The Twilight Saga

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So,this has the ''Romeo and Juliet" feeling. All Human in the beginning,but would become vampires if I want to.Lol. Edward is the son of the richest man in Washington. Bella is the daughter of the richest man in Washington. Wait,two people being the richest in one place? That's not good. The Cullens and The Swans' families have been fighting over fortune,land and money since they ever came to Washington. Little did they know that a little secret is hidden between their lives,waiting to sprout and seek...destruction.

Mr. Ryan Cullen-The President,otherwise known as the "Father".
Mrs. Renevee Cullen
Edward Anthony Cullen
Rosalie Cullen
Carlisle Cullen(Servant in charge)
Esme Cullen
Alice Cullen

Mr. Phil Swan
Mrs. Renee Swan
Bella Swan
Emmett McCurdy(Adopted)
Jasper Hale(Adopted)
Tony Falevre(Servant in charge)

Chapter 1


''Your father has been fighting again,bidding high money for the land near La Push,Ma'am." Tony said to me. It was very disturbing. My family has been always fighting for the fortune in Washington. Soon,The town will be in its ruins just because of this fight. Sometimes,I just wish that this war will stop.
My friends here are taking sides. Some took my side,some took the Cullens' side. It was very irritating. So what if they were taking their side? Does that mean they have to ignore me?
Emmett likes both sides of having this war. First of all,he likes to fight. Even outside town,sometimes I would just hear that he has an injury from fighting off the guards. I knew that Renee(Mom) didn't really want this to happen. Since she married Phil,this war has started. even though I hate him from the bottom of my heart,I had to like him because Renee loves him.
Phil wasn't my real dad. Charlie is my real dad. He's now living in Arizona,where he keeps his job as the chief police. Sometimes,I would sneak out just to see him in Arizona.

I sighed heavily."Tony,I just wonder when this war is going to stop."
"I know,Bella. It just doesn't seem right. "Tony sighed with me.Our sighs harmonized with each other.
Emmett barged in the door. He had bruises and a purplish bulge on his cheek.
"Bella." He whispered. He sounded like a little kitty inside a big box.
I rushed to his side."Tony,get me a first-aid kit." Tony bowed and ran outside.
"You got into a fight again," I calmly said. I cared about my brother so much,but this was all I could say. Tony came back with a white box on his hand. He lay it down by the floor. Emmett sat on my seat,and held out his bruised arms. I pulled out a cotton,and started to wipe the blood oozing out.
"Yeah. I could have beaten them if it weren't for Jasper. He stopped me and we got beaten up instead."He told me as he whispered a low "Ow."
"Jasper's beaten up,too?" I asked.
"Tony,please send him here." I ordered.I was the nurse of these two. Commonly because of Emmett's fault.

After treating Emmett's wounds,Jasper went inside.
"Dibs." Emmett punched Jasper on his chest.
"Easy," He replied back. He sat down,and held out his arms like Emmett did. But,his bruises were worse than Emmett's. It was deeper,and more bulges were around his arm.
"Thanks,Jasper. Even though you got hurt." I slowly caressed his arm with the cotton. Even though Em and Jazz are just my adoptive brothers,they were still like family to me. They were the ones who would listen to me when everything in the family goes wrong.
"Bella,It's alright. It's just a little bruis-"
"Shh," I said as I tied a bandage to his arm. "Done," I smiled at my own accomplishment.
"Thank you," He stood up and went outside. Tony arranged the things inside the kit and went outside,too. I sighed. Isn't this war going to end?


"The people adore us," Rosalie said as she faced the mirror. I rolled my eyes. I did not want any of this attention. It would be nice if my father was Carlisle. He doesn't like to fight. The Swans could rule over everything,if I were to be followed. I pity the land owners. They lost their only source of income. I wanted to get mad at Father,but I wouldn't,since he is my father. My mother was also greedy in money. I know that my real mother is Esme,but I really have to love my mother now.
"Your father is in Port Angeles,Edward." Carlisle told me. Esme was with him. Carlisle loved Esme dearly. I knew that Esme loved him,too. That would make Carlisle my real father. I grinned to myself.
"I wish he would just...stop."
A high voice boomed from the door.
"Edward! Go and buy me a Porsche.A yellow one." She smirked. Alice would always want a Porsche. Rosalie just groaned at her. I chuckled.
"Alice,it's not the time. Not with the war going on."My smile faded. Thinking of the war going on was making me very unhappy. I could not stop it. But,I couldn't.

