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Ok so ive been thinking about writeing a fan fic for some time now i just couldnt decide what to write abouttt att all then an idea came too mee. By the way all characters belong to S.M. Tell me what you think comment and post your thoughts.

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Edward & bella have beeen friends sence diapers. When they were twelve the Cullens dissapeared. And now Bellas 17 & suddenly edward shows up at her door he looks really different hes pale as could be and he looks young like 16.

Chapter 1 BPOV

It was a typical friday for me in Forks, Washington. I usually sat around homee doing nothing becuase my dad was always out fishing on fridays with his friends. I descided to go lay down on the couch because i was really tiredd. I started thinking about the times i actually had plans and actually had friends in forks well i had friends now but not the ones i would like to spend all day with. Back when i was twelve i had two best friends their names were Edward and Alice Cullen they were twins and they were best until they totally dissapeared and never came back i cried about it sometimes but when i do i just think that i guess they really didnt care about me that much anyway thats why the just up and left. I miss them alot when i think about them i wonder if they ever think about me. Then i focus on edward he was best friend i always liked him and i liked liked him i wonder if he ever felt the same about me well i guess ill never know but if i think about it i think i loved him?. I was getting tired noww. I slowly swifted into sleep.
When i was woke up by startaling knock on my front door.
"Who the hell could that be?" I said out loud to myself
They kept on knocking and knocking.
"Bella could you please open up it pouring out here im litterly soaked and been waiting out here for 5 minutes." The man said.
"Hold on please."
his voice sounded so formilliar i couldnt think of it but i knew, i knew him so i had to opent he door.
When i opened the door there stood Edward Culllen he looked about 16 hw is this possible hes supposed to 18 hes a year older than me what happened hes a pale as you could be.
"Edward?" I asked not really sure if it was him now.
"Yes bella its me. Can i plesae come in?"
"Yeah sure sorry for waiting so long to answer the door."
"Its alright im sure your startled."
"Yeah i am and i have few questions for you. Like 1 where the hell were you these past years?! 2. Why do you look so young and pale? I'll get to rest later." I said
"Same old Bella. Ill explain to later but i need to talk to you first about something...." He said nervously.
"Alright lets go sit dowm." I led him to the living room.
"Bella i dont how to say this so im just gunna come right out and say it......Bella I love you."
Did he really just say that he lovess me. oh my god i think i loved him to no i know i love him.
"Oh edward i love you too" I got up and gave him hugged and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"But Bella there are some serious things we need to talk about and its part of the reason why my family left and why i look so different. Im gunna let you know that this is huge news and i dont know how will take it. My family wanted to apart of this disscution so.. Do you want to come to my house?"
He asked. What could be so immpotant that his whole family wanted to apart of it and that he wasnt sure how i would take it i loved him i would do anything for him and i except that he left and now he came back for me what else is there. He also sounded really nervous thats part that scared me.
"Alright lets go." I said
Then he grabbed my hand and let me out the door to a shiny silver volvo.We got in the car & drove to his home.
As we pulled around the drive into in drive way there his house looked. It was beautiful same as ever and it looked homey now not strangely abbandoned. His house was huge they came from great money. I was shaking with excitement i couldnt wait to see his family expecially Alice i miss her so much. And Esme & Carlisle they are the most caring parents anybody could ever find. I loved them as if they were my own parents.
I looked over at Edward and relized that his eyes were gold not the same green they used to be.
"Hey did you get contacts?"
"Nope thats part of the story as well." He said seriously.
"Edward, should i be worried?"
"Well no not really. As i said it all depends on how you feel about what we tell you." He said. Then we were interupted by the one and only chirpy little pixie named Alicee.
"BELLLLLA!" She ran up to car yanked me out and gave me a huge hugg and a kiss on the cheek.
"ALice i've missed you so muchh." I relized that she was just like edward pale skinned cold and had golden eyes.
"Bella ive missed you tooo!." She said grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. Edward was followign closely behind us he looked really nervous.
Around the corner came Esme, Carlisle and three other people i didnt know. Esme and carlisle change as well they were pale, and had golden eyes. AS they came up and hugged me and told me that they missed me. i relized they were cold too. I shivered.
"Bella this Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie. Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie this Bella."
"Hiiiii Bellla!" Emmet said and gave me hugg. Strange i barely knew this guy.
"hello Bella." Jasper said and stuck out his handm, i shook it.
"Hi." Rosalie said ina snotty tone. Jeeze i barely new her and she had something against me ?
"Alright now you all lets go to the dinning room. I'm sure Bellas dyeing to hear the news we have and i'm sure were dyeing to see her reaction." Then i herd Emmet laugh and say "To bad we cant die!" He said with an even larger booming laugh.
"Uhmmmm. What does he mean byu that?" I asked totally confused.
They all just sat there looking at Emmet in shock I was getting annoyed i wanted to know what he ment by that.
"Bella were Vampires, we immortal that means we cant die. Last year when we left we had to we were attacked by a group of vampires me and esme were bitten on the spot but they just turned Edward and Alice two years ago thats why they still look sixteen." He said.
I sat there totaly shocked for a few minuted before it regetured in my head. WAIT?! vampiress their reall ? and wait if they are dont they like syck the blood of humans?!
"Ok your...vampires... I dont care at all i still love you guys but i have one qouestion. Dont vampires drink the blood of humans?" I asked really nervous.
"Well they do but we decided we didnt want to be monsters so we drink off the blood of animals. We dsont want to kill inicent people after we got free of the vampires that captured us we got a house for a year. Until Edward here decided to finally come out and say he loved you and wanted to go back to Forks and he didnt care that he was vampire he needed to see you and he said that he could controll him self around you. So i said yes and now here we are." Carlisle explained.
I looked up at edward he smiled down at me i stroked his face with my hand and then took his hand in my hand and said " Edward i love you and i dont care that your a vampire it doesnt change anything. I still love you and always will." I said sweetly.
"Bella i love you. You are my world, my life and my sould i cant not live with out you." I kissed him softly and smiled and looked back at the table and relized i still had 1 more question i had to ask.
"Ok i have one more question. How did end up part of your family?" I asked. Everyone giggled even Rosalie mabey she didnt hate me.
"Well when we escaped from the bad vampires we were runnig throught the forest when we ran into them they were nomads and they said they hunted animals not people and they said they would love to be apart of a family so i said come live with us and so they did Rosalie and Emmet are mariied and Jasper well as soona as he saw Alice he was in love and apparently so was she so now their together and happy as ever." Then i saw alice look up into Jaspers eyes and you could really tell how much they loved eachother. It reminded me of edward and I for soem reason.
Then i out of no where Alice shot up stright and looked like she saw the dead but then Jasper said "Alice what do you see?"
" a...vampire." Alice answered.
Then she looked normal again.
"What? When? How did this happen?" Eddward sceamed.
"Edward soon." Thats all she said and walked out the room.
"Edward can i talk to you." I asked
"Yes, anything love." he asled and led me to his room.
"Edward i want to be a vampire. I love you and i want to be with you forver, no i want to be with for eternity." I said
"Bella do relize what your asking. You have to give up everything even your parents. Charlie imagin how broken appart he would be."
"I can still see him. I have a plan. I know i wont be getting any younger but i figure alice is good with make up and she could make me look older when i see him. I could move in with you so i dont have to see him that often." I said confendently.
"I dont know Bella i love you to much. To make you go through that."
"Edward its what i want. I love you."

