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Ok so ive been thinking about writeing a fan fic for some time now i just couldnt decide what to write abouttt att all then an idea came too mee. By the way all characters belong to S.M. Tell me what you think comment and post your thoughts.

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Edward & bella have beeen friends sence diapers. When they were twelve the Cullens dissapeared. And now Bellas 17 & suddenly edward shows up at her door he looks really different hes pale as could be and he looks young like 16.

Chapter 1 BPOV

It was a typical friday for me in Forks, Washington. I usually sat around homee doing nothing becuase my dad was always out fishing on fridays with his friends. I descided to go lay down on the couch because i was really tiredd. I started thinking about the times i actually had plans and actually had friends in forks well i had friends now but not the ones i would like to spend all day with. Back when i was twelve i had two best friends their names were Edward and Alice Cullen they were twins and they were best until they totally dissapeared and never came back i cried about it sometimes but when i do i just think that i guess they really didnt care about me that much anyway thats why the just up and left. I miss them alot when i think about them i wonder if they ever think about me. Then i focus on edward he was best friend i always liked him and i liked liked him i wonder if he ever felt the same about me well i guess ill never know but if i think about it i think i loved him?. I was getting tired noww. I slowly swifted into sleep.
When i was woke up by startaling knock on my front door.
"Who the hell could that be?" I said out loud to myself
They kept on knocking and knocking.
"Bella could you please open up it pouring out here im litterly soaked and been waiting out here for 5 minutes." The man said.
"Hold on please."
his voice sounded so formilliar i couldnt think of it but i knew, i knew him so i had to opent he door.
When i opened the door there stood Edward Culllen he looked about 16 hw is this possible hes supposed to 18 hes a year older than me what happened hes a pale as you could be.
"Edward?" I asked not really sure if it was him now.
"Yes bella its me. Can i plesae come in?"
"Yeah sure sorry for waiting so long to answer the door."
"Its alright im sure your startled."
"Yeah i am and i have few questions for you. Like 1 where the hell were you these past years?! 2. Why do you look so young and pale? I'll get to rest later." I said
"Same old Bella. Ill explain to later but i need to talk to you first about something...." He said nervously.
"Alright lets go sit dowm." I led him to the living room.
"Bella i dont how to say this so im just gunna come right out and say it......Bella I love you."
Did he really just say that he lovess me. oh my god i think i loved him to no i know i love him.
"Oh edward i love you too" I got up and gave him hugged and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"But Bella there are some serious things we need to talk about and its part of the reason why my family left and why i look so different. Im gunna let you know that this is huge news and i dont know how will take it. My family wanted to apart of this disscution so.. Do you want to come to my house?"
He asked. What could be so immpotant that his whole family wanted to apart of it and that he wasnt sure how i would take it i loved him i would do anything for him and i except that he left and now he came back for me what else is there. He also sounded really nervous thats part that scared me.
"Alright lets go." I said
Then he grabbed my hand and let me out the door to a shiny silver volvo.We got in the car & drove to his home.
As we pulled around the drive into in drive way there his house looked. It was beautiful same as ever and it looked homey now not strangely abbandoned. His house was huge they came from great money. I was shaking with excitement i couldnt wait to see his family expecially Alice i miss her so much. And Esme & Carlisle they are the most caring parents anybody could ever find. I loved them as if they were my own parents.
I looked over at Edward and relized that his eyes were gold not the same green they used to be.
"Hey did you get contacts?"
"Nope thats part of the story as well." He said seriously.
"Edward, should i be worried?"
"Well no not really. As i said it all depends on how you feel about what we tell you." He said. Then we were interupted by the one and only chirpy little pixie named Alicee.
"BELLLLLA!" She ran up to car yanked me out and gave me a huge hugg and a kiss on the cheek.
"ALice i've missed you so muchh." I relized that she was just like edward pale skinned cold and had golden eyes.
"Bella ive missed you tooo!." She said grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. Edward was followign closely behind us he looked really nervous.
Around the corner came Esme, Carlisle and three other people i didnt know. Esme and carlisle change as well they were pale, and had golden eyes. AS they came up and hugged me and told me that they missed me. i relized they were cold too. I shivered.
"Bella this Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie. Jasper, Emmet, Rosalie this Bella."
"Hiiiii Bellla!" Emmet said and gave me hugg. Strange i barely knew this guy.
"hello Bella." Jasper said and stuck out his handm, i shook it.
"Hi." Rosalie said ina snotty tone. Jeeze i barely new her and she had something against me ?
"Alright now you all lets go to the dinning room. I'm sure Bellas dyeing to hear the news we have and i'm sure were dyeing to see her reaction." Then i herd Emmet laugh and say "To bad we cant die!" He said with an even larger booming laugh.
