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Instand of Bella Having Just Ness.She has Ness and Aley and Ej. So Jake inprints on Ness and Seth inprints on Aley.Ej married Vanessa. Tell Me what you guys think

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That sounds cool!
your welcome!
Chapter 1
My mom had triplets There me,Ness,Then last but not least Ej. My Full Name is Aley Nicole Cullen well Clearwater. My Wonderful Husband name is Seth Clearwater. My sister Full name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen but her married Last name is Black. Her Husband Name is Jacob but eveyone calls him Jake.My Brother Full name is Edward Jacob Cullen but everyone calls him a little Edward but he hates it and so we call him Ej. He is also married but me and Ness hate her. Vanessa Ann Cullen But a enough about my brother i hate him right now beacause he is retard. Me and Ness are Preagant. YAY for us. Here let me tell you my stroy
`Falsh Back`
A.P.O.V( Aley'S)
As Seth got down on one knee. my breathing sped up and He took my hand ask the words i through i was never going to hear.
" Aley Nicole Cullen will you marry me" I want to somethings not nice at lot others were so rommatic he would of dreams of me saying. But instad of inbressed myself I said Yes.That was the happys day of my life. When we went back inside i heard a scream from my sister. I ran still holding on seth hand and went to see what was with the scream.
" Ness whats wrong?" I said with a Sitterly Tone
" Nothing and is dad home?"
" No i've got to tell him and mom something"
" Me Too!!"
" Will you tell me?" I was sericly Cirues
" Well i'm getting married to Jake"
" Whats your news Aley"
" I'm getting married to Seth!"
"OMG "
Then we both started screaming and then stopped because we both got really sad because we had to tell our dad. He Loves us but that hash on him.
" I don't think i can tell him"We said togeter.
" Really Girls come on whats so scary about your dad" Jake said and I Really felt like i wanted to slap him
" First of all He going to be pissed at us and Second of all Jake have you seen our dad pissed." I Moved closer so i can slap and Ness didn't even stop me that means she wantted to do the same thing.
Next Thing i know Jake was on the floor with a big Red mark across his face. i felt bad
" I'm Sorry Jake but you pissed me off"
" Its Ok i dervesed it"
We all heard the door open and me and Ness jump like we been hit. Then we grab the guys hand said" Its time"
We called everyone the table and they all sat.
I began " Please don't mad at anyone."
" Go on Honey" My Mom and Dad said togeter
Here we go i thought " Me and Ness are getting......." I couldn't tell them and couldn't even get the word out
instand i showed my left hand. Ness did the same. I heard Everyone Gasp expected me,ness,Jake,Seth and Alice. i know how she found out because of her verisons.
Grandpa Carlisle was the first one to speak" Thats great Girls" I Finally let my breath out when he said that
My Mom was second and ran up and hugs us and said these word" I'm so happy for My little girls " I felt so happy i started crying
I turned to my dad who look like he could cry if that was possilby
" Dad" I felt so bad that i could ran up and hug him but i couldn't move
"Dad?" Me and Ness said at the said time and that started to unfrezze me and i started move torads him Once i got to him he was still looking down i wraped my arms around him and so did Ness
"Daddy" we both said and both started crying
" Girls come on " My mom said to us
we both let go of him and ran away from the main house and went in our bedrooms and lock the doors. Cryed our self to sleep that night and Ness didn't get anymore sleep then i did
when i woke up there was a knok at my door. " Aley open the door please it ness" My sister i would let in anyone else i would have said Go away
I used my power to unlock my door and let ness in.
" Whats up ness?"
" Nothing did dad come to your room?"
" No what about you ?"
" No and i haven't seen him since last night "
" Me ethier and i don't want to go find him ethier because i'll start crying again"
" Me too"
" I'm going back to sleep"
" Can i sleep with you"
" Ya"
" I ment can i go to sleep with you and not that way"
" Ya your my sister"
" I Love You Aley Nicole Clearwater"
" I Love You Rensemee Carlie Black" I past out
" Girls" It was my fathers voice
" Ya"We said togter and our voice sounded sleeply
" Can we talk?" He sounded like he was going to start crying again
" Ya fine whatever" I answerd quicker than Ness
" Can you unlock your door?"
"ya hold on" I said as i used my gift to telport or unlock things and pulled Ness into a sitting prostion and ulocked the door.
" I'm sorry for the way i acted last nite and i'm sorry for makig you guys cry"
I started to say sometime but he caught me off
" Aley and Ness you guys are my little girls and I don't want you to get hurt"
" Dad incase you have forgot Jake inprinted on Ness and Seth inprinted on Me. And here's aother i been wondering why when EJ told you he was marrying Vanessa you didn't seem upset or anything you seem suprised. Why is that?"
" Because i really don't know i wasn't tore up like i was with your guys and I'm so sorry Girls "
" Dad It doesn't matter anymore I'm sorry but i marrying Seth and Ness is marrying Jake and I'm sorry if i hurt you but i love him and i can't live without him and i don't ever want to dad. Its like you and Mom. Can you ever go a day without seeing her or hearing her voice or anything like that?" and before he could answer i answered before him.'
" No dad you can't. I can go one day without seeing his face or smelling his scent and Hearing his voice.Dad i'm sorry if i hurt you " I was really sorry
"Its okay Aley and I don't want you to do anything upset me and I can't you how sorry i'm ."
" Dad i'm really tried and can you go and get Seth and Jake.Please"
" Its ok sweetheart.I'll go and let the boys. I Love You My Little Girls" He voice sounded like love
" Dad!!!!!!!! we not little girls but you and mom can get away with calling us that.We Love you dad"
" I'm going to get Jake and Seth you girls look like your going to pass out"
" k" and Ness asked me if i can move her to her bedroom. And i did without moving off my bed
I wanted for seth to get here but i didn't but i felt warm hands around my waist. Seth!!
" Hey Seth"
" hey Aley want to go back to bed?"
" Thats a stupid question ofcouse i want to go back to sleep but not right this moment i want a kiss from you" I really love it when he kisses me
" Fine but if your father walks through the door he is going kill me" He said as he leand in.
" Ya right my dad won't kill you cuz he knows that i would never talk to him again I Love you Seth Micheal Clearwater" I said as i leaned up
Our lips were a inch apart when he said " I Love you Aley Nicole Clearwater" Then he let our lips brush and That was too soft. I needed so much more. So i made my lips hard agaist his alot harder and he got what i ment and kiss me untill i needed to breath through his lips never left my skin. He just move to my neck. Once my breathing was normal i pulled his lips back to mine. He pulled away and rest his forehead agaisnt mine. He look like he was breathing my sweet scent. I know i ws breathing he's sweet scent.
" Good Night Seth Micheal Clearwater"
" Good Night Aley Nicole Clearwater"
" Its not affical yet But i like how that sounds" I was resting my head on his chest.
" Whatever Aley" Then he was asleep. His face was peaceful. Then i was asleep
i love it
wow! its really good i dont think anyone ever thought of that possibility
I love it please write more soon but wait are they pregnant and please keep me updated!!!!!! Thanks and awesome story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well you guys are going to have to wait untill next month cuz i'm grounded untill the 19 and it sucks but i will posted more the day i get ungrounded.I'm so sorry
No Bella and Edward are not pregnant. Ness and Aley is but it comes later in the story
So you will have to wait and see
Okay guys im sooo sorry i havent been on in forever been grounded... so im updating now
~Bella Marie Cullen~
P.S. aley asked me to take over her story

I love it so far

*New reader* I loved it please up date soon


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