The Twilight Saga

Summary: This story is about Edward and Bella of course. Edward is one of the most popular guys in Forks High School and he has a older girlfriend name Tanya who is already in college. Bella Swan on the other hand is a kind sweet girl. But she is a definite nerd. She cleans yards to make money to pay for her mechanic engineeer project for a scholarship to college. Her dad is always at work and her mother wants her to become a popular girl like she was and get a boyfriend. What happens when Edward finds out that Tanya is cheating. When he wrecks his dad new car. He needs money and a good mechanic. what will happen when Bella presents edward with an offer he cant refuse. This Is A All Human Story Create your own banner at!
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Well basically Im new to writing fan fictions. I got this idea from Love Dont Cost a Thing W/ actor Nick Cannon, But I decided to change it up to our famous Twilight characters. all characters belong to SM. Please let me know if i should write I need banners please!!!!!!!!!....Im not good at making them........ Chapter 1 Bella POV Living in the small town of Forks. Its not hard to be the outsider. My name is Isabella Swan. My friends and family call me Bella for short. Alice and Emmett are my best friends and they too are dorks. All we focus on is our baby. A 50s Cheverolet Pick Up truck. We love that car. I am personally rebuilding the engine but it take alot of hard work. Today was a normal saturday for us. We were at Jacob Black's garage. He was very kind enough to let us use the garage to work on our car. "Guys we are missing the pistons I cant put the engine together without them" i said looking at the engine curiosly. "Where in the heck are we going to get one of those"Alice asked she wanted the car fix more than anything. "I know a place in Seattle put its gonna take at least 3 weeks for me to get the pieces and they are gonna run about 100 a piece" I said. "Where are we gonna get money like that" Emmett said shocked. "Thats Like 800 dollars" They both looked at me like I knew what to do. This happens alot since I need the engine to present to the Mechanic Engineer Scholarship group. I always come up with money to use for the engine. I was tugging at my ponytail trying to come up with a plan. "Well I can do alittle more work with the yards and up the prices. Also i have like 200 saved up do you guys have money." "Naw I used my last to pay for the interior on the car and the paint job" Emmett said. I nodded excitged to see the car after its done" "I have 200 also that means we have to make 400 more dollars" "This is good that means we can put a down payment on the parts to get them ordered" They smiled. OMG I have a yard to do Oh man im gonna be late. "Guys I have to go. i have a yard to do i have to make money for the engine" I waved running to my bike. "Bye Bella" they said in unison. Now being that Forks is very small. I can pratically ride my bike anywhere, Now the yard I have to do now is Edward Cullen he is freakin hot, The most Atheletic and popular guy at Forks High School. Thank heavens I am wearing my yard work clother cause I was already late. I pulled my bike to the side of the house. I heard music which means he must be having a party. Sometimes this guy can be a real a**. I swear. I ran to the front door. It snatched open before I can even knock. "What took you so long" Edward Cullen said with a definite a**hole attitude of his. Everyone heads snapped to me. I looked down. "Im sorry I lost track of time" I said with my head down. "Yea Watever Get to work" he rolled his eyes and slammed the door in my face. I could here all of his friends laughing behind the door. I shook it off and went to shed and grabbed the rake and some bags and the waterhose. After about 1 hour I was done. The Cullens had a huge house so the yard was enormous. Everyone started to leave as I put the bags in the trash. Put up the rake and went back to the front door to get paid. I knocked lightly. Dr, Cullen answered with a smile. Him and his wife Esme were so kind they were very sweet. "Good Evening Bella did a great job. Hows the mechanic scholarship coming along. "Just Fine Mr. Cullen thank you for asking. Well Im all done" he handed me $50. I thanked him and went on my way. I tried to take off on my bike but it wouldnt move.I turned around to see Edward holding on to my back tire smiling a crooked smile. "What do you want let go" I yelled at him. His smiled dissapeared. "I just wanted to apologize for earlier" he said loooking said. "oh no need to apologize, Im use to jerks like you treating me with no respect and Im so over it" I smacked his hand away and took off on my bike. Letting the air whip against my face.