"Uhmmmm. What does he mean byu that?" I asked totally confused.
They all just sat there looking at Emmet in shock I was getting annoyed i wanted to know what he ment by that.
"Bella were Vampires, we immortal that means we cant die. Last year when we left we had to we were attacked by a group of vampires me and esme were bitten on the spot but they just turned Edward and Alice two years ago thats why they still look sixteen." He said.
I sat there totaly shocked for a few minuted before it regetured in my head. WAIT?! vampiress their reall ? and wait if they are dont they like syck the blood of humans?!
"Ok your...vampires... I dont care at all i still love you guys but i have one qouestion. Dont vampires drink the blood of humans?" I asked really nervous.
"Well they do but we decided we didnt want to be monsters so we drink off the blood of animals. We dsont want to kill inicent people after we got free of the vampires that captured us we got a house for a year. Until Edward here decided to finally come out and say he loved you and wanted to go back to Forks and he didnt care that he was vampire he needed to see you and he said that he could controll him self around you. So i said yes and now here we are." Carlisle explained.
I looked up at edward he smiled down at me i stroked his face with my hand and then took his hand in my hand and said " Edward i love you and i dont care that your a vampire it doesnt change anything. I still love you and always will." I said sweetly.
"Bella i love you. You are my world, my life and my sould i cant not live with out you." I kissed him softly and smiled and looked back at the table and relized i still had 1 more question i had to ask.
"Ok i have one more question. How did end up part of your family?" I asked. Everyone giggled even Rosalie mabey she didnt hate me.
"Well when we escaped from the bad vampires we were runnig throught the forest when we ran into them they were nomads and they said they hunted animals not people and they said they would love to be apart of a family so i said come live with us and so they did Rosalie and Emmet are mariied and Jasper well as soona as he saw Alice he was in love and apparently so was she so now their together and happy as ever." Then i saw alice look up into Jaspers eyes and you could really tell how much they loved eachother. It reminded me of edward and I for soem reason.
Then i out of no where Alice shot up stright and looked like she saw the dead but then Jasper said "Alice what do you see?"
" a...vampire." Alice answered.
Then she looked normal again.
"What? When? How did this happen?" Eddward sceamed.
"Edward soon." Thats all she said and walked out the room.
"Edward can i talk to you." I asked
"Yes, anything love." he asled and led me to his room.
"Edward i want to be a vampire. I love you and i want to be with you forver, no i want to be with for eternity." I said
"Bella do relize what your asking. You have to give up everything even your parents. Charlie imagin how broken appart he would be."
"I can still see him. I have a plan. I know i wont be getting any younger but i figure alice is good with make up and she could make me look older when i see him. I could move in with you so i dont have to see him that often." I said confendently.
"I dont know Bella i love you to much. To make you go through that."
"Edward its what i want. I love you."

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love it, post more soon, would you be able to message me next time you post
Thankssss (:
im gunna post more after schoool. & yeah i will message you.
Chapter 2

Does she honestly know what shes asking for. I mean i want her to be a vampire becuase i want to be with her forever but i judt dont think im willing to take away her soul. I know i wont hurt hurt her becuase i love her to much to ever hurt her.
"I dont know Bella i love you to much to make you go though that."
"Edward its what i want. I love you."
"Still what about Charlie." i asked
"I told you i have plan and its going to work." She said confedently.
"Bella what if you hurt him. When your a new born you have like no control. If a human comes any were near you i dont if you will be able to stop yourself. Jasper still has problems with it." I said.
"You'll help me. and you wont let me hurt him youll stop me. Please edward." She grabbed my hand and pleaded. How could i say no to her i love her so much and that face just blew it over the top.
"Bella if i agree to change you. Will you atleast give me a month with you still human becuase i need it and im gunna miss your perfect blush everytime i dazzle you or when you get embarsed. Yes ive noticed these things becasue ive been back a week now and i been watching you and i couldnt live with out you. Bella I love you." I said to her. Hopefully she will agree to that because theres 2 things i would like to do before i change her.
"Yes Edward thats fine. I love you with all my heart." She said as she leaned forward and kissed me passionatly. When i had to push away she groaned.
"hmppph." she said
i laughed. "Bella." I stroked her cheek
She leaned into me and we sat like that for what seemed like hours.


Its been 2 weeks sence Edwards return I've been spending every moment with him i could after school, and weekneds. Today was Saterday and tonight i was going out to dinner with edward. Alice was coming over soon to help me get ready she said it was impotant i look good tonight. I was sorta suspicious but i let it go it was Alice were talking about here.
I desided to go up to my room and lay down till she got here. I was thinking about Edwards request he made to me 2 weeks ago that i accepted, it was a resonable request but i only have a week left im getting nervous but i know that ill be fine when Edwards there with me. Hell keep me safe and happy i know he will. Then i was interupted by a slight knock on the front door. I ran down satirs and opened the door to see little pixiie Alice standing there.
