The Twilight Saga

all characters in the Volturi belong to Stephanie Meyer except Zeke and Kiersten :)

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1-Part 1

All I felt was pain. Pain from my heart. Pain from my head. Pain from running so far. Pain from being alone. Pain from death. Pain from betrayal. Pain from reality. I felt nothing but pain. But for some strange reason, I felt connected to pain. Like if I wasn't hurting as much, then I wouldn't be feeling anything at all. Like if I let go of the pain, then I would be alone. I couldn't be alone. Not right now. If you asked me if I wanted to be alone yesterday, then I would've said that that was the way a person should live life. But not today. Today reality had come crashing down into my dream world and tore it all apart, piece by piece. I burst into tears. I didn't care that I was tough, that I had to be strong, that I shouldn't be feeling anything, that I should stop crying and put my mask of missing expressions and lost personality back on. For once. For once I let responsibility wash away and let my needs take over. I needed to feel for once. I needed to be loved again. I needed to go back to that day when I made the biggest mistake of my life and change it. I needed Zeke. I needed alot. But it looks like when I finally needed something, karma came around and slapped me in the face.
As the warm tears washed down my cold face, I felt something. It was something other than pain. It Different. Strange. It wasn't revenge. No, even though that's what I thought it would be, it definitely wasn't revenge. I think it was...realization. I realized what I wanted for the first time in my life, vampire and human. I start over. To right all my wrongs and to fix all my mistakes. Even though I still felt pain, this feeling overwhelmed me. Then a memory hit me for no reason at all. It just popped up. And I wished with all of the parts of my heart that weren't crippled and dead, that it never would again.


"Kiersten, it will be for a very short period of time." Aro assured me "I know Aro."
"Then why are you cowering?" Jane hissed. I snickered.
"And so the pot calls the kettle black. Interesting. I thought you knew better than to set yourself up like that Jane." I rebutted. She was about to attack me with an insult when Aro lifted his ancient hand.
"Silence girls. This is a serious matter that needs to be delt with now. You can bicker later. Now Kiersten, you are not at risk here. All you have to do is lure him in with your ability and we will take care of the rest." Aro said. He was hiding some information from me, but I decided to keep it to myself. All I knew was that if I said no, I might put others as well as myself in danger, but if I went, there was definitely going to be danger there as well. But if I'm careful, I thought, nothing should happen.
"I would be delighted to go Aro." I said putting on my best fake smile. He bought it.
"Excellent! Remember, sing a song and then lead him to the forest. Then leave and we shall take care of the rest." He said, motioning to Jane, Alec, and himself. Then he and the witchy twins left. I ran out of the room through the other doorway and down the hall, my black velvet cloak floating in the air around me as I ran. I tapped on his door and waited. He answered and I forgot all my worries. My first mistake.

