The Twilight Saga

Bella's P.O.V
The Volturi came to fight this time. And they did. I see is felix's arms
restraining me. I see my husband who's running towards me the look in his eye is unbareable. He's terrified and sobbing because he knows he's not  going to make it. The last thing i see is chocolate brown eyes red rimmed in my daughter's head. She knows what's about to happen. I mouth "I love you" before, thankfully, Jacob stands in front of her view "PLEASE! PLEASE! NO!" screams my husband. Felix growls. SNAP. A rush of yellow flames. And it's over. Everything is white.
Edward's P.O.V Oh God, No.
"PLEASE! PLEASE! NO!" SNAP! And instantly, My mind is gone. My Bella is gone. KILL! KILL! KILL!
Thank you guys for reading! :) If you like it please let me know i'll start writing LoL. Thanks again. :D

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PLZ CONTINUE WRITING!!! >.br /> I want to know what happens next!!

._. This sounds awesome... Continue soon!



This sounds so sad!

Continue please!


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