"Hey Alice." I said not excited at all.
"Way to sound excitedd! Lets go up stairs noww." Jeeze she is so demanding.
"Fine." I slowly walked up stairs 1 one at a time, till she got irratated and pick me up and ran to the bathroom.
"Alice you didnt have to that ahh know im all light headed you run to damn fast."
"Its part of being a vampire we like to move fast. Now sit i have to work a marical here. And i brought you an olfit to wear casue i know you dont have anything nice to wear." She said with an evil smile. I could tell that she brought something that i wouldnt like. I groaned.
"Let me guess...heals??!" I asked.
"Of courseeeee !" She said and clapped
"Alright Bella try to be in a good mood tongiht for Edward please."
"Fine i will becuase its for him." I said
"ALright now let me start close your eyes." She demanded. I closed my eyes i didnt want to argue with her.
It felt like it had been hours. She did my make up hair and everything jeeeze.
"Get up time to get dressed." She grabbed my hand and pulled me into my room.
"You dont have to be so pushy Alice."
"Whatever. Close your eyes im dressing you casue i know you wont put it on."
"ALICEE if you know im not gunna like it why try." As soon as i said that i felt something slide down me.. I looked looked down and theres was a floor lengthed royal blue dress on me.
"How did you do thast so fast?" I asked amzedd.
"Im a vampire duhhh! anyway look in the mirror you look beatifull. Here are your shoes." She handed me silver high heals they were beatiful but they were just way to high for my likeing.
"Aliceeee." I groanddd
"Bella suck it up put them on Edwards gunna be here soon."
"Finne." I put them on and looked in the mirrior and i haved to admit i did llook beatiful.
"wow alice you really know how to work maricals." I said and smiled at her.
"I know." As she clapped and danced out of my room.
I walked down satirs holding on the the railing for dear life, otherwise i would fall. Alice was just sitting on the couch reading a magazine. Then the doorbell rang. I opened it up and there stood the love of my life.
"hi edwarddd." I ran to go hugg him but of course i tripped and then i felt cold arms come and catch me. I looked up and there was Edward.
"Thanks." I hugged him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips.
"Anything love." He said.
"Bye Alice thanks for your help." I went to say goodbye to her and i gave her a hugg.
"Bye Bella il seee you tonight probley." She wave and walked out the door.
"Ready to go love?" Edward asked in that velvet voice thati love.
"Yes i am."
Then he grabbed my hand and led me out the door. As i was walking out to the car i tripped yet again and again Edward had to catch me.
"Darn heals." I said under my breath then i heard Edward laugh.
"Whats so funny. I feel stupid enough i keep tripping because Alice put me in these ridiculous heals."
"Sorry love. Well ont he bright side i think you look stunningly beastiful toinightt." He said and gave me that crooked smile that made me smile and blush everytime he does that.
"Its okay. And thanks." I said to him and gave him a kiss.
WE got in the car and drove off. I
It took about an hour to get to the restuarant. Edward came around to my side and helped me get out.
"Thank youu."
"Anything." he said and he led me inside.
We got to our table sat down and ordered dinner. The food was amzing here i couldnt beleve it. The i was time for dessert. When the waiter came up and said "Your gunna love the spcial." and walked away. WAit i didnt order yet why did he just walk away. Then he came back out with a cake and stood ther and then someone dimmeed the lights.
"Edward what are the doing. Why are they acting so werid?" Then i looked down and Edward was down on one knee. Oh my gosh was he gunna purpseee?!
"Bella, you are my life, my soul, the only reason why im alive. I love you with all my heart. Isabella Swan with you marry me?"
I wass crying. I cant beleive it he just asked me to marry him. Crap answerr i told my self.
"Yes of coursee." I threw my self into his arms and kissed him passionatley.
"I love you Bella."
"I love you to Edward with all my soul."
"Do you want to go home and tell the family. You could spend the night. Charlie wont be back till Monday we'll tell him then." He said. i couldnt wait for tonight i lvoed him so much.
"Yess Edward i love that. I have one question...DO want to get mariied before or after my change?" I wispered the last part in his ear.
"Before." he said.
"Its only a week away. How will we do it?"
"Alice. Of course shes been plannign sense we got back to Forks. She knew i would eventually purpose she wanted to be ready."
"Alice will be alice." I laughed and got up, kissed him one more time before we walked outside to the car.
"Letd go home love." Edward said as we walked out to his car. We got in and drove off.
loved it, alice is funny, and bella said yes, love this story, can't wait for more
Chapter 3


We pulled up into his drive way to find excited Alice waiting there for us. What was she all excited about i didnt tell her yet?