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wow that was such a perfect chapter, i almost had a feeling that bella and edward wouldn't be the only one adopting a child, wow love the age you choose for all the kids, all though it would have been kinda funny to see emmett changing diapers, he he, can't wait for more, loved this chapter it was just wow, love this story, eagerly awaiting your next post
Chapter 18


It’s been about three days since we all adopted our children Michael, Annabelle and Laura got along perfectly. They were perfect little angels. They fit right in with all of us, it’s like they were meant to be part of the Cullen family. Edward, Emmett, and Jasper all made great fathers. They were always there for their children. Annabelle started crying one day when Emmett and I were up stairs talking to Carlisle and he shot out of that room so fast he cared so much, I have never seen him with so much love in his eyes. It’s a change for him and guess what I haven’t herd a joke about me and Edward since we adopted. Annabelle has changed him so much, it’s cute.
Edward loved Michael and it was weird how much Michael looked like him. I remember thinking on the ride home from the adoption center that Edward had green eyes when he was human. Michael was a miniature Edward; he could really pass for our real child. Edward was adorable with Michael; he made a perfect husband and Father.
Jasper was so cute. He was careful around Laura at first because he wasn’t sure how to handle a human because you know he is the newest vegetarian not including me. He realized that he loved Laura and knew he could never hurt his child. When he realized that it was the second day it didn’t take long. Alice also helped him she was very supportive. Speaking of Alice because of Alice we all have new wardrobes for our children and us. All the clothes she bought Michael were so cute; my favorite olfit she bought was khaki pants with a dark blue sweater, which he had on right now. He looked adorable in it. Annabelle’s clothes were even cuter, my favorite one of hers is a little red dress it poofs out at the end its so cute. Laura’s wardrobe was the cutest of them all, today she had on my favorite olfit of hers a dress identical to Annabelle’s except it was purple.
Today Charlie and Jacob were coming over to me the children. That’s why we dressed them up all adorable. Of course we were dressed up to match our children. Edward was in khakis and his dark blue sweater he match with Michael and I had on a short dark blue dress dark blue heals. Rose had a red dress on that looks pretty much the same as Annabelle’s but more grown up, Emmett had on khakis and a red sweater. Alice had the same dress as Laura but again more grown up and Jazz had on khaki pants on with a dark purple sweater on. Esme insisted on a picture, we all looked so cute, like a perfect family.
Then a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I walked to the door and it was Charlie and Jacob.
“Hey Dad.” I said and gave him a hug.
“Hey Bells you look different. I haven’t seen you since the wedding.” My dad accused.
“I just look happier that’s it.” I said and then moved on to Jakey.
“Hey Jakey.” I said and gave him a hug.
“Hey there Bells, so were are all the little monsters?” He said and smiled, he was joking.
We walked over back by the couch I sat down with Edward and Michael. I gave Edward a kiss on the cheek and ruffled Michael hair.
“Right here is my son Michael. Michael this is your grandpa Charlie and Uncle Jacob.” I said
“Hi I’m four!” He said and held up four fingers. It was his signature move.
“You’re a cute kid.” Jacob said and ruffled his hair as I did earlier.
“Thanks.” Michael said and then He got off the couch and walked toward Charlie and lifted his arms up and said…
“Up.” Charlie picked him up.
“Hey there Michael.” Charlie said and touched his little cheek.
Michael waved and gave him hug. I let them play for little then I decided to introduce Jacob to the rest of the children.
“Ok this is Laura Alice and Jaspers daughter, obviously” I said looking at Laura sitting in between Jasper and Alice.
“Laura this is Uncle Jacob and over there is Charlie my daddy.” I said and smiled at her.
“Hello I’m Laura.” Laura said. She had really good English for only being four. I guess she has always been smart and plus Alice is working with her.
“You are so adorable.” Jake said and smiled. Then we walked over to Rose and Emmett.
“Ok Jakey. This is Annabelle Rose and Emmett’s daughter. Annabelle this is Uncle Jacob.” I said and then pointed at Jake.
“Hi I’m Annabelle.” She said giggling and then said.
“UP.” Jake picked her up fast.
