The Twilight Saga

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So,this has the ''Romeo and Juliet" feeling. All Human in the beginning,but would become vampires if I want to.Lol. Edward is the son of the richest man in Washington. Bella is the daughter of the richest man in Washington. Wait,two people being the richest in one place? That's not good. The Cullens and The Swans' families have been fighting over fortune,land and money since they ever came to Washington. Little did they know that a little secret is hidden between their lives,waiting to sprout and seek...destruction.

Mr. Ryan Cullen-The President,otherwise known as the "Father".
Mrs. Renevee Cullen
Edward Anthony Cullen
Rosalie Cullen
Carlisle Cullen(Servant in charge)
Esme Cullen
Alice Cullen

Mr. Phil Swan
Mrs. Renee Swan
Bella Swan
Emmett McCurdy(Adopted)
Jasper Hale(Adopted)
Tony Falevre(Servant in charge)

Chapter 1


''Your father has been fighting again,bidding high money for the land near La Push,Ma'am." Tony said to me. It was very disturbing. My family has been always fighting for the fortune in Washington. Soon,The town will be in its ruins just because of this fight. Sometimes,I just wish that this war will stop.
My friends here are taking sides. Some took my side,some took the Cullens' side. It was very irritating. So what if they were taking their side? Does that mean they have to ignore me?
Emmett likes both sides of having this war. First of all,he likes to fight. Even outside town,sometimes I would just hear that he has an injury from fighting off the guards. I knew that Renee(Mom) didn't really want this to happen. Since she married Phil,this war has started. even though I hate him from the bottom of my heart,I had to like him because Renee loves him.
Phil wasn't my real dad. Charlie is my real dad. He's now living in Arizona,where he keeps his job as the chief police. Sometimes,I would sneak out just to see him in Arizona.

I sighed heavily."Tony,I just wonder when this war is going to stop."
"I know,Bella. It just doesn't seem right. "Tony sighed with me.Our sighs harmonized with each other.
Emmett barged in the door. He had bruises and a purplish bulge on his cheek.
"Bella." He whispered. He sounded like a little kitty inside a big box.
I rushed to his side."Tony,get me a first-aid kit." Tony bowed and ran outside.
"You got into a fight again," I calmly said. I cared about my brother so much,but this was all I could say. Tony came back with a white box on his hand. He lay it down by the floor. Emmett sat on my seat,and held out his bruised arms. I pulled out a cotton,and started to wipe the blood oozing out.
"Yeah. I could have beaten them if it weren't for Jasper. He stopped me and we got beaten up instead."He told me as he whispered a low "Ow."
"Jasper's beaten up,too?" I asked.
"Tony,please send him here." I ordered.I was the nurse of these two. Commonly because of Emmett's fault.

After treating Emmett's wounds,Jasper went inside.
"Dibs." Emmett punched Jasper on his chest.
"Easy," He replied back. He sat down,and held out his arms like Emmett did. But,his bruises were worse than Emmett's. It was deeper,and more bulges were around his arm.
"Thanks,Jasper. Even though you got hurt." I slowly caressed his arm with the cotton. Even though Em and Jazz are just my adoptive brothers,they were still like family to me. They were the ones who would listen to me when everything in the family goes wrong.
"Bella,It's alright. It's just a little bruis-"
"Shh," I said as I tied a bandage to his arm. "Done," I smiled at my own accomplishment.
"Thank you," He stood up and went outside. Tony arranged the things inside the kit and went outside,too. I sighed. Isn't this war going to end?


"The people adore us," Rosalie said as she faced the mirror. I rolled my eyes. I did not want any of this attention. It would be nice if my father was Carlisle. He doesn't like to fight. The Swans could rule over everything,if I were to be followed. I pity the land owners. They lost their only source of income. I wanted to get mad at Father,but I wouldn't,since he is my father. My mother was also greedy in money. I know that my real mother is Esme,but I really have to love my mother now.
"Your father is in Port Angeles,Edward." Carlisle told me. Esme was with him. Carlisle loved Esme dearly. I knew that Esme loved him,too. That would make Carlisle my real father. I grinned to myself.
"I wish he would just...stop."
A high voice boomed from the door.
"Edward! Go and buy me a Porsche.A yellow one." She smirked. Alice would always want a Porsche. Rosalie just groaned at her. I chuckled.
"Alice,it's not the time. Not with the war going on."My smile faded. Thinking of the war going on was making me very unhappy. I could not stop it. But,I couldn't.

End of Chapter 1.

