The Twilight Saga

Edward and Bella were best friends until college.Edward was a total geek.He had glasses and a retaner.Bella was popular and head cheerleader but hanged out with Edward.But when the graduation party happens at their friend Alice's house Edward decides to leave their small town Forks.Then ten years later Edward come back seeing Edward beautiful then ever and still has feelings for her but finds out another guy had the same idea as changing his looks.Who will Bella choose?And did change help Edward?


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Here I was.Sitting down on my parent's couch trying to watch the Notebook with my Bella and some horrible guy that is after Bella.She was holding his hand and he was smoothing her hair whiles she cried over some stupid love story that just didn't make sense.Stupid Nick Sparks.I kept drinking the beer bottle that was in my hands and this man was drinking champange with Bella and my parents were even in on it.I seriously hate my life.


Chapter One-

Edward's Point of View-

Ten Years Before-


Sitting on my bed staring at pictures of my sweet friend Isabella Marie Swan.Head of cheer team and hot!Here I am a geek and this super goddess who was felixable my friend.I got up and went to get ready for another friend Alice Brandon's Graduation Party.I got in a white sweater vest with a blue dress shirt and a tie.I had on jeans.I took out my retainer and put on my glasses.I got my yearbook that I signed for Bella for her to read.It had all my feelings on it.I was in love wih her.I walked downstairs seeing that my parents were having a parent party.I got in my sliver volvo my Dad got me for graduation and drove to Alice's house.When I got there I heard the music booming from the speakers.Alice's house was the third biggest house.Mine being the first and Bella's being the second.


Alice's house was a victorican house.The walls were light blue.There were cars packed in the drive way.I saw Bella's old red pick-up truck that she got freshman year but just couldn't get over it.

I walked up the brick steps with my yearbook clung to my side.I walked in and the music got louder.I tried to look for Bella but I couldn't find her.I then saw Alice and Jasper her boyfriend.Alice smiled and bounced up and down.She came and hugged me.She knew about my feelings for Bella.I saw her in a black dress with a pink ribbon tied on top of her head.Her short jet black hair was sticking out a little but not as much as normal.She was also wearing pink heels.


"Where's Bella?"I asked.Jasper stood there calm in a white dress shirt and a golden tie that matched the school color.He had a red cup in his hand.


"Upstairs.She's trying to find you also.Good luck!"He yelled over the music.Brittany Spears came on and Alice pulled Jasper's hand.


"I love this song dance with me Jazz.Good luck Edward"I nodded as they left.I went upstairs and saw Bella talking to Jessica Stanley and Angela Weber.She was laughing that beautiful bell-like laugh.She then saw me and smiled big.


"Edward!You made it"I nodded.She seemed a little tipsy.She came to me but I caught her before she could hurt herself.I walked her to Alice's room.I set her down and she leaned on the bed.Her dress was beautiful.It was a navy blue dress that when she spin it also spinned.Alice was probably up to this dress.Her hair was down her back which she looked beautiful with it.She wore black flats.She came back and smiled.She had a gift box in her hands.


"Here.Graduation present"She said.I noded.I opened it and saw it was a shirt.It was my favorite band.Muse.I smiled and hugged her.


"Thank you Bella."She smiled and shrugged.The door open and Mike Newton came.He also had a crush on Bella.And he was a jock.Football jock.I could see him a guy who sits in the bar all day and night.Bella rolled her eyes.


"Hey Bella,Edwerido"Bella got up and started pushing Mike out the door.


"Get out Mike!"She yelled.He got back in the room and picked up my year book.I tried to get it from him but he got it.He also had his year book.


"Can you sign my yearbook Bells?"He asked.Bella shrugged.She was the type of girl who was always nice.She nodded.


"Fine later.But go."Mike nodded and had a hard time leaving the room but eventually did.Bella gave me back my year book.She smiled and sat down next to me.We started talking when Jacob Black came in.He also had a crush on Bella.He had a gutiar in his hand and his hair went to his shoulders.He had acne all over his face.He smiled at Bella.


"Bella I made a song for you"Jacob said.Bella smiled and urged him on to sing it.I tried to get him away to not sing but failed.


"Ok,um,Belllla"He tried to sing but it went all sqeaky.He tried it again and it went out of tune.


"Why don't we hear it later Jake"I said.I got him out of the room andd sighed.I locked the door so I can get Bella to read and sign my yearbook.I sat down on the bed and gave it to her.


"Sign it Bella.Please"She nodded and kissed my cheek.She opened it and got a sharpie from Alice's white desk and started looking though it.She gasped.


"Edward,you have the most perverted friends ever!"She said.I looked at it and gasped.This wasn't my year book it was Mike's!There were sayings of Bella still being a virgin and stuff.I took it and sighed.I ran out the room and heard Mike reading my yearbook.


"Bella,I love you with all my heart!And I hope we will grow old together"I ran down the staris and tried to get it out of Mike's hands.


"Nice Edwin!Your a total gay guy"Mike said.Eric Yorkie laughed so did Tyler Crowly.I stoled it from him and started crying.I ran out the door.


"Edward!Edward!Edward!Edward Anonthy Mason Cullen!"I heard Bella saying my name over and over again.I saw her with tears in her eyes.I was crying too.


