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This is a story about Nessie and Jake and I know that people might be getting sick of hearing about it but I LOVE TWILIGHT and hope that the story contintues.. I wanna know what will happen.... But heres chapter 1 of Love Forever...








Chapter One


Bella's POV


I've really never looked at my daughter before... She's all grown up and now that Jacob wants to tell her about the imprinting...I'm afraid. I’ve never really given it much thought that anyone could be scared for there child to grow up. I always took care of Renee. Did she ever had to feel this way when she met Edward for the first time? When she saw how perfectly we moved together? Just the same as Renesmee does with Jacob now? She worried but I don’t think in the way I’m worried for my daughter.


I’m just afraid that having Nahuel here visiting, is the reason that Jacob wants to tell Renesmee about imprinting. They start school this fall and knowing Jacob, he’s going to be signing up at Forks High School. Edward knows that Nahuel will take a liking to Resnesmee but he also fears the fight that might come out of it. Jacob wont like it if someone else tries to take her away from him.


"Edward?" I whispered a little shaky and now biting the bottom of my lip.

"Yes, love?" Edward said looking confused about my expression on my face.

"Do you ever worry about what is going to happen with Renesmee and Jacob? Or even if Nahuel takes his liking beyond his thoughts?" I asked looking down while playing with my hands.

He placed one hand on my mine and used the other to pull my face up to meet his gaze.

"Sure I do, but she’s mature enough to make good choices. But she might be stubborn like her mother." He said with that crooked smile that I love so much.

I smiled back at him. How could I not? Then without a thought I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. Thinking about my darling daughter, where was she? Was she at the main house...?

"I'm going to talk to Esme. I haven’t seen her since yesterday and I'm starting to miss her." I said but I know that I wasn’t fooling him.

"She's ok, Love. Jacob wont let anything happen to her. She's safe.” Edward assured me

"Your safe isn’t the same as my safe. How do you know that nothing is happening right now?" I asked with disagreement in my tone.

"Because she's our daughter." He said with a smile that was a little smug

"Still I'm going to the main house." I said while I was getting up from the bed.


But Edward didn’t let me go that fast. And yet again I found myself utterly distracted but him… dazzled. I couldn’t help it. He always had that affect on me. No matter what I was worried about. And today was no different. I would continuously worry about my Renesmee. And there would nothing I could about it. If she was meant for Jacob or even Nahauel, then I hope that she chooses what she feels in her heart .




Nessie POV


In the main house we has company. Some people that were from the Amazon. From what I’ve heard they were the ones who talked the Volturi out of killing us all. There’s a boy who they had explained that is half human and half vampire like me. And that he and his aunt who is a full vampire roam down in the Amazon but came to pay us a visit to see how I had grown. I think it was mostly Nahuel who wanted to come here, just because his aunt didn’t seem to like being out in the open. But his presences wasn’t one that is pleasant. Mostly its because the way he would watch me. He looked at me like he was waiting for something to happen.


But I was in love with Jacob…


I like being with Jacob. Jacob was my best friend.


And I didn’t think anything would make me see him differently. Until this summer. We were in his car going to the beach with some of the other guys from the pack and their girlfriends. And that’s when I noticed everything about him. It was like I was looking at him for the first time. Like the way when he smiles, its like his happiness emanates off him. Or the way his muscles just flowed and didn’t seen to have a stopping point. And his skin… Its beautiful. The russet color is something that I could never forget.


I don’t know why but I’ve even been feeling weird about him. I keep having these dreams that are so passionate and breath taking. Ones I couldn’t to talk to my mother about or I would be embarrassed. And I don’t think that my dad noticed. But he always tried to give me as much privacy as he could. And I knew that talking to Aunt Alice or even Aunt Rose about it would be just as

embarrassing. I don’t want to take that risk..Nope not a chance…


But for now, its just Jacob and me. Jacob said that he had a surprise for me or well something important to tell me. I didn’t think that it took that long to get to La Push from our house. Or maybe it just feels that way. I watched Jake as he drove. Everything about had changed and I couldn’t put my finger on what had made him look so different to me. Jacob was what made me realize I was staring at him.


"Nessie, what’s wrong?" Jacob asked as we stopped in front of his house.

"Oh, its…its nothing. I was just thinking about something." I said a little embarrassed. Looking down at my hands and feeling his eyes on my face.

"Ok. Ready?" He asked while a smile broke across his face.

"I wonder how soft his lips are." I thought to myself.

OH GOD! I shouldn’t be having these thoughts but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help but have the feeling of wanting him. But I’m afraid if I tell him then he wouldn’t feel the same way as I do for him.


Jacobs POV

I know how that Nahuel looks at Nessie.. And I don’t like it. I don’t like the fact that just because he’s half human/vampire breed, that entitles her to be his. Shes the reason I live. She means everything to me and I just cant… I wont let anyone stand in the way of it. So…


Today I’m going to tell her about the whole imprinting thing. I need her to understand. I need her to know that I loved her from the very beginning. For her to know that not matter what I would never leave her. That I would never hurt her and I could protect her from anything.


