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This is the sequel to The New Bella. You will want to have read The New Bella before reading this, because it won't make too much sense otherwise. Click here to read The New Bella!

There will be a lot that will occur in this story. I'm hoping you will all like it. I'm open to all types of comments. If you don't like it, love it, like it, or think that I could (or need to) add something then just say so. I hope you do all enjoy my story :)

It has been a little less than a week since my new family, the Cullens, and I have gotten back to the northern hemisphere. At the moment we have a house in Alaska near the Denali Coven, but we're thinking about moving back to Forks, Washington. We aren't exactly sure how soon, but Esme does love that house, and I know that Carlisle and the rest of us love that area. It has been a long enough time from life in Forks, so when we go back nothing will be suspicious at all. A little part of me would like to go to college with Edward. It would make sense. He's mentioned it quite a few time and now the idea is starting to rub off on me. Dartmouth, Yale, Michigan, or The Sorbonne. He says that as long as I go with him that he will go anywhere. He ws the sweetest man. I couldn't wait for the near future. I knew that no one was really paying attention to the gathering of vampires at the Volturi castle when we left, but I was still curious. I'd told everyone that the Volturi had to be invited to the wedding. I wanted Jane, Heidi, Demitri, and Daniel to be there for sure. I missed them so. Jane and Daniel said in a private note to me that things between them were getting serious and they wanted to move towards us Cullens. I loved the idea. It's be nice to have another friend close by. The days seemed to be passing by at their own rate, which just so happened to be as slow as possible. Edward planned on taking me to the meadow for old times sake. The meadow in Forks. It was perfect. I hadn't been there in so long. Alice had had a vision of the wedding being in the meadow, and though I loved the idea, Edward wasn't too fond of it. He said it wouldn't be as special if everyone knew about it. And though I agreed, the image I saw that was in Alice's mind was stunning. The one thing she was careful about hiding was what Edward and I looked like. My dress was coming along nicely, even though I hadn't seen it yet. She worked on it while I had a blindfold over my face. No one but her could be around to see it while she worked on it for hours. I trusted her, but I was getting a little annoyed when I couldn't even see my own wedding gown. I blew it one day.
"Alice! Please. Let me just take off this gosh darn blindfold. I want to see my dress." I said in a very aggravated tone. She sighed.
"Well... I guess. I was trying to see if you could make it until your wedding day without seeing it, but I know that wouldn't happen even if I tried." She sighed. "1.... 2.... 3..." She took off the blindfold and moved me so I was in front of a wide floor length mirror. When I saw the gorgeously done gown I was in, I found myself speechless. I could only imagine how Edward would see me on that glorious day. I had to keep it from him. I nodded to Alice as she thought 'Promise me that you won't let him catch even a glimpse.' She smiled, and got back to work on fixing the train. I looked and my nails and realized they were chipped from when Emmett had done them, WHILE I was relaxing with Edward, two nights ago. Dangg! I couldn't believe I didn't feel or hear that. Well... I must've been too busy doing... Um... OTHER things. I began to space out. I needed to hunt really badly...

Chapter 1 (Part 1)
I shimmied out of the long, gorgeous and white wedding gown. Alice took it carefully from my hands and put it on a hanger before putting the hanger in the garment bag and zipping the bag up. By that time I was already dressed in my normal clothes.
"Wow. Alice that is amazing! I love it." I said as I hugged her.
"No problem, Bella. I'm glad I could help! I'm glad you're letting me help plan your wedding." Oh, that's right, I almost forgot. I was going to make Alice my Maid of Honor. I let go of Alice and let her hide the garment bag deep in her closet. And waited until she came back out.
"Alice?" I said. She looked at me.
"Yeah?" She asked.
"Would you be my Maid of Honor?" She looked shocked for a moment, and then a huge grin spread across her face. She jumped at me and threw her arms around my neck. And then pulled back.
"Of course! Are you serious?" She practically screamed in joy. I laughed, as I nodded yes, I heard someone open the door. It was Jasper.
"Everythin-" He didn't finish. He felt the atmosphere around us and smiled, as Alice let go of me and ran to her husband.
"Jasper! I'm Bella's Maid of Honor!" She grinned a little two hugely, and Jasper gave an amused laugh and smile before sweeping her off of her feet. I slowly slid out of the room.
"Where are you going?" Alice asked, as she saw I was leaving.
"I uhh.... I'm gonna find Edward. Plus I should leave the two of you alone." I said. Jasper thought a 'Thank you.' And I just nodded before leaving through Alice's bedroom door. Esme saw me just as I was walking down the stairs.
"What's Alice so happy about?" She asked.
"She's my Maid of Honor." Esme smiled at me and continued up the stairs.
"Aw man....." I heard Emmett sigh. I dashed down the stairs, I just had to see what he was whining about now.
"What now, Emmett?" I asked, a smile playing on Edward's face, as he saw me step into the room. Emmett looked to my nails. And then he put on a look that a two year old would have when they realized someone had ate all of the cookies.
"You ruined them!" He said a little upset, as he walked over and grabbed my hands to exam my nails. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hands out of his huge paw of a hand. I looked behind him and saw My Edward grinning. I laughed, and made my way around Emmett and into Edward's arms. He kissed me first on the top of my head and then pulled away. He moved his eyebrows back and forth expectantly before sweeping me up in his arms and running to his room on the fourth floor. Once we got to his bedroom. He set me on the bed and closed the door. He leanded in to kiss me, but I stopped him. A concerned look washed over my face, it was never like me to refuse his kisses. I laughed.
"Edward, I need to go hunting. I've waited too long already. Come with me." His face instantly relaxed and he bent down. Edward took my face in his hands and kissed lightly all over, before taking my hand and standing up.
"Of course My Bella." He said. I stood up and raced down the staris, ripping my hand out of his in the process. "Bella! No fair!" I heard him laugh out as he chased me through the house and out the back door. I raced up to a nearby mountain top before stopping slightly. I was pulled to the ground by Edward, who pulled me with him as he ran past. We slid and landed on the ground next to each other. I laughed. He proped himself up on one elbow and smiled. I patted his head before standing up. I sensed that there was a mountain lion nearby. I crouched and jumped to the top of a tree, it was about five yards away from me. I was beat by Edward who tackled the mountain lion, and held it down. I bit into it's throat and it let out a hoarse yelp for help. I stood.
"Hey! That's not fair at all." I said to Edward who laughed, and grabbed my waist. I looked up at him. "Remember what you have to do?" I asked. He rolled his eyes.
"Yes, of course I do, Love." He answered. I was getting worried about him. He'd only been on human blood, fresh human blood, for about a week, and he'd changed a little.
"Remember? A year, Edward." I said. He sighed and raced to a place, down at the base of the mountain, where he seemed sensed human movement. He set me down and then dashed to a normal looking human that was standing under a lit streetlight. He took the male down in a second. No one heard a scream, because there wasn't one. He realized he was standing under a light and dashed back to me.
"My Bella, could I take you somewhere with me?" He asked with a pleasant smile on his face. I nodded. 'Sure. Why not.' I laughed as he swept me off my feet and held me close to his chest while running towards the tip of the mountain.
There is the first part of this story :) I hope you've all liked it so far. I will be posting the rest of this where the comments can be made. Below are the links that you can click on to get to the posted chapters. If you have any questions just ask :) Happy reading.


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Thank you so very much!! :D

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The new bella was an excellent FF !
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Vampires cannot get pregnant... But it does have to do with a child....


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