“She’s beautiful.” Jake said and smiled, then I looked at Rose she was smiling to even though Jake had Annabelle in his hand, she hasn’t even yelled once at him not even a rude comment.
“Thank you.” Rose said and smiled.
Jake was playing with Annabelle and he looked at her so weird as if protecting her or like she was the only one in the room, it was so odd. Then at once it all clicked into place. OH MY GOD, NO WAY! Jakers imprinted on Annabelle. I think it’s cute but knowing Rose it is not going to go over so well. I had to make sure my assumptions were right. I opened my mind to Edward. ‘Did he just imprint on Annabelle?’ I asked him in my head he slowly shook his head nervously. Then I looked at Alice she looked worried I think she know when Rose is going find out. I think it’s going to be soon by the looks of things. Alice looked scared as hell and Edward looked nervous. Then Rose looked at us apparently I had a face on like Alice and Edward to, which made it obvious something was wrong.
“What wrong?” Rose asked as her smile faded. We all looked at Jake. Rose looked and then put it together I can’t believe it took her this long!
“No way! You stupid mutt get your butt outside now!” She yelled and stormed outside. I hurriedly grabbed Annabelle she looked scared. Emmett was outside already. Then I remembered Charlie was still there they had to keep it down. I ran out side.
“You guys Charlie’s still here.” I whispered and they stopped immediately and walked inside again.
“What was that about?” Charlie asked.
“It’s a joke between me and Jakers here.” She said and put her arm around Jake and was squeezing harder than necessary, Jake was wincing but kept a smile on.
“Oh Kay? Well Bells, I have to go to work its at 3 I’m going to be late. You look happy. Michael’s adorable I’m happy for you.” Charlie said and gave me hug and shook Edwards hand then bent down toward Michael, Annabelle, and Laura.
“Bye you three.” He said and they all gave him hugs and then Charlie left. As soon as his car pulled on to the highway, Rose shot up out of her chair.
“I’ll kill you.” She said.
“If you kill me it will hurt Annabelle.” He said and looked at Annabelle with adoring eyes.
“Shut up I cant believes you imprinted on my baby!” She yelled.
“Rosalie its nothing I can control!” Jacob said.
“Get out NOW!” Rose yelled and Jake stepped back….good think I said.
Rose was stalking toward him I had to stop this now. She walk going to hurt him or someone else was going to get hurt. ‘Stop them now.’ I said to Edward in my head. Then Edward walked over and put his hands on Rose’s shoulders.
“Rose calm down. Jacob did not mean for this to happen he cannot control it, it’s destiny for them to be together. Annabelle will be miserable if you keep him away from her. Let it go Rose let her be happy. He is not taking her away from you and he is going to be her friend till she is old enough for them to be together I know that’s not what you want but Rose it is what she is going to want, you cannot deny her one true love.” Edward said. Rose was calming down a bit, Edward was good at speeches.
“I guess I cannot deny her that. I am doing this for her not for you mutt. I will try to be for her sake and he sake only.” Rose said and picked up Annabelle and sat on the couch.
“Thank you Rosalie so much.” Jake said.
“Thanks Edward not me, I said it wasn’t for your sake.” Rose said coldly.
“Thank you Edward.” Jake said and shook his hand and went to go sit by Emmett, Rose and of course Annabelle.
I went back by Michael, Laura, Alice and Jasper. Edward was right behind me. We were there all day playing with our children. Jacob left around 12:00 at night he stayed a little after we put the kids to bed. That when Rose lightened up on her moodiness. I guess she was still pissed about he whole imprinting thing.
“I still can’t believe he did that.” Rose said snotty.
“Rose he didn’t do anything it just happened you know he cant control it.” I said.
“I now he can’t but why couldn’t it have been Laura. Alice would have liked the idea better than I do.” She said and looked at Laura.
“Rose think of it this way, she’ll always have an extra pair of arms to take care of her. If anything ever happens to us for any reason Jacob will be there. It’s not like he some huge jerk, Jacob is a nice kid you know that.” Emmett said.
“Well it does sound better when it’s putted like that.” Rose said and hugged Emmett.
It was getting late so we all parted and went to our room for the night. Edward and I watched Michael sleep. He was so adorable. This was the best life anyone could ever have, I have the perfect husband and the perfect son.