1-Part 2

"Hey you." Zeke said, grabbing my wrists and pulling me in for a kiss. I felt so loved and protected in his arms.
"Hey you too." I said. I looked up into his scarlet eyes.
"Can I see your hand?" he asked. I lifted my diamond studded hand and bended my wrist so it faced him. Then I moved my fingers around like an excited human girl who just got engaged. My one-of-a-kind ring sparkled in the moonlight that was coming in from Zeke's window. It was a diamond sitting in the middle of a pair of silver vampire teeth. Zeke and I had been together since high school. He had showed up one day when I was singing at the downtown coffee house, Jake's Java, known to most teenagers as JJ's, to play. I've always had a good voice and I could play any instrument any teacher threw at me, whether it be the glockenspiel or an organ. But I mostly just played the guitar. My friends had made me try out for the talent show in sixth grade and I won first prize. Ever since then I had wanted to be a singer and I had dedicated myself completely to my dream. I sang wherever they excepted me, and sometimes I paid them to let me sing. But mostly I went to Jake's Java after school and sang. One day my best friend Kenzie told me a rumor about a new kid from Italy. He had moved in the day before and was coming to school that day. I searched ever square inch of the school and found no one from Italy. So I went to JJ's disappointed and sang my heart out. When I started singing a song I had written about my seventh grade crush, Josh, he walked in and took a seat at the front counter. As soon as the first lyric came out of my mouth he spun around in his chair to face me. He stared at me and me at him. He had jet black hair that did that insanely cute (as I called it in twelfth grade) pointy thing where it sticks out and points to you, well, sorta. He had the weirdest color eyes though. They were brown, but they had a red tint to them. I just stared into them as I sang. I felt like I could look into them forever. I tried to walk like a model of the stage but became self conscious and tripped down the three steps instead. He was instantly by my side. He gently grabbed my right forearm and helped me stand up. My long brown hair was now insanely tangly and my elbows were scuffed up. To top it all off, I had broken one of the strings to my guitar. But I just smiled and said 'Thanks' and he offered to buy me a soda. Then we got to talking and soon enough were dating. Then he says that he can't live with out me and drops the vampire bomb. He also offered to change me. I said that I couldn't live without him either and then he bit me. All I remember was wishing I was dead, but wanting to see Zeke again, and that overwhelmed my death wish. So I didn't let my body quit those two days, and the result was magnificent. The day I woke up he proposed to me and we've been together ever since. I stared into his eyes, now uncontactsed and scarlet, just like that night at JJ's. But when I changed, I didn't leave my voice behind. Instead I magnified it in a way. I had an ability. Every time I sang, the victim would be completely helpless and do everything I said. If I said 'Jump off the Empire State building' he or she would take a little fall. It's not something that I'm proud of, but at least I could still do what I do best. Then one of the witchy twins entered. It turned out it was my favorite twin.
"I'm oh so sorry to interrupt but we do have some business to attend to." Jane sneered
"Drop dead. Oh wait, you already did." I sneered right back at her.
"Oh just give up the pitiful come backs and follow me." she said, irritated. Ha. I win. So Zeke and I followed her royal pain down the millions of over stretched hallways and tunnels until we were outside in complete darkness. I pulled the hood of my cloak up and offered my hand to Zeke. He did the same and took it.
As we walked into the blackness of the night, we soon approached a forest.
"Well my dear, this is where we part." Aro said. I nodded and kissed Zeke once more and said goodbye. Then I walked into the forest. Alone.

1-Part 3

As soon as I took my first step in, my worries came rushing back to me. It wasn't that I was afraid, it was that I was curious. And I shouldn't be curious.
I ran at vampire speed until I smelt the familiar scent of my guitar. It was hanging by it's strap on a tree branch in a clearing in the forest. I grabbed it gently and set it on a boulder that was behind me. The I untied my cloak and let it fall to the ground. I was wearing a dress that tied around my neck after criss-crossing over it and that flowed to the ground in it's many layers of light, transparent fabric. It was my favorite color. Black. What to sing, I thought to myself. I decided on my favorite song that I had written. So I jumped up onto the boulder and lied down. I just lifted the guitar ontop of me and looked up at the stars. And I started to play.

"I've been hurt so many times before.
Said yes, said no, opened and closed the door.
But then you come knocking, and what do I do?
You ask if you can come in, and baby I let you!"

I loved the feel of my fingers on the guitar's strings. My fingers sort of vibrated to the beat.

"That, I think, was my biggest mistake.
It was like putting up a sign saying 'Looking for heartbreak'."

Then I stopped. I heard a sound coming from behind the trees behind me. I decided to coax him out and keep playing.

"You came and you went, quick as can be.
And every once in a while, a tear still rolls down my cheek."

That was it. I had him. He came out of the forest and I gasped. Silently though. I was panicking. The horrid smell was in the air as soon as he showed his face. He was a werewolf. And he wasn't happy.

