The Twilight Saga

Riley was 15 when her parents died. Its now 2 and a half years later and she still cant get over it. she lost all of her friends and her sister, Amber, can barley talk to her anymore. Until she mets Ryin. Ryin is handsome and a dream come true. But when she finds out the truth about him everything is going to change. How much longer does she have to live with, him? When can she see her family again? When will she admit that she has fallen for him? Will Ryin wait? Keep reading to figure out all about Riley's and Ryin's adventure into the unknown!

Chapter 1


My alarm clock chimed. With a strech I reached up to turn off the alarm. Sitting up so that my back was leaning aganist the head board I brought my knees up to my chest. My breathing wouldnt slow down so I got up and went to my brightly colored green and orange mini fridge to get a water bottle. But the water wouldnt slide down my thoart.

I just started coughing and coughing. When I was done i wiped my mouth becuase the water i tried to drink splattered all over the place, even my floor. Examining the mess I noticed a red tint added to it. My fingers adamatically went up to my mouth and wiped my lips. My hands were shaking when i looked down and saw that not only were my fingers bloody but so was my arm. The one that i wiped my mouth with.

I couldnt hold in the scream that surged threw my body and out of my mouth.
It took a little while for Amber, my sister, to wake up and get to me, "RILEY, RILEY!" her voice, sleepy and clumsy, got closer.

She ran into the room like a bull running after a red flag. Followed by her golden retreiver, Max.

"Riley what happened? Are you OK?!"

When i didnt anwser she tried again with a little more athority in the voice, "Tell me what happened!"
She kept this up until her 8th try before she gave up and drove me to the hospital. All the while i felt the same way i did in my dream. Paralzed.

The drive there didnt seem to take long even though it is 20 miles away from the apartment complex. When we went threw the door Amber was holding me up and the nurse at the front desk looked up and with a gasp said, "GET A DOCTOR IN HERE!"

Amber let me go so that she could go get a wheel chair fo me and with a push she got my to sit down.

"Do you know happened?" The nurse asked.

"No i just woke up to her screaming and i went into to her room to see what was going on when i saw the blo---", she paused from her sentence and asked ,"is she going to be okay?"


The nurse asked more questions, like, whens my birthday, and when did this happen, has the ever happened before, etc.

Before the Amber could finish answering the questions the nurse kept throwing at her, a doctor came into the waiting room and interuptted her. He started asking questions, all the same ones the the nurse asked. You can tell that it was getting Amber mad from having to answer them again, but she didnt want to argue with him so she answered them all the same way.

"What relation are you at her?" he asked a new question.

"Im her sister now can we stop cross examining eachother and get my sister some medical assitance!" she basically screamed at him.

When she was finished the doctor looked at her like she was crazy and got the nurse to roll me to one of the rooms were they hooked up IVs into my arm. i hate needles so i started squrming and i guess that that took so much energy so i passed out.


Not again i thought to myself. But there was something different about this beeping. It wasnt steady. Reaching up i noticed that i wasnt in the right bed. And when my hand reached were my alarm clock should be all there was was empty air.

Fimilar fingers grabbed mine and gently lay them back on the bed.

OH MY GOSH! I thought as my eyes opened in shock and my body flew forward. Because these werent my sisters fingers, they were the fingers of the mystery man in my dream. I started to scream but his other hand moved quickly before a sound could escape my mouth. I struggled to get lose from his grasp but unlike my dream they werent forceful and they didnt hurt my mouth like they did my arm. My monitor that counted my heart rate was going crazy and i was suprised that no one was coming in to see what was wrong with me. My eyes were squeched shut and when i opened them again i was in total shock.

The guy that stands in front of me at this moment was the most beautiful guys in the world. It hurt to look at him but i couldnt pull my eyes away from his magnifance beauty. His hair was a brown that looked like it has been mixed with caramel. No strand was out of place. His eyes shoned bright and were as blue as the sea. But something in them looking like it was moving. Wait no, i forgot to breathe. Everything went straight and you can tell that around his pupils there was a gold strip that traveled all of the way around.

His clothes and hair were the same style; skaterboy. Dead sexy stakerboy i thought to myself.
His nose was prefectly straight and his lips were full.

"Dont scream, ok?" he asked in a voice that would have made me fall to my knees if i standing up.

Since i couldnt speak at the moment i nodded and after a few seconds of his considering it he let go.

