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This is a story about Nessie and Jake and I know that people might be getting sick of hearing about it but I LOVE TWILIGHT and hope that the story contintues.. I wanna know what will happen.... But heres chapter 1 of Love Forever...








Chapter One


Bella's POV


I've really never looked at my daughter before... She's all grown up and now that Jacob wants to tell her about the imprinting...I'm afraid. I’ve never really given it much thought that anyone could be scared for there child to grow up. I always took care of Renee. Did she ever had to feel this way when she met Edward for the first time? When she saw how perfectly we moved together? Just the same as Renesmee does with Jacob now? She worried but I don’t think in the way I’m worried for my daughter.


I’m just afraid that having Nahuel here visiting, is the reason that Jacob wants to tell Renesmee about imprinting. They start school this fall and knowing Jacob, he’s going to be signing up at Forks High School. Edward knows that Nahuel will take a liking to Resnesmee but he also fears the fight that might come out of it. Jacob wont like it if someone else tries to take her away from him.


"Edward?" I whispered a little shaky and now biting the bottom of my lip.

"Yes, love?" Edward said looking confused about my expression on my face.

"Do you ever worry about what is going to happen with Renesmee and Jacob? Or even if Nahuel takes his liking beyond his thoughts?" I asked looking down while playing with my hands.

He placed one hand on my mine and used the other to pull my face up to meet his gaze.

"Sure I do, but she’s mature enough to make good choices. But she might be stubborn like her mother." He said with that crooked smile that I love so much.

I smiled back at him. How could I not? Then without a thought I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. Thinking about my darling daughter, where was she? Was she at the main house...?

"I'm going to talk to Esme. I haven’t seen her since yesterday and I'm starting to miss her." I said but I know that I wasn’t fooling him.

"She's ok, Love. Jacob wont let anything happen to her. She's safe.” Edward assured me

"Your safe isn’t the same as my safe. How do you know that nothing is happening right now?" I asked with disagreement in my tone.

"Because she's our daughter." He said with a smile that was a little smug

"Still I'm going to the main house." I said while I was getting up from the bed.


But Edward didn’t let me go that fast. And yet again I found myself utterly distracted but him… dazzled. I couldn’t help it. He always had that affect on me. No matter what I was worried about. And today was no different. I would continuously worry about my Renesmee. And there would nothing I could about it. If she was meant for Jacob or even Nahauel, then I hope that she chooses what she feels in her heart .




Nessie POV


In the main house we has company. Some people that were from the Amazon. From what I’ve heard they were the ones who talked the Volturi out of killing us all. There’s a boy who they had explained that is half human and half vampire like me. And that he and his aunt who is a full vampire roam down in the Amazon but came to pay us a visit to see how I had grown. I think it was mostly Nahuel who wanted to come here, just because his aunt didn’t seem to like being out in the open. But his presences wasn’t one that is pleasant. Mostly its because the way he would watch me. He looked at me like he was waiting for something to happen.


But I was in love with Jacob…


I like being with Jacob. Jacob was my best friend.


And I didn’t think anything would make me see him differently. Until this summer. We were in his car going to the beach with some of the other guys from the pack and their girlfriends. And that’s when I noticed everything about him. It was like I was looking at him for the first time. Like the way when he smiles, its like his happiness emanates off him. Or the way his muscles just flowed and didn’t seen to have a stopping point. And his skin… Its beautiful. The russet color is something that I could never forget.


I don’t know why but I’ve even been feeling weird about him. I keep having these dreams that are so passionate and breath taking. Ones I couldn’t to talk to my mother about or I would be embarrassed. And I don’t think that my dad noticed. But he always tried to give me as much privacy as he could. And I knew that talking to Aunt Alice or even Aunt Rose about it would be just as

embarrassing. I don’t want to take that risk..Nope not a chance…


But for now, its just Jacob and me. Jacob said that he had a surprise for me or well something important to tell me. I didn’t think that it took that long to get to La Push from our house. Or maybe it just feels that way. I watched Jake as he drove. Everything about had changed and I couldn’t put my finger on what had made him look so different to me. Jacob was what made me realize I was staring at him.