"Why are you here?" he demanded
"I was just trying to relax. I had a really bad day and playing always makes me feel better. I'm sorry. I'll leave if you want." I said with a perfect but fake country accent. The song was country and I thought that it would make my act more believable.
"No. Stay. You're not getting off that easy." he said. He was really angry. He took steps toward me and I took steps back. My feet fumbled upon my cloak. Oh no. If he saw my cloak I'd be given away. Oh no! My eyes! I hadn't thought about wearing contacts! I put my hands behind my back and kicked the cloak up into them, trying to make it look like I was tripping over the vines and rocks.
"W-what do you want?" I asked. I was trying to play dumb.
"Save it leech." he hissed. Apparently it wasn't working. I might as well be Einstein, because I was definitely no actor.
"Okay, look, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I just had a bad day, like I said, and playing makes me feel better. Just let me go and I won't come back. I swear, I didn't know." I said, dropping the country accent and crossing my fingers behind me back like a five year old. Ya, like that's going to help.
"Don't play games with me! I already know your friends are here. There sick scent is everywhere!" he screamed.
"What's your problem? I did nothing wrong. I just played a song." I said. All I needed to do was get out of here, and then Aro would take care of what he needed to do and everything would be fine. But what if this guy didn't let me leave? Then the unthinkable happened. He pushed me with such big and unexpected force that I was actually knocked down. Before I could think to stand back up and run like crazy out of there, he pinned me down and turned me over onto my stomach. Then he pried the cloak from my hands.
"Volturi scum! You think I wouldn't know? You doubt my smarts leech?" he screeched. I did the only thing I could do. I couldn't fight back because he was pinning me down. And I couldn't run either under his arms. So I sang.
"I've got sunshine on a cloudy day." I chimed. Thankfully, my voice came out loud, clear, and strong. He let me go and screamed out in pain. For a second, I wondered what was happening. Then I quickly sprang into action and grabbed my guitar.
"When it's cold outside I've got the month of May." I snag as I walked backwards back the way I came. He was withering on the forest floor in pain, covering his ears and screaming like mad.
"I guess you'd say what can make me feel this way?" Then I ran. I stopped playing and I ran at vampire speed back to the tunnels. Aro, Jane, Alec, and Zeke were waiting outside the tunnels when I came back.
"My dear child, what's wrong?" Aro asked. He didn't look worried. He just sounded like it.
"Angry...werewolf...doesn'" I panted, clutching my knees for dear life. I wasn't out of breath. I was just in shock.
"Werewolf? He's a werewolf? Jane! Why did you not speak of this?" he commanded. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. It was pitiful.
"I'm so sorry Aro. I had no idea-"
"Enough!" he barked "Now we all have to go out there an deal with him!" he said, his nostrils flaring. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
"I am so sorry Kiersten, but you will have to come with us. You will be our last resort." he said. Every bone in my body yearned for me to say no, but I couldn't. Even when it felt this wrong.
"Of...course." then he walked into the forest with Jane and Alec following right behind him.
"Kiersten are you okay?" Zeke asked. He looked and sounded worried. He really cared about me. I lunged myself into his arms.
"I'm okay. now." I said, clinging to his chest. He lifted my chin and I let go of him. I looked straight into his scarlet eyes and felt safe. Another mistake.
"I love you Kiersten. I want you to know that I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise. I'm so sorry that happened, but I won't break my promise from now on." Then he bended down to kiss me. I stood on my tiptoes to make it easier for him. Then we walked into the forest, following Aro and the witchy twins. I heard a snarl and spun around.
"My girl, my girl, my girl." the monster said, reciting the lyrics that I hadn't sang. Then he catapulted himself into the air, changing into a gigantic red wolf, and aimed himself at me. Zeke yanked my hand forcing me to go back ten feet. Then the wolf hit him and started to tear my fiance to pieces right in front of me. I let out a scream that tore threw the night. It was like a sonic boom. The red wolf yelped out in pain and scampered off, but not before giving me a horrible glare that clearly meant "This isn't over." I rushed back over to my bleeding fiance. His blood was opaque and the same color of his eyes. Scarlet. I refused to look at the shreds that he was missing. His head was still attached to his body, and that's all I cared about.
"Zeke, it's going to be okay. You're going to be okay. you're going to be okay." I said through the tears. I reached for his hand. Once I grabbed it, I put both my hands over it and squeezed it. I could feel the freezing, heart retching blood drip down my arm.
"I told you that I wouldn't let anything happen to you." he said with the slightest hint of a smile. That's all he could manage.
"Zeke it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay." I said more to myself than him. Then Jane appeared.
"Oh thank god Jane! the monster attacked him! You've got to help me!" I said
"I don't have to do anything." she said with a wicked smile. She pulled her arm out from under her cloak.
"And everything is not going to be okay." she said. Her smiled faded and was replaced by a terrifying glare.
"Go Kiersten. Go! Get far away from here! I'm begging you." Zeke yelled at me. I tore my gaze from Jane to hi. His eyes pleaded with me.
"Go." he whispered.
"I'll be fine. It's my last wish until I see you again. Please." he said. I nodded once and ran. Then I heard the awful sound of a match being lit. I heard Zeek's awful blood curdling scream. I smelt ashes and I wanted to run back to him. I wanted to tear Jane's neck out. My heart ached and it screamed "Go back! Save him you selfish brat! Save your fiance!" but my brain took over and was telling me "Keep running. There's nothing you can do. Keep running. He wanted you to run. Keep running." and unfortunately your brain controls what you do, not your heart. I wanted to go back there and pull him from the fire, but my legs wouldn't stop no matter how much it hurt my heart.