"W-who are you?" i stuttered.

"Ryin. who are you?" he said and then paused and said, "no need i already know your name."

"wait, how in the hell do you know my name?"

"um... i cant tell you that."

"WHY THE HELL NOT!" I was so dizzy that just screaming that made it seem like my head was about to roll off.

He cupped my mouth again. What the..... i thought. His hand was electrofing me. i lost all train of thought after that.

"i thought u said that you werent going to scream." he stated.

I tried to speak but no way was he going to understand when everything i said sounded like i was being chocked. so i just shurrged at him and my the set of my lips he could tell that i was angry that he wouldnt tell me how he knew my name.

"Riley, stop being a grouch. I forgot i have to get you out of here. They could be coming at any minute.

He moved his hand away so that he could grab my clothes that lay in a neat pile on a stool

"where are we going? what about my sister? whats going on? who is com---?

My questions were stopped by his hand AGAIN.

"stop talking they could already know that i am here. now plz hurry up and get dressed i will stand in the hall." He said this just as he started moving towards the door.

i waited for the door to shut to get up a change. I dont know why but i felt safe with him. i know totally stupid since i barley meet him. but what ws he? no way could his eyes be that vibrant and be a human.

i felt a sudden excitement that i havent felt from ever since mom and dad died and we were about to go to the amusment park and go on the rides that scared me half to death. the ring of fire was one. ever since i heard about the story of a girl falling threw the top and getting crushed under the big roller coaster when it went falling by.

"hey are you almost done in there. i can hear them coming."

"who?" i asked loud enough so that he could hear me.

"you'll see if you dont hurry up."

i was half way done putting on my PJ shorts when the door burst open and before i could ask what the hell was going on he grabbed my mouth and whispered be quiet under his breath. so low i thought that i imagined it.

he seemed to realize then that i wasnt fully dressed and was in only in my shorts because he pushed me away alittle so that i could put on my bra that Amber brought for me. i knew that my face was a bright red from embarrassment that i felt like i was going to choke. but before i could throw on my shirt he grabbed my wrist and pulled me toward the window.

"this may hurt a little."

i could feel all of my energy draining away from me as somehow he turned us into a shadow or something like it and floated us out of the hosiptal. the last thought that floated threw my mind was What will happen to Amber? as all of my energy combinded with his to bring us down to the vacant street.

Chapter 2

"riley, wake up, i didnt mean to i am sorry, riley! come on!"

i tried to think about what happened but the only thing that was on my mind was my dream that i had a couple of days ago.

"riley are you okay? gosh i dont know what happened. please, just please wake up!"

"uhhhhhh.... stop being so loud, you are giving me a headache."

"OH GOSH! good your okay. now do you mind telling me what happened?

the night rushed back to me at the speed of a rocket as it flys up towards space. "Oh!" i exclaimed as my body jolted upwards.

Ryin moved over me as i did so a i hit my nose on his forehead. i knew before the blood dripped out of my nose and over my lips that it was going to start bleeding. but suprisingly i didnt fell anything. at the moment. all i could concentrate on was the guy beside me. "Ryin?" i asked, "What the hell happened?"

"oh well you kinda hit your nose on my he--."

"No! not that. last night, what happened?"

"i dont know." he said in asontishment, " i was just going to go threw the window but somehow we FLOATED out, and we were like a shoadow. good thing that you passed out because man that would of hurt you."

"what would have hurt me? your stupidity."

"well excuse me if i thought you wouldnt mind being rescued. but whatever, only if you think that you will get away from them again."

my thoughts tried to comperhend what he said but the pain of my nose strated to come. i groaned in discomfort.

"are you okay?" he asked forgetting that we were in the middle of an arguement. "hold on, let me get you some napkins."

"where am i?"

i starred at the bed that i was on and around the room as he said that we were at his house in the forest. away from any and all people. i gaped in amazmeant at the painting that was on the opposite side of the room. i must have been looking at the painting for about 5 min studying the art. it was about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall and on it was a big the most beautiful place that i have ever seen. there were all different types of flowers that seemed to flow and moved as you looked at the painting. it appeared that the place i was looking at was a meadow. but where? was this place real?

"oh that, yea i found this place about 3 years ago. and i met this guy. i forgot his name but man, and dont take this wrong, but he was handsome." he said.

