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A/N This is my first time writing. It is the chapter in Twilight when Bella escapes from Jasper by going in to the bathroom. If everyone likes it I'll write the rest of the chapter.

Jasper’s POV Chapter 22 Hide-and-Seek

For the first time in awhile, the anxiety I felt was all my own. I didn’t like leaving Alice and Bella alone in the hotel room with a sadistic vampire on the loose. I knew they were safe, but I felt like I was doing something wrong.

I hated walking at human pace. Finally, as I reached our floor I was able to run to our room. I opened the door and I immediately saw Alice. She was bent over the desk, gripping the edge with two hands. Her head was slowly rocking side to side, and her eyes were blank, dazed. I hurried to her, and within half a second I was right behind her.

“Alice!” I shouted. I gently grabbed her hands and began loosening them from the table. “What is it?” I demanded.

She buried her face into my chest. “Bella,” she said.

“I’m right here,” Bella replied. I hadn’t even noticed she was in the room with us.

No. I wanted to say. Your what’s wrong. By the look on Bella’s face and the shock she was feeling, she had already figured that out.

“What did you see?” Bella said.

I turned to look at her sharply. Her emotions were all over place. I wasn’t sure what she was feeling. Anxiety, shock, worry, fear…. It wasn’t the right kind of fear. She should be afraid of James and Victoria, but it felt like she was afraid of me and Alice. I didn’t understand. I put a calming atmosphere around her.

Alice had recovered herself by the time I turned back to her.

“Nothing, really,” she answered finally, her voice calm and convincing. “Just the same room as before.” I could tell she was lying. Bella seemed to believe, though. I think that was her intention.

Alice turned to Bella, her expression smooth and withdrawn. “Did you want breakfast?” I had completely forgotten Bella needed to eat.

“No. I’ll eat at the airport.” Bella replied. She went to into the bathroom to take a shower. She knew Alice wanted her out of the room. She knew we doing something wrong…

As soon as Bella was out of the room, Alice turned to me. “Jasper,” she said. Her voice was near hysterics. I immediately calmed her down. “She was in the room with him. But, she was…” Even with the tranquil atmosphere, she couldn’t finish her sentence. She didn’t need to. She had seen Bella dead.

“Shhh. It’s going to be okay.” I said. “We’ll be extra careful.”

“I can’t see how he got to her. I could only see her dead.” She was physically relaxed, but she was still crying tearless sobs.

After only a minute of the tearless sobs, they were gone. Alice seemed completely calm. While we waited for Bella for to be done in the bathroom, we sat discussing ways to explain to Edward what Alice had seen without causing him to freak out. We would have to be careful with our thoughts until we could explain.

Eventually, Bella emerged from the bathroom. We walked out to the car. She was anxious. Alice sat in the front seat with me, while Bella was alone in the back.

“Alice?” she asked.

Alice seemed almost hesitant to answer. “Yes?”

“How does it work? The things you see?” Bella sounded bored, but she was nervous. I didn’t calm her. I wanted to see were she was going with this. “Edward said it wasn’t definite…that things change?” When she said Edward’s name her emotions went wild. I immediately filled the car with a fresh wave of serenity.

“Yes, things change…,” Alice murmured. She sounded hopeful. I was hopeful too. Doubtful, but hopeful too. “Some things are more certain than others…like the weather. People are harder. I can only see the course they’re on while they’re on it. Once they change their minds- make a new decision, no matter how small- the whole future shifts.”

“So you couldn’t see James in Phoenix until he decided to come here.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes,” Alice agreed. Suddenly the car filled with Bella’s panic. But, it was gone almost immediately. Bella knew something we didn’t. Something she didn’t want us to know.

We got to the airport. We parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage. Bella led the way. Neither me nor Alice liked the idea. But, she knew where she was going, and for once, we didn’t.

Edward and Carlisle’s flight was landing in terminal four, the largest terminal. It wasn’t surprising. From what I could tell, most flights landed in that terminal. Bella seemed excited by the terminal number. It was an odd feeling.

Bella was impatient as we waited for the plane to land. Alice and I pretended to people watch, but we were really watching Bella. I had a feeling that Bella knew that. After awhile Bella pulled a blank envelope out of her pocket and it to Alice. “My letter,” she said.

Alice offered several times to go get breakfast with Bella, but Bella refused every time. Later, she would say, not yet.

Luckily, the flight from Seattle was ten minutes early. Bella jumped up quickly. “I think I’ll eat now,” she said.

Alice stood. “I’ll come with you.”

“Do you mind if Jasper comes instead?” she asked. Why would she want me instead of Alice? “I’m feeling a little…” She didn’t finish her sentence. Her eyes were wild enough she didn’t need to finish.

I stood up. Alice’s eyes were confused, but not suspicious.