I balled my eyes out, desperately wishing that I had never accepted his offer. That when Zeke asked me if I wanted to live forever with him, that I had said no. Then he'd still be here, standing next to me. I wrapped my arms around my knees and curled up on the forest floor. I wanted to fall asleep, but of course, karma just slapped me again with the fact that I was a vampire. That I couldn't sleep. That I was cursed. That I shouldn't exist.


Loss is the worst type of pain. It's permanent, since you can't go up to the person and apologize and make up. You have to live with it everyday of your life knowing that you could have stopped it, but you didn't. That you can't go up to his door and knock and he'll open it. That you ruined and ended his life.
I had been lying on the forest floor for hours. Actually, I didn't even know if I had been here for five minutes, five hours, or five days. Time meant nothing to me, and I felt like it had ceased to exist. The last thing that I really remembered was when the scent filled the air. It was like it just wouldn't leave me alone. Like it was mocking me. Like it was going to haunt me for the rest of my life. The scent of a werewolf. For the first time in I don't know how long, I got up. I quickly stood up to face and try to fight off the enemy. But I was weak. Seriously weak. And I didn't know why. Maybe it was from running so far, but vampires weren't supposed to feel weakness. Maybe it was from my loss, that seamed reasonable enough. Maybe it was just something I had made up in my head, and all I had to do was flip a switch in my head and I'd be back to normal. I had no idea. I wobbled a little and then started to fall. A strong pair of warm arms caught me. I tried to fight back and pry the hands off me that were keeping me from hitting the ground, but I couldn't. I barely poked him. It was all I could manage. I drifted off into the corner of my mind that held my memories of Zeke. It was like falling asleep, but not. I really wished I could fall asleep and escape this horrible life, but I thanked every vampire that had come before me that I couldn't sleep, because I was too terrified of what my subconscious held. I closed my eyes and sifted through memories about Zeke and me like our first kiss, our first date, the first time "I had my suspicions of him being unhuman, when he told me that he was a vampire, when he asked me if I'd live with him forever and if he could bite me, when he proposed, the first time we said I loved you to each other, ect. I felt like I was sleeping, but like I was also on a rollercoaster. The next thing I knew, my memories were interrupted with the smell of a deer. My eyes flew open. I looked up and saw a face. The face of the werewolf that was carrying me against my will to some unknown place. He looked young. Maybe seventeen or so. He looked very familiar. He wasn't the werewolf from the other forest though. I began accessing his features. He was tall. He looked like he could be six feet tall. He was muscular and he had pitch black hair. He had brown eyes and his nose was straight. Like ruler straight. But then I panicked for some unknown reason and punched him in the face. He instantly let me go.
"Ow! What the-" I didn't hear the rest of his sentence. I was running like crazy out of there. Who was he? Why did he look so familiar? Why was I running? I didn't know. I had just panicked. The smell of something burning caught my attention. I saw a light ahead of me. Oh ya. I was still in the forest. How could I forget? Well, there was a light ahead which meant that the forest was coming to an end. I soon reached the light and found myself standing on a sidewalk. Directly across from the sidewalk was a burning building.