"I hate you!I hate my life!I am going to change forever!"I said.Belal tried to make me stay but I couldn't.


"Bella,you should totally get off this charity case!"I heard Lauren Mallory's voice.


"Shut up!Just leave him alone!Just get out!"She said.I sighed and ran to my car and started to drive home.I sighed.I kept crying and crying all over again.I got up to my room and saw my Mother looking at me with concerned eyes.I sighed and closed the door with a huge bang.I was going to change!I was going to change everything.


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Chapter One-Dissucions

Chapter Two-Page 2

Chapter Three-Page 4

Chapter Four-Page 5

Chapter Five-Page 7

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jake is so stupid...i wish he would leave bella and she gets with edward!!it's really good!!please write some more!!!
will do
thanks for reading
yeah she is
hey i love your story would you be able to send me updates wen you complete a chapter please xx
sure will
AWESOME!!!! UPDATE SOON!....Or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will do that
thanks you
Chapter Eight-
Edward's oint of View-

Me and Jasper were walking around the hosptial.I was telling him about my expereince with fighting for the woman I love with all my heart.He then would tell me his experience with Alice being pregnant and how he doesn't get the big deal about the glow.I laughed and we would walk.I had all the time in the world.I got fired and James was going though court for his reletionship with Victoria.I was planning on going back to school.I wasn't that into music anymore.I then stopped when I saw Jacob singing to a nurse.

"When Nessie smiles,it takes me miles,from where I feel unsure,when Nessie smiles,I relize she is no ordinary girl,mhmhmmm"I ran up to him and looked at him shocked.Jasper looked at me confused.

"What are you doing?What about Bella?"I asked.He snorted and kissed that Nessie girl goodbye.I can't beleive he would do this.Well,I guess I can beleive.He was practing that song for over ten years.Its's like the stalker anthem.

"Oh,Edward.Your that stupid.Sure it was nice to toss Bella around like a football.But any guy who got treated like us in High School and now I'm dating her it's like the best feeling in the world.I now own Forks"Anger rushed to me.I then punched him in the face.We started fighting.Jasper tried to pull me away.He got me and I was breathing hard.I can't beleive he would do that to Bella!

"Your such an a**hole"I said.Jacob rolled his eyes.Jasper put me on a hosptial bed.My Dad walked in.He looked mad as ever.He shook his head.Jasper left.

"Edward,what were you thinking!This is my workplace."I nodded and sighed.Only if others would understand.But maybe I can help my dad understand that.I licked my lips.

"What if someone talked about Mom or Rosalie.What would you do?"He shook his head.I didn't have any broken bones.I just had a sprain wrist.He looked at me with understanding and compassion eyes.He agreed.

"I would probably do the same thing.But that last remark Edward"I kept slient.It was true.The last remark was kind of horrible.The door was swung open and there was Bella.She looked madder than Carlise was.She was actually shaking with rage.Carlise dissmissed me and left.

"What were you think?!That was my friend!"She said.I never heard her talk like that.She was filled with anger.

"He was talking about you.And I'm sorry"She nodded and slapped her hand on my good wrist.She sighed.She then attacked my lips.What?!This was different.She pulled away and licked her lips and I also did.I could taste her favorite lip-gloss.She has been using it since she was seven.Strawberry.She also had that flavor for her shampoo.

"Your stupid.But um,I kinda like you.And not as a brother"I smiled and kissed her.She wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned me on the bed.I kissed her neck.She then pulled away and sighed.

"Come on.I have to go babysit Henry."She said.I nodded.We got in her car and drove to my place.We got out and Rosalie and Emmett hugged us and left.Bella took Henry in her arms and started playing with him.

"Where do you see yourself in ten years?"I blurted out.She turned to me and smiled while bitting on her bottom lip.

"Married,having children of my own.Instead of teaching strangers kids"I chuckled.I got to see the motherly side of Bella today.She seemed to love children more than anything.She was like Rosalie.She put Henry in his bassinet and sat down next to me.

"So,do you like me,like I like you?"She asked.I shook my head.She looked down and was ready to explode into tears.

"I like you more.I love you Bella"She smiled and leaned in.She then kissed my lips.The door opened and I pulled away.Rosalie and Emmett came in.Emmett smiled ear to ear.He probably knew what was going on.

"Thank Bella for watching Henry.I owe you"Bella dissagreed.

"No,its my pleasure."Rosalie nodded and motioned me to kiss her.I rolled my eyes.My sister can be so demanding.Once they left the room Bella smiled and kissed my cheek.She got up.I drove her home.She turned to me and smiled.

"Charlie is in Seattle for a couple of days.So do you want to come in?"She asked.I sighed.I wasn't really ready for Bella to be another girl on my do list.I wanted us to go slow.

"No,I actually have to go back to L.A. tommrow to get my stuff maybe next time"She nodded and kissed me with passion and left.I sighed and hit my head on the wheel.I am a complete idiot.This goddess asked me to go in her house and have sex with her.She better be worth it.
thank you so much
haha awesoem! jake deserved it!
hahahahhahahahahahah LOL!!! Poor Edweirdo I love this story so score:

Edward 3 + bonus1 = 4

Jacob 2 - cheating on her = out of game SORRY JACOB U R OUT!!!

more ASAP
thank you so much for reading
I will update as soon as I can


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