So now she’s older and I know that she noticed the change of the connection between us. I could tell on her face. Well I hope she noticed. I could feel the connection getting stronger with every passing day and every minute that we spend together. And it will only be moments before she knew.


I talked to a few of the pack and some of them say if i don’t tell her, then the connection would get to the point that its will be unbearable. For me at least. I have been having dreams and the tension is quite strong.


So today is the day I’ve been waiting for. I get to be with the love of my existence...



Please let me know what you think.. Tell me if theres anything I should change or add in for other chapters...

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ok! I'm caught up! Please add more!!!!
Chapter Ten...

Jaocb's POV

"So what do you want to do today?" Nessie looked at me waiting for an answer.
"I have some pack stuff to do today, but we can hang out on the rez if you want?" I really was out of pack info because I spend most of my time with Nessie. I need to get caught up with them.

I know that with Leah gone it made Nessie feel better about me going to pack meetings. I don’t even know what to even think about the situation with Leah. I just wished that she didn’t leave without saying to when she’s coming back. But I know how it feels to need some space from everyone.

"Sure I haven’t seen Grandpa Charlie in awhile and I’m sure that he'll be at Sue's." I knew that she hated waiting around for me. But she deals with it because she knows after its just us and no one else.
"Ok then lets go. The pack will be waiting." She got up from the bed.

She walked to her closet to get changed. I got up and wrapped the sheets around my waist. I grabbed the bag that had my clothes that I brought from my house. When I turned around I drop my bag. Nessie was standing there half naked. Its not like I’ve never seen her naked before but its just that she’s beautiful. No matter what’s she wearing. Or if she’s naked. Just beautiful.

"What? Is there something wrong?" She asked embarrassed and worried at the same time.
"No! Its not that at all. Your just beautiful and I’m shocked. I’m shocked that your mine." I couldn’t express in words how I felt.

I opened my bag to grab a pair of sweats. Nessie was already done by the time I had put them on. I wish we didn’t have to leave then there would be no reason for clothes but I have things I have to do as pack leader. We started walking towards La Push.

"I'll race you to La Push." Nessie loves a challenge.
"Ok but you already know I'll win. Ready?" She was already gone before I could say anything else.
"Hey that’s not fair. Cheating doesn’t count as winning." I yelled out as I was tying my sweats to my ankle. Then in one bound I phased.

Renesmee's POV

"I told you that I would win." I looked at the big russet brown wolf that was phasing in front of me.
"Yeah you cheated!" I looked at his naked body. His muscles more defined then I thought.

We walked to his house to see his father. Jake always worry about his dad. Maybe if I didn’t want him around all the time, he wouldn’t worry so much. He could be here for his dad more and for the pack more. I think he needs a break from me. But from what he tells me about the imprinting thing, it would be hard for him to be far from me for a period of time. I just know that he has important things that he has to do. Like the pack. He doesn’t know what’s going on with them and the last time he had a meeting with the whole pack was when Leah left.

As we got to the house, Billy was sitting in the front doorway.

"Hey kids. Its nice to see you guys around here." Billy had a huge smile on his face when he saw us. I guess he would be lonely not having Jake around.
"Hey dad." Jake pushed his dad into the house. I forgot how small Jakes house was.
"Hey Billy, do you know if grandpa Charlie is around?" I asked.

Grandpa Charlie knew everything now. He got kind of suspicious about my growth. Every time he would see me I looked different. Older. He started to ask questions so my mother and father sat him down and told him. He didn’t want to everything but its for the better.

"Yeah he's at Sue's but I think that they are going out somewhere. Port Angles I think." That’s weird. My grandpa Charlie out on a date? I have to tell mom about this.
"Oh ok. Then I will just go down to the beach until you get everything settled with the pack." I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to see Charlie today.
"About the pack. Umm we have a little problem." Billy looked at Jake like it was important that he knows this.
"What about the pack is everything ok?" Jake asked worry all over his face.

"It's Leah. She's back." Jake thought

I looked at Jake. Now I’m confused. I’m able to hear some of the things that Jake is thinking? I didn’t know that I could do that. I would have to talk to Carlisle about this. So maybe I would do that while I wait for Jake is done with his pack meeting. I would be back he even knows I’m gone.

"Everything is fine but just a new werewolf has submerged. A female. She quite young and cant control herself. Sam has been trying to help her but is having a hard time." Billy looked just as worried as Jake was.
"Ok. Ness, I’m gonna go now. I will be back. Just a couple of hours and I'll be here. I love you." Jake kissed me and left.
"Well I’m going to be down the beach. I have my cell phone on me so if there’s anything I can do please call me." Billy was never one that would call if he needed something. He would always try to do it himself. I gave Billy a kiss on the cheek and left.

The beach was beautiful. I love walking down the beach with Jake. My mom told me stories about how she and Jake would walk this very beach. Jake showed me where they would sit when they came here. But Jake and I found our own spot to sit. There was a tree that had fallen and made a nice sitting spot for us. You could see the moon there at night.