The building was about to crumble. A huge chunk of it was missing and was being replaced by bright orange flames that stretched on forever it seemed like. I heard a scream. Should I go in? Or should I let the humans take care of it? But be the time they get here the person might be dead. Do I really want to let another death happen? No. If I can prevent this death, maybe I'll feel better about Zeke's. So I ran into the burning building. It was just like committing suicide.
The flames reached up like orange hands and threatened the ceiling's hold on the building. It looked
like the ceiling was about to fall down any second now. I tried to see through the flames to find the screamer, but I couldn't. The brightness of them was blurring my vision since I was used to the dark. Then it screamed again. It was definitely a girl. I tried to follow the sound but I just found more flames. Then a shadow caught my eye. It was on the wall to my right. It looked like whoever it was was hanging off something. I looked up. Sure enough, a teenage girl about my age was hanging from the ceiling fan. The stairs had been demolished from the fire.
"Let go!" I shouted
"I can't. I can't!" she shouted
"Yes you can. Let go and I'll catch you! Trust me!"
"I don't even know you!"
"Ya, well, you don't know any of the firefighters either and you'd trust them! Just trust me! You don't have much time!" she deliberated for a few seconds, then her fingers gave in and she fell. I kept my promise and caught her. I ran like crazy out of there and jumped and dodged and skidded. Just as I was about to go through the front door, a few bricks fell from the ceiling, one hitting the girl on her head, the rest blocking the door since they carried their flames with them. I started to panic.
"I can't do this. I can't do this. I'm going to die. I'm going to be the reason this girl dies too." I said between sobs. Weren't your favorite memories supposed to pop up right before you die or something? Weren't you supposed to give in and say that you're ready and then a big, white, blinding light appears that you walk into? Well, those must have been lies because here I was, about to die with an unconscious girl in my arms, trapped by the one thing that could kill me. Then a miracle happened. Yes, I know that that line is cheesy, but it's the only thing you can say that described what happened. It started to rain. The winds picked up and it started to rain, causing the rain to blow into the building and put out the flame that blocked the door. I jumped out and ran down the street. Once we were far, far, far away I stopped. I found a closed store and ran behind it. A huge green dumpster was all that was back there. I set her down on the cool pavement and sat with my back against the brick wall of the shop. I slammed my head into it. I think I knocked out a brick or two. I just sat there, looking up at the sky, now tainted with hints of black smoke. I brokedown. I can't tell you if it was because I was alive, or because I wasn't dead. A man stepped into the little alley and walked up to me.
"Have you considered boxing? You'd be a hell of a good boxer with the punch you've got." he said sitting next to me. It was the werewolf guy.
"Sorry 'bout that. I panicked. So how'd you find me?" I asked, turning my head to look at him. For some reason I could tell that he wasn't dangerous. That he was one of the 'good guys'.
"Your scent isn't hard to track. Which reminds me, we've got to do something about that. If I'm going to protect you I need to make it a little hard on the other guys to find you." he said
"Um, excuse me? Protect me? I don't even know who you are. And I can protect myself." I said. I was getting really mad. Who was this guy anyway?
"Zeke didn't think so." he said, looking down at his hands. They were on his knees.
"What?" I whispered. I was going to start crying again. Yay.
"My name's Dane Madison. I was Zeke's best friend." he said
"Was?" how did he know? Or did he know at all?