******* ************ ********** ***********
It’s a little short, I might add more later tonight it all depends on when I get home from ice skating and how much homework I have.
wow did not expect that, awesome chapter, wow, jacob imprinted on annabelle, crazy chapter, love this story, wow can't wait to read more, loved it
Chapter 19


It’s been a month after we introduced our sons and daughter to everyone and I was lying in bed with Bella and Michael. Michael was lying down in between Bella and me, we were watching him sleep he was such a cute boy. Then I looked at Bella the love in her eyes was just overwhelming then she looked up to me and notices I was staring at her. She smiled and gave me a quick kiss. Those brief moments that she looked at me and gave me those cute little kisses could just drive me wild.
I had the best like a man could ask for. I had the perfect wife and the perfect son. It was perfect, me sitting here watching Michael sleep reminded me of when I used to watch Bella sleep. Michael looked so peaceful and he talked in his dreams like Bella. Even though he wasn’t our biological son he could pass for it. He looked exactly how I used to and he has the trait of falling down and talking gin his sleep like Bella. Michaels only four the stability could change, Bella hopes it will.
This month has been one of the best months of my life, I’ve been around a while, but I have never felt this way about anything in my life. I love Bella more than my life I would do anything for her. Michael I would do anything to keep him safe he is my son I love him. I would do anything for my family. My thoughts were interrupted by Bella’s voice singing in my head ‘I know what you mean by it was fun to watch me when I sleep.’ She said to me in my head and then smiled up at me. I nodded my head and reached over and brushed her cheek. ‘I wish there was a way I could read your mind’ Bella said and sighed.
“Love all I think about is you and my son and the rest of family but mostly you and Michael. Nothing out of the ordinary nothing that would excite you.” I whispered really quit only Bella would be able to hear. I was trying to be quit not to wake Michael.
“Everything about you makes me excited and everything about you interest me.” She said and then leaned over Michael to give me another kiss.
“Edward, Bella come here!” I heard a loud whisper coming from down stairs in was Emmett of course.
“Lets go.” I said
“We will be back Michael don’t worry. Love you.” Bella said and got up and ran around to the side of the bed where I am and gave me hug and a lingering kiss. Then grabbed my hand and started down the stairs.
“Yes Emmett?” Bella asked. Emmett looked at Alice, they made it seem like a huge deal oh my god Bella’s face got little panicked and then got more panicked.
“What is it Emmett!” Bella’s said and little to loudly and then she whipped her hand to her mouth.
“Sick joke Emmett. Bella there is going to be a thunderstorm tomorrow and Emmett wants to know if we would like to come play baseball.” Edward explained.
“Oh well I don’t what about the kids?” Bella asked.
“That’s why I’m here.” Jake stepped out. Jeeze it was a little late for him to still be here well I guess its not I looked at the clock it was 7:30 am.
“Oh well I guess. But I kind of suck at sports you know that Emmett.” Bella said and kind of looked away a little embarrassed.
“Well you’re a vampire now you should be a pro now!” Emmett exclaimed.
“Well I guess. But Jakey is it just you going to be here with the kids or is someone staying?” Bella asked him.
“Just me is that okay?” Jake asked.
“Of course it was just a question. Well Emmett I guess were going. But I’m going back to the bedroom Michaels going to wake soon it’s almost eight Then we herd little foot steps come running to the edge of stairs.
“Momma Daddy!” Michael yelled looking scared.
“Honey were down here don’t worry. I was talking to uncle Emmett. I’m sorry.” Bella said and then walked as fast as possible at a human pace to Michael and picked him up.
We still had to act somewhat human around our children because they didn’t know yet they were to young we would tell them when their older and can understand.
“I’m hungryyy.” Michael said.
“Well let’s cook you something. What do you want?” Bella asked.
“Cereal.” Michael said “Lucky charms.” He said again.
Lucky charms was his favorite cereal, if her could eat it everyday he would but Bella made him cut back because it wasn’t good for you. She made him eat eggs and healthy stuff once in while he hated it. It was funny; Bella would get all frustrated and then eventually give because she didn’t want to be mean. She hated it when she had to make him eat or just plain be mean at all.


