The Twilight Saga

April is one of the girls you have to look twice at. The one that seems innocent at first glance but's a whole new ball game when you look again. April's had a good life but one car accident caused it all to change. Now she's moving to LaPush, Washington with her best friend Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn's always been there for April but is pushed to her limits when she get's to know the aftermath of the accident. On a trip to the beach April meet's Paul. Here her life change's even more. From everyday normal to supernatural. How does she cope with it all? How will Paul get to know his imprint when she could snap at any given moment?

: A Sneak Peak In What's To Come On Love Bites :

April bit her bottom lip as she tilted her head ever so slightly to the left. Ignoring her hair,which was now wet and clinging onto her skin. She felt something within her connect. She didn't know how to explain it. The man whom had hit her in the stomach with the football was still looking down at her hadn't looked away yet. She didn't like it when people openly stared at her. But she couldn't bring herself to care that he did so. "AJ!" she heard Kaitlyn call. She finally looked away and towards her best friend "Come on I got the cooler out now!" Kaitlyn said walking over to her friend. April simply looked back at the man and said in a smooth and emotionless voice "Your pants are unzipped." And with that she left, walking over to her friend.

Paul, finally blinked as he watched his imprint walk away. His pants where unzipped? He looked down and sure enough the cut-offs were unzipped embarrassed he'd been like the whole time he quickly zipped them up and picked up the football.

; That's The End Of The Preview ;


April Jeanette as AJ

Celeste Bonin as Kaitlyn

Alex Meraz as Paul

~Please don't be afraid to tell me what you thought about the preview ans ideas as to how you think the story would go. I like opinions, I think it's importnant in keeping the readers satisfied and happy. The story won't be starting until I have at least two reviews and a helper. Yea I won't be afraid to ask for help. I know I could use it, my grammar ian't always the best and I sometimes get writers block.~

Thanks For Reading My Story Have A Great Day!!!

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