I walked silently beside her, my hand on the small of her back, guiding her. She didn’t seem interested in the first few cafes. I couldn’t blame her. It all smelled revolting. Her eyes kept darting everywhere as it looking for something.

“Do you mind?” she asked. We were right by a bathroom. For once, I was glad I wasn’t a human. All those necessities must be a pain. “I’ll just be a moment.”

“I’ll be right here,” I replied. As soon as the door shut behind her, I regretted letting her go. I wasn’t sure why, but I felt betrayed. I was right. Within 45 seconds Alice was beside me. Her face blank.

“Bella, where is Bella?” she asked.

“In the bathroom,” I said. “She said she would out in a...” I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence. Alice had already darted into the bathroom.

“Jasper…” She was so quiet I could barely hear her through the walls. “There are two exists”

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i love it,,,,,so far it's good i always wanted to know what jasper thought when he left bella good so far!!!
Thank you very much TwilightSagaLover. I'll write some more and have the next post up in a few minutes!
Write more soon!
I'm having some trouble writing the rest. I promise I'll another post up tomorrow
i like it i hope you write more soon.
I like hearing from Jaspers POV. Please continue!
The story is very good! And, I have to agree with the others that Jasper does tend to get left out...especially in the movie version. I never really understood the character of Jasper when I saw the movie because I didn't read the books yet. So, I'm glad that I am reading stories like this to help me understand and appreciate Jasper more. Of course, I have already read all 4 books so I am a little more familiar with his character. But it's still nice to read how his mind works from other people's perspective.
I like this ... I would love to hear more...
I'm almost finished with the next post. Its a lot harder to write from Jasper POV than I thought it would be! lol... If you add me as a friend, I'll send out an email every time I add a post! Thanks for all the surpport!
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more that was getting so interesting, i like jaspers pov
A/N Here's the rest of Chapter 22 and 23. The ending is kind of cheesy, but you like the rest of it.

“Jasper…” She was so quiet I could barely hear her through the walls. “There are two exists”

I ran, faster than I should have, to the other side. Alice was already there. She spoke so fast, none of the humans would have understood her. “Go get Edward, Carlisle, and Emmett. I’m going to follow her scent. Hurry. I love you.” She quickly kissed me, and was gone. The whole exchange took about five seconds.

I walked as fast as I dared back to terminal four. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. I had to tell Edward, but I wasn’t sure how to do it. He would be furious. He would blame himself.

Their plane had just landed when I got back to the terminal. Calm, think calm. It took more concentration to send a calm vibe throughout the room when I was as far from calm as someone could possibly be.

Carlisle was the first off the plane. He was quickly followed by Emmett, and Edward was last off. Edward quickly pushed through the crowd, and as beside in a few seconds.

“Is Bella getting breakfast? Where is she? Is she okay?” I had never seen a vampire as anxious as Edward was now. He ran through his words so fast, it was hard for me to understand him.

“What’s happened? Where is she?” he demanded. I filled the atmosphere around him with a calm and relaxing vibe. Then, I mentally explained everything. I concentrated so hard on the relaxing atmosphere, that it was impossible for him to feel any other emotion. His eyes were blank. If he wasn’t already pale white, his faced would have been drained of color.

“We have to go. NOW!” Edward was walking so fast. I was afraid he was going to expose us by running. Carlisle, Emmett, and I followed him. I quickly explained to them everything I had shown Edward. We were at the car in just a few minutes. Edward got behind the wheel. I sat with him in the front seat, while Carlisle and Emmett took the backseat.

I got out my cell phone and dialed Alice’s number. She picked up on the first ring.

“I followed her scent, but it ended at the curb outside the hotel. I’m on my way to her mother’s house right now. I don’t know where else to look. I think you should come here too. Please tell Edward I’m sorry.”

“Alice, it isn’t your fault. I was the one who was with her when she got away. I should have let you go with her, when you offered. It was my fault, Alice, not yours.”

Edward was holding out his hand for the phone. I gave it to him. “Alice, it isn’t Jasper’s fault, and it isn’t your fault. Just tell me where I need to go. I saw some sort of dance room in Jasper’s mind. Where is that room?”

“Bella said she recognized it as a ballet studio. The only one I know of is down the street from her house. Go –“ her voice cut off. She must be having another vision. I’m wondered if Edward read her mind from this far away. Suddenly, Edward’s emotions went wild. Alice must be close enough for Edward to hear her. I sent a more tranquil atmosphere into the car.

“I guess I’ll see you there, Alice.” He shut the phone. His voice was calm. He already had a plan. “When we get there, Jasper and Emmett, you need to take care of James. It doesn’t matter if he has gotten to Bella or not. You’re to kill him. I’m sorry Carlisle it’s the only way. I’m going to get Bella out of there. Carlisle you need to come with me. I don’t know what has happened to Bella yet. Will you be able to handle it if there’s blood?” His voice was surprisingly calm. I hadn’t lifted my calming atmosphere, and I didn’t dare lift it now.

