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Love it! Post soon(:
Loved it!!!!  Write soon again please!!!!
love it post more soon!!!
I like it!!!!!!

I really like it!

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Chapter 2
The phone only rang two times.
Alice: Hello
Me: Hey Alice its Bella
Alice: Oh hey Bella, what’s up?
Me: Well, I was wondering if you want to get lunch or something.
Alice: Yeah, sure, I’ll be at your house in about two minutes
Me: Okay, I’ll see you when you get here.
Alice: Okay, bye Bella
Me: Bye Alice
Then the line went dead.
I looked at myself in the mirror making sure I look alright.
I took a deep breath and walked out my room, as I was passing Charlie’s room, I yelled, “Bye, dad, I’ll be back later, love you!”
“Bye Bells have fun, love you to!” Charlie yelled back.
Then I ran downstairs and outside, Alice waited for me.
I walked to her car and got in. She smiled at me, “Where do you want to eat at?” she asked
I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t care, I’ll go wherever you were going to go I guess.”
“Okay, hold on!” she said and called someone.
“Jasp, let everyone know me and Bella are going to be joining you guys for lunch!...I don’t want to talk to him right now, can’t he wait until we get there?....ugh, okay….What do you want Edward?” Alice said his name and my heart just started thumping hard and fast in my chest. “Yeah she’s coming with me….I don’t know, why don’t you ask her when we get there?” ask me what, “Edward stop, shut up….we’re going to be there in 20 minutes okay….okay, bye.” Then she hung up. My heart was beating so fast.
“So we are going to eat with my family. If that’s okay with you?” she said
“That’s fine with me.” I said
“Okay, then.” She said and started the car.
“Alice, did you know what my dad was going to ask me?” I asked quickly before I change my mind. She stopped the car quick and looked at me.
“Yeah. Why? Did he ask you yet?” she asked excitedly
“Yes!” I said
“I said yes!” I said, then she started jumping up and down full of excitement
“That’s great! We’re going to be sisters soon! Yay!” She said
I laughed at her, “I know!” I said.
“Edwards going to be so happy you said yes! He has emerald green eyes and messy bronze hair!” Alice said describing what he looks like.
“Okay! Got it!” I said.
“Jasper is my boyfriend, he has kind of long hair, blonde. Rosaline is his twin, she has long blonde hair and she is married to my brother Emmett, he is like a big teddy bear! Him and Rosaline been married for 2 years already and Rosaline is about 4 months pregnant, so she’s kind of moody!” And we both started laughing.
Before I knew it, we were in front of an all you can eat buffet.

hey that's a great story .... wow she's going to marry a complete stranger .. but it's Edward so no one can mind lol can't wait till u update .. plz keep me updated I'd love to read ur story ...



love it

LOVE your story!!! keep me updated :)

Chapter 3
Alice parked right next to a silver Volvo. It kind of makes sense that she would, the Volvo and Alice’s car are both nice.
“Oh, this is Edward’s car.” Alice said pointing at it.
“Ohh, okay!” I said
“Are you nervous, ‘cause you look really nervous!” she said
“Yes! I’m nervous because I don’t know him and we are going to be eating with him!” I admitted to her.
“Don’t worry Bella! Once I told him that you will be joining us for lunch, he got super nervous!” she said trying to make me feel better.
“Oh, yay!” I said a little more nervous
We both jumped out the car and she came over to my side and started walking into the buffet. Alice was looking for the boys, I don’t really know what they look like so I can’t really help her with that.
Then I saw two guys waving their hands for us to go over there. I tapped Alice’s shoulder and pointed to where they were.
“That’s us!” she said. She started walking but then she grabbed my arm to follow her. And I did.
“The one with mess up hair is Edward and the one with blonde hair is Jasper!” she whispered in my ear real quietly. I just smiled and nodded.
Edward sat in one chair and Jasper sat next to him. Alice sat by jaspers side which left me sitting by Edward.
“You guys, this is THE amazing Bella!” Alice said making me blush. Why do I always have to blush, this is really embarrassing.
I hurried and faced a different direction. It was too late, they all started giggling at me, then the next thing I know, Edward had his mouth by my ear, then he covered his mouth with his hand so nobody can read his lips, then he said, “I like your blush!” of course I have to start blushing more. “Thanks!” I said.
“Well, I see you guys are getting to know each other!” Alice said. Then she turned to face Jasper and kissed him, it was a whole 5 seconds, “I’ve missed you sooo much!” she said after she broke the kiss.
“I missed you to!” Jasper said.
Then Edward grabbed my hand gently, we both looked at each other, then of course I started blushing, again, and he chuckled. Then I bit my lip looking down at our hands. I liked holding his hand, it was nice and gentle. I never want to let go.
“I am hungry, I think we should go get some food!” Alice said.
“Yes!” Jasper said right after her.
We all got up and walked over to the food section. As much as I didn’t want to let go of his hand, I had to so I could get me some food.
I got some macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, and corn. I wasn’t that hungry so I just got a small plate. Alice got the same thing as me except she had green beans. Jasper and Edward got 4 slices of pizza, 4 for Edward and 4 for Jasper and we all got cokes.
We sat, ate, and laughed the rest of the lunch. Edward dared Jasper to get every desert on one plate, and to eat at least half of it. It was so funny watching Jasper chug all the different deserts.
We finally checked the time, it was 4 o’ clock