I guess that Jake and I have every day to be with each other. I just didn’t think that knowing that he came here with my mother would make me jealous. Jake's mine and I’m Jakes and nothing will change that. I hope.

Jacob's POV

I was meeting the pack in the forest by Emily's house. We really never meet in the forest that much anymore. We have to now because of this young wolf that cant control her temper. I hope this isn’t going to be another Leah problem. Leah had a hard time controlling her anger. Now that I’m in the forest I had phased to get there faster.

"Hey Jake wassup?" Seth was running from the west.
"I’m ok. Have you heard from Leah yet?" I needed to know if she was ok.
"Yeah she said that she just needed some time to think some things threw." Seth knew that I would worry about her. She was in MY pack. If it was Sam’s pack it wouldn’t have happened.
"Its not your fault Jake." Jared said coming from the south.
"He's right. No one blames you for what Leah decided to do. Leah is old enough to make her own mistakes." Paul was with Jared.
"Yea. But I still feel like its my fault. I should of stopped her and I didn’t." I knew that everyone would see how this made me feel but they wouldn’t dear say anything.

I saw some of the thoughts that the guys were having about the new girl. They thought that she was pretty. But from what I saw she had nothing on Nessie. I was getting closer to the rest of the pack. And I knew that Sam would be ready to talk about everything that I missed. I came from the southwest of the clearing that we were meeting at. That’s when I saw her. The new girl. And...

Chapter Eleven...

Jacob's POV

She's beautiful. The guys thoughts couldn’t compare to what you see in person. She looks better in person. I heard someone clear his throat in his thoughts. I saw what they saw. Me staring at her, but I couldn’t help it. I was taken by her. I knew that Sam would want everyone to concentrate on trying to help her. But I don’t think anyone would object to that.

"Hey Sam. What’s been going on?" That’s when I noticed that she was looking at me.
"We have a new female joining our pack. Guys this is Naika." Sam nodded towards Naika. But Sam didn’t need to because everyone was already staring.
"Hi." She didn’t look at anyone else but me. Even her voice was beautiful.

I guess I wasn’t the only one that thought the new girl was pretty.

I've never seen anyone as beautiful like Naika. Her skin was a light brown and her eyes. They were some kind of brown, maybe hazel. And her hair. No other girl in La Push has her kind of hair. It was long but with loose curls. Her skin was perfect. It was smooth and looked soft.

***"What am I doing? I love Nessie!" I yelled in my head.

That’s when I noticed if she shifted her weight Embry did to. You could feel it in the air. He couldn’t stop staring at her. He would move and so would she. I looked at Sam and gestured toward to them. He looked and a smile started forming on his face while he shook his head.

There goes another one.

We all talked about what’s been going on in the pack and La Push. Naika was telling us about her family. They had moved away when Naika was little. Then she wanted to know about the people that she came from. So when she was here in La Push visiting her aunt there was an accident back home. Her parents were driving and some drunk driver crashed into them, killing both of her parents. Naika disappeared after her aunt told her that she was going to be living here in La Push with her.

"Sam. Is there anything else that you need me for? Ness is waiting for me and its getting kind of late." I really hated leaving Nessie for along time.
"No you can go but we should have another meeting.” Sam was talking about who was going to show Naika about phasing and all the wolfs glory.
"I'll do it. If you want." Embry was almost beaming with excitement.

I walk into the forest to phase. In one bound I phased and starting running for the beach. In minutes I will be with the love of my life.

Renesme's POV

Its getting late and I’m getting hungry. I've been here almost all day. Where is he? I hope that he’s ok. That’s when I heard the footsteps behind me. they were coming fast so Jake must be running.

I felt his arms wrap around me and pull me to the ground. Great now there’s sand in my hair.

It doesn’t matter how long Jake takes. He always comes back to me. And I know that he will always love me and I will always love him.

"How did you know to find me here?" I turned my head up to see his face.
"I followed your scent before I phased and when you were in my sight I came running for you." He looked at me and kissed me on the forehead.
"So how was the pack meeting?" I knew it would be the same as others but someone else joined and I wanted to know.
"Nessie don’t worry because I think that Embry had imprinted on her. I don’t know if anyone has told her about imprinting."

I wasn’t completely worried about her. But I was worried about how beautiful might be. Even if Embry did imprint on her. That doesn’t mean that others wouldn’t be interested in her. I should know.

At first, most of Jakes pack brothers came to having some liking of me. I couldn’t really understand what was happening. When I would want something they all would do it for me. Jake told me it was because of the connection between him and me, that the rest of them felt it too. Even Sam… Jake had left me down at La Push First beach to help his father, and that’s when Sam showed up to keep me company. Jake never got jealous. He understood.
Jake better not be falling for that new girl! Is he just feeling what Embry's feeling?
wow this is so amazing! your last fanfic was the best!!-or so i thought...untill i read this!!! im in love! cant wait till the next chapter!!


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