End of Chapter 1.

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Sorry Bells I had to close the computer 'cause I had to take medicine and sleep. Sorry :)
OMG!!!!!!! More More More!!!!!!!!!!
add me.. is awesome!

Keep going.Why is Edward being a jerk right now.He just saw Bella agian!

Chapter 8 BPOV

He stood there,unmoving. I was frozen in my position,too. My eyes could almost burst. I wanted to hold his hand,but I couldn't feel him anymore. Like I was meters away from me. He was just there,in front of me. Perfectly standing straight. I could feel a throbbing pain in my chest.
"No. Edward,I love you. You can't-"
"I can." He said,his stare cold and full of hardness."Bella,I always knew you were fragile. But,I'm tired of this facade,Bella. I'm not supposed to be with you,and that's what's right. I'm tired,Bella. I can't do this anymore."
I remained silent. My lips wanted to say a thousand words,but I kept them shut.
"I moved on,Bella. The days that we were apart...I thought it was time to do this. I'm sorry,Bella. I'm really sorry."
"'t...!" I said,my tongue twisted with so much words."Please.Don't.Do.This.Edward." My voice croaked at the sound of his name. He reached out for me. I held him in my arms tightly,like I wanted to let go. His struggles were painful to fight,yet still loving in a way. He kissed my forehead gently,like a lover who would die after this day.
"Bella,You have to move on." Those words made me fall. My only soul mate was going to leave me. I needed him badly,like a kid wanting chocolate.
"Please. I.Don'" My voice was cracking,and I was sobbing. I couldn't speak anymore. A piece of my heart fell of,and everything just shattered.I was losing him again,and I couldn't even fight for him. I was too weak to do this. I tried carelessly to reach his hand,yet,he kept it away from my reach. I fell to my knees,sobbing and sobbing until I couldn't breath anymore. He knelt in front of me,and held my face against his hands. He kissed my forehead again.
"Bella,Move on.For me. Please." He pleaded.
"And,Give this to Jasper." He slipped a big brown envelope on my hand,and kissed me for one last time. I was breathless. His lips on mine were gentle,slowly,but sincere. It was sorrowful and painful for him to do this to me.
"I'll forget you,too. I love you." He whispered as I closed my eyes. Everything was black.

When my eyes opened alertly,I saw the brown envelope lying beside me. I was lying on the bench. Colored leaves covered me like blankets. I looked at the sky that I would never see brightly again. My world was falling apart,and my life was gone. I didn't deserve to be here anymore. I was broken,shattered into pieces. Nothing was left. My heart would die any minute now. I felt apathetic,no emotions at all. I was daunt,and I couldn't feel anything anymore. I was a lifeless doll in a house full of lively dolls. Something that should not be taken attention off. I wanted to die,yet I knew I had to live on. I closed my eyes,staying motionless as possible. I stared in front of me,and looked at the flowers in the bush. I saw where the tulip and rose I saw before was. It was still the same,but something was wrong. Really wrong. The tulip wasn't there anymore. It wasn't beside the rose. Someone picked it up. The rose was once again sad. I stood up to pick the rose,but I stopped. I saw the tulip in front of my feet.
MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just read the whole story and its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is like a New Moon part but worse!!

Very emotional climate you have set here.

I hope you can post the next chapter to the story soon, because your story is a very touching love story like Romeo and Juliet.