"I know what happened. Zeke never told you, but he had an ability. Just like you do, except his was different. He could predict the days people died as soon as he saw them. And he knew he was going to die. So he sent me to protect you. And he made me swear. So here I am." he said.
"Well, thanks. But I don't deserve protecting, nor do I need it." I said standing up. I patted the ash off myself and turned around. I was just about to run out of there when he grabbed me wrist. I turned around.
"Zeke didn't think so." and then I broke down. Again. For the second or third or how ever many times I've broken down already today time. I could have created a lake, let it dry up, and then fill it back up again with how many tears I've shed.
"Who's she?" Dane asked
"I don't know. I grabbed her from that burning building down the street." I said through the tears
"You what?!? Are you suicidal? You could have died!" he yelled
"Ya well, it's what I deserve." I said looking away from him
"Do you really think that? Are you that stupid?" he asked me. He didn't yell, but there was a harshness to his words. I flipped by head around to face him. A single tear rolled down my cheek. If he knew how I had abandoned Zeke, he would understand.
"You wouldn't understand. You don't know what I did." I hissed.
"You ran. So did I. Either one of us could've gone back there to him and tried to save him. But we didn't. We either had to realize that there was nothing we could do, or go back there and go against what he asked us to do. And by that time, it would've been to late." he said. He acted calm, but his eyes were full of pain. Full of the pain I felt. Full of the pain of mistakes, loss, and confusion.
"You don't know that. We could've saved him." I said. I turned away from him again. Some part of me knew he was right, but every other oart of me wished he was wrong.
"We could've tried. But in the end, nothing would've helped. If it had, Zeke wouldn't have known he was going to die. That's just a fact. the truth hurts now, but the lies hurt like hell later." he said
"So just accept the truth, so you can accept reality."
"The problem with that is that I'm not ready to let go of the pain. It's all that I've got left."
"You've got me. And you've got her." he said motioning to the girl who lay passed out on the pavement. As if on queue she opened her eyes, sat up, and stared at us.
"Um, i'm pretty sure I'm dead, but you people definitely aren't dead, so can you see me?"
"You're not a ghost. Don't worry. And you're not dead." I told her
"Well, life sucks just as bad as death does." she said
"I think we'll get along just fine, you and me." I told her, smiling for the first time in a very long time. It felt good to smile. Real good.
"Well we better get going." Dane said
"Wait," I told Dane "what's your name?" I asked the girl
"I don't have one." she said
"What?" Dane and I both said together
"I'm an orphan. The place that just burned down was an orphanage. I never knew my parents and neither did the orphanage owners, and my they dropped my off on that doorstep when I was a baby. They didn't leave a note or anything, so I don't know what my name is." she said. Her story was sad, but she looked like she was completely oblivious to that. Like she didn't care.
"Well, from now on your name is......" I though for a minute. Then I smiled "I hereby declare that your nickname is now Brix." I said. She shrugged her shoulders.
"Fine by me." Then she got up.
"First things first, do either of you guys have a credit card?" I asked
"Nope. i don't have anything." Brix said
"Yes. Why?' Dane asked
"Because Brix and I are covered in ash, so we need to get cleaned up. A.k.a a bath and new clothes. So we need to get a hotel room and then we need to go on a little shopping spree." I said with a smile.
"Okay... I guess we need to find a hotel then don't we?" he asked. Then we walked. Again. Why do we always have to walk? I seriously need a car.