"Edward why is she so excited i havent even told her yet?" I askked
"Alice can see visions, some vampires have powers." He said
"Oh do you have any powers?"
"I can read minds." He amiled
"Oh no."
"I cant read yours though, i dont know but i cant."
"Oh thank god." I said. I do not want him to here the thoughts that go through my head. Everytime he dazzles me i get a rush of excitement, evrytime he wears tight shirts that make his muscels stand out, or how is body just screams 'come and get me!'. If he knew that all those things go through my head i think it be a little weird. He knows i love him but he has no idea how much i want him.
"Why is there something your not telling me?" he asked. 'oh crap i shouldnt of said that, god bella play cool' i told my self.
"No just sometimes i dont wnat you to read my mind. Somethings that go through it arent ment not to be herd." I said smiling and then i started giggling to my self.
"Awe Bella you cant say those things and then not tell me." He looked at me and gave me that crooked smile that i loved. How could i say no to that gorgeous face.
"Fine but i will tell you later when were alone. Now lets go face Alice." I said and started to open my door but before i could Edward was already around the car and opened my door for me.
"Thank you." I gave him a soft kiss on the lips then hugged him tightly
"No thanks you." He said and smiled.
"Bellllaaaa.....congratss." She wispered the last part.
"Why wisper you probley already tols them." I accused her.
"No of course not. I would never do that, its not my news to tell." She smiled and gave me a huge hugg.
"Thanks ALice. NOw lets get inside."
We got into the house it was like nobodys home. The house was so dark and so empty. Then i herd alice call out there names and before i knew it all of them were right there in front of me. Jeeze was i gunna have to get used to that. They always snuck up on me, expessially Emmet he just loved to see me blush and he loved to make fun of me. Me and Emmet got close over the weeks that they came back he felt like a brother except one that teases me way to much. I started to laugh to my self when he insulted me bad and then Edward got mad and tackled him they were wrestling on the floor it was hillarious and by the time they were done they were rolling on the ground laughing.
"What so funny love?" Edward asked.
"Oh nothing just thnking back when you and Emmet were wrestling and then we laughed for hours." I said smiling
"Goodtimess right?!" Emmet said
"Yeaah." i said laughing
Alright now the times to tell them, i was nervous i dont even know why they wanted us together. I think Edward could tell i was nervous her reached for my hand and squeezed it. Then out of nowhere a wave of calmness came over me. Woah?! were did that come from.
"Me and Edward have some news." I said out of now where. Why am i so calm now?
"Lets sit down." Edward stepped in and led us to the table in the dinning room.
"What would you like to tell us?" Carlisle asked. he was always so pollite.
"Were getting married." I said witha beaming smile, i was really happy.
"Congratss." Jasper and Roalie said together
"Congratulations." Esme and Carlisle said and came over and gave us hugs.
Emmet ran up to me and gave me a huge bear hug.
"Emmet...cant..breath!." I yelled
"Sorrry im just happpy your gunna be my sis! Im gunna get to tease all the timee now !"
"Oh great thats exsactly what i was looking forward too!" I said with a lot of sarcasem.
Haha. i loved Emmet like a brother and truth was i couldnt wait to be his sister. We would have a lot of good times and they would very fuun but when he was teasing me i wanted to kill him, but he just have to give me a hug and i'de be done for.
"So is this happening before or after your change Bella?" Esme asked.
"Before. Ask Alice when i have no clue, apparently shhes been planning sence you guys got back to Forks." I said.
"Of course my Alice will be Alice." Esme said and laughed.
"Well lets go upstairs and get plaining!." Alice yelled from the living room. I hadnt even noticed she left.
"Alicee cant i just spend the night with Edwardd?" I asked hoping for the answer yess but with Alice i already knew the answer it was no.
"No, i promise i wont keep you long. I just have some final touches to make to things." Alice said
"Fine!" I said mad.
"Bella come on its your wedding dont you want to be part of putting it together?" Alice asked i guess she had a point i did want to be a part of it, but i already knew shes pretty much did everything.
"Yeah alright lets go." I said
"Esme and Rose come to my room." Alice said and then raced up to her room. I had to follow great!
"Come on love ill walk you up to her room. When your done come straight to mine." Edward said as he grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to Alices room.
"Alice doesnt plan on having you in there for a long time. I think you can survive and hour or so." Edward said.
"Yeah i guess i could handle that." I hugged him and then kissed him lightly on the lips.
" See you in a bit, love." Then he tuened and left.
Ahh time to deal with the Alice monster. I cant belive im about to sit for an hour listen to Alice plan MY wedding. Like what would i do without her its saterday and next saterday im getting married i only have a week i just wish i was more apart of it. Then i turned the doornob and walked into Alices room. It was huge and beatiful The walls and floors were white and the furnature was black. I loved it, i always wanted a room like this. It fit her.