It was 11 now and Alice was in my bedroom getting me ready for a baseball game really? I was going out to play baseball and she was curling my hair and putting it in a down pony to the side. It looked cute but again we were going to play in a baseball game. She was dancing around now trying to find a perfect olfit she picked me jeans for once and then she handed me a tight jersey that said B.Cullen on the back.
“Alice when did you make this?” I asked.
“Oh I have had ever since you and Edward started to date.” Alice said.
“Then wouldn’t it have Swan on it?” I asked her.
“Nope.” She popped the p at the end and smiled.
“What?” I asked I was totally confused.
“I knew you two were going to get married and then I saw then next real thunderstorm we were going to have and be able to play baseball in you two would already be married.” Alice said and then gave me hug. “You look cute. Here are your shoes.” She handed me red high heals?
“Thanks for the jersey and high heals Alice really I trip and fall and you know it.” I said and gave her a look like I’m going to kill you she shot one right back. Woah she was scary.
“You won’t fall there like running in gym shoes just that their cute.” She said and smiled again and walked out of the room to go with Jazz. He was waiting by the door for her.
“Jazz really, talk to her please.” I said.
“I’m staying out of it and they are just like running in gym shoes ask Emmett he cant lie.” Jasper said. What ask Emmett?
“Ask Emmett?” I asked.
“Yeah one time. Emmett asked Alice why she wore heals to a baseball game before and he said they would slow her down and that she fall. She said different and told him to put the shoes on and go run in them. He took her shoes squeezed into them and ran. When he came back he said I quote ‘Wow there really any difference.’” Jasper explained, I was laughing my butt off now.
“He did that?” I said in between laughs.
“Yup go ask him.” Alice said now.
“Emmett!” I yelled. He was in the doorway in seconds.
“Is it the same running in high heals than it is with gym shoes? “I asked and laughed.
“Ugh you told her Jaaazzz?!” Emmett said and then walked out of the room.
“Wait Emmett come back I’m sorry I laughed but I was being serious Alice wants me to wear heals.” I said and put a serious face on but in the inside I was laughing hysterically.
“Yes it’s the same.” Emmett said and ran away from me. I slid on the shoes and went to go find Edward and Michael. I went down stairs and looked they weren’t there. I looked all around the house I couldn’t find them I was getting worried.
”Alice where is Edward?” I asked her she was upstairs but she could still hear me.
“Out side I think. Oh right sorry I forgot to tell you Esme has a surprise for it’s outside.” Alice yelled from upstairs.
“Thanks Alice.” I yelled back up to her.
“No problem.” She said.
I went out back and walk following Edward trail. Then someone came be hind me and wrapped their hand over my eyes.
“Guess who?” Edward asked.
“I love you.” I said and turned around into his chest.
“Love you too.” He said.
“Alice said Esme wanted to show us something?” I asked.
“Yup. I know hat it is but you cant see till we get there.” Edward said and then put hid hands over my eyes again. Then we started walking. It was taking forever. Then we stopped.
He pulled his hand away form my eyes. Then I saw a huge house that was so perfect for Edward and I. It looked just like the house at Isle Esme but a little smaller version. It was amazing.
“Its your wedding gift.” Esme explained. I ran to her and gave her a huge hug. Carlisle was at work I guess since he wasn’t here.
“Thank you so much Esme it’s beautiful.” I said.
“Your welcome honey.” Esme said. Then I looked at Edward and gave him a kiss.
“Where’s Michael?” I asked.
“Inside with Jake.” He explained and then I walked inside.
It was exactly like the Isle Esme house it was just so beautiful and overwhelming. Then I herd little tiny footsteps then a tug on my jeans I look down and there was my perfect son.
“Hey Michael how do you like our house?” I asked.
“I love it.” Michael said and gave me a hug.
“It’s really nice here. I even have room. Did you see rose and Emmett’s place yet?” Jake asked.
“Thanks and what you have a room? And nope they got a house too?” I asked.
“Yeah I have room I’m going be here for a long time. I have a room at Roses too, but Esme thought it be better to have an extra one here just incase Rose got a little pissy or whatever.” Jake explained.
“That’s not what I said. I said incase she gets mad at you.” Esme defended her self.
“Sorry Esme my apologies.” Jake said
“It alright Jake. Alright well I’m going to go get ready for the game.” Esme said and ran back to the house.

”Lets go see Roses house. Wait is Alice getting one too?” I asked.
“Lets go and yes but don’t think about it at all just leave it like its undecided.” Edward said and then led me to the door. Jakey had Michael in his hands. He really loved the kids. We were approaching a huge house that was unbelievable it look sort of like the main house but it had thing to it that was different. It was beautiful, glass window everywhere like the main rooms the kitchen living room dinging room, you could see everything besides the bedrooms and bathrooms
We approached the door and knocked. Rose answered.
“Hey you guys come in.” She said happily. It was amazing how much she warmed up to Jacob over the month Annabelle changed her so much.
“Hey Rose.” I said and gave her a hug.
“Hey Bells how you liken your new house?” She asked.
“Its beautiful, I love it. How bout you?” I said
“I love it here. Did you know this is exactly what me and Emmett’s first house looked like. It just a tad smaller but I love it. It brings back a lot of good memories.” She said and smiled and looked over at Emmett.
“Where is Annabelle?” I asked.
“Oh she’s upstairs playing in her new room.” She explained.
“Can I go up there?” Jake asked.
“Yeah sure. She is playing babies though.” Rose said and laughed.
“I think I’ll survive.” Jake said and walked up stairs to find Annabelle.
“Hey its time to go.” Alice said walking in with Sophie and Jazz.
“Jake we have to go.” I yelled up to him. He appeared at the top of the stairs with smiling Annabelle.
“Alright. Am I staying here? Like in Roses house.” Jake asked.
“If you want. But just clean up after your self.” Rose said.
“Thanks.” Jake said.
“If you want any of Michaels toy just go in the house and take them.” I said. Then Alice handed him two keys.
“Here’s one for Bella’s house and one for the big one” Alice explained.
“Thanks.” He said.
“No problem.” She said, “Ok lets go we need to go!” Alice said
“Bye Michael I’ll be back later I love you.” I said and hugged him and kissed him on the forehead, Edward did the same.
“Bye Sophie, Bye Annabelle, Bye Jakey” I called to them as I walked out the door. Everyone said goodbye to his or her children and Jake and then we all started running for the clearing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Next chapter will probably be up Saturday maybe but Sunday definitely. It will be the baseball game (:
wow love it, a totally different side of rosalie, wow, awesome chapter, love this story can't wait for more, thanks for posting so regularily, greatly appreciated

who's sophie?

