The Twilight Saga




It is dark.  I can’t see, I can only feel the dirty wall.  I feel ropes around my wrists.  I am

sitting waiting for my destiny.  But nothing happens, I hear him outside.  Talking to someone.  I

hear him come in.  I stay still waiting patiently.  I close my eyes and wait for what is about to

happen.  Nothing happens, nothing came.  I open my eyes to see man. He looked like he was in

his 20’s.  By the little light coming from the door I could see his features.  He has black hair, blue

eyes that looked like the ocean, he looked pretty strong, you could see his muscles and he was

pretty pale.  He came closer to where I was sitting that I could smell the colon on him.  I stayed

still there wasn’t sound only the sound came from our breathing.  I looked down to avoid his

eyes I felt like I could see his soul.  I also could feel electricity in the air around us.  He looked at

me and picked me up and put over his shoulder.  I didn’t bother on fighting him. He walked

outside the room and into a boat.  That is when I noticed that the other guy had my best friend

that was like my sister.  I could see her fighting in the other guys’ arms.

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i will
im woriking on chapter two and thank you
Chapter 2

They put us in a room
inside the boat against the wall. I feel asleep after they left the room. I woke up in an
uncomfortable position.
I looked around me and saw Alex sleeping in the corner. Suddenly the boat hit a wave and I hit
my ribs against the wall. It hurt so much but I held the pain in. That’s when I felt to hands on
my waist putting me in a more comfortable position. I saw it was my kidnapper, he smiled at
me but I ignored him. I feel back asleep but this time I was woken up by Alex screaming.
How dare you kidnap us, lets us go – Alex screamed
Be quite you’re going to wake her up- he said
I don’t care I hate you- Alex keep screaming
Be quite, you see you woke her up- he said a little bit angry.
He took a spoon full of food and feed her. She looked at him wide eye when she took the first
bite. Apparently they tasted good. He smiled at her. After he finished,
he went over to where I was.
If I take the tape off promise me you won’t scream. I nodded my head. He took the tape off
apparently waiting for a screaming but instead I keep quiet and closed my eyes and drifted back
to sleep. It has been two days and I haven’t eaten or drink anything, I will just sleep.

During those days I learned that his name was Luke and his partner was actually his brother
Brandon. It was like any other day, Luke would come in and feed Alex but this time he came to
where I was and offered me water and I didn’t open my mouth. So he grabbed my face and
opened my mouth and gave me water and I dranked it feeling relieve in my throat from my
See it wasn’t so bad- he said smiling at me. I just nodded my head. I tried to move but
couldn’t he noticed that and grabbed my ankles and untied them. I could feel the blood flowing
freely through my leg and then went behind me and untied my hands. I moved my hands in
front of me and stretched them. I started to position myself to go back to sleep but Luke other
ideas instead he grabbed my hands and pulled me up onto my feet and sat me on the bed while
he untied Alex. Then he picked her by her arm and grabbed mine and pulled us out of the room.
I noticed it was dark and the moon was shinning bright. I smiled at the moon and that is when I
noticed Alex and Luke smiling at me.
Well you guys are allowed to walk around the boat and do what you would like but we are in charge- Luke said to us
Yes- Alex said
I just nodded at him. Then he came and grabbed my arm and started pulling me telling the
others that wanted to talk to me. He pulled me into a big room it looked like it was his bedroom
it was filled with music and books. I was surprised at first because he had so many CDs. He sat
me on a chair in his room and he sat in front of me.
Audra could you talk to me? - He asked, I looked at him but said nothing. He looked sad,
then he opened his mouth to say something but closed it really fast. Then he looked into my
This might sound crazy but I have a pull towards you, I really care about you and I think I am in love with you…
OMG I love it
keep me updated plz
I'm so sorry I haven't updated in a long time
but I will :)
thanks for the comments


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