Chapter 2 (PART 1)

Bella's POV


I headed home. My mother Renee is a stay at home mom she is the best mom a girl could ask for. But my mom wants me to be popular and she wants me to have a boyfriend. But thats not me I have better things to do than to get involved with an overly sex drvien teenager ugh. The thought of it makes me sick. She tries to live her glory days through me but its not happening. My dad Charlie is the town Sheriff he is never really home but when he is he always watching the game or sleep. He understands me more than my mom. He knows I want to be a mechanic engineer. He helps when he cans for my scholarship. I pulled up to the garage to put my bike in. I got my keys out my backpack. "Im home" i yelled but not too loud. My mom walked in with a disappointed look on her. "Bella why do u look like that" she said shaking her head. "Mom i just came from doing yard work and wroking on my car what do you i expect?" I rolled my eyes. "Bella you are so gorgeous please put on some decent clothes and let you hair down" she said. "Renee leave the child alone she has had a long day" my dad said, I smiled. He winked at me. She stomped off to the kitchen " Dinner will be ready in 30 mins" she said. I went to my room to work on my paper for my scholarship and do my homework. Someone knocked at my door. "Come In" I said I already knew it was my mom. I rolled my eyes. "Bella cant you see I just want you to be happy, I want you to have the life I had" "Mom i am happy but I will try" I smiled at her She squealed and ran out the door. I was willing to so anything to make my mom happy. This was gonna be hard. I finished my homework and paper, then i went down to get something to eat. I took a hot shower and went to bed. Next Morning................ I woked up feeling refreshed. I decideded i must take this slowly. I decided to wear my hair down. I put on jeans and a t-shirt and my converse. Well here goes nothing I got on my bike and was off to school.

Chapter 2 Part 2

Edward's POV


I felt bad for the way I treated Bella. But hey I had a rep to keep up. My popularity is way more important. She shocked me by what she said calling me a jerk. Her and her friends were the most unpopular kids at our school. They dont look like they want to be either. They have no style they just look real dorkish. I laughed to myself. I dont know how i became popular. I guess I just knew the right people at the right time, Now girls love me, guys hate on me and want to be me but I manage. Right after I became popular I met Tanya. She is about 5'7 with strawberry blonde hair. Her hips were perfect and she had the body of a goddess. I was in love with her since 11th grade. She was a year older than me but we manage to stay to gether as she went off to college. My doorbell rang and I answered it . It was jasper and Rosalie my best friends. We clowned around for a little while we decided to grabe a bite to eat. My Dad left a hour prior to go handle some business in New York. My mom tagged along so I had the house to myself. "Hey Edward Lets Take Your Dad's new Bently" Jasper Said. Was he crazy or trying to get me killed. "Are you crazy, my dad will kill me" I said. "Edward you one of the best drivers we know, we are just grabbing some food and coming back" Rosalie stated back. Hell Why not "Fine" I said they jumped up and down excitedly. I smiled. I went into my dads study to retrieve his keys. I waved the keys to their faces and shooked them and smiled. We got in the car and took off music blasting and everything. We pulled up to a local eatry where all the popular kids hung out. We ate hung out had fun. Tanya was at school and I was missing her. she would come every other weekend so we dont see each other ofter. We paid for our food and was out the door. We got into the car as we were pulling off Tanya called I told them to be quiet and answered it and put it on speaker. "Hey babe" i said into the phone. "hey boo whats up" she said. I smiled i love it when she called me that. "nothing much you" i said. "you know doing me missing you" she said then I heard a male voice on the other end. "Here is my number baby, you call me anytime" the stranger said. She moaned and made a kissing sound. What the Hell. I looked at my friends for confirmation. They were just as shock. Jasper mouth was hanging open. Rosalie was trying hard to not to blow up. "Tanya what the hell was that" I yelled in the phone "Edward I need to call you back" she hung up the phone. I was fuming so much i pressed hard on the gas. Next thing I know I saw smoke coming from the car hood. Chapter 3 Coming Soon

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Hey People I'm still writing

