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bella and stefan

during new moon

what if bella was in love with another man? what if bella's real name was alecea hale? what if she was rosalie's daughter?

Bella"Alecea" P.O.V

Edward has just left saying he doesn't love me and that I will never be a vampire. It's bad that he doesn't know I already am. You see I'm Rosalie's daughter and my name isn't Bella. It's Alecea Lacey Hale-Salvatore. You see, I had to hide from my creepy brother-in-law, Damon Salvatore. Yes, that Damon Salvatore. I married his brother Stefan when I was 18. "Bella," my "dad" said from downstairs. "Yea," I said walking out of my room. "Your taxi is here," he said. "Ok, thanks," I said walking back to my room to get my bags and cell phone and went back downstairs. "Good luck, Bella," he said. I nodded and went outside and put my bags into the trunk and got into the back seat. "The airport,please," I told the driver. The driver nodded and pulled away from the house.

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sounds interesting, please continue!

intresting write more soon

should i do the next chapter in alecea's P.O.V or someone else's?

ok here is the next chapter

rosalie's P.O.V

We should never had left Forks. I could hear Edward growl from upstairs. "Edward, stop it now. We all told Alice not to do the party but she didn't listen, so if you want someone to blame, blame Alice,"I thought to him. I got off the couch i was sitting on and went out the back door and ran into the woods to a cottage i just finished building a few hours ago. No one knew about it, not even Emmett. I went inside and looked at the photos of me and my daughters when they were still young. I sighed. I missed my kids so much. I wonder whatever happened to Alecea. I haven't heard from her in many years. Lacey calls every once in awhile.

good update, can't wait to read your next one!


ok heres the next chapter's in lacey's P.O.V

I'm on my back to Forks. I haven't been there in years, not since everything in the past happened. I was 20 minutes away from the house my mom built when someone attacked me from the side. It was mom's "mate", Emmett Cullen, and his family minis my mom. "Who are you?" Emmett asked. "Names Lacey and a family member of Rosalie Hale's," I said. I saw my mom walk up. "Lacey, why didn't you tell me you were coming?" she asked. "It's Alecea. Her "boyfriend" just left her and take a guess who it was," I said. She gasped and looked at the guy bronze hair and walked up to him and slapped him and looked at me. "Where is she going?" she asked. "Mystic Falls," I said. "Shes going home isn't she?" she asked. I nodded.

next chapter in rosalie's P.O.V

That mind reader better watch out because Alecea is powerful and is contact with the voturi. "Rosalie, who is Alecea?" Edward asked. My daughter but we all know her as Bella Swan," I said annoyed with him. "You ready mom?" Lacey said. I nodded. "Yep, lets go," I said.

I know its short i dont want to give to much away

next chapter in Alecea's P.O.V

I had just got off my plane in Mystic Falls, Virginia and was on my way to my old house. I hadn't seen my husband or my kids in years. I would often wonder about them at night when Edward didn't come over. I hated it when he came over because i had to pretend to be a human when I am more powerful than him, but it is what it is and I have to live with that.

I had only been at my house for 30 minutes when I heard some people come in. It was Stefan, his brother, Damon, and my kids. I walked out of the living room out to the hallway and glared at Damon. "I think I'm gonna set some rules for you Damon," I said giggling. They looked at me. Stefan gasped. "Alecea, your back," he said walking over to me. I smiled at him. "Miss me?" I asked. Stefan nodded.

next chapter in Rosalie's P.O.V

Me and Lacey had just gotten off our plane in Mystic Falls, Virginia when Lacey's phone beeped. I looked at her. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's Stefan. Alecea is setting rules for Damon," she said laughing. I laughed. "That's my girl," I said laughing.

Me and Lacey got to my old house within 20 after we left the airport. I smiled as I saw the living room. "Ah, it's good to be home,"I said.

next chapter in Alecea's P.O.V

I finished giving Damon his rules when my phone rang.I looked at it and laughed. It was was Lacey.I answered it"Yes, sister?"I said giggling. I heard tell me that her and mom were at the old house and I shook my head."Why I am not surprised that you two are here?"I said laughing and hanging up.


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