"Good your finally here." ALice said dragging me to sit on her bed. A few second later Esme and Rose walked in.
"Hey rose and Esme." I said and smiled. Rosalie warmed up to me after a few weeks after they moved in she was my savior for when ALice tried to play Barbie Doll Bella with me, Rose would make up some kind of stupid excuse for me to do something with her instead but occasionally i would haved to play along with Alice even though i hated it. Esme was like my other mother i loved her like my own. I could go to her with anything.
"Hey bella." Rose said and came to sit next to me.
"Hi sweetie." Esme said and walked to go sit by Alice.
"Alright we have to try on the dresses Rose your first, then Esme then, me then Bella." Alice orded us.
"And Bella me and Rose are your bridesmaids that okay with you?"
"Yeah of course.and alicee can you be my maid of honor?" I asked her i knew she would love this. Ill get on her good side so she lets me skip out early.
"Awee Bellla.. Thank you thank you!!." Alice squelled and came running to give me a hug.
"Your welcome Alice. Are you gunna have to get a new dress?"
"Nope im always prepared and hoping." Of course she was.
Then rose got up and tried on her dress she looked freaking beatiful im guna look ugly standing coming down the aisle after her and Alice for that matter. ALice was beatiful but Rose was gorgeous she had long Blond hair and long legs and a perfect body she was just perfect i was jelous. Rosalies dress was Royal blue and it was floor length and strapless it was beatiful. Then it was Esme she had black dress that had no back it was very pretty it was very her. Then Alice got up and put on hers it was Royal Blue also and it was short and sparkly it was very her and it was beatuful on her. Then it was my turn ughh.
"They look perfect. I love them Allice." I complementd her.
"I knew you would love them.Now its your turn come on lets go!" ALice said pushing me to her Closet there was a huge black garmet bag. I unzipped it and out came a white strpless with a ring of gold with dimonds on it under the chest it was beatiful and it matched the ring.
"Alice its beautiful!."
"I know. Now put it on!." Jeeze shes so pushy.
I put it on i was afraid to look it the mirrior. The i felt cold hands dragging me toward it. I turned around then there i was. Jeeze this dress was so perfect it hugged all my curves perfectly i love it!
"Thank you so much Alicee its so pretty and perfect!." I said and hugged her.
"Your welcome Bella. Alright get changed and then you can go back to your Edward." Oh thank god i couldnt wait!
I got change said thanks again to Alice and told Rose and Esme their dresses were perfect. And i went up the last flight of stirs to Edwards room. I walked in and there he was just laying down on his bed waiting for me passiently. I crawled onto the bed and curled up to him and started to kiss him passionately we were rolling around and i let my tounge slide across the bottom of his lip he let me in. Wow that was first he never does casue he said its dangerous and we could to fare and he could hurt, but i dont hitnk he could ever hurt me he loves me to much. I was running out of air ahh i didnt want to pull away this may never happen again until my change. I wanted this to last. but im human so i had to pull away!
I pulled away and rested my head on his chest and breathed deeply.
"I love you." I said to him and i hugged him .
"As i love you." He said as he started kissing my neck then my ear then my cheek and he followed that to my lips.
"I cant wait to be your wife."
"I cant wait to be your husband. And i was thinking, are you ever gunna tell me what you think about that you dont want me to hear?" Crappp i didnt want to tell him that now! I dont know how to start and i dont think hell like the part were i want to have sex with him he might get mad and say he'de hurt me.
"Well i can guarantee your gunna love some parts but not so much other parts."
"I think i can handle it." He said and smiled that crooked smile that i loved.
Thankss haha yeah i have alot of ideas about how Edwards gunna react to that & and chraliee im still thinking but im posting more later todayy.
Chapter 4

Oh my god i cant belevive im actually gunna tell him what goes through my mind everytime i see him, everytime he walks into the room, everytime he stairs into my eyes and everytime he kisses me. I wanted to him all him i have no idea how im gunna tell him i want to have sex with him hes gunna freak and tell me its to dangerous. He doesnt give him self enough credit at all, he would or could never hurt me. I know hes a vampire but im willing to risk it becuase before im a vampire i actually wana have sex with him. Im so nervous. I was interupted by my thoughts bye Edward, he was getting impatient.
"Im waiting..Bella i promise i wont judge you or get mad." He sais that now wait till he finds out what im gunna say.
"I'm just nervous ok." I said
"Dont be just say it."
Ok here it goesss! S*** im nervouss.
"Ok." I grabbed his hand and entwined our fingers together and decided that i look at our hands when i tell him.