"oh yea, but not as much as you."


okay i thought my face was red at the hospital but not as badly as it was now. for now he was starring at my face and not the door.

"uhhhh w-w-well umm y-you know. umm n-never mind. forget i said anything." i stammered.


"so..." he looked me intrested, "so um, where is this meadow?"

"just to the south of here. i could take you later, but we might have to go into town to get you some clothes from your house."

i was just about to ask why but instead i looked down to see a rip the size of my arm on the stomach on my shirt. and my shorts were basically only staying on by strands of elastic and thread. the only things that seemed to survive the horrible, whatever happened, was my bra, panties, and my socks.

"what happened?" i asked as i poked my stomach were the hole was the highest, then traced it dowh to were it was the lowest. about and inch and a half up and my bra would have been visible and 3 inches down it would have ripped the bottom part open. but the hole wasnt in a straight line down, it was from the left side of my bottom ribs and trailed sideways and downward a little til my right hipbone.

"um. when you passed out i tried to see what happened by putting you down and asking you but then i saw that you passed out, by then they saw me and were running and they threw themselves out the window." he paused, by only for aobut 2 seconds, he continued by saying, "they would have caught us if i didnt start running. so i ran across town and took a round about threw the forest by this small house and well thats kinda what happened to your clothes, and your face. well other than the bloody nose."

he said the last part as i was wipping my face with the napkin he gave me as i gapped at the painting. i didnt even notice he was gone. but my nose still wasnt done bleeding so he got up and got me some more. he was back in about 2 seconds with a box full of tissue.

"thanks", was all i could say unless i wanted more blood in my mouth.

"no problem, but here let me help you." he said as he moved towards me and pushed my back wards.

when he did this i almost threw up because blood drained for my nose into the back of my throat. i couldnt help but swallow it.

"let me up." i tried to say but it sounded more like i was drowning then actually talking.

"but you have to lay down." he protested

"not unless you want me to drink all of it." i said as i pushed myself foward threw his grip. i knew that he could of keep me down easily but he let me up.

"uh gosh that was disgusting! i think i am going to throw up."

i could tell he was debating something in his mind before i guess he realized that i kinda didnt mean it. so he just let me sit up and he moved away as if i stung him like a bee. i was to busy to ask what was wrong, but instead i consentrated on clearing my nose of blood. after i was done i felt tierd, tierd and weak, as if i was getting drained of my energy again.

"so what happened? how did we float?" i remembered him saying that he didnt know how it happened and that he was meaning to just ram threw the glass.

he must have known what i was talking about cause his only reply was, "i dont know."

i was about to ask him why, but he just put his hand over my mouth and said, "no more questions."

when he let go i replied by saying, "fine but i kinda, like you said, need some more clothes. how do we get them. i have no money to buy them with."

"trust me i am good with this stuff. i will be back in a little with some clothes for you. do you need any thing else?" he asked me in an amused voice.

"yes, i'd like to talk to my sister. i know that she must be worried about me and well i need to tell her that i am okay. she gets really anxious when bad things happen to me."

"dont worry i'll leave a little note and take some clothes from your house. do you like want anything from your house?"

"yea.... the picture of me and my parents."

"anything else?"

"um. well i bet you will say no to my cell phone but can you like get me my notebooks and school books. i have homework to get done, and also my laptop, i have to check my e-mails and well it has fun games on it that i can play."

"well i dont that you will be returning any time soon, but if you want i can do that."

he was just about to walk out the door and i said, "thank you Ryin, more than you will ever know. thank you."

he walked out the door without saying anything to me. i hoped that he would be back soon, i was sure to get bored. so before the annoying feeling of being bored and alone i got up ad roamed the small house. what i found there was amazing!

Chapter 3

The things that were in his house were... wow. He had a sound system with a small but you can tell loud, radio. But then I caught sight of a photograph. It was of him. Unlike all of the othere photos that covered his walls.

in the photo he is with who you can tell was his mother. He looked exactly like her. Her hair was the same brown that her son had. His nose, lips, and the way his face features were that they were exactly like hers. The only thing that was different about them was there eyes. Ryin's eyes are a vibrant blue with a gold strip traveling around the pupil, but his mothers was a brown. Brown may be my least favorite color but the way they shone made it impossible to look away. Her eyes werent like Ryin's for the color and the gold strip that swimmed around his pupil. but with the both of them i could look into their eyes forever!

