The Twilight Saga

This story is about Bella who moves to forks to live with her dad because she needed a new start after her best friend in the whole wide world died last summer so she needed to leave. Emmett and Jasper are Bella’s brothers and the Cullen’s are Rosalie, Alice, Edward, Carlisle, and Esma. They are all human in this story.

Chapter 1 Part oneBPOV
I was on my way to my dads house gosh I cant believe I’m doing this I haven’t seen my dad or my brothers in years why am I doing this. Now I remember I needed a fresh start even though I had to leave my best friend in the whole world Cheyenne it was okay I couldn’t live there anymore it hurt to much knowing that my best friend Hayden died there this summer we were best friends and we were going out. But he died in a car accident. Then I hear the song Then by Brad Paisley and it hurt me so much that was mine and haydens song. I started crying then I see it my new house it’s the right address and there’s my brother Jasper and Emmett outside. I pulled into the drive way and I get out of the car and they both pull me into a group hug it hurt.
“I cant breath I’m dieing,” they let go and I can breath again.
“Sorry,” Emmett said
“Bella are u okay it looks like you’ve been crying, are u not happy to see us,” jasper said how could he ever think that.
“Of course im happy its just right before I pulled in a heard me and Haydens song on in the car and I broke down.”
“Awww Bella its okay come on lets go inside,” jasper said while he gave me a hug that didn’t kill me. I walked inside and wow it looked like guy city in here sports stuff everywhere except it was clean.
“ I didn’t know u guys cleaned,”
“We don’t,” Emmett said
“My girlfriend Alice ever time she’s over and it’s a mess cleans it for us even though I tell her no that she shouldn’t be cleaning my house she doesn’t care.” Jasper said, aww his girlfriend must be sweet.

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thank you
i love it
great chapter cant wait for more!
luv this keep posting............faster.......Faster......FASTER
luv this keep posting............faster.......Faster......FASTER
LUV IT!!!!!!!
thanks everyone for the comments i am will heoply post more by friday. sorry its taking so long i have softball everyday this weeek and i am getting ready to go maybe to vegas this weekend with my mom so i am trying to gdet everyhting ready.
hey everyone i will post tomorrow sorry i havent posted my grandma died so i havent been in the mood to write.
sorry about your grandma..............
love it please write more!!
i just read your story..its amazing..i hope u write more
post more soon please


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