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Lol. No reader? I hope someone reads this. :)
my god Alice you are the BEST
that was fantastic
loved it
really really loved it
please continue
Sound amazing
more please
Chapter 2


"We have classes today,don't we?" Emmett groaned. He never liked school,since there's this war going on. He never had friends. Commonly,Em and Jazz' friends are my suitors. Lots of them,actually. But,they all wanted me.Not their friendship. It was a pity to see them like this.
"Let's skip class,Jasper.It'll do us no good anyway."Em looked at Jasper. He was lost in thought. I snapped and he looked at Em.
"Oh.Skip class?"
I glared at Jasper.
"Uhh...No thanks,Em." Great. Jasper knew my warnings already.
"Please,Em. I don't want to suffer alone."I groaned at him. Most of our true friends went to be friends with the other side.My brothers were my only company in the cafeteria.
"I won't attend school. Jasper,go with her." Em hesitated. They both went out of the room. I dressed up with simple clothes,not very eye-catching,just plain normal. A shirt and a jacket would be nice. I wore my converse shoes and got my bag from my seat. I stared at the big window. It was still covered with the big black curtain. I opened the curtain,and saw the beautiful sun rising. It was breath-taking. Maybe I could sneak out in school and see the sunset,too. It makes me think about things that Dad never cared about.
"Ma'am,your brother Jasper is already downstairs waiting for you." Tony interrupted. I just nodded and followed him downstairs.
Jasper and I both went to school with the public limo. It was very embarrassing for us,too,since we get a lot of drooling people just with this car. I got out quickly,hiding my face behind Jasper's back. He chuckled.

I sat down on an empty chair in Biology class. It was the most comfortable seat. I was at the back,with no one acutally realizing that I was there. When the teacher came in,He introduced a new student.
"This is the famous Edward Cullen,eldest child of Ryan Cullen and Renevee Cullen. I hope you all don't just stare at him all the time in Biology,'cause we are having a pop quiz." Everyone laughed. This Edward guy made way towards the back. It was surprising to see that he sat down next to me. Great. My enemy was just sitting beside me. Phil said I have to keep away from these people,since they can use me. But,I didn't want to believe Phil. I wanted to believe in a new light. I lifted my hand,but I just dropped it. I was doubting.What if Phil was right? I just looked at my text book and reviewed for the pop quiz.

"All right,young people. Our pop quiz will involve you and your seatmate. You have to answer these questions together. Do you understand?"
All the girls in the room glared at me. It was as if I was pretty lucky that I have him as my seatmate. Well,I wasn't. I didn't want attention. Great,you just made my day, I secretly wanted to scream my thoughts at him. I kept quiet for a while. The professor wrote down the questions. I started to copy them. I was surprised by a cold touch on my hand.I flinched.
"Sorry," He said.
"No,it's alright." I just bowed my head a little so that he couldn't see my face. I saw him smile a little. I answered questions 1-20. After that,I slightly pushed the notebook to him.
"Answer the other half." I was kind of nervous. I didn't have any biology partners since everyone wanted to be with the Cullens. He touched my skin again. I jumped a little and blushed.
"Sorry," He repeated. I just looked at my notes.
After about 30 minutes,we passed our paper to the professor. I made my way quickly outside. Jessica glared at me.
"Why does all the attention go to her? There's lots of other beautiful girls out there..Like me."I heard her whisper.

To be continued.
(Continuation BPOV)