Ryin's house once i got done looking at it was like a 5-star hotel. well, only one florr of a 5-star hotel. other than the long hall and a bunch of hotel rooms. but overall was excatly like one. Their was a mini fridge in each room, a big walk-in closet that was in not each but in the master bed room (the one that i was sleeping in), big flat screen TV's that were in 2 of the 5 rooms, and HUGE bathrooms, their was 3 bathrooms.

By the time that i got done looking around his house it was about an hour and 15 min. after Ryin left. And i was kinda getting hurngry. As i went into the overly sized kitchen i saw a door that i must have missed when i was looking around. THe door was gray instead of a honey-brown like the other doors in the house and it had a lock on it. The gray on the door was the same gray that covered that wall and looked like it was just an imprint, but somehow i knew that it wasnt.

My curiousity got the best of me and i walked up towards it. It may have a lock on it but the lock was a pad lock and wasnt closed all the way. Just as i was about to open the door Ryin came in the room and with him was my backpack and an extra bag that was always in the back part of my cloest, they both seemed to be full of clothes and thank god! my school books and my laptop! His expression told me that he was mad. Probably from me snooping around his house.

"what are you doing?" he grumply added to his penitrating stare.

"uh... well i-i-i k-kinda got b-bored. s-s-so i thought, um that it was alright if i l-l-looked around a little bit. Cause you said that i wasnt going home anytime soon so yeah, i thought that you wouldnt mind me looking around alittle bit." i added the last part so that he wouldnt start hating me.

"i dont mean that." he snarled.

"then, um," i paused a little confused, "what are you mad at?"

"more like astonished." he stated.

he must have seen that i was really confused because he explained by saying, "well no human should be able to see that." he said pointing to the door.

his words kind of scared me but left a big part of interest in my mind "w-well then why can you see it? and why can i see it?"

"well, um, i will tell you about that later once you have change. and as for you being able to see it, i have no idea."

"oh, kay." i mumbled. more confused then i have ever been.

"here are your clothes then, i will go put your other things on your bed."

he turned around before i could ask him why he looked so mad. but before he reached the end of the living room which we were standing in he dropped my bags onto the floor, still carrying my laptop and school books.

without hesitation i went and picked up my bags full of clothes. and well i knew that my face looked horrible from my previous adventures in Ryin's bathrooms but everytime i looked at the scraps on my face, they seem to grow double in size. so i decided to take a shower. the hot water that washed down my body seemed like i was dipping into a hot tub and all of my knots and sores in my back seemed to disappear without a trace with each mintue that i stood under the amazing stream.

when i got done washing my body with the shampoo and also my hair, i realized that their was no conditioner. Crap, i thought to myself. oh well its not like it was the end of the world. so when i was completly done with washing and scrubbing i just stood there. and stood there until Ryin knocked on the door and said that dinner was finished. crap, i didnt notice that i slept there the day and night. no wonder i was so hungry.

getting out was so hard. the water was still hot and i felt like i was getting out a warm and comfortable bubble. but the feeling returned when i stepped out and saw Ryin with wet hair and a georgous smile. he must have taken a shower when i was in. i bet i looked like crap still but i really didnt care. all that mattered at the time was the beautiful person that stood before me.

"you okay?" he asked in a concerned voice, taking the smile off of his face and in its place a frown.

"uh, yeah, just a little hungry, and tierd." i said in disappointment from the difference and tenseness in the air that surrounded us.

"oh well lets go eat."

"fine by me." i said pasting a smile that worked on everyone, well that was before Ryin, because i could tell that he didnt buy my fake smile one bit.

as we walked into the kitchen i noticed that all he wore was a pair of boxers and a white t-shirt. compared to my shorts and tank top he looked like a god. i could feel the blush traveling up to my face before it even showed. and when it did show it domintated all of the pale tan that i had from going to the beach with Amber leaving it with what felt like a cherry color.

"your red." he said with a laugh that muddled my mind for two seconds before my face turned into what felt like the sun.

"not really your color, but you still look beatuiful."

speechless i made my way to the round table that seemed to be able to fit 10 people easily with out smushing everybody and giving them elbow room.

i got into a chair and sat without looking up when Ryin got the dinner and bringing the food and brought it to my place at the table. the food smelt delious so i looked at the plate and saw some kind of pasta. from the smell of it i could tell that it had chesse and bits of chicken.

