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Ok so ive been thinking about writeing a fan fic for some time now i just couldnt decide what to write abouttt att all then an idea came too mee. By the way all characters belong to S.M. Tell me what you think comment and post your thoughts.

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Edward & bella have beeen friends sence diapers. When they were twelve the Cullens dissapeared. And now Bellas 17 & suddenly edward shows up at her door he looks really different hes pale as could be and he looks young like 16.

Chapter 1 BPOV

It was a typical friday for me in Forks, Washington. I usually sat around homee doing nothing becuase my dad was always out fishing on fridays with his friends. I descided to go lay down on the couch because i was really tiredd. I started thinking about the times i actually had plans and actually had friends in forks well i had friends now but not the ones i would like to spend all day with. Back when i was twelve i had two best friends their names were Edward and Alice Cullen they were twins and they were best until they totally dissapeared and never came back i cried about it sometimes but when i do i just think that i guess they really didnt care about me that much anyway thats why the just up and left. I miss them alot when i think about them i wonder if they ever think about me. Then i focus on edward he was best friend i always liked him and i liked liked him i wonder if he ever felt the same about me well i guess ill never know but if i think about it i think i loved him?. I was getting tired noww. I slowly swifted into sleep.
When i was woke up by startaling knock on my front door.
"Who the hell could that be?" I said out loud to myself
They kept on knocking and knocking.
"Bella could you please open up it pouring out here im litterly soaked and been waiting out here for 5 minutes." The man said.
"Hold on please."
his voice sounded so formilliar i couldnt think of it but i knew, i knew him so i had to opent he door.
When i opened the door there stood Edward Culllen he looked about 16 hw is this possible hes supposed to 18 hes a year older than me what happened hes a pale as you could be.
"Edward?" I asked not really sure if it was him now.
"Yes bella its me. Can i plesae come in?"
"Yeah sure sorry for waiting so long to answer the door."
"Its alright im sure your startled."
"Yeah i am and i have few questions for you. Like 1 where the hell were you these past years?! 2. Why do you look so young and pale? I'll get to rest later." I said
"Same old Bella. Ill explain to later but i need to talk to you first about something...." He said nervously.
"Alright lets go sit dowm." I led him to the living room.
"Bella i dont how to say this so im just gunna come right out and say it......Bella I love you."
Did he really just say that he lovess me. oh my god i think i loved him to no i know i love him.
"Oh edward i love you too" I got up and gave him hugged and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"But Bella there are some serious things we need to talk about and its part of the reason why my family left and why i look so different. Im gunna let you know that this is huge news and i dont know how will take it. My family wanted to apart of this disscution so.. Do you want to come to my house?"
He asked. What could be so immpotant that his whole family wanted to apart of it and that he wasnt sure how i would take it i loved him i would do anything for him and i except that he left and now he came back for me what else is there. He also sounded really nervous thats part that scared me.
"Alright lets go." I said
Then he grabbed my hand and let me out the door to a shiny silver volvo.We got in the car & drove to his home.
As we pulled around the drive into in drive way there his house looked. It was beautiful same as ever and it looked homey now not strangely abbandoned. His house was huge they came from great money. I was shaking with excitement i couldnt wait to see his family expecially Alice i miss her so much. And Esme & Carlisle they are the most caring parents anybody could ever find. I loved them as if they were my own parents.
I looked over at Edward and relized that his eyes were gold not the same green they used to be.
"Hey did you get contacts?"
"Nope thats part of the story as well." He said seriously.
"Edward, should i be worried?"
"Well no not really. As i said it all depends on how you feel about what we tell you." He said. Then we were interupted by the one and only chirpy little pixie named Alicee.
"BELLLLLA!" She ran up to car yanked me out and gave me a huge hugg and a kiss on the cheek.
"ALice i've missed you so muchh." I relized that she was just like edward pale skinned cold and had golden eyes.
"Bella ive missed you tooo!." She said grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. Edward was followign closely behind us he looked really nervous.
Around the corner came Esme, Carlisle and three other people i didnt know. Esme and carlisle change as well they were pale, and had golden eyes. AS they came up and hugged me and told me that they missed me. i relized they were cold too. I shivered.
"Bella this Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie. Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie this Bella."
"Hiiiii Bellla!" Emmet said and gave me hugg. Strange i barely knew this guy.
"hello Bella." Jasper said and stuck out his handm, i shook it.
"Hi." Rosalie said ina snotty tone. Jeeze i barely new her and she had something against me ?
"Alright now you all lets go to the dinning room. I'm sure Bellas dyeing to hear the news we have and i'm sure were dyeing to see her reaction." Then i herd Emmet laugh and say "To bad we cant die!" He said with an even larger booming laugh.
"Uhmmmm. What does he mean byu that?" I asked totally confused.
They all just sat there looking at Emmet in shock I was getting annoyed i wanted to know what he ment by that.
"Bella were Vampires, we immortal that means we cant die. Last year when we left we had to we were attacked by a group of vampires me and esme were bitten on the spot but they just turned Edward and Alice two years ago thats why they still look sixteen." He said.
I sat there totaly shocked for a few minuted before it regetured in my head. WAIT?! vampiress their reall ? and wait if they are dont they like syck the blood of humans?!
"Ok your...vampires... I dont care at all i still love you guys but i have one qouestion. Dont vampires drink the blood of humans?" I asked really nervous.
"Well they do but we decided we didnt want to be monsters so we drink off the blood of animals. We dsont want to kill inicent people after we got free of the vampires that captured us we got a house for a year. Until Edward here decided to finally come out and say he loved you and wanted to go back to Forks and he didnt care that he was vampire he needed to see you and he said that he could controll him self around you. So i said yes and now here we are." Carlisle explained.
I looked up at edward he smiled down at me i stroked his face with my hand and then took his hand in my hand and said " Edward i love you and i dont care that your a vampire it doesnt change anything. I still love you and always will." I said sweetly.
"Bella i love you. You are my world, my life and my sould i cant not live with out you." I kissed him softly and smiled and looked back at the table and relized i still had 1 more question i had to ask.
"Ok i have one more question. How did end up part of your family?" I asked. Everyone giggled even Rosalie mabey she didnt hate me.
"Well when we escaped from the bad vampires we were runnig throught the forest when we ran into them they were nomads and they said they hunted animals not people and they said they would love to be apart of a family so i said come live with us and so they did Rosalie and Emmet are mariied and Jasper well as soona as he saw Alice he was in love and apparently so was she so now their together and happy as ever." Then i saw alice look up into Jaspers eyes and you could really tell how much they loved eachother. It reminded me of edward and I for soem reason.
Then i out of no where Alice shot up stright and looked like she saw the dead but then Jasper said "Alice what do you see?"
" a...vampire." Alice answered.
Then she looked normal again.
"What? When? How did this happen?" Eddward sceamed.
"Edward soon." Thats all she said and walked out the room.
"Edward can i talk to you." I asked
"Yes, anything love." he asled and led me to his room.
"Edward i want to be a vampire. I love you and i want to be with you forver, no i want to be with for eternity." I said
"Bella do relize what your asking. You have to give up everything even your parents. Charlie imagin how broken appart he would be."
"I can still see him. I have a plan. I know i wont be getting any younger but i figure alice is good with make up and she could make me look older when i see him. I could move in with you so i dont have to see him that often." I said confendently.
"I dont know Bella i love you to much. To make you go through that."
"Edward its what i want. I love you."

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thankss (:
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Thankss (:
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