"Edward i love you so much. Everytime you stair into my eyes you dazzel me, im am completely lost in your eyes. Everytime i see you i always think of how much i love you and i cant wait to be next you to you in your arms and cant wait to have your lips on mine. When you wear those tight shirts that just hugg all your muscels perfectly i want you even more and with your shirt off your body screams 'conme get me!'. Everytime you stroke my cheek i get a rush of excitement. Edward i love you with all my heart and i want to be with you forever but thers one thing im not willing to give up before im my change i think you could guess what that is. I know what your gunna say thats its to dangerous but its not you could talk to Carlisle before and dont say youcould hurt me casue you couldnt even if you wnated to, you love me to much and you dont give yourself enough credit." I said that pretty clear. I cant beleive i just said that all, what if he yells. Crap hes not saying anything, hes a little tense. I'm still looking down at our hands i am to afraid to look at his face right now. Then his fingure came up under my chin to life it up so i would look at him. Supriseingly he didnt look mad.
"Belllaa...what am i gunna do with you?" He asked. What does he mean by that?
"Are you mad?" I looked back down at our hands.
"No of course not i could never be mad at you. Bella I love you so much, i think all the same things but it is dangerous and i might hurt you. You think i just have this huge super controll i dont Bella. Its true i love you to much so i dont think i could ever hurt you but i still dont want to take any chances." He said he has all the same thoughts that imediately gave me courage in this he would totaly cave!
"Edward please can we atleast try? Ask Carlisle about it im sure he could help you some how. It doesnt have to be tongiht it could happen on our honeymoon and you could change me when we get back. Please Edward i want this, its the only thing im not willing to give up." I told him and then i smiled at him and kissed him on the lips softly.
"Are you trying to distract me so i just say yes?" He asked damn he caught on.
"Is it working?"
"You were pretty close, i have to say." Ok then lets try harder.
"Good to know." I reached up and put my hands on his shoulders so i could sit in his lap. Once i was in his lap i hugged him and then kissed his neck and made my way up to hid lips and started to kiss him passsionately. I tangled my hands in his hair to pull him closer if that was even possible. I love him so much. Then he pulled away.
"Ill talk to Carlisle. We will try but if i think if i hurt you at all you tell me and we stop." wow im goood!
"Thanks so much. I love you. I hope your not mad." I told him.
"I'm not mad love, truth is i want it as much as you do."
"REallly?!" I asked
"Yes really Bella. I love you Of course i would." I never understood why he loved me but he did. Then i yawned crap i was getting tired.
"Bella you should probley go to bed. We haved to tell Charlie tomrrow." Crap i totaly forgot i had to tell him.
"Uggh...Finnne." I said and then he moved me so i was laying down and he was facing me laying down now. He laughed.
"Whats funny?" I asked curious.
"You. BElla your tired you need to sleep. Goodnight my love, i love you so much." He gave me a soft kiss on the lips then he hugged me and left his arms around me, i snuggled into his chesta dn slowly fell asleeep.


My Bella. Shes crazy why would she want to have sex with a vampire i could hurt her, well it was chance i could her hurt hurt but i think i could handle my self. I just need to talk to Carlisle about it and have Alice looking out. Yeah thats a little ackward Alice looking into the future to see if ill hurt my soon to be wife while having sex. Whatever i wanted to prepared as possible.
Watching Bella sleep was so facinating she talked in her sleep so much it was funny. And sweeet.
"Edward, Alice lets go to the park!." Bella said i figured shes dreaming about the past.
"I love you Edward."
"I love you to Bella." I whisperd
"Mrs.Bella Cullen."
I loved the sound of that. I couldnt wait till she was my wife.
"Jacob! can we go to the beach?!"
Then i remebered our friedns Jacob we had when we were little. I wondered if she still talked to him. They were close but she was better friends with us in ways. Jacobs dad Billy and Charlie are good friends. I think ill talk to bella tomrow about them mabey well go for a visit after we tell charlie about our engagment.
"Edwarddd." She sais my name alot, I loved hearing it.
Thats usually the last thing she says and then shes out. Im just watching her sleep when i hear footsteps coming to ur door. I thinks its Alice.
"Edward, come here." I got up qukly trying not to wake Bella.
"Yes Alice."
"Ok well i herd Bella say Jacobs name so i figured you desicded to go over there tomrrow and vistit. I got a vision and i can see you go over there and greetting Jacob and then everything dissapears im scared. I think i should come with tomrrw please Edward." Why coudlnt she see anything, thats never happened.
"Yeah, Alice you can come just before were going to tell Charlie aobout our engagment so just meet us at her house when were done."
"Thanks Edward im just worried about the both of you." She said and gave me a hugg and walk back down stairs to sit byu jasper.
I went back into our room to see Bella sitting up on the bed looking scared. I quikly ran oveer to the bed and grabbed her into my lap.
"Love whats wrong?"
"I didnt know were you went." Awe i love her.
"I was talking to Alice, go back to bed ill stay here i promise. I love you night."
"Love you too." And then she ppaseed out again. The sun was starting to rise i wonder what time she wake up.
Shes turning 18 on wednesday, she hated getting older sinece i'm stil in my 16 year old body. She doesnt look any older shes beautiful. Alice told her shes gunna throw her a party and invite poeple from school and then bella said no and that hse hasnt gone to school and forever you dont know anybody and that got Alice down she ran upstairs to her room. Then BElla felt bad and had to go up there and appooligize. She sucha nice prson what did i do to ever deserve her shes perfect.
I sat there for about 4 hours just thinking of BElla and how my life is gunna be with her. Its now 9:30 and Bellas starting to stirr good shes waking up.
"Goodmorning love." I said smiling at her.
"Godmorning i love you." She said and smiled up at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.
"I need to go have a human moment." I laughed and told her to get ready ill be down stairs i was going to talk to Carlisle.


Waking uo to the love of my life was the best he gorgeous.
I just jumped in the shower ahh o have to tell Charlie that im enaged at the age of 17 this shoudl go over well.. yeah right! I'm nervous once again. Wahtever ill deal with that later. Then i rememebered my dreamlast night i drumbt of Jacob Black he was one of my best friend when the Cullen disapeared he was there to confort me. He was a year younger than me but it seamed like he was the older one. I havent seen him in ages we just kinda drifted apart when we went into highschool he went to the one in la push i went to Forks highschool. It kind of makes me said when people you know become poeple you knew. I miss him, i should go visit him i wonder what he would say.
I think ive been in the sohwer for like hour i should get out. My stimach growelded.. yeah defetly im starving. I got out threw on underware a bra and a pare of Edwards sweat pants and one of my camies. Alice is gunna yell at me.. whatever she can get over it. Its morning. I walked down stairs and Esme had eggs and bacon on the table for me.
"Morning, thanks Esme." I went up to her and hugged her.
"Welcome sweetie."
I loved Esme she was my other mother.
"Wheres Edward?" I asked her.
"With Carlisle in the study." Alight hes probley talking to him now about our sitiuation i wont bugg him.
"alright thanks."
"no problem."
This breakfest was amzing she can cook man. Wheni was done i did my dishes it was the least i could do. I desicded i would go up stairs and get ready. When Alice yanked me up stairs and pulled me into her huge ass bathroom.
"Jeeze Alice."
"Bella stop being so dramatic. I'm just getting you ready for today your going to tell Charlie your engaged to Edward dont you want to look nice?" She asked and she had a point.
"Yeah i guess."
Then she started my make up which i swear took an hour. Then my hiar it took another hour. When she was done I loked at the clock its only been 45 minutes that it jeeze it felt so much longer than that. Then i looked in the morrior she just straightened my hair but it looked really pretty and my make up wasnt bad at all i kinda liked it for once.
"Thanks Alice i like it."
"Welcome and i knew you would." She said and gave me ahugged and told me to go find Rose casue she had to leave and doesn thave time to pick out an olfit for me.
"Alirhgt" I said as she walked out of the room.
"Rose i need your help." I said from the bathroom knowing she owuld hear me with her vmapire hearing.
"Yeah Bella?" she apperaed in front of me.
"Can you pick me out my olfit. Alice left and told me to ask you to do it."
She laughed and said "Yeah sure lets go." She grabbed my hand and i followed her into Alice closet holy crow it was huge.
"here you go." Rose handed me khaki pants with a dark blue flowy top that had a belt under the chest part it was really cutee. I liked when rose picked out my olfits she never went over bored. Then she handed me dark clue pump that were high.
"I love the olfit. but the shoes Rose im gunna fall."
"You'll be fine and shell kill me if i dont give you them. Giving you pants is pushing it." Then her phone rang i herd alice throught the phone 'No give her a dress not a formal one it has to be dark blue or roayl blue.'
"Sorry bella im gunna have to give you a dress." Then she went back intot he closet a second time and pulled out a royal blue dress that came to the thigh it was cute and then she gave me silver heals that were realy high.
"Its cute.. im not ven gunna start about the shoes."
"Good dont start"she laughed adn then said "Here take this to it matches." She handed me one of those purses you just hold on your hand in was silver it matched perfectly.
"No problem." With that she gave me a hugged and slipped out of the room. I walked back to me and edwards rooma nd slipped on the dress and shoes and looked in the mirror good i didnt look to dressed up i looked cute. With that i walked down stairs to see edward sitting ont he couch waiting for me he turned around when he herd me and looked at me and pretty much ran to me, to give a kiss.
I laughed. "In a hurry?" I aksed
"You look amzing beatiful."
"Thanks, as you always do." I siad and blushed deep red. Crap Emmett was there i hope he didnt see that.
"Aweeee...Bellla blushhedd deep redd hooow cutte!" Emmett yelled Rose slapped him int he back of the head and said" Leave he alone"
"Shall we go?" Edward asked
"Yes we shall" I said and smiled up at him and we walked out the door and goot in his car. We wer at Charlie in a matter of minutes. We walked up to the door and i knocked. Why did i knock it was my house? Charlie answered looking confused
"hi bella. i didnt know you were coming by today."
"Yeah sorry we need to talk to you." I said
"Ok come in." Charlie said and walked to the living room and sat in the recliner. Me and Edward sat ont he love seat i immeditaly reached for his hand. I was sweating bullet i was so nervous i could really use Jasper right now he can change your emmotions. Then Edward looked at me and then atrted talking.
"We need to tell you some good news. Well i shouldve ask first but i couldnt wait. Well me and Bella are enaged and im sorry i didnt ask first but now that she already said yes im asking for your blessing." How was he so calm?!
"YOUR PREGANANT!" Charlie yellled.
"Dad shut up and listen. Sit down!." I yelled at him.
"Its alright. Dad i love edward with all my heart he loves me to thats why were getting married."
"I love your Daighter Cheif Swan with my soul i would never hurt her."
"Well Edward i guess you have my blessing i can tell how much you love eachother." Really he didnt care i never expected that.
"Thank you Cheif Swan." Edward said and shook his hand as my dad said
"Call me Chalrie."
"Thansk you so much dad i love you."
"Welcome Bells. So whens the wedding?" Wow was all i could say
"in a week."
"Wahts the rush?"
"I cant wait to be his wife i love him."
"Alright Bells. Well i haved to get to work."
"Alright by dad love you." I have hima kiss on the cheek and with that me and Edward walked out the door.
"Bella wana go see Jacob Black today?"
"I was just gunna say that. but could i see him alone first i kinda drifted away from him i fell bad like you could come like mabey like ann hour or something after please."
"Sure take the car ill runn home and get another one."
"Thanks." Then Alice showed up.
"Alice?" I asked
"hey bella."
"Im letting her go alone well go in a hour." I herd him sayu that and then alice said ok and then took off running back home.
"Bye love see you soon."
"Bye i love you."
"As i love you." Then he gave me kiss on the lips and then i dorve off twoards La push.
I wondered what Jacob would think when i just showed up on his doorstep. I was just passing the first beach and tht means his house should be coming up. Then i saw it and i pulle dup the drive way and got out. I walked up the short drive and on to the little proch and knock. I herd someone get up that means its Jacob or mabey his friend becasue Billys in a wheel chair. Then the door opened and then their stood Jacob Black, He was huge meanign tal and muscualr!
"Bella Swan?" He asked
"Yeaah." I said
"What brings you here?" He kind of sounded mad. WHY?
"wana go for a walk and ill tell you?" I askedd
"Sure lett me get my shoes." Then we walked down to the beach and i relized he brought me down the tree we always used to sit together whe we were kids. I sat down on the branch as did jacob.
" You look nice, why are you so dressed up?" He asked
"Thank you. & Thats part of the story."
"Ok then start."
"ok well I had a dream last night and it was abot the past when we were kids and we were going down to the beach to sit on this branch and talk. And then it got me thinking you were my best friendsand you meant alot to me you got me through a rough time and we just fell apart. I guess ive been thinking about the past alot ately becuase i dont know if you know the Cullens came back and well im in love with Edward and were engaged and thats why im dreseed up i had to tell Charlie. When we were done Edward and i descided to come vistit. Well then i said should come at first alone he agreed cause you were my best friend." I said all that i wonder how hes going to take it.
"Bella after almost 4 years you deside that your going to come see me. Bella you are still my best friend that will never change it just when i relized you just didnt want to talk anymore cause you just stopped it was a bad time for me i lost my best friend and i had no one to turn to." He said and he looked sad.
"Awe Jakey im sorry. high school was rough and it sucks if i would of went with you i would of been a whole lot happier i had friends but they sure as hell werent good ones like you. Jake im sorry." I said
"Its alright Bells come here" He gave me huge hugg
"Cant breath!." He let go and laighed and so did i. We laughed for what seemed like an hour then Edward showed up.
"Bella me and alice are here."
"Hey man were over here." Jake called ovver to Edward.
When they got close to each other their faces cringed up and then Jake said
"Your a vampire!" What he knew howw ?!
"Your a werewolf?!" WHATTTT?! Can i have any normal friendss?
what is going to happen next
Thankss (:
Wait and see im posting more after school today (:
i love it keep writing =D


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