"Okay, so I've got to go to school tomorrow. What am I supposed to do?" Brix asked
"What do you mean? Go to school. Have fun. Do you need my blessing or something?" I asked her. I was miserable. I hadn't eaten in days. I was getting crabby.
"Um, well, my guardian's dead. And everyone knows it. So the school's going to try to send me to another orphanage. So I need a new one."
"Oh. Yeah. That." I said, feeling stupid and looking at the ground.
"Which one of us looks older?" I asked her
"Neither one of you can pull it off as an adult. You have the experience of one, and you act like one, but neither of you look like one." she said pointing to me first, and then to Dane. Speaking of my werewolf protector, he never took his eyes off me. It was getting kind of annoying. Imagine having a stalker, except he was like your best friend. It's hard to explain, and it's very disturbing. And I can always feel his gaze, even when I can't see it. It burns the back of my head, and it leaves a weird feeling in me. Now that is hard to explain. But the three of us were becoming more and more familiar with each other, and it was like we were a little family.
"Well, we always have Kiersten's voice." Dane said
"What?!?" Brix asked. She still didn't know that I was a vampire or that Dane was a werewolf. I had persuaded Dane not to tell her. I still remember when Zeke told me. I freaked out and rushed myself into my decision. I didn't want her to ever have to go through any thing that I had gone though, and that had all started with my reaction to Zeke. The real Zeke. So I avoided the question.
"I've got an idea." I said
"What?" Dane and Brix said together
"Well, it's going to be super boring staying here while Brix goes to school. So why don't we go with her Dane?" I asked him
"Absolutely not!" he said
"Why not? There's gotta be more than one person at Brix's school. It'll help hide my scent and protect both of us. If we don't go, the Volturi might have sent out a tracker, and he could follow my scent and find Brix at school. She'd be very vulnerable and they'd know I'd go insane if I was at fault for another death." I said matter-of-factly. Dane was speechless. He knew I was right, but lets face it, everyone hates high school. Whatever horrible memories he had of it were probably popping out from the back of his mind. I had to make him see that we were all safer at Brix's high school.
"Do you really want us to risk our lives and the lives of others?" I asked him, looking up at him from behind my eyelashes and giving him a half smile. He just looked into my eyes as if he could see everything in them, let out a sigh, and said
"Really? Okay then. You need to get some sleep Brix, and you do too Dane. I'm going to go..." I hesitated. I was planning to say hunt, but couldn't with Brix in the room "Take a walk." I gave Dane a look and he understood.
"Should I go with you?" he asked
"Trust me. I've got some gory thoughts on my mind. And I can take care of myself dogboy." I said, flashing him a smile. He smiled back. I got up and walked out of the little hotel room. I ran across the street into the forest. The smell of a large deer hit my nose and my instincts instantly took over. I can't even remember what happened. It's like I become a different person/vampire. I remember everything until after I smelt the deer, and then the next thing I remember is that I was standing over a dead deer. I instantly felt horrible and I was disgusted by myself. I quickly dashed out of there and ran into the hotel. I ran my arm across my mouth and when I took it away, a sweet crimson colored liquid was smeared across it. I was disgusted that it was so alluring to me. I ran into the hotel lobby's bathroom and jogged straight to the sink. I watched as the water hit my arm and instantly turned pink. Then I ran at vampire speed up to the hotel room. Brix was passed out on the bed and Dane was slumped over the couch with his head in one of his hands. I walked outside onto the balcony. The moon was full and gorgeous in the blackness of midnight. The stars twinkled around it like the moon had a million little fans. Zeke's favorite time was midnight. He loved the moon and the stars that were so easily seen at midnight. He said they sparkled like my eyes. A single tear rolled down my cheek. I sat my arms on the ledge and leaned against it. I starred up at the room. Eternity was along time to live. Especially when you were going to be alone throughout it all. My eyes welled up. Alone for forever.