Chapter 20

We arrived at the clearing it was huge. Emmett was setting up the bases, they were really far apart but I guess they should be considering how fast we run. I am going to suck at baseball I know it. Then I am going to have to deal with Emmett making fun of me all week. He is just going to go on and on about how badly I suck. I opened my mind to Edward ‘What if I suck?’ I asked him.
“Love. You wont Alice already had a vision your going to do great.” He said and pecked me on the lips.
“What ever you say.” I said and hugged him tight then kissed him passionately. Emmet interrupted us.
”Its time! Stop making out. Edward get your ass on the field. Guys against girls!” Emmett yelled.
“Shut up Emmett. Edwards coming.” I said and kissed Edward once more then he ran to the outfield with Emmett.
“Bella your third to bat, after rose.” Alice said and smiled at me encouragingly.
Alice stepped up the base and took her stance. Jazz was pitching. He pitched the ball and Alice swung then a huge thundering sound echoed everywhere. Alice’s ball went really far that has to be a homer. Alice was rounding third then ball game flying at Carlisle the catcher and he tagged her.
“Your out,” Carlisle said “Nice hit.” Carlisle said as Alice got up and said “thank you.”
“Rose your up.” Alice called.
Rose went up and took stance. She hit it hard and went farther than Alice’s she was already on third coming home. She made it! The girls and I were screaming and giving each other high fives.
“1 to zip,” Alice announced. “Bella your up.” Crap I said to my self.
I walked over to the base I was really nervous. Then a rush of calmness came over me I looked at jasper and gave him a thanking smile he smiled back. Then he pitch I swung and I herd a deafening crack as I came with impact with the ball. It was going farther and farther as I was rounding third Emmett still didn’t throw the ball yet. Wow it must have gone far. Then I slid into home.
“2 to zip.”
“Damn Bella you can play,” Emmett said and then pouted.
“I guess I can.” I said and went back over by Alice.
“How are those heals?” Alice asked of course.
“Just like gym shoes.” I answered and then gave her a hug.
“Told you.” She said hugging me back.
“Nice hit love.” Edward said from the outfield and smiled.
I ran to him and through my arms over him and gave him a kiss. We were laughing and laughing. We looked at Emmett he was actually laughing his butt off, which was really surprising. I opened my mind to Edward ‘Is he actually laughing?’ I asked him. He shook is head yes, wow. We were just hugging now. I looked at everyone and they were looking at us laughing and smiling.
“Ok Emmett what is wrong with you? You are usually teasing us and now your just laughing.” I asked.
“It hilarious how you to just can’t be away for each other. You’re either with Michael and you playing with him or you’re on top of each other when he is asleep.” Emmett said and busted out with laughter.
“Haha hilarious.” I said sarcastically. ‘Holy crap if you think of it that’s totally true.’ I said and smiled at Edward with out Emmett noticing. Edward smiled and shrugged his shoulders.
“I miss when were at home and you don’t make jokes at all because Annabelle and the kids are there.” I said and stuck out my tongue.
“Yeah I know, well the kids aren’t here so I can make as many jokes as I want.” Emmett said.
‘Note to self never go anywhere with Emmett when kids aren’t there.’ I said to my self Edward laughed. I quickly shut my mind. I forgot to close it again damn well whatever could be worse.
“Okay, okay enough lets get back to the game.” Alice said
“ Yeah hurry so we can beat your butts.” Emmett said.
“Yeah right you are going to loose to girls and you know it!” I laughed and ran back to home plate.
“NOPE!” Emmett yelled.
“Whatever Emmett.” I said. Esme batted next she got to third.
Alice batted next and got a homer she scored two because Esme was on base. Emmett was just getting even madder. It was hilarious. Then Rose was up she got out on home. Emmett tried to tell her nice try but he just laughed and then Rose shot him a death stare there was going to be a fight later, and it was going to be funny. Emmett now looked scared as hell. I was laughing my butt off. I was up again and what do you I got another home run. I was jumping with joy. Then Esme was up she got out on second her ball didn’t go as far.
“3 outs!” Emmett yelled and ran in to home and tried to hug Rose, she pulled away.
“5 to zip. Emmett just get a bat and hit.” I said and ran out to out field with Rose. Esme was the catcher. Alice was pitching.
“Yeah, yeah alright.” Emmett said and took his stance. Alice pitched he hit it hard like really hard I was already running for it. I got to the ball really fast. I threw from inside to woods to Rose. She threw it home and I herd Esme yell “OUT!” I was coming threw the trees smiling from ear to ear. I was laughing and Emmett was giving me a death stair now.
“Nice one Bells.” Rose said and gave me a high five.
“Thanks.” I said and smiled.
“Good job love.” Edward yelled and smiled then I blew him a kiss.
Edward was up now, he hit and Rose went after the ball this time. I got he ball but Edward was already at home. He was the fastest runner in the family. I just threw the ball to Alice.
“Haha 1 to five.” Emmett said.
“Yeah were still up 4 bud,” I said and laughed.
“Whatever we will catch up.” Emmett yelled.
“Jazz your up hit please to shut him up.” I said to Jazz
“Alright Bella.” Jazz said and took his stance.
Jazz got out at home again except this time Rose go the ball and threw it to me and then I threw him out. He said I had a good play. Jazz was so nice. I really don’t think he cared about winning. Well apparently no one did, this is just for fun Emmett took it serious. He was outing in the corner. Carlisle was up now he hit and got a homer Carlisle was amazing at baseball.
“Hey the storm is ending we can not play anymore. Girls win!” Alice said all cheery.
“No they do not next time there is a storm we will resume this game.” Emmett said.
“Okay but still for now we won.” Alice said and gave him a look that said just shut up to else.
“Okay, okay just stop with that look I hate it.” Emmett said backing away.
I went by Edward and jumped in his arms. I started kissing him. I rally wanted a day with him were it was just us I wonder if Jake could watch Michael for a little longer. ‘Want to have the day to our selves?’ I asked him in his head. He shook his yes. ‘I’ll call Jake.’ I said
“Lets at least go see Michael first.” Edward said
“Of course.” I said taking his hand then we ran back to Roses.
We got to Roses. I walked in and everyone was already in there besides Esme and Carlisle, Rose was on the opposite side of the couch away from Emmett she had Annabelle in her hands. Michael was sitting in Jakes lap. The he looked up at me.
“Mommmy!” Michael said and ran over to me I picked him and hugged him. I felt bad that I was leaving him tonight. Maybe I shouldn’t. I would feel bad. Then Jakey came over I set Michael down he went to Edward. I hugged Jakey.
“Thanks for watching him Jakey.” I said and smiled.
“Anytime. Speaking of which by the sound of Emmett story’s you need a night to your selves. I would be happy to watch Michael for the night.” Jake said.
“Thanks you so much Jakey.” I said and gave him another hug.
“Rose can Jake stay here with Michael?” I asked her.
“Of course Bella.” She said
“Hey buddy want to have a sleep over?” Jake asked Michael.
“Yeah! Mommy mommy, can I?” He asked as he was jumping up and down.
“Of course sweet heart.” Is aid and gave him a hug and kissed him on the fore head. Edward did the same I hug Jake one more time and then I walked out the door.
loved the baseball game, emmett's funny, awesome chapter, love this story, please post more soon, can't wait
wow loved the jump in time, awesome chapter, can't wait to see what happens, how will they be as newborns? will any of them have any powers, possibilities are endless, love it this story is amazing, please post more soon, can't wait
Chapter 22

