The Twilight Saga

What if Bella was imprinted on in New Moon by Embry?? What would happen???

This starts on page 329 in New Moon.

“Embry got in and started the engine while Jared leapt agilely into the bed. As soon as his door was closed, Embry muttered to me….” –New Moon, Stephenie Meyer

This isn’t exactly how it goes; there is no dot, dot, dot.


I knew what was happening, but instead of feeling the pain I felt the break of a thousand hearts. My life was over, done and it was all because of one stupid mistake that I made.

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Chapter one-BPOV

Embry was about to mutter something to me as he closed his door. But he suddenly froze as soon as he looked into my eyes. Right in that second something happened, but I didn’t know what. Without even thinking about it, I put my hand in his. His hand enclosed mine, and with his warm, strong hand holding mine I felt safe.

As I stared into his eyes I felt something like love, but more powerful. We just stood there staring into each other’s eyes, yet it was romantic in a way. We stayed staring into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, but after a few minutes, Jared finally decided to turn around and see what was taking so long to get going. As soon as he saw us staring at each other with love in our eyes he swore.

“S***!” he basically yelled. “Embry, you didn’t! Jake’s gonna kill you. You know how much he liked her! Hey, dude, why don’t you let me drive.” Jared said after no one interrupted him or answered him. Then Embry looked away and turned the key in the ignition.

“No, I got it.” He said, sounding just a little bit embarrassed.

“You gonna tell her Embry?” Jared asked, being a bit nosy if you ask me.

“Ya bro, once we get to Emily’s.”

“Wait one second. What are you going to tell me?” I decided it was time to say something.

“Nothing to worry about at the moment. You will find out soon enough though.” Embry said it in a reassuring way. I didn’t like being so in the dark. It made me feel all lonely again.

Right then the car started moving. Embry was trying to push my truck over 50, but it wasn’t too happy. It was making a weird sound every time he tried.

“Careful now.” I keep saying, “This truck is ole enough to be your grandfather.”

“Barely.” Jared murmured to himself, though we all could hear it. The whole ride to Emily’s was longer then I thought. It only felt longer though because there was a big secret that I didn’t know about.

After 5 minutes though we got to a little clearing in the thin woods. In the center there was a small, little, gray house. In the window boxes there were flowers growing. The paint was fading, yet the house seemed very homey and welcoming. Embry pulled the truck over to a little area off dirt, where there was another car. A newer truck, which had a shiny, black coat of paint.

Embry then cut the engine and got out. I opened my door and hopped out of the truck also. Jared jumped out of the back and ran right to the door.

“Mmmmm…….Emily’s cooking breakfast!” Jared exclaimed excitedly.

We then walked through the door of the house. Inside was set up similarly to Jacob’s house. As we walked through the door I could smell blueberry muffins. I also saw a beautiful, young woman cooking in the kitchen. For a second, I thought the reason that Sam didn’t like you staring at her because she was beautiful, but when she turned to say hello to us I saw the reason why.

The right side of her face was scarred from her hairline to her chin by three lines. One put half her mouth in a grimace, even though the other side of her face, and smile were beautiful. She then noticed me behind the two large boys.

“Well, who we have here?” She said in a melodic voice.

“I’m…” I started to say but was interrupted by Embry.

“Bella Swan, Jake’s friend.” He said my name with such love, I was overwhelmed.

“Of course Jacob would find a way around the rules. He always does.” Emily said adding a laugh at the end. “So you’re the vampire girl, I take it?”

“Yes.” I answered, “You must be the werewolf girl then.”

She, Embry, and Jared all laughed. “I guess I am” she said.

“Oh Emily, Jacob, Sam, and Paul are gonna be a little late.” Jared added.

“Oh no. What happened this time?”

“Well, you see Bella here sorta took Paul by surprise this morning.” Jared explained.

“Ah Paul, what are we going to do with him. Well I hope they don’t take to long because I was just about to start making the eggs. But either way they will be gone in five seconds.” Emily said with a laugh.

“That’s right Emily. We won’t let anything go to waste.” Jared and Embry said together with a laugh.

They then both went over to the plate with the muffins and stuffed like three in their mouths at a time. I took one and started to nibble around the edges of it. I noticed Embry staring at me with love in his eyes and apparently so did Emily. She looked taken by surprise.

“Oh no, he didn’t did he?” Emily asked.

“Oh yes he did. He is a bad boy.” Jared said with a laugh. I knew they were talking about me and Embry, but I was to busy staring in Embry’s eyes that I hardly paid any attention to them. But Embry did hear them so he started to speak.

“Bella, we, um, need to, um, talk privately.” Embry said it with a self conscious tone.

“Um, sure, let’s go talk.” I said hesitantly. I had no idea where this was going but some little, tiny voice in my head told my that my life was about to dramatically change.

I got up and started to walk towards the door. I didn’t hear Embry get up, but I knew that he was close behind me because I could feel his presence.

Hey, so could you guys tell me what you think of it. I wanna know if it is good enough to go on with. Please comment on it and tell me what you think please. I will also add the Cullens in it later in the story.

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