"go a head, try it." he said in an excited kind of voice.

i stared at it curiously and took a small bite.

"oh my gosh, this is amazing, what is it?"

"a secret family recipe."

"well it is WONDERFUL!" i said in amazment.

"um... got some, of... well let me get it."

he got up and took a napkin from the counter top and came back. his hand hesitated as it wiped away a stray piece of chesse and he cupped my cheek for once instead of my mouth.

"you really are beautiful." he said, but i barley heard him becuase his eyes smothered in the light a became a brighter but lighter blue. hypnitized i leaned foward and so did he, and when our mouths met it seemed that they didnt want to seperate. standing up he pryed my mouth open with his and trailed his tounge along my teeth and bottom lip. i responded by doing the smae and wrapping my arms around his neck.

he placed his hands on the side of my hips and began to pull up my shirt but under all of the confusion and blissful kiss i began to get uncomfortable. so i took my hands and placed them on his shoulders, and with a little push i got him to back down into a regular kiss. a little more force and he opened his eyes to see that i wasnt responding to his kiss anymore.

"u-uh i just cant." i said tears almost in my eyes as my memory began to rush back to the old memories. but before the tears could come out from behind my closed eyes i rushed onto the room that he declared mine and threw myself on the huge bed.

the tears seemed to rush out of me. i havent cried before then about my parents death, not even at the funeral; because i was so stunned with saddness, but from my emotional state lately they seemed to come free and they wouldnt stop.

before i knew it my tierdness got the best of me and i fell into what seemed like the most restless sleep i have ever had in my life. my nightmares started as they always do after i see my families faces flashed across my dreams. somehow Ryin's face miggled its way into those stream of faces. but my nightmare was different tonight. it was about what happened the day my parents died. even in my sleep i cried. i cried more than i have ever cried before. why, why, why. the word kept being written every 3 seconds, never stopping until the my nightmare ended and i lie awoke silently crying again.

when was this grief going to stop? when was i going to be able to go atleast 3 nights with out a night mare? when? when? when?




Chapter 4




"How you feelin'?" Ryi's voice came from outside my door. He has been asking me that question for the last 3 days. And each day my answer has been the same.




"Can I come in?"


"Um... Sure." You could hear the uncertainty in my voice that it took Ryin almost 5 seconds to enter my room as if he wasn't certain either.


He came and sat down on the edge of my bed and looked up at me. "Im sorry about that night. I know that you barley know me, but I got too carried away. I have been wanting to do that for so long and I didn't realize how that would effect you and for that I am really really sorry." You could tell the he was completely honest and sorry, but something he said spiked my interest.


"You have been wanting to kiss me for a long time? Eh. I am really confused."


"I know you are and I will explain it later but I came in here to tell you that, I am going to have to go out of town for a couple of hours. My brother just came and needs a place to stay so I told him that he could stay here." He seemed to think of something, then he asked. "Would you mind if he satyed her with us? It will only be for a week or two. And he is a nice guy."


When he said the last part I knew that he was lying. You could read it all over his face. But I couldn't have him leave his brother without a place to stay. I already felt like I was being really rude with having to stay here and take up space. I didn't know why I was here, but I felt like soon I will.


"Er." I paused unwillingly. My mind over powered my mind for a second. "Yeah."


The way I said it was more like a question than an answer and I could see that Ryin was not so sure about his brother coming anymore. But he just got up and left. But before he waws out the door he said, "I know this is all confusing to you right now, but I will explain everything that I can when the time is right. And about Ian, my brother, I will keep him on his best behavior. I promise. See you soon, and don't leave. I mean it. You don't want the troubles that are outside of these walls at this time."


"Okay. I won't leave." He wasn't fooled one bit by my lie.


"Riley, I am not kidding. You can get killed. Your sister will get killed if you leave. Just stay in this house and don't tell anyone where you are. Promis me. Please."


As soon as he said that Amber would be killed I knew that I couldn't leave. "Okay. I promise I won't leave, but..."


"Riley! This is no joke!"


"Eh fine. I was just gonna ask if you could get pizza on your way back. But whatever i guess."


He could see that his little outburst hurt me but he didn't say that he was sorry.


"Yeah. Sure. Just do as I told you and I will be home in a couple of hours."