I rolled my eyes as I passed through her. What were they called? Oh. Em's term. "Wannabe's"
The cafeteria was filled buzzes about Edward Cullen and his sisters. I tried to find Jasper,but he was now out of sight. I sighed to myself,and went to the secluded part of the school where no one dares to go there. They never had time to look at this beautiful place. I sighed again. I picked up a random book(my bag almost looked like a library with all these fiction books I read). Romeo and Juliet. The book where the legends of star-crossed lovers come from. I scanned through a few pages,'til I saw a part where it was very interesting. Romeo sneaking out of his house and climbing Juliet's window just to see her. I couldn't understand why Romeo takes so much risk just to love Juliet. He can forget Juliet and find another woman who he can love safely. But,I guess that was love. Risk it all just for what you want.
I heard a swift movement among the bushes. I could barely hear it.
"Jasper?" I asked in a low whisper. It couldn't be anyone else since Jasper was the only one who knew about my hiding place.
A human sprung out of the bushes. It was Edward.What was he doing here?
"Sorry for the interruption. It's too annoying if you have lots of fans. No,screw that. Friends." he emphasized. I chuckled a little,and continued reading my book.
"May I sit?" His face was meters away from mine. I could feel his breath on my face as he bent over to sit. His face was facing mine. I blushed and moved away a little.
"You're Isabella Swan,right?"
I turned to him. His face was full of curiousness.
"Just Bella." I told him. He smiled.But,then he frowned again.
"My father is your father's enemy," He frowned,now more dragged. He went to face the flowers in front of us. He focused on the bright sun over the sky.
"That means we're enemies,too." I slowly said. I didn't want to declare war. I didn't want a fight. But,that was all I could say.
"No,it doesn't." He didn't turn away his gaze at the sun as he spoke. I was speechless. Would he want a friend,even though he knows the fact that our family is in a big fight?
I couldn't speak. After a while,I sighed heavily."You're tired from it all,aren't you?"
He looked at me with unmoving eyes. "Yes," He sighed. He looked at the sky again.
"Be friends?'' He finished my sentence. He grinned. He flashed me a smile that I really loved: A crooked smile. I tried to hide my blush with my hair.
He smiled again,flashing the best smile I saw. Drops came from the sky.
"It's raining," I said,touching the drops on my book. I felt a warm jacket over my head.
"You'll get sick,''He said as if he was my parent. He stood up and pulled me over to the sidewalk near the school entrance. I carried my bag in my other arm as he pulled my hand. We went back to school. He was dripping wet. I was fully dry. I pity him. He might get sick.
"Edward!'' I heard a high pitched voice come in front of us. A pixie like girl came,and stared weirdly at Edward. She stared at me. She gasped,her mouth wide.
"You're...Isabella Swan,right?" She tried to keep her voice down. Edward motioned for her to come near him. He whispered something to him,and she smiled.
"Oh! I'll be a friend! Though,we do not have to tell anyone about this.By the way,my name is Alice. Alice Cullen." She smiled. I heard Edward say "legendary pixie of the Cullens." I chuckled a little.
She turned to Edward."You're dripping wet! Where have you been?"
"I...went outside to breath some air." He said. His lie was smoothly given out,so it was so easy to believe.
"Bella!'' I heard Jasper's voice coming from the halls. I saw him jogging towards me. His face was full of sweat. He stopped when he saw my companions.

Jasper pulled me to his side."What do you want?" He was angry,but his voice expressed nothing but apathy.
"No,Bella. Did they harm you?" He looked worried when he glanced at me. My brother wanted to protect me. I smiled to myself. But,that was too selfish of me. I wanted Jasper to have friends,too.
"Jasper,listen to m-"
"Shh. Don't speak." He told me as he focused his eyes on them . They were deadly,like a snake waiting to pounce on its victim.
"Jasper,listen!" I held his arm tightly. I knew it had no effect on him. Alice flinched a little. But,I could see Alice's stare at him. It was full of interest. Like it had a sudden spark in it.
"Please." I pleaded. He turned to me."Jasper,I know it's impossible to believe,but they are my friends.I could keep this a secret and be their friend,too."His eyes were full of surprise.
He turned his gaze at them,mostly at Alice. He turned back to me.
"Are...are you sure they won't make us fall into traps?" He whispered. I nodded,flashing a big smile at him. He smiled at me,too.
"My name is Jasper Hale,adoptive brother of Bella." He held out his hand at them. Edward took it,and smiled. Alice almost pounced at Jasper. She smiled. Her smile was full of love,of interest.Full of...Beauty. Jasper and Alice were going to be together, I said and grinned to myself. Edward saw my expression and chuckled. I blushed a little. I hid my face under my hair.

It has been a few days since I first knew my true friends. I met Rosalie,too. She liked her beauty but didn't want anyone gossiping of her. She was beautiful,indeed. We never hang out at a public place. Alice would show us to her hideout(she bought it herself) but when we get bored,we would leave Jasper and Alice behind and Edward and I would sneak out to the place near the school. It was relaxing to stay there. I don't know,but I felt safe around Edward. He understood what I mean by not having this war. He wanted peace,too. We would enjoy talking to each other in the afternoon. Em didn't even plan to go to school. He told me he wanted to go to a place somewhere special...He also told me that he has a girlfriend. I laughed so hard that I almost rolled out of bed.

that was amazing please post more soon!!!!
love it!!!!!!!!! Keep me posted!!!!!!!!!!
Love it
so remeo-juliet-ish!
plz keep me updated!
DIDO!!! <3!!!
your a legend Alice
complete SUPERSTAR
l love the chapter
can't wait to find out who Emmett's girlfriend is


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