"Nessie, what’s wrong?" Jacob asked as we stopped in front of his house.

"Oh, its…its nothing. I was just thinking about something." I said a little embarrassed. Looking down at my hands and feeling his eyes on my face.

"Ok. Ready?" He asked while a smile broke across his face.

"I wonder how soft his lips are." I thought to myself.

OH GOD! I shouldn’t be having these thoughts but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t help but have the feeling of wanting him. But I’m afraid if I tell him then he wouldn’t feel the same way as I do for him.


Jacobs POV

I know how that Nahuel looks at Nessie.. And I don’t like it. I don’t like the fact that just because he’s half human/vampire breed, that entitles her to be his. Shes the reason I live. She means everything to me and I just cant… I wont let anyone stand in the way of it. So…


Today I’m going to tell her about the whole imprinting thing. I need her to understand. I need her to know that I loved her from the very beginning. For her to know that not matter what I would never leave her. That I would never hurt her and I could protect her from anything.


So now she’s older and I know that she noticed the change of the connection between us. I could tell on her face. Well I hope she noticed. I could feel the connection getting stronger with every passing day and every minute that we spend together. And it will only be moments before she knew.


I talked to a few of the pack and some of them say if i don’t tell her, then the connection would get to the point that its will be unbearable. For me at least. I have been having dreams and the tension is quite strong.


So today is the day I’ve been waiting for. I get to be with the love of my existence...



Please let me know what you think.. Tell me if theres anything I should change or add in for other chapters...

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Hello Megan. I find your story interesting and it's well written. You should definitely continue. Please keep me updated and post more when you can :)
im working on the next chapter already and will def. keep you updated
Thank you :)
Heres part 2 of chapter one. I hope you like it.. comment and let me know what you think...

Chapter One Part 2.….

Renesmee's POV

We walked into Jacobs house like we would any other day. So I didn’t know what I would be so nervous about. We had to wait for everyone else so we could go down to the beach. I was surprised to see Billy sitting in his chair in the front room. I thought that he would have made plans with my grandpa Charlie.

"Oh, hey Nessie! Its great to see you here. What did I do to have you come to see a cripple old man?" Billy asked with a joking smile on his face. But the smile disappeared when he looked at his son.
"Dad, right now isn’t the time." Jacob said in a voice more like of a demand.

It just made me want him more. To see him so…

"Hey just go and wait in my room ok?? I'll be there in a minute... I’m going to get some sodas and talk to my dad for a sec. I'll be right there, ‘Kay‘?" Jacob asked looking so unsure. Like there was something that I was missing.
"Sure… But I thought that we were waiting for everyone to go to the beach?" I asked, o was kind of confused about his expression.
“We are but I have to talk to you about something important but we are going to wait for everyone… Just wait for me ok?” He turned back to his father.
“Okay…“ Was all that was able to come out, so I turned and walked toward his room.

I’ve been here many times before so why am I so nervous? Is it because I’m going to be alone with him or knowing at there was something important to talk to me about? Or was because how I feel for him? And with that new feeling for Jacob, my stomach turning in ways that shouldn’t even exist. To anyone. Not to even the immortal.

Then my heart stopped when I heard Jacobs’ footsteps coming down the little hall.

I haven’t really thought about if I wanted to tell him or not. Now I had my chance. We were going to be alone and I didn’t know for how long, so I was out of time to think about it threw.

What was I going to do? How was I going to tell him? Should I show him the dreams? Would I even.... The noise from Jacob opening the door stopped me in mid thought. I was ready for this...wasn’t I?

Even if I wasn’t ready, I had to be. So no matter how scared I am right now I have to swallow that fear and just talk to him about it. What’s the worst that can happen? He tell me that he doesn’t feel the same for me? Well that would hurt but he can still be in my life, right? And maybe someday he'll like me. It didn’t take more then a second to sort threw what I was going to do. Or how to start to talk to Jacob about what I wanted him to know.