"Yeah, yeah"


He left then. I waited until he left the house and I heard the door slam until I got up. I went straight to my bag and got another pair of clothes. This one was my last so I had to do laundry. I went and took a shower and soaked myself in the bath tub for a little until I got out. I forgot to tell Ryin to get me some condioner while he was out and my hair was starting to get hair. Smooth but hard at the same time.


The outfit that I had laid out for me was a pair of shorts and my oversized t-shirt from when I went to go see Green Day in concert. Ryin forgot to grab me another pair of underwear and another bra so I had to just put the shorts and shirt on without them for now.


I decide against brushing my hair at the moment because I was in favor of snooping again. I put a load of laundry in the washer that was in its own se[rate room that was at the back of the house and began in Ryin's room.


He didn't make his bed so the bed spread and sheets were in wild positions and a couple of his pillows were scrambled in werid places on his bed while some others were thrown on the floor. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. How can a guy that looks so perfect and never have anything about his aperance out of place and have his house constantly clean, have a room so messy. His clothes were everywhere!


I grabbed all of his clothes off of the floor and brought them to the laundry room. But before I wen back to Ryin's room I went in the refridgerator and looked for something to eat. I have been skipping breakfast, not wanting to come out of the room, and so when I get hungry enough I go to the fridge and make a sandwich.


His fridge looked like it was freshly stocked when i first did this, none of the things in there were open and it was really tidy. He must have went grocery shopping when he went out to get my things. But I never seen him carry this stuff in. He probably waited until I was in the shower. I was to depressed to ask him.


So I made my sandwich, and grabbed one of the Sprites that was at the bottom of the fridge. After I got done finishing my little snack I eagerly went back into Ryin's room.


I made his bed, I could just tell him that I got bored and cleaned his room for him.


I know that I would get into a lot of trouble for this if I got caught but I really don't care. Reaching out I opened his top drawer. Just like his room used to be, it was a mess. Underwear and socks were everywhere. His second drwer was just the same but it had hirts in it. Smae as the threed drawe that held shorts and a couple of jeans. I could tell just by looking at the first two pairs of jeans that they were all holey and he probably never wore them.


His fourth drawer was a lot more different. It contained photos and documents. I couldn't believe my eyes when I realized that the photos were of me and my family, when my parents weren't dead and when they were. And there was a lot more pictures of a girl that looked just like but but different in some way. They all dressed werid. But I just couldn'y take my eyes off the picture of my parents amd I. I was kind of in the back ground but you could see that the photo was directed to me. My parents were in front of me and Amber was beside me laughing.


I remembered that day very easily. We went to California for the summer and Amber wouldn't leave me alone about how I looked in my one piece bathing suit that dad picked out just for me. I could almost feel the blush coming back up in my cheeks as eveyone at the beach saw me in my suit. It was a bright orange and had strips that were big but small at the same time that travled vertically across. And in big bold letters on the back it said Daddy's Little Girl!


Man, those were the days. The days when the sun felt like it radiated off of my perfect, young skin. The days when I was really beautiful and all of the boys asked me out and I turned them do just so that I felt like I didn't need them, but also to keep my parents off of my back. The days when I wasn't afraid to show who I really was because there was nothing to hide. I want to go back to those days so badly that at that moment there was a big pain in my chest right where my heart is that hurt so badly.


But then I realized that it hurt more than it ever has before. And even when all I could think about was the pain, not even my family and the old days, it just won't seem to go away. I couldn't hold back the whimper that past threw my lips. I hurryed and scrambled to pick up all of the pictures and the documents that I didn't get to read and shoved them into the drawer. I didn't close the drawer all of the way before I collasped on the ground.


The pain was so unbareable that I screamed out in horrific agony. It was like my heart was being torn from my chest and slugged by a slug hammer and stabed with a buchers knife at the same time. But only alot worse.


I crawled out of Ryin's room and down the hall. When I reached my room I was really thankful that I left it open. I don't think that I would have been able to reach the door knob if i did. Each crawl left me in so much pain but I kept crawling anyways. I don't know whats pulling my inside the room. Not literally but mentally I feel like I need to be in here. To get something, but what?!


The pain subsided for about 2 seconds but it came back even sharper before and my screams became more urgent and pleading. When would Ryin get back? Whats happening to me? Am i going crazy?


The answer fell so obvious but I can't control my mind to concentrate on it for that long.


All of a sudden I was surrounded by a black hole. The pain was gone, and for that I was thankful, but I know, for some reason I know, that it will be back again.

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