I cant believe today is the dday that Michael and Sophie will be changed. Alice and Jasper are worried out of their minds. Alice is really glum becuase she cant the thought out of her head 'what if Sophie is like Jasper?' That thought is not like Alice at all. She never thinks like that she always went with saying yeah its a little more work but there is nothing worng with it. 'Edward please dont tell Jazz. I dont mean tothink about that its just i'm nervous.' Alice pleaded in my head.
I would tell her later i wouldn't tell her but right now i was sittin gin the bed with Bella. She wasnt talking much she was extra nervous. We are hoping all the kids are like Bella.NOthing ever goes perfect so you never know.
YOu would think that we would just Alice but she is just to nervous at the moment and cant think straight. I'm not trying to judge its just i wish she would calm down and just think straight for a moment. Jazz has been trying since we told them we would change them today, she calms down for like 5 minutes and then freaks out. We are trying to be pattient but me and Bella are getting ancy.
"Do you think i should go talk to Alice?" Bella asked me
"It is completely up to you if you want to, love." I said to her and rubbed her cheek.
"I think i will. Thank you.I will be right back i love you." She said giving me a quick kiss and getting off the bed.
"Love, i think you should get dressed even though shes stressed shes still going to yell at you for being in my t shirt and sweats." I said and laughed.
"You are right." She laughed and walked in to the closet. she was out in seconds, wearing a white sundress and matching white heals. she looked breathtaking.
"You look absolutely Beatiful." I said and ran to her and wrapped my arms around her. I liffted her head up to mine and kissed her passionatly.
"I would love to stay but i think i need to talk to Alice. Sorry i love you." She gave me a quick kiss and then left.