Chapter 4
Alice and Jasper were talking so they were paying no attentions to us.
Then Edward gave me a warm hug and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. It felt so right, like I belonged here with him, in his arms. My heart was racing like crazy and I was blushing like crazy. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before, well, I did but not like this!
“See ya later!?” Edward said.
“Umm, y-yah!” I said stuttering a little.
He was about to walk away, before I stopped him. “Wait! Can you drive me to Alice’s house? In plus, I think they might want a little alone time together!” I said while looking at Alice and Jasper who were now kissing each other very passionately, and then Jasper started leaning on Alice…“Ugh, I can’t watch!” I said while looking up at Edward.
“Uh yah, I think it would be better for me to drive you! EWW, get a room!” Edward said out loud. He sounded just like a child who’ve never see someone French kiss.
I didn’t notice that he was still holding my hand, I felt like I never wanted to let it go and it felt like he never wanted to let it go. That thought made me smile to myself.
I looked at Alice, who was now facing the ground with her hands in front of her, she is probably really embarrassed, I mean I would be. Jasper was also facing the ground, but he had his hands behind his back. They look like they just committed a crime.
“Umm, Alice. I’m going to be riding with Edward so you and Jasper could get caught up!” I said winking at her. Her mouth dropped open, shocked at what I did and said.
She shook her head and gave me a shy smile.
“That will be great!” she said, “So meet you guys at my house?” she said assuring that we are still going.
“Yah!” I said. “Alright, let’s get going!” Edward said while towing me to his silver Volvo.
“I like your car!” I said to Edward as he opened the passenger door for me.
He looked at, smiled and said, “Thanks, I had it since high school, Alice thinks I need a new one!”
“I think it suites you!” I said while smiling.
“hmm!” That’s all he said. I think he wanted to say something else but couldn’t.
I was about to get in the passenger seat when Alice suddenly said, “Umm guys, I think I’m going to cancel dinner for tonight. So do whatever, I don’t care, just make sure Bella gets home!” she was about to get in the car when she said, “Oh and Bella, I don’t know if your dad mention this to you or not, but you will be working with me! So I’ll pick you up around 9 in the morning, and don’t worry about getting dress, I’m going to dress you!”
“He didn’t tell me anything. I’ll make sure I’m up! See ya tomorrow!” I said waving.
Then I got into the passenger seat, and then Edward walked to the driver’s seat.
After he sat and shut the door I said, “So, where we going?”
He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. “I kind of thought you knew where we are going!” He said.
Then he was deep in thought for like 3 minutes.
“Ooh, I know what we can do! We can go to your house; I need to talk to your dad anyways!” He scared the heck out of me.
I slapped his arm lightly and said, “God Edward, you scared me!”
Then he started laughing. “I’m…sorry!” he said between laughs. I didn’t do anything but wait for him to stop laughing.
“So, your house it is?” he said
“Yup, d you know where to go?” I asked ready to tell him where it’s at.
“Yah, I was over there a few days ago. Charlie need to talk to me, so I went and visited him. Edward said.
He started the car and began to drive. Then he grabbed my hand.
Even though I already know the answer, I want to hear it from him.
“What did he asked you, that is reason he wanted me back here?!” I asked
“Where’d you live before here?” he asked clearly trying to avoid the question
“Arizona and don’t try to avoid the question, it would only make me bug you about it more!” I said obviously
He chuckled and asked, “How’d you know I was trying to avoid the question?”
“Okay A), its only oblivious and B), I had lots of people trying to avoid some of my questions before, so I’m used to it. But I’m letting you get away from this question!” I said reminding him to answer my question.
“Ugh okay! Don’t get mad at me, I don’t know if your dad said anything to you or not, but I guess I’m going to tell you anyways. He asked me to…umm…marry you!” He said really nervous but real quick at the same time.
Then out of nowhere, I started laughing. Edward just looked at me like I was crazy.
“What? Why are you laughing?” he asked eager to know what I was laughing at.
“Nothing, nothing!” I said slowing my laughter.
“No, tell me why you are laughing?” he asked getting a tiny bit angry.
“I was laughing because he asked me the same thing before I came to lunch with you guys!” I said
“Oh! So what did you say?” he asked curious
“Umm yes!” I said nervously
Then he smiled to himself.
“So what are you going to talk to my dad about?” I asked while playing with is hand.
“Umm, nothing important.” Edward said.
I didn’t really want to know what he wants to ask my dad, that’s between them.
“Okay!” I said
“We’re here!” Edward said.

it was a really great chapter..............................




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