Thanks for the comments
Chapter 3
Edwards POV

Oh no, no, no, no What am I gonna do. I turned to look at Rosalie her said was slumped to the side. I reached over to check her pulse. She was fine just a little concussion.
"Rosalie are you ok?" She popped up. "Yea I'm fine Jasper you ok"? She asked.
"I'm good" he replied. This is bad real bad. How am I gonna explain this to my dad.
"Oh Edward what are we gonna do, your dad is gonna flip" Rosalie said biting her nails. She a,ways did that when she was worried or nervous.
"I don't know he is going to kill me" I said. I had to come up with an idea. Dad is going to be away for a month. Should I call him and tell him. Maybe honesty is the best way to go. No. Then he will come back and ground me for life.
Think Edward think.
"Edward we can get the car fixed before Carlilse get back"Jasper said. Why didn't I think of that.
"Good idea Jazz we need to get the car to the shop" I said.
"I know a guy who will tow it for free" Rosalie said. Great I thought. She called him. We waited for him to get there. While waiting the subject of Tanya came up. I was so distracted by the car I forgotten all about it. I whish I had.
"I can't believe Tanya did that to you, next time I see her I'm ripping her head off" Rosalie fumed.
"She wasn't right for you anyway" jasper said he never did like her. But he supported me.
I nodded in agreement. It was nothing left to say. My phone rung it was her.
"Hey baby" she said. I had her on speaker. Rosalie made a gagging noise I laughed.
Jasper rolled his eyes.
"What do you want Tanya" I snarled into the phone.
"Baby what's wro-" she said but I cut her off.
"Tanya I heard you don't try to cover it up, its over" I said. I didn't know how I would let her go.
"But Eddie I-I'm sor-" I closed the phone hanging up in her face.
"Good for you Edward" Jasper said.
"We will get through this together" Rosalie hugged me.

After about 10 minutes.......
The tow truck pulled up. Rose worked her magic and he took the car to Jacob Blacks Garage. We took a cab home and we would go to the shop on the morning. My friends spent the night in the guest room. I couldn't sleep thinking about what will happen in the morning. I shifted to the side thinking about Tanya god I still loved her. What am I gonna do.

The next Morning......
We got up early the next morning. We took my Volvo to the garage. We pulled up to see Alice and Emmett and Jacob working on a truck . Its was a really old classic.
We got. Out the car Jacob looked up. He walked over to me and shook my hand.
"Hey I'm Edward, this is Rosalie and Jasper" I said.
"Nice to meet you" Jacob said.

I looked at Jasper and Rose it was something wrong with them they had a lookm of lust in there eyhes.
Then I looked at Alice and Emmett. They were staring at them too. But not for long they looked away and went back to the car.
"Who is that" my friends said at the same time.
"The girl is Alice you never noticed her cause she is kind of a dork with style" I whispered.
"The guy is Emmett he to is a dork, but he is really good a sports, but never tried out for any teams" I said.
"Well I want her, I will make her mine"jasper said
"Me too" rose said.

After about 15 minutes .....
Bella pulled up on her bike. She had her hair down she looked beautiful she looked at me and rolled her eyes.
She still must hate me for what I did.
"Excuse me" she said as she walked through us.
I moved to the side and let her through. The wind blew past her hair. Her scent was beautiful.
"Hey Bella I have some questions for you" jacob said.
"What's up" she said.
They talked with their heads half way in the hood. She nodded. Then Jacob walked over to me.
"Hey guys its gonna take me about 3 weeks to fix it and with the parts your gonna have to pay at least 3000"
What I don't have that kind of money. Dad would notice if I took that kind of money out the bank.
What am I gonna do.
"Hey Jacob how much are the part" my Bella said. Not not your Bella just Bella Edward.
"About 1200" he said.
She pulled him to the side talked to him after a few mintues he nodded went back to his office. Bella walked over to me.
"Hey Edward can I talk to you" she said and walked over to the side.
"What's up" I said sound cool and calm.

She looked down and was biting on her bottom lip. That was so cute.
"I have a offer for you" she said. I nodded in encouragement.
"Okay I will do the labor work for free on your car all you would have to do is pay for the part" she paused.
She is so sweet how could I ever treat her that way.
"Only if you make me one of the most popular kids in school" I looked at her in shock.
"Trust me I don't want this but it will make my mom happy" she said.

This was a good offer. I knew I could make her popular. Man what should I do. I need the car fixed asap.

"So do we have a deal?" She said holding out her hand.

Chapter 4 coming soon
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