I really didnt wnat to leave Edward his kisses just made me warm inside. I loved that feeling. But i needed to talk to Alice straight away, she was supper nervous. Don't get me wrong i am completely nervous but Alice is doing worse because she can't see the future. I need to help calm her down, Jazz is doing the best he can but i think i should give it a shot. I walked to her door and knocked.
"Alice?" I called her name.
"Yes Bella?" Her voice sounded shaky
"Can i come in?" I asked.
"Of course." she said trying to calm down
I walked in and Jazz told Alice he would be right back. He obviouly cvould telll i wanted to talk to her alone. ALice was back on her bed crying tearless sobsi ran to her and hugged her.
"Alice i now you nervous but you need to calm down." I said and hugged her tighter.
"I know..i know.. bella. did Edward tell you what i have been thinking in my mind its horrible?" She asked me in between sobs.
"No he didnt tell me. Alice please tell me." I said nad then she looked up to me.
"I though what if there like Jazz." She wispered so i could only hear. Then she broke out in more tears. I sat there and just Rocked her back and forth until she stopped crying.
"Oh Alice its okay. the thought is totaly not you. Your just stressed otherwise you would never even begin to think that. Alice and so what if they are he is better i can tell. Yeah it could be a little extra work like you saud but its okay and do able." I said
"I know but its like sick of me to even think that. I feel so bad."
"Alice it's really okay." I said and hugged her again.
"No its not." Alice said and started crying again. I pulled her closer and rocked her again. She was slowly calming her self. I sat there for an hour she finally seemed back to normal when she said.
"By the way i love your olfit today. you look adorable." She said.
"Thanks Alice." I said and then she went totaly Blank she was having a vision YES!
"Edward and Jazz come here now." I said that and they were there in a seconds.
Jazz had his hands on her shoulders. Edward came to me and sat down and grabbed me by the wwaist and set me on his lap i was leaning againtst him. We were all watching Alice. She has been out for a while. jeeze how long can this vission be. I looked at Edward he was smiling good sign. then Alice let out a deeo breath and then started clapping.
"Everything is going to be perfect!" She said and pulled me from edward and hugged me.
"Thank you so much Bella." She said to me.
"Anytime Alice." I said and hugged her back.
"When are we doing this exsactly?" Edward asked.
"In a few Sophie will come and ask." Alice said.
"Where are we doing this is a better questiion." I said.
"Carlisles doctor room thing." ALice said. then Sophie came in!
"Can we get this over with?!" She asked impatiently.
"Yes sophie sure but could we talk to you alone for a second?" That was me and Edwards que to leave.
We got up and walked out into the hall way. I wanted to talk to Michael.
"Michael can you come here for a second?" I asked him from the stairs he was on the couch.
"Yeah sure mom ill be there in a few." He said.
We walked back our room and sat down on our little couch. I was hugging Edward i was nervous. Wait who is changin ghim me or Edward? I had so many question and not a lot of time to ge them answered. I guess were justgoing to do it in a few minutes im sure I will get filled in there. Michael walked in then
"YOu wanted to talk?" He asked.
"Yes come here." I said and patted the couch in between me and Edward he came and sat. I pulled him into a hugg.
"Is everything alright?" He asked.
"Yes everything is alright i just wanted to talk to you before we go and change you." I said to him.
"Shoot." He said and motioned for me to continue.
"Michael. I love you. When i first saw you in the adoption center i knew you were ment to be mine. You are my one and only son. I love you to the moon and back. I will do anything for you. You know that right?" I aske him.
"Of coursei know that mom. I love you too." He said and smileed and hugged me.
"Son?" Edward said.
"Yes dad?" He asked,
"I love you too. I know i may come off as a borig dad. But it was nessasary. I promise you that i will be so much more fun when your changed, it was hard not to make slipps obvious when i was trying to have fun with you. I would move to fast or answer one of thought in your head. I'm soory. I love you my son." Edward said adn pulled him in for ahugg.
"Its okay dad i understand. I love you too." Michael said while hugging him back.
"Bella its time." Alice said from the other room.
"Alright lets go." I said nad grabbed michaels hand nad Edwards hand.
"I love you both." I said and they bothr repeated
"i love you to."
We walked down the hall hand and hand. I was so nervouse for Michael even though we knew everything was going to fine now, im still a mother and can be worried. I looked up at michale and he smiled i smiled back. I was going to miss his green eyes. Ill get over it, hes my boy if this is what he wants, hes getting it. Theni looked at edward and kissed him quickly. I smiled up at him and he smiled at me witht he most adoring eyes ever. We reached the room i was just getting more nervous. I alked into the door and a rish of calmness swept over me.
"thank you Jazz." I said and smiled.
"Anytimee." He said.
I looked around Sophie was laying down on one of the examination tables.There was another one set up for michael. Carlisle was leading him to it and explaining the process to Michael and Sophie they looked very interested and excited. Awe how cute.
"Hey Alice whos changing them?" I asked.
"I'm changing Sophie and, you are changing Michael. The boys told me we could do it." She said and clapped her hands and walked over to Sophie now. I walked toward Michael Edward followed.
"Nervous?" I asked Michael.
"Not really, you?" He asked me.
"I am your mother i am supposed to be nervous."
"I knnow. So whos...biting me?" He asked nervously.
"Nervous now arent you? And that would be me." I said
"I was for like a fraction of a second." He said and hugged me i kissed him on the forhead.
"I love you." I said for the like 5th time today.
"Yes i know i love you to." He said and we both laughed then Edward joined in.
"So are you guys ready?" CArlisle asked.
"Yes." Sophie and Michael said together.
Sophie and Michael laid down. Me and Alice have never done this before, we look at eachother nervously and then looked at Edward and Carlisle. They laughed and then came back toward us.
"Bite then Lick" Edward said and then whispered in my ear "I'm right here, love." I turned aruond and kissed him.
"I love you." I said,
"I love you too." He said back.
"Wait were are Rose and Emmett?" I asked.
"Were coming wait!" Emmett yelled. then bursted into the room
Then annabelle showed up with Jake. Jake looked like he didnt wnat to be here. Annabelle looked nervous and interested at the same time. I turned back around and faced Michael. I looked at alice we bent our head down. I whispered in Michaels ear 'i love you' Theni bite him and then licked it. I bit he other side of his neck also and then licked it.The bites were gone like Edward said they would be. I know that they are going to be in pain. I sat down on the couch with Edward. I snuggled up with him. I was going to be here when he wakes and everytime he is in pain. Alice was over there with Sophie, she was holding her hand and just laying there. All we haved to do now is wait.
wow loved it, alice was a emmotional wreck for alittle bit, wow crazy even jasper couldn't calm her down, still really excited to find out how they all turn out, and if they have any powers or anything crazy, wait what is happening with annabelle? is she being turned be curious to find out how her bonfire she went to in lapush turned out, it didn't really say anything about her yet, love this story, please post more soon, can't wait
i have a whole thing with annabelle planned outt. I think ill put a little bit of Annabelle POV in the next one mabey explaing about why she doesnt want to change yet and how the bonfire went (:

Thanks for all your commentss (:


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