4-Part 1

I had stayed out on the balcony all night, staring up at the moon, only moving when the moon did because I had to move my eyes to follow it. But the moon soon slid under the horizon and was replaced by the sun. I could feel the sun's bright rays against my pale, cold skin. As soon as the tips of my fingers began to shine, I turned away from the brilliant sunrise, and walked into the room. It was if time had stopped inside the room. Everything was the same as it had been before I had gone onto the balcony. Brix was still sprawled out on the bed, her long blond curls covering her face, and Dane was still asleep on the couch with his head in his hand. I walked over to the bed and gently shook Brix. She sat straight up, turned her head and looked at me, and then screamed like a maniac.
"Whoa, stop screaming there girlie! It's just me, you know, Kiersten, the girl who saved you from the fire?"
"Oh god. Don't scare me like that!"
"I woke you up. How else am I supposed to get you awake?"
"Oh. Sorry." she said. I walked over to the couch and poked Dane. I barely touched him, then I retrackted my finger so he wouldn't freak out. His eyes immediately flew open and he stood up so fast, it was almost hard to see him. Almost. For a vampire, it's easy, for a human, it would've been hard.
"Hey sleepyhead." I said. He looked at me. I saw something in his eyes that I know I've seen before, but I just denied it. It couldn't be.
'Hey." he said
"Time for school. Get ready." I said
"Oh, and I'm going downstairs to the giftshop to snag some clothes. What do you guys want?" I asked them
"I'm really picky so I'll go with you." Brix said
"Fine with me. What about you Dane?"
"I guess I'll go to then." he said. So we walked out of our room, down a flight of stairs, and into the lobby. A giftshop was right across the room from us. We walked over and entered it. I walked over to a rack of clothes. They were all black. It used to be my favorite color. But so much had changed in the past day or two that I had changed myself. I now despised black. There were only four things that had stayed the same.
1. I was a vampire
2. I hated Jane
3. I still had my ability
and 4. I still loved Zeke.
Then a certain rack caught my eye. It was full of red clothes. The color of Zeke's eyes. I almost cried. I walked over to it and twirled it around. I grabbed a red spaghetti strap tanktop and then fluttered around the store, looking for clothes. I wound up buying the tanktop, a white longsleeve thermal, a pair of jeans, a few hair clips, a blue backpack, and a pair of brown tennis shoes. I went to the bathroom in the lobby and changed. I pulled back my bangs with the hair clips, then I walked back to the giftshop. The first thing I saw was a mountain of clothes sitting ontop of the register counter. Then I looked at the person buying the clothes. Brix was handing the clerk a credit card and he was stuffing her clothes into huge bags while trying to type something into the register. Dane was behind her in line, holding a shirt, a pair of jeans, some tennis shoes and was staring wide eyed at the price. Apparently it was his credit card. Brix thanked the clerk, handed Dane his credit card, walked out of the store, changed, and came back. She was had a black beanie over her golden curls and she had a deep orange choker around her neck. She was wearing see-through, black, lacy, fingerless gloves on that went up to her elbows, a teal polo, a green undershirt, an orange skirt, black tights, and those black converse boots. A red backpack was slung over one of her shoulders.
"Feeling colorful today?" I asked her
"Na. I wear this kind of stuff everyday." she said. Then it was Dane's turn to change. When he was done, Brix called a cab and we were off to high school. Yaayyy. We pulled up to a white brick building. Brix payed the driver and we got out. The air smelled wonderful. Bad. The air smelled bad, I told myself. But the truth was that the air smelled better than anything. The smell of blood hit me, even though I knew no one was bleeding. I could smell the blood from underneath their skin. I disgusted myself. I shook my head. It didn't help though. I just kept my head down and walked. My senses told me where to go and when I needed to dodge to the side because I was about to run into someone. But my senses also told me that everyone, and I mean everyone, was staring at me. not me, Dane, and Brix, but me. Just me. Dane and I walked to the principal's office and got our schedules. We got lockers and followed our maps that we had been given to them. Our books were all ready inside them. I was on my way to class when I slipped. Imagine that. A vampire slipping. A blond, blue eyed, tan, Abercrombie wearing girl was glaring at me.
"Oh, I'm sorry! I accidentally spilled the water out of my water bottle." she said sarcastically. Her voice was higher than a dog whistle. I already hated her. Then a scent hit my nose that I never wanted to smell again. A vampire was in this high school. More importantly he was walking toward me.


Chapter 4-Part 2 is posted in the comments and the rest of the chapters will be too!

4-Part 2

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