"Hey... Here’s the soda." Jacob handed me the soda, looking kind of nervous.
"Yeah, Thanks" My voice was shaky and I hope that he didn’t notice.
"Nessie... Are you ok?" He asked with worry creasing his forehead.
"Well....." I trailed off. I didn’t know what to tell him. I thought that I knew how I was going to start but my head went blank.
"Yes…?" he encouraged, looking at me with those eyes that only the most beautiful person could have.
"Jacob.. I want to talk to you about something too. Its hard for me to even say this out loud so please bear with me..? I don’t know, I’ve been feeling differently lately and I see you differently..." Oh god what am I doing?
"PLEASE! Just say it already!” He said dramatically
"Well I think it would be easier for me if I showed you what I‘m trying to say... Can I please?" I asked. I learned to ask before "showing" anything and now that I was older my gift got more intense. When I’m showing someone or a lot of people, I can see what they are thinking and feeling as I show them. So now they don’t have to tell me anything.
"Of course. You know I don’t mind." Jacob said smiling at me with a look that was breath taking to me.

So I took a deep breath and cleared my head to concentrate. I had to do this right and make clear of how I felt for him and how I saw him. I wanted him to know exactly how every look that he gave me sent an electric shock threw me. And how just being with him made my stomach turn in unimaginable ways. How just thinking about him makes me smile and lights up my day. So yes I had to make all this clear to him right now. So I took another deep breath and placed my hand gently on his face. It was warm and I liked it there. I closed my eyes and "showed" him everything. and as I showed him, I started to see what he was feeling and he was pleased.

Then all of a sudden, I felt his lips on mine. It caught me off guard. But I kissed him back. Pulling myself closer to him. Wrapping my arms around his neck. His big strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me even closer to him until I was in his lap, legs wrapped around his waist. I felt like I couldn’t get any closer to him. But all I could think about was Jacob. About me and Jacob. Jacobs grip on me got tighter and his kiss became eager. Our breathing got heavier by the minute. He broke our kiss and that I didn’t like.

"Nessie..." He panted out.
"What... What did I do wrong?" I said trying to catch my breath and starting to worry at the same time.
"You…did…nothing…wrong.” He took a deep steady breath. “No…don’t think that. Its just you have no idea how happy I am to know that you feel the same way I do. I was going to tell you the same that you showed me. But there’s more that you need to know and I don’t know how you'll react to what I’m about to tell you." He said now looking at my face. while I was still on his lap.
"Ok…" I said. I couldn’t understand what else there could be said.
"You know about the werewolf thing. But there’s more that comes with being a werewolf. This connection… between us…” He moved his hand from my waist moved his hands back and forth between us. “Its part of what’s called imprinting. You see.. its hard to explain buts its why we like.. well.. love each other." He explained. He looked nervous and then started to bite the bottom of his lip. I liked that.
"So its like love at first sight..?" I asked kind of confused. Trying to understand.
"That’s what your mom said when I tried to explain it to her. But kind of. Its more complicated then that." Jacob had that unbelievable smile on his face.

Jacob watched me while I process this information. It shocked me but didn’t scare me. I guess the feeling was always there. Just passion... Intense passion was added into the mix. He continued explaining to me about imprinting and about how it happens. He told me about how it happened for the rest of them as well. I was kind of shocked that Claire was 2 when Quil imprinted her. Even though' it was a lot to take in, it still didn’t scare me. It explain all the feelings I now had for Jacob.

"I was trying to find the right time to tell you. It’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I hope that your not mad at me." He said with worry on his face.

No, I wasn’t mad in anyway. I noticed that I was still sitting on his lap so I leaned in to hug him. Putting my face into his neck. then lifted my head up so that I was at his ear.

"No, I’m not mad. Very happy actually. I love you Jacob Black, and I will always love you." I whispered into his ear.

He didn’t move. I even counted to 100 and he still didn’t move. So I leaned back to look at his face...
They finally realized they are in love. Cool!
theres alot thats going to happen.... so this is a small part of the begining
thanks.. ive been working on this story for awhile..
Love this. Please keep me updated?

Kayleigh x
i just posted chapter 2...!
Here Chapter 2.... hope you guys like it..