“I’ll be fine,” Emmett said. “As long as I get to be the one to rip him apart.”

“I’ll be perfectly in control.” Carlisle answered.

“Jasper?” Edward wasn’t really worried. I was pretty sure he was coming up with a backup plan and I couldn’t handle myself.

“I’ll be fine. I can control myself.”

It took us another 30 seconds to get to the ballet studio. Just as we pulled up, we heard Bella let out a blood curdling scream. For a second Edward froze. Then he was running faster than I had ever seen him run. Carlisle, Emmett, and I weren’t far behind him.

Chapter 23

I could smell the blood. There was lots of blood. It felt like someone had stuck a white hot iron down my throat. I hadn’t hunted in two weeks. I thought being in the hotel room with Bella for so long would help make an improvement with my self-control. Focus, I told myself, Bella needs you. Edward needs you. Focus.

It was extremely easy to ignore. After I cleared my head, and organized my priorities, I almost didn’t notice it. The whole thing only took about three seconds.

We were still running. As we ran into the building, I tried not to look at Bella. I was sure I could control myself, as long as I didn’t look at the blood.

Edward had already attacked James. We had to pull James off him. James tried to fight us off, but Emmett alone was twice as strong as he was. I was hesitant to start killing him right there. I was afraid to let loose, even a little bit. The scent of blood was easy to ignore, as long as I paid attention. I held James down, as Emmett began tearing off his arms off.

I risked a glance over towards Bella. I was worried about Alice. She had better control than I did, but I was sure she was uncomfortable. Bella was lying on the floor. Her leg looked like it was broken. Carlisle had gotten the bleeding almost completely stopped. Edward didn’t appear to be in any physically pain. Alice was suffering. It was easy to see from the look on her face. She wasn’t breathing, but she was under control.

Emmett was done tearing James into pieces. I was started the fire, while Emmett began collecting the pieces. The smoke was a thick and heavy purple. Almost black.

Suddenly, everyone’s emotions changed. Bella was in pain. Edward, Carlisle, and Alice were full of fear, worry, disgust, and shock.

“Carlisle. Her hand!” Edward screamed.

“He bit her.” Carlisle’s voice was full of shock.

“Edward, you have to do it.” Alice was optimistic. I didn’t have a clue what she meant by do it. Do what? Bella had bitten. Now she would be one of us. Alice’s vision was coming true.

“NO!” Edward bellowed.

“Alice,” Bella moaned. Poor Bella. She must be in so much pain right now. I remember how much it burned when I was changed.

“There may be a chance,” Carlisle said. I wasn’t sure want Carlisle meant by that. There was nothing that could stop the venom once it entered the bloodstream.

“What?” Edward begged.

“See if you could suck the venom back out. The wound is fairly clean.” Suck the venom out? Did Edward that much control? Did anyone besides Carlisle have that much control?

“Will that work?” Alice’s voice was strained.

“I don’t know,” Carlisle said. “But we have to hurry.”

“Carlisle, I…” Edward hesitated. “I don’t know if I can do that.” His voice was full of agony. I sent a calm and serene around than I had ever used. I wasn’t sure which emotion would help him the most, but I pushed the calm out toward him until it hurt.

“It’s your decision, Edward, either way. I can’t help you. I have to get this bleeding stopped here if you’re to be talking blood from her hand.” Edward, you have to try. We all have faith in you. I wasn’t sure if he was paying attention to me, but I knew how much pain he would be in if Bella was changed.

“Edward!” Bella screamed. The venom must have already spread pretty far.

“Alice, get me something to brace her leg!” Carlisle was bent over Bella, working on her head. “Edward, you must do it now, or it will be too late.”

Edward debated over it for another few seconds. Then, he slowly grabbed her hand, and brought it up to his mouth. He began sucking her blood. I was beginning to get dizzy. I didn’t feel sick, but it was a similar feeling. Edward was taking too much blood. He was going to kill her. STOP! EDWARD, YOU MUST STOP!

He sucked her hand for a few more seconds. I then he started sucking slower and slower, until he stopped completely. As he pulled back, I got a good look at his face. He was in pain, but his face was full of relief. He did it. He had saved Bella. They exchanged a few more words, and then Edward carried Bella out of the building and into the car.

“Jasper,” Emmett’s voice came from behind me. “Do you think Carlisle would mind if the whole ballet studio burned down?”

“Huh?” I turned around to see what he meant. The fire had spread to most of the west side of the building. “Oh. No, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind at all!” Then we ran, laughing, out of the building to follow Alice outside.
I love reading this from Jaspers POV, its very intresting, and I hope you plan on writing more! :)


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