Wonderful job!
(Sorry guys here's the continuation. Still BPOV)

I picked up the poor tulip from the ground,and held it in my gentle fingers. It was crying on its own. It was like it was staring at the rose,glorifying its beauty. I tried to comfort the tulip,though I knew it wasn't alive. My vision wasn't that clear,so because of my clumsiness,I hit the tree covering the whole bench. My eye got badly hurt,so I rest my head for a while. I was lost in thought. I tried to remember Edward so vividly. Every detail was perfect,even his smile,his lips. They were all in my memory. The way his eyes reflected mine,when our fingers would entwine,and when he asked me to move on. The throb in my chest seemed to get painful every time I breathe.
I had a deep wound,and I didn't have a chance to survive. No one could stitch me up because of the deepness of the wound. My love...the thought of him moving on was painful. I knew I wasn't capable of letting go,but I have to die in order to do that. Moving on was just like the whole world crumbling into pieces. Our bond was already cut,just like a thread snapped into two pieces because of the sharp scissors. I rest my head against the hard bench and closed my eyes. I didn't want to wake up. Edward won't be there when I turn around,he won;t be there to say sweet nothings to my ear,or even hug me when I feel everything is lost. He won't be there.Never.Again.Everything would fall if I breathe again,if I live on. I can't do this. I can't live and lie to myself. My everything was gone. I was dead.

"Bella?" Someone said,the voice was gentle. It was pretty low,but it sounded melodic. He nudged me a little. Was I dead? I opened my eyes,but I couldn't see clearly. I knew it was Jasper,but I can't remember the details on his face. His face was blurry,and I only saw streaks of colors on his face. I wiped my eyes,but it didn't help.
"Jasper?" I asked. If I couldn't see ,then I must be dead. I was worried. Renee might not forgive me,Phil will torture Jasper and Em and even Renee. I was really worried.
"Am I dead?" I squeaked a little. I saw the brown envelope in Jasper's hands as he touched my hand.
"No,you're not. You didn't go home last night,so I was worried." He began telling his tale."Phil was suspicious,and even threw Renee's most expensive vase. He thought you were with the Cullens,staying for the night."
I wasn't dead? I was quite disappointed,but still,I felt a heavy weight on my shoulders,like something is pressing you down.
"Jasper,I can't..."
"You can't what?" He helped me lift myself from the bench.
"I can't...see clearly." I said. I tried to reach for the tulip on the ground,but I couldn't seem to find it.
"How many is this?" He asked,holding up his fingers. I could see three fingers,but I wasn't sure.
He fell silent at the moment. I blinked for a few times. It helped me see.
"Five." I said. I couldn't smile,no,not now. I was dead inside. I can't do that.
Jasper sighed in relief. He lead me inside my car,and I drove towards the mansion. I climbed the terrace in order to avoid Charlie. I couldn't stay alive for anyone anymore,but I knew I had to. I was broken inside. I could never be alive again.

I would always be alone again every time the bell rang and the students would be excited to take a break. I would be quiet. Jessica was laughing at me,her face showing hatred and jealousy. Mike was looking at me worriedly,like a brother would. He just smiled when I looked at his direction. Mike was one of the people who courted me,yet,I turn them down. I felt empty. Even though everyone flashes me their smiles,no one of them could cheer me up.Nothing could stitch me up.
I walked towards the grand hall in the mansion. I couldn't breathe properly anymore. Here I was,living on. The pain of losing Edward was like losing my own life. I carried myself to live everyday,the pain still throbbing in my chest. The days went by like years.
I saw Jasper in our garden,reading the papers inside the envelope Edward gave me. I reached for him,but my vision became blurry again. I felt myself stumble,and a person in front of me. My head felt heavy,and it was painful.Jasper was still holding some papers,but I couldn't see him clearly. My eyes closed automatically,like someone really sleepy.

When my eyes opened,I saw Jasper with the envelope on my side. He looked worriedly at me. He stood up from his seat.
"Bella," he breathed."You fell to the floor,but you were conscious. What happened?"
I didn't want him to worry."My knees just got...a little wobbly,that's all.And,my head hurts." One part of it was true.
He looked at me again,and proceeded to his seat.
The doctor came in with a board on his left hand.
"May I speak to either one of you?" He said. I raised my hand up.
"I'll take it."
''Sir,it would be nice if you go outside for a bit."
Jasper went outside,but his face made me more worried.
"Isabella Swan," he looked through the papers on the board."You have a serious case here. We have to take lots of examinations on you."
I gulped."What is it? Is something wrong?"
"We found some kind of tumor in your eyes." He said,cooling off. I stayed frozen.

that was wonderful!!! pls write more!!
love it, aww, so sad
More More More More More!!!!!!!!!!


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