Chapter Two…

Bella's POV

I knew that Edward wasn’t going to let me go that easy. But I guess he understood my worries for our daughter but it didn’t look like it bothered him any. Why wasn’t he as worried as I am? I guess that’s part of being a parent. Worrying and hoping that they make good choices. Jacob might be my best friend but I will rip his throat out if he hurts her or even worst... Does anything with her.

Not that I like the idea of even Nahuel with her.

Then Edward let me go. He saw that I was distracted. I really worried and he knew that. And within minutes I was at the main house. I called out for Esme as I walked in threw the back door.

"Esme?" I knew just saying her name she would hear.

She was sitting at her desk upstairs. I would talk to her and see what advice she could give me. She was at my side in less then a second.

"Yes, Darling?" Esme said with a lovely smile on her face.
"Can I talk to you?" I asked with worry in my voice.
"Of course. What can I do for you?" She said lovingly

We went off talking about my perental issues.

Edward's POV

I’m going to have to thank my lovely wife for getting me worried about Jacob and Renesmee. But I knew that Renesmee would never give Nahuel a chance but I still worried about him too. Mostly because his latest idea has been becoming more prominent in his head.

Nahuels thoughts-

I’ve really never seen anyone like her. Well other then my sisters. And that’s the great thing about her, she’s not related to me at all. There are things I can show her. Things that I would love to give her. But it doesn’t seem that she even likes that I’m here. And she spends most her time with that werewolf.

He looks at her like he owns her…

His thoughts went on about how he would try to talk to Renesmee.

Yes I’m going to have to talk with Jacob about this even though’ we’ve spoken about this many times before..

She IS my ONLY child, my ONLY daughter.

But she’s old enough to make her own choices and I’m hoping they are the right ones. We have taught her well. As well as we can. We didn’t know how or what we should be doing, seeming that this rarely happens.

I need to get my mind off this. Lets see what Emmett’s up to.’

"Emmett?" I said into the phone.

Jacobs POV

"Jacob? Are you ok?" Nessie asked with worry painted across her face.

All I could do was stare at her. I've been waiting to hear that from her for so long. There was so much hat was going on and so much that I wanted to say. I even noticed that I was blinking.. a lot. Then she placed one of her hands on my face. With her hand on my face I could feel her worry and confusion. "Say something Jacob.." she demanded in a panic voice in my head. I liked that she could do that. It’s a part of her that I wouldn’t change for the world.

"Jacob, Please say something?!?" Again she pleaded. But out loud this time.
"Umm..." was all I could say. I shook my head trying to find something better to say.
"Was that to far?" she asked worried.
"Oh NO! Its just that I've always wanted to hear that from you. To know that you feel that way for me." I said trying to reassure her.
"Its the way I feel and I don’t think that anything can change that." She said sliding off my lap.

I didn’t want her to move. So I grabbed her waist and placed her back into my lap. Then I slid my hands down the outsides of her tights to make her legs wrap around me once again. Then gently I moved them back up the sides of her chest, under her arms to make them wrap around my neck. She then tangled her fingers into my hair and pulled my head back to press her soft full lips against mine. Her mouth opened just enough that the smell and taste made my head spin.. just a little. She let go of my hair but it didn’t break our kiss. She slid her hands down my back to grab the bottom of my shirt and then lifted it over my head. She dropped it on the floor. Her hands trailed half way down my chest, as she dug her nails softly down the rest of it. I was going to grab for her shirt but she beat me there.

I looked at her.. she was beautiful. Nothing I’ve ever seen before. She was pure angel.

I lifted her up to turn to lay her on the bed. So that I was on top of her. Our breathing became faster and our hearts pounded. If I could hear it then she sure can too. We looked at each other for a brief moment and I couldn’t believe that I get to have her.

That she was mine.

I leaned in to kiss her neck up to her jaw and back down to her collarbone. Then I looked at her again and she closed her eyes....
thanks... i made a banner... check it out and let me know what you think.. it holds a key to the story.. but im going to be making some more.... so keep checking in.. they might give you a clue....
Ooh me god! Love it. Nahuel should just give it up. Just saying. Update me.

Kayleigh x


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