of become an inside joke between the two of us.
“Wait for my call!”
“Alright, bye.” I said as I laughed and hung up the phone.
It would be a hard day without Jason here with me, and even harder if I hadn’t called him. I was so glad that I got to talk to him before school, just to make sure he was safe. It would be an easier day knowing that.


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Thanks Aby ! I'll add you as a friend for updates. (:
Will do ! Thanks for reading and commenting=]
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Hahaha, Em, you always make me laugh ! I love how witty you are.
Thanks for always being a great reader ! =]
--Alex, Xx
I LLUUVV this story ITS FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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Hahah, I'm sorry ! I didn't mean toooooo !
Thanks, babee.

Xx, Alexx.
Great chapter :)
Write more soon!
One of my favorite stories on here!
Thank you so much, Shelby ! Your comments inspire mee(:
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Sorry Heather ! I haven't updated in soooo long. I think I'm gonna be putting this story on hold. There's just too much going on